My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 13

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The story so far;

Martin rescued Anne from a torrential summer downpour. She was soaked, even her panties were wet, she’d told him. He offered her a clean towel and the use of his clean rugby shirt. She climbed into the back of his Transit van and stripped, naked. She seduced him, took his, long past its sell-by-date, virginity and over the next two weeks taught him to fuck and please a girl. She then introduced him to her Mother, also named Anne. He called her Anne-too and was happy to meet the sexual appetite of both beautiful women. Shortly after this his Aunt then his Mother seduced him. They, in turn, sent him to his cousin Sally, who was waiting naked in the bath for his arrival. They had strict instructions to report to the farm, where the two Anne’s lived, by nine pm.

When Martin and Sally arrived Martin found that all of the women that had seduced him and he had subsequently fucked, regularly, were waiting for him. His Mother explained that although he had thought he had been screwing lots of different, unconnected, for the most part, women he had actually been having sex with his sisters, or more accurately, half-sisters. That everyone in the room, including himself, had the same Father AND that the man he’d thought was his Father AND that which he’d thought was his Uncle and Sally’s Father, were his half-brothers. His Father had had a harem of five beautiful women. He had made them each pregnant a few times and their subsequent daughters.

Martin was expected to assist his other Brothers, the actuality of half-anythings being totally ignored within the family, in servicing the females in the family and, if he was ‘up to it’, take over as the family cock and produce the next generation.

In order to prove himself ‘up to it’ Martin was required to satisfy the five women of his Father’s harem and produce a child with one of the younger family females.

The previous two episodes detail how he ‘loved’ his actual maternal Grandmother Ruth and her lover, his ‘Dad’s’ Mother, Mary. The story continues from that point.

This is part 13 of an ongoing story. If you have not read the preceding chapters then this might not make a great deal of sense on its own.

### ### ###

The Breakfast Party

Cousin Sally had stayed the night. Martin’s five lovers took turns in a manner of speaking, although not all stayed the entire night. On those nights and on his ‘nights off’ Martin routinely slept with his Mother and didn’t get much rest either. Sally was feeling particularly horny that night and neither of them got very much sleep…

### ### ###

I awoke in the morning with Sally’s lips wrapped around my morning wood. As soon as she realised I was awake she knelt above me and slid her still swollen cunt onto my throbbing cock and proceeded to empty my balls. When she’d milked me dry and soaked my thighs with her own orgasm she slid off and snuggled close. We dozed happily.

My Mother had told us clearly the night before that breakfast was at 9am and we shouldn’t be late.

“Wassatime?” I mumbled groggily.

Sally raised her head and stared at the clock, trying to get it into focus.

“Two minutes to nine! Shit!” she exclaimed, “gedup! Quick!”

Sally insisted we had no time to wash much less shower and there was no point in getting dressed so we did none of those things. I followed her down the stairs marvelling at her beauty and the bounce in her step after the night we’d had. She led the way into the kitchen, me hot on her heels.

I stopped dead in my tracks!

My Mother was bent over the nearest end of the large kitchen table, a large pillow protecting her hips from the hard table edge. A tall, slim man I’d never seen before was fucking her hard with urgent thrusts. Mum was grunting with pleasure. The man looked at me, smiled and nodded an acknowledgement. He said something to Mum who looked at me, smiled and got straight back to pushing her pussy onto the guy’s cock. At the other end of the table Anne was bent over, again with a pillow for protection, she was being seriously fucked by somebody I felt I should have recognised. Next to her on the long side of the table was Anne-too, same position, same protection and she was getting fucked by my Dad, err, Dave. Julie was next to her having her pussy pounded by Henry.

My cock was instantly ready for action. Living porn right in front of my eyes!

“Ohhh goody!” said a delighted Sally, “party games. This one’s called ‘Last Man Standing’,” she said quickly, “Idea is to fuck the girls and make them cum. When one cums all the guys move one pussy to their right and start fucking that girl. If the guy cums he’s out and it all keeps going until there is only one cock left. C’mon, fuck me!”

Grabbing the last pillow on the table she put it in place and bent over. I was in position in an instant and just about to push my cock home when my Mother came loudly. She clearly wasn’t faking it!

Sally laughed, “Off you go Martin, fuck Anne, see you on the next lap.”

I zeytinburnu escort moved straight around to Anne and fed my rampant cock carefully into her pussy.

“Know the rules, Martin?” she asked quietly.

“Fuck you ’til someone cums then move on and fuck your Mum?” I said hopefully.

“Yep!” she agreed, “use tactics. You don’t want to make me cum too quick. Make it last a bit so the other guys are getting near the edge. Gotta think in terms of them not holding out rather than me cummin, understand?”

“That’s gonna be tricky!” I admitted.

“Yeah! But great fun. Now fuck me slow and steady to start, haven’t enjoyed your cock since yesterday,” she chuckled.

I did and looked around at my opponents wondering if they’d been fucking all night as well. If not…?

“Oh, sweet heaven!” cried the guy who’d been fucking my Mother, “Sally, you dirty slut, you’re dripping. Sloppy seconds for lucky me and you’re oh so tight! I’m not going to last long in your pussy today!”

He started to pound Sally’s wet, swollen, tight pussy furiously. I told Anne to hold on tight and fucked her hard. If the guy was going to empty his balls into Sally, Anne might as well get a good fucking and hopefully a great climax, free as it were.

Sally was panting hard, she looked straight at me and smiled happily.

“You cheating whore,” the guy cried delightedly, “you’re trying to milk me with your tight little pussy.”

Sally winked and Anne started thrusting back onto my cock.

“Here it cums you sweet little fuck-slut,” cried the guy exultantly, “take it all and enjoy.”

With an urgent thrust of his hips he pulled Sally hard onto his cock and shook as semen poured out of his cock and into the swollen pussy that I’d been fucking all night. I watched delightedly as Sally took his load. As soon as he withdrew his dripping cock from her pussy she whipped around, fell to her knees and took his spunk covered cock deep into her mouth. A Total slut! She’d warned me, it’s only sex and sex is fun, she’d told me. I was proud of her. Anne hit her climax as Sally took the guy’s cock into her mouth. Two of my girls total sluts! Sweet.

“You must have given Sally a good seeing to last night,” observed Anne-too quietly as I slipped my cock easily into her wet pussy, “Roger’s got a nice long cock, but it’s only as thick as a good cigar, if he could feel Sally clamping around his cock she must be really swollen. Did Anne explain the tactics?”

“Yeah, but she didn’t say what happens now we’re one cock short.”

“Sally gets skipped while she sorts out Roger’s cock then she gets back to leaning on the table. The next cock that cums along fucks her, so she gets a one cock rest and shouldn’t climax quite so quickly. When the four remaining cocks have been through Sally she gets another rest. The missing cock misses us all so we all get a rest sometime on each lap. We get longer rests as you wear the other guys down. Advantage of being young and my daughter not giving you a moments rest all night,” she chuckled.

“Isn’t that cheating?” I laughed.

“As long as us girls get a good fucking who’s gonna complain?” she chortled.

“Who’s the other guy?”

“That’s William, sort of quiet. Looks after the Mansion and local properties with his Daughter Ruby, nice cock, knows how to use it but then we’ve trained him properly,” she chuckled, “like we’ve trained all our Brothers.” sniggered Anne-too wickedly.

“Like you trained me?” I laughed.

“Oooo, you’re not fully trained yet, Martin, but you are coming along very nicely,” she riposted.

So I fucked her hard, listened to her breathing and steadied her hips as she pushed back enthusiastically. All the guys were taking it easy so I eased up a little but Anne-too wasn’t having any.

“Good and fucking hard Martin, I don’t mind cummin!” she panted.

So I fucked her good and fucking hard. She became even more frantic so I licked my thumb and pushed it against her anus. She came very hard and noisily, collapsing onto the table top.

“Now that IS fucking cheating,” she laughed.

“Haven’t seen the rule book,” I replied delightedly.

Sliding my cock from her pussy I left her there for her next man to enjoy and moved on to fuck Aunt Julie.

“‘lo, Martin, you OK?” she asked conversationally.

“Five beautiful women to fuck repeatedly before breakfast? What’s not to be OK? Definitely an whores d’oeuvre to be recommended. How would you like to be fucked, m’lady?”

“Anyway y’like, Martin, I always cum quick on your cock.”

So I took a good firm grip of her hips and fucked her steadily until she started to force the pace herself. William was fucking my Mother. Dave was pounding Sally’s swollen pussy like there was no tomorrow and Henry’s cock was deep inside Anne’s pussy. Anne-too was having a moments rest. It was difficult to judge who was going to blow next. Of one thing I was certain, it wasn’t going to be me.

“You keep squeezing my cock aksaray escort like that Babe and I’m gonna cum,” complained William.

Mum grunted deep and long as she thrust back onto William’s cock. She might have been bringing William off but she was certainly on the verge of a big climax herself. I pulled Julie hard back onto my cock. She grunted just like Mum does. With half an eye on William and Mum fucking I slowed my pace in Aunt Julie’s pussy but drove my cock head deeper and harder.

William jerked Mum back onto his cock as his hips drove forward. Mum pushed back even as she was pulled back onto his cock. William shuddered when he was buried deep into Mum’s pussy. I could almost hear his spunk jetting into her pussy and washing its walls with his baby juice. With his first spurt of warm seed Mum climaxed silently and collapsed onto the table top with a whimper.

As soon as Mum went silent I knew to pound Aunt Julie’s pussy, hard and fast. With my third hard jerk of her hips Aunt Julie let the world and his brother know she was cuuummmminnnnn! I held her steady until she calmed down, slipped easily out of her poor abused pussy, smacked my Mother’s beautiful bum lovingly as I passed and moved on to Sally.

Without so much as a ‘bye your leave’ I lined my cock up with her slut pussy and pushed in deep and slow watching for her reaction as I got deeper and deeper. With two inches of cock to go I stopped. A quick glance at Mum showed she was just getting on her knees to tidy up William’s cock with her mouth. That was most certainly a photo I wanted to take sometime.

Sally groaned and wriggled her bum. I pushed in another inch. Her head flopped forward and let out a soft moan. I could feel her tensing herself and thought I was as deep as was good for her. With her elbows as the pivot point she drove her hips back, her pussy onto my cock and my cock into her pussy right to the hilt. My balls banged against her clitty. Her head came up and she whistled through her teeth in relief.

“Fuck! That feels so fucking deep and hard!” she yelled in delight, “that all of it?”

“Yep!” I confirmed, “balls deep.”

“Thank fuck for that! Now fuck me good and hard Martin, balls deep every thrust and pull me onto your cock every time. Make me cum and cum and cum.”

So I fucked her good and hard and hauled her back onto my cock with every thrust. I made her scream and shout with her pleasure. All the girls watched me fucking Sally for all I was worth. All the guys watched, Dave sliding his cock gently back and forth in Anne-too’s pussy. Henry about as energetic in Julie’s. Anne and Mother were having a rest although it looked for all the world like Mum was finger-fucking herself as she watched. Nobody was near climax except Sally.

She went silent, her head flopped forward then she started to pant. Her hips took control of her pussy as she jack-hammered back and forth driving my cock deep then rushing backwards. Hard she drove herself. Her panting became erratic. Her head came up, stretching her neck. She shook, first her head causing her hair to flail about, next came her shoulders followed rapidly by her buttocks then she screamed and shouted and hollered.

I didn’t let her rest. Taking back control of her hips I continued to fuck her just a little less energetically. Her orgasm rolled on, not too much nor too little. As soon as she was settled I went for it again, she rushed up the mountain to meet her climax at the summit. She sobbed and screamed and hollered loud and clear that it was soooo fuckiiiiing gooooooddddd. And being a very mean bastard I kept her rolling again. Three times I forced her to climax and each time she begged ‘no more’ and each time I ignored her. On the fourth time I let her escape and held her tight as she descended. She flopped onto the table and sighed a contented sigh.

“Julie, we’ll have to get her a gag before she heads off back to Uni otherwise she’ll get thrown out first time Martin visits,” my Mother quipped, to everyone’s amusement.

“She’s not in halls this time, flat of her own. We’ll need to get ear plugs for her flatmates though.” Julie responded delightedly.

“You alright, Sweetheart?” I asked solicitously.

“Ummmm, heavenly. Just need a couple of hours sleep ‘n I’ll be fine, thank you Martin.” Sally murmured back.

“No chance,” I informed her, “Henry will be here in a few requiring access to your greedy, swollen pussy.”

“Ummm,” she giggled happily, “I’ll be ready for him, promise. Go fuck Anne again.”

I moved around the table and slipped my cock into Anne’s wet pussy. Dave moved to shaft Julie and Henry worked his cock into my Mother. Anne-too and Sally rested.

“Gonna shag me like y’just did Sally?” asked Anne softly.

“Want me to?”

“Naaarh, save it for when you’re last man standing. Dave’s been just about hanging on these last couple of fucks,” she whispered.

I gave her long and deep with a little jerk just to bury the last inch or so while I ataköy escort kept a close eye on Dave fucking Julie and Henry shafting my Mother. Waiting until Dave got going properly I just rocked backwards and forwards in Anne’s pussy, not so much fucking her as keeping her on the boil, just to her liking.

“He’s getting close Martin,” she whispered.

I pushed into her a little harder as she wrapped her wet pussy tight around my cock. We both knew I wasn’t going to cum but were trying to time her orgasm just after Dave’s which would get Julie off simultaneously. One thing I had learned about my Fabulous Five was that having spunk pumped into their pussies invariably made them climax.

Anne was watching Dave and Julie fuck closely and timing her reactions accordingly. When she started to push back hard onto my cock it was time for me to start fucking her in earnest. I went at her pussy harder to start with, short sharp thrusts not going too deep but twisting and turning my hips, trying to move my cock about inside her. Everybody could see that Julie was getting close and that Dave wasn’t far behind. Anne was hiding her rapid approach, clamping her mouth shut and breathing hard through her nose while driving back urgently onto my cock.

Dave threw his head back and thrust his hips forward. Here he goes, I told myself and commenced driving my cock full force and to full depth into Anne.

“Fuck ‘er good Martin,” came the call from Sally.

Dave erupted inside Julie, they climaxed together and equally loudly. Anne followed a second or two later, no less noisily. Just Henry, the oldest and most experienced cock in the family and myself, the least experienced cock, left in the running. Do I mean in the fucking?

“You’re doing well Martin,” said Henry as he moved to fill Sally’s pussy with his cock.

“Thanks, I’ve been taking my lead from you, Uncle Henry,” I laughed as I worked my cock into Anne-too.

“What say if you get as far as your Mother before one of us empties our balls, we join forces and spit roast them one at a time, head to tail?”

“Spit roast?” I questioned.

“He means both of you together, one cock in our pussy and the other in our mouth,” explained my Mother, “cock to mouth until either of you cum or us girls are too exhausted to go on.”

Which meant that if neither I nor Henry came before I’d finished fucking my Mother then we would both fuck the love of my life together. I’d watched four guys fuck her that morning, and found it hot, add the four of them also fucking my Mother and it was fucking hot and we still hadn’t had breakfast! The offer was that together we both fuck each woman, going from one pussy to the next mouth until one of us dumps our load. How fucking hot was that?

“Sounds good to me,” I said to nobody in particular, “so, before I’ve fucked Mum or after?”

“After,” said Julie as she worked her mouth on and off Dave’s cock.

Henry had no trouble making Sally cum quickly and hard. He withdrew his cock and slapped her on the bum quite hard. Sally squealed in delight.

“So, fancy having a couple of cocks at once before you’ve even had breakfast, do you?” he laughed as he walked to take my place in Anne’s waiting pussy.

I’d hardly got my cock-head into Anne-too’s pussy when she rammed herself back, forcing my cock deep on the first stroke.

“Ohhh FUCK! That feels soooo fucking good,” she yelled at the top of her voice as she shuddered with probably my shortest ‘fucked to orgasm’ time ever.

“You might have at least waited until I’d given Anne a couple of lengths,” Henry complained, before sneaking in a quick hard thrust ‘outside office hours’ as it were.

“I didn’t do nuffink, Uncle,” I laughed, “it’s just these greedy pussies in the family wanting more than one cock at a time.”

“Yeah! I can believe that. Why do you think we’re so keen to have your help? Young, greedy and tireless? Perfect for this lot of sluts! Move over, Julie’s champing at the bit.”

I moved over and waited until he was inside Anne-too and had given her a couple of lengths before I slid my cock into Julie. I was ready for her to do an Anne-too on me but she just stayed as she was and left me to slide in and out for a little while.

“You’re saving a bit for fucking your Mum,” she accused.

“Yep! Think I’ll go hard and frantic, push her over the top and hope Henry gets in quick enough to drive her nuts.”

“You’re evil Martin, pure evil. Love it! We’ve gotta plan,” laughed Henry, “what end do you want on Sally first time around?”

“Don’t have a preference,” I admitted, “you?”

“Can she swallow your full length yet?”

“No not easily like the others’ anyway, yet.” I told my Uncle.

“Like the ‘yet’. You take her pussy. I’ll open her throat for the next lap!” I was advised.

Julie clearly approved of our plans for her daughter and started to thrust back onto my cock with more vigour. I matched her stroke for stroke and she and Anne-too came together.

“I’m getting the feeling that these girls can’t wait to see your Sally get fucked by us both,” observed Henry and he took his place behind Julie and waited until I was ready to fuck my Mother.

“Make me cum as quick as you like Martin,” instructed my Mother happily as she thrust back onto my throbbing knob.

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