My 30-Year-Old Daughter

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I am a 65 year old Kenyan white man having left my home country in 1999 to settle in the United Kingdom. I got divorced from my wife in 1988 when my daughter, Pat (or Fluffs, as I affectionately call her), was just 6 years old. I could have left then but my love for Fluffs wouldn’t allow me to do that. So I waited until she turned 17 and had finished school before I made the painful decision to leave her behind with her mother. I have been back to Nairobi a few times to visit but haven’t been since 2006 so it was a real surprise for me to learn that Fluffs would be visiting me for two weeks here in London. As I had my own 1-bedroomed flat I didn’t think it would be a problem as she could sleep in the lounge and me in my room (or vice versa). I must first add here that when I got divorced I allowed Fluffs to sleep in my bed with me as she was still very traumatised by the separation and sought solace in my cuddles. To help her go to sleep I would softly caress her hair and soon she would be asleep. That agreement came to a halt when she became sexually aware and began sleeping in her own room when she slept over in my house in Nairobi.

The day she arrived from Nairobi in June 2011 I fetched Fluffs from Heathrow and we chatted about everything as we drove all the way into London near Tottenham Court Road. Fluffs was now a 30 year old stunner and although she had a boyfriend, I was secretly very jealous. That night after dinner we chatted more and watched some TV before both going to bed. I was in my bed and Fluffs agreed to sleep on the sofa bed in the lounge. I had just turned off the bedside lamp when I heard “Dad?” It was Fluffs standing just inside the bedroom door.

“What’s wrong, Fluffs?” The lights from the street outside threw enough light into the room for me not have to switch on the side lamp. I could just make out that Fluffs had on a sheer shorty pyjamas showing off her beautiful thighs to perfection. Her top was see-through and her small boobs were quite visible in the subdued light.

“Dad, do you remember how you would caress my hair when I came to visit you back home?”

I was a bit taken aback by this recollection. “Of course, Fluffs, how could I forget?” I said, feigning excitement.

“Do you mind if we do that again, please, Dad?”

“Of course not, my Angel, but how do you propose yabancı escort we do that? This is only a single bed.” And besides, I thought to myself, I am only wearing underpants.

“That’s okay, Dad, we’ll make a plan.”

So I moved to make space for her and she climbed in next to me, with me on my back and Fluffs cuddled onto my outstretched right arm. I found it a bit difficult to reach up to her head and told her so.

“Maybe if you just rub my back like you did those days,” she said. I held her close to me and softly began caressing the small of her back as Fluffs put her right arm across my bare chest. She also began softly caressing my chest, slowly going down towards my stomach. That was when I began getting “funny feelings”. She exacerbated the situation by sliding closer to me so that her legs were touching mine with her head on my shoulder. My cock began twitching but I did not show any outward interest, instead I began breathing very slowly as if asleep and let my hand drop from caressing her back onto the bed behind her. This didn’t stop her from caressing my stomach and, very surreptitiously her hand moved closer to my cock. Then I felt her right leg rub against mine with her knee resting on my thigh. I also felt her warm pussy rub against my thigh but I turned slowly onto my right side so that my cock would be within easy reach of her wandering hand. I then felt the back of her hand softly rub against my cock but I still showed no reaction although my cock could not help itself. It slowly grew hard and erect but the underpants stopped it from really standing out.

Fluffs then did something I had not expected from her. With her fingers she pulled on the elastic and drew the underpants open, at the same time reaching in and grasping my hard cock, pulling it out and slowly giving me a handjob. I pretended to be aroused and slowly began a simulated fucking action. I was in reality, very aroused and was in fact fucking her hand. I began moaning with enjoyment as if I were still asleep when I felt her breathing softly next to my face. Suddenly her lips brushed mine. I gave no indication that I was awake but Fluffs made sure I was.

“Dad?” she said, “Dad?” then tapped me on my chest.

I pretended to be awoken suddenly. “Oh, what’s up, Fluffs?” She still yeni escort had her hand on my cock slowly stroking it. “Fluffs, what are you doing?” I said in mock anger.

“Dad, I’ve always loved you,” she began.

I interrupted her. “I have also always loved you, my Fluffs. But why are you holding my cock?”

“This may sound really ridiculous but, Dad, I want to make love to you.” She sat up and slipped off her pyjama top revealing her small breasts.

“Jesus, Fluffs, for many years, since you turned 18, have I wanted to make love to you but never knew whether you would tell your mother.”

“Dad, I would never betray our love for each other,” she said and slid her panty down her shapely legs. She was now as naked as she was when she was born, smooth pussy and still just as beautiful.

My cock was still trapped in my underpants but Fluffs soon solved that by straddling my legs and pulling the shorts off. Then before we could carry the conversation on any further she began to slowly suck my cock.

“Oh Jesus,” I said, “Alan will have a heart attack if he finds out that we made love to each other.”

“So we don’t tell him, our secret,” she mumbled between sucks.

“I don’t have any condoms,” I said.

Fluffs mumbled “You’ve had the snip haven’t you?”

“Yes, but,” I began but she interrupted “So don’t worry about a thing.”

I sat up and reached for her legs, pulling them towards me. Her bum was now very accessible and I began to caress her cheeks, slowly moving to her arse and pussy. She also began to reciprocate by moving in harmony to my caresses, arching her back then hollowing it, arching then hollowing. I felt in seventh heaven as she took my whole cock in her mouth while I inserted a finger, slowly finger-fucking her wet pussy. I felt for her clit which to my surprise was quite engorged so I rubbed it, not too hard to begin with. She moved her hand to my balls, sucked on them for a few seconds then went back to my cock, pre-cum oozing out. I tried putting a finger near her arsehole and she responded by pushing against it. I then remembered that her mother would not even entertain the idea of anal sex so why Fluffs wanted it was beyond me but rather exciting as well. I wet my finger with some spit then pushed one into her arsehole and the middle yenibosna escort finger into her pussy. Slowly but surely it went in up to the second knuckle and I then proceeded to finger-fuck her arse, double penetrating my daughter, finger-style.

“Oooh, Dad, I like that,” she whispered.

I moved under her body and started to lick her pussy lips, making sure my tongue entered her pussy as well. I tasted her pussy juice dripping into my mouth as I licked.

“Now, Dad,” she said. She sat up and straddled my cock, inserting it into her now very wet pussy. It went in so easily I didn’t have time to catch my breath as she began to hump my cock. I reached up and took a tit in each hand, massaging them and tweaking her nipples as I did.

“Oh God, Dad, I love you. Why mommy left you for that old twat, I will never know. You make love so divinely.”

“So do you, my Fluffbag,” I said, not wanting to mention her current boyfriend.

“I want to lay down missionary style, please Dad.” She got off me while I made space for her to lie down. As she opened her legs I first sucked her clit before putting my cock to her pussy lips. Fluffs opened her legs wider and, having easily slipped into her I began slowly pumping my daughter’s beautiful body.

“Oh God Dad, that feels so lovely.” I tried to answer her but I was concentrating on satisfying this gorgeous body underneath me. As I reached between us and rubbed her clit I felt the pressure building up behind my balls and said “Oh Jesus, I’m going to cum.” Fluffs immediately wrapped her legs around my torso, preventing me from pulling out so I sucked and licked her nipples. I then wrapped my arms around her body, holding her close to me.

“Oh J-E-S-U-S, here it comes! Aarrgghh!” I exclaimed as I exploded my cum into her juicy wet pussy. When I was completely drained, my cock twitching with sensitivity, I collapsed on Fluffs’ lithe body. Her arms were wrapped around my back as my cock slowly subsided and flopped out of her pussy. I pushed up on my arms and looked into her eyes. Tears had begun to show and I kissed her full on the lips. She responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth and we had the most erotic kissing session for about three minutes.

“Dad, I love you,” she said softly.

“I do as well, my Angel,” I said. I moved off her and turned on my side facing her. My cock was still wet from my cum and her pussy juices but that did not deter Fluffs from sucking and licking my cock clean.

“Thanks, my Angel,” I said. I contemplated what the next two weeks were going to bring as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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