Mutual Satisfaction Ch. 2

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“Do you think Larry will like this outfit?” We were getting things together for the drive over to Larry and Jackie’s and Linda had come out of the bathroom after dressing. It was still cool so she had put on a pair of faded blue jeans that clung tightly to her full round asscheeks and as she turned I could see the outline of her pussy lips where the seam pulled tight into her slit. Braless her breasts contained in a halter-top allowed them to sway and the nipples protruded against the thin material.

“DAMN!!” I sure do!!! …and so will every trucker on the road!” Standing only in my boxers my cock began to rise the head slipping out the opening. Unconsciously I reached down and began rubbing the head.

“Oh no, don’t be doing that. It’s going to be a long weekend!” She laughed, “Finish getting dressed.” Linda pulled an old oversized sweatshirt out and pulled it over her head. “I’ve got to finish my hair. You haven’t told me what Larry looks like.”

Getting dressed I began, “He looks a lot like me. Stands about 6 foot, and goes around 160 or 165. His hair is mixed more gray than brown and thinning. Not bald like me…”

Linda laughed, “Oh he hasn’t rubbed his head on the sheets as much as you, huh?”

I chuckled, “No I guess not, but he is a little younger than me, and he doesn’t have a beard either.” I finished getting dressed and stood in the doorway watching her fix her hair. “He’s not quite as hairy as me but he does the same thing with the hair around his cock, keeps it trimmed and shaves the shaft so cock is nice and smooth.” That made her stop and look in my direction. Her eyes glazed over with lust. “His cock is just a little smaller than mine but much thicker.” I had her full attention now….”And…” I smiled, “he’s not circumcised but the foreskin pulls back over the head so you can see a nice purple knob.”

“Oh…OHHH!…” Linda squeezed her thighs together, and I knew her juices had begun flowing. “…and…and ….you played with it!…oh gawd Jon….”

“I sure did…” I teased her with a wicked smile, “….and I will again before the day is over.” Grabbing our overnight bags I headed downstairs and called over my shoulder. “Now finish getting ready so we can get going.”

It hadn’t taken her long to finish and we were on the road heading to our newfound friend’s home. It had warmed to a beautiful day as we pulled in their driveway, and Larry stood in the garage doorway waving as we pulled in.

As we got out he grabbed our bags, “Hi Linda, I’m Larry. We have the guest room all set up so follow me.”

Linda had removed her sweatshirt and I watched his eyes follow the curves of her body as motioned her to go ahead into the house. Glancing down I could see he liked what he saw as his cock was outlined against his loose fitting shorts. Then it was my turn to gawk! Jackie was standing in the kitchen as we walked in.

“Hi Linda….hi Jonathan, I’m Jackie.” She turned and smiled. I had an instant hard on! She was wearing a pair of cutoff blue jeans that accented her beautifully long shapely legs. Cut so short you could see the bottom of her asscheeks. A cutoff T-shirt barely konyaaltı escort covered her breasts that were not confined to a bra. The nipples were hard and pressed against the cotton material. Linda’s nipples are larger than a pencil eraser, but Jackie’s had to be half again as big!

“Hi,” I smiled and tried not to stare, but my cock wasn’t attempting to be polite at all and pressed against my shorts.

“Your room is right down the hallway, get comfortable and then we’ll eat.” He motioned down the hall.

We chatted about everything during lunch, except what was really on our minds. The sexual tension could be felt all around the table. Jackie had fixed some little snacks and a tray of cheese and crackers. Larry had opened a bottle of homemade blackberry wine. Although a little sweet, not having the restrictions of store bought it was ‘potent’ and after a couple glasses we had relaxed somewhat.

“They’ve seen most of the house. Why don’t you take Jonathan downstairs and show him what you have done to the basement. Linda and I will clean up here and meet you.” Jackie began clearing the table and Linda joined her. Larry and I sat for a few minutes watching them and our thoughts must have been the same because as we stood up there was no mistaking my hard-on any more than the outline of Larry’s cock against his shorts.

I was surprised as we got to the bottom of the stairs. It had been finished off nicely. Back under the stairs was a bathroom and laundry room, and about twenty feet down was a wall that separated it from the rest of the basement. One the floor was heavily padded carpeting; dark toned paneling; a big screen TV in one corner; two large overstuffed couches against the other walls; a computer setup and the usual end and coffee tables.

“This is really great.” I admired the surroundings.

“A winter project…Thanks……but this is the best part.” Larry pointed up to the ceiling. “I like to play with electronics so I put these cameras in. This is our playroom.” There were cameras against the ceiling. “We have quite a selection of home movies that I’ve edited.” He sat down on the couch and pushed the button on the remote. As I sat down the TV came to life and there on the screen was he and Jackie. “I just finished editing this last night. Remember the panties the girls exchanged the other day?”

“Yeh, how can I forget!” On the screen Larry was laying naked on the very couch we were sitting on. Jackie, naked also, was between his legs with Linda’s panties wrapped around the shaft of his cock. Her hand stroking the length of his cock. Her breasts hung free and swayed erotically as she pumped him. The scene changed to directly overhead. Glancing up I saw the lens of a camera above us, and then I quickly went back to the screen. “Damn! … damn!!!”

“It gets better.” Larry stood and pulled his clothes off and sat back down naked beside me. Taking his cock in hand he pulled the foreskin down and began rubbing the head. I needed no more invitation and stripped quickly. My cock was uncomfortable in my pants and the freedom felt good. I held it tightly and stroked as I watched the scene kültür escort unfolding.

Jackie had sat back and between her legs was a small strap on dildo. It was two, maybe three inches around and about six inches long. Glistening with oil she held it and pressed forward. As it entered Larry tight hole she held the panties tight around the shaft and began jacking him off. I could feel the couch moving as Larry stroked faster on his cock. My own hand moved faster. The dildo disappeared and Jackie began fucking Larry’s ass as her hand moved faster up and down his shaft.

“Ohhh my gawd!!!” I hadn’t heard the girls come downstairs and it surprised me when I heard Linda gasp.

“He likes me to do him like that.” Jackie explained.

They were sitting on the other couch. Their panties were around their ankles… thighs spread… knees touching… hands busy rubbing their clits. I couldn’t take my eyes away from watching them masturbating, my own hand moving faster feeling my balls filling. The girls went from watching the video to watching Larry and I. They had both slid forward on the couch so that they sat on the edge of the cushions, causing their thighs to open farther. The movement had caused Jackie’s T-shirt to ride up slightly exposing her large breasts and the nipples. Her hand sought one breast and she rolled the nipple between her fingers. The slit of her pussy separated her pubic hair and the lips were pink and swollen. She rubbed the length of the lips, her thumb pressed tight and circled her clit. Her eyes focused entirely on Larry’s fists and mine. Linda’s finger disappeared in the folds of her pussy, the fingers of her other hand spread her lips wide and worked rapidly over her hard clit.

Ohmygawd-d-d……YES……YES-S-S-Sssss…” Jackie’s hips lifted off the couch. She stared wide-eyed, as her hand became a blur on her clit.

“ahhhggguuhhHHHH,” Linda’s orgasm hit she too stared at us, her finger buried in her pussy. “YESSSS…nowwwwwwww……”

I couldn’t believe I was watching both of them reach their climax together. My fist pumped madly along the shaft, cum filled my balls and I could feel it traveling inside the shaft. They continued to stare at us. Squeezing the base of my cock to hold back my load of cum I suddenly understood why they were staring.

“OhhhhgawdddDDDD……fuckKKKMEEEeee……” Larry had pushed my hand away and was pulling the cum up my cockshaft. “It’s…I’m…cummingggg…” I closed my eyes tightly as my head fell back against the couch. There was no holding back, and my balls emptied completely when I felt Larry’s mouth close over the head of my cock. His hand worked in unison with her mouth pumping……sucking……swallowing my load. “OHHHHHHHHHH…damnnnnn……” My hips bucked against his mouth, I could feel my hot load hitting the back of his throat as he continued to swallow my load.

“Cummingggg again……” the girls moaned together. Lifting my head I could see Larry’s mouth swallowing my cock, glancing to the girls they both still stared at him going down on me. Their fingers were now buried in one another’s cunt. They jacked each other off……their markantalya escort orgasm’s racking their bodies. Linda had removed her halter-top and her heavy breasts bounced against her chest as her hips forced her pussy against Jackie’s fingers……

Larry released my cock and sat back against the arm of the couch. “Never done that before……thought about it…never…… damn it was good…” His hands were against his sides as he looked across my spent cock lying semi-flaccid against my stomach to the girls on the other couch finger fucking one another. His cock rigid against his belly, the foreskin pulled tight on the shaft, the cock head a deep purple. Precum dripped from the tip creating a little pool in his belly button.

Slipping off the couch I positioned myself between his legs, my fingers pulling his cock towards me. My back was partially towards the girls but not enough to block their view. Running my fingers over the head I coated his shaft with his juices and began jerking the entire length. Cupping his balls with my other hand I could feel his load getting ready to explode. Holding it away from my mouth the first load shot from him and hit the back of my throat……

“AhhhhdamnnNNN……” Larry moaned, his hips raised up as he tried to push his cock into my mouth.

“Yes……Jon!……yessss suck his cummmmm……I’m going to do it again-n” she groaned.

Glancing towards them they lay against the arms of the couch. Joining them was a double headed dildo. Their hips pumped furiously against the latex cock joining them, while fingers manipulated their hard clits. Four breasts bounced on their chests, the dark aeroles surrounding the nipples pulled tight causing their nipples to stand rigid. Two pairs of eyes glazed with lust watching as load after load of hot cum from Larry’s cock shot into my mouth. I closed my lips over the purple head and began swallowing his load. My fist jacked the shaft milking his entire load.

The girls slid off their couch, the dildo making a lewd popping sound as it fell from their swollen cum soaked pussies, and moved across to Larry and I. Pulling me away from Larry’s spent cock Jackie pushed me back onto the thick lush carpet. Taking her finger and thumb she began at the crown of my semi flaccid prick and pulled the skin tightly down to the base.

“I want this cock!” Holding the shaft firmly she lowered her slit down over my cock. Facing away from me my hands found the round globes of her ass as my cock disappeared into her still spasming pussy.

Linda moved next to Larry and took his spent cock in her hand and looked up to him, “Watch Jon’s cock fill her hairy pussy Larry.” Turning back she licked his cock head then slowly took it completely into her mouth.

“Yes! Look how his cock is splitting me.” Jackie leaned forward and joined Linda in coaxing Larry’s cock back to life. Two tongues worked against his shaft and cockhead.

‘This is going to be a great weekend.’ I thought to myself as I felt my cock sliding against the inner walls of Jackie’s pussy and watched the girls mouths work on Larry’s cock…….and what a great weekend it was!

The possibilities are endless. Sit back and imagine what their weekend was. Take your cock in your hand and just imagine, or let your fingers find your hard clit and let them wander as you think what will happen…… then enjoy. 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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