Mum’s Friends Ch. 05

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Debbie said, “Let me go on top.”

Paul lay on the bed, and Debbie squatted over him. Debbie was rubbing the head of Paul’s cock against her clit. She then let half of his cock slide inside her. Debbie was gripping Paul’s cock as she started to ride him. Within a couple of minutes, Debbie was taking the full length of Paul’s cock. Debbie had built up an excellent rhythm. She was starting to ride Paul hard. Paul was playing with Debbie’s nipples with one hand while his other hand was rubbing her clit. Debbie was grinding into Paul’s cock. She was magnificent. After fifteen minutes Debbie had a big orgasm. Debbie said, “That was beautiful.”

Debbie then gave Paul a long passionate kiss. Debbie put on a dressing gown and went downstairs for another bottle. She came back two minutes later and said, “Jean, Margie, Colette and Nicole are going for a swim. I am going to join them so that you two love birds can have some time to yourselves.”

Debbie kissed Paul and Jill and went downstairs. Jill then came onto the bed. She took Paul’s cock then went down on him. She was licking and sucking his cock. Jill then said, “Take me to the moon. Please fuck me hard and rough. I am so wet thinking about this.”

Paul then made Jill bend over the bed. Paul then pushed his cock into Jill’s pussy. He gave her five thrusts then pulled it out. He then slid it inside Jill’s ass. Soon Jill was taking all of Paul’s cock in her ass. Paul was fingering and rubbing Jill’s pussy. Paul was slamming into Jill’s ass. She loved it. After ten minutes Paul pulled out then went into Jill’s pussy. He got into a great rhythm. Paul was riding Jill hard. He kept this up for twenty minutes then Paul exploded inside Jill. Jill had cum three times. She now gripped Paul’s cock and held him inside her.

Jill said, “That was wonderful. I felt you spurt when you came. It felt so good. I am not on the pill, and I still have my periods. I wouldn’t care if I become pregnant.”

Paul opened the bottle and topped up their glasses. Paul said, “I agree with you. What naughty things would you like me to do to you?”

Jill replied, “Let’s just relax drinking our Champagne. I am sure we will find lots of naughty things to do. I would love to give you a titty fuck but don’t cum on my tits. I want all your cum inside my pussy. I haven’t felt this happy for a very long time.”

Paul then kissed Jill. It was a long passionate kiss. Paul was playing with Jill’s tits. They looked fantastic. He started to suck on her hard nipples. Jill then started stroking Paul’s cock. It was hard. Jill was stroking with one hand while her other hand was exploring Paul’s testicles. She was cupping them and squeezing them in a very gentle way. Paul then slipped two fingers into Jill’s wet pussy. Jill said, “Give me a titty fuck.”

Paul then straddled over Jill. She was lying on the bed. Paul was kneeling with his cock between Jill’s big tits. Jill then squeezed her breasts onto Paul’s cock. Paul started to ride her tits. Jill was able to lick and suck the tip of Paul’s cock as he titty fucked her. Paul then put his hand on to Jill’s pussy. Jill opened her legs, so Paul had full access to her. Paul started fingering Jill quite vigorously as he rode her titties. Jill was pushing against Paul’s fingers as Paul was fingering her. She was also gripping them. Jill asked, “Are you ready to go inside me?”

Paul replied, “I’m always ready to go inside you.”

Paul then went into Jill who was in the missionary position. They were kissing as Paul was grinding into Jill. Jill had moved her legs up so Paul could go deeper inside her. It was feeling magnificent for both of them. Jill said, “I love this, but I find it very difficult to orgasm in this position. Do you mind if I rub my clit as I’m sure to cum with that and you riding me.”

Paul replied, “I think the same way. It’s wonderful to kiss and look into each other’s eyes as we have sex. I would love to feel and see you playing with your pussy as I ride you.”

Paul then moved up a gear. Jill was rubbing her clit at the same pace Paul was riding her. Paul sensed Jill was about to cum. Paul came at the same time as Jill.

They finished their Champagne then kissed. Five minutes later they were both sound asleep.

Next morning they woke at six. They had an excellent session then showered. After breakfast, Paul went to a transport company that Rene had suggested. They could offer both refrigerated lorries for the Champagne and Serge’s meals but also furniture lorries for the Antiques. It was far cheaper to send by lorry than to fly them over. London City Airport was the hub for all Gibson Jets. The Champagne and meals would be there on Tuesday afternoon. The Antiques would arrive at the Center on Wednesday.

On Monday morning Claudia took them all to the boutique. It was wonderful. They all bought lots of risqué outfits. Jill bought a lot. She was so happy with her purchases. Claudia gave them all wonderful advice. Jill bought Claudia antalya escort two expensive outfits as a gift for taking the time with them all.

Pat, Jean, Colette and Nicole were flying back on Tuesday afternoon so they would be there when the lorries arrived. Colette and Nicole would return to Champagne on Friday.

Wednesday morning Paul, Jill and Debbie left for Burgundy. They returned to the Chateau on Monday evening. They had only bought from small producers. The quality was fantastic. Paul arranged for the haulage company from Epernay would pick the order up. Some were for Gibson Air, and the rest was for Paul’s wine business. Jill and Debbie had a great time as they were eating and drinking well plus the bonus of Paul’s consistent love making. The one thing that they all missed was Serge’s meals. They had searched for Sous-vide restaurants and found several, but none had Serge’s quality.

The next few days were spent at the Chateau. It was a relaxing time for all of them. They were eating twice a day at Serge’s restaurant as he was creating new dishes every day. They now had an extensive menu for meals. They had to restrict the number of wines that they carried. The difficulty was the weight of the bottles of wine as they were not taking small one glass bottles but full bottles of each wine.

Debbie, Jill and Paul were having fantastic sessions. During the time visiting the wine regions they had some fantastic times. They had got into a marvellous routine. The three of them were so compatible. They were constantly in each other’s company. They instinctively knew when one of the others needed their own space. In bed, they all worked hard to give the others pleasure. Debbie and Jill had never been as happy in their lives, and both were glowing all of the time.

Six Months Later

Jill and Debbie were both pregnant. Jill was due at the beginning of July, and Debbie was due three weeks later. Both had stopped drinking and were on very healthy diets. Both were still working but only a day a week. They were both spending a lot of time at the Chateau and Jill’s villa in Sotogrande. Both were getting quickly tired and also had morning sickness. They were both very excited about their pregnancies. They were sharing the same bedroom with twin beds. They were going to bed very early.

Paul had been working very hard. The buying group was doing exceptionally well. There was now a lorry every week. Paul Le Grand was getting them a lot of house clearances which were very profitable. The Champagne and meals were doing very well. Paul had opened the Bistro and was averaging over four hundred meals per day. Demand was so high that the Bistro stayed open until nine in the evening. The wine company was also very busy. Jill was so happy with Serge’s meals. More people were eating on board than ever before. Paul had set up a Wine Club for Gibson Air. It now had over three thousand members taking wine every month.

Jill had asked Paul to take more interest in Gibson Holdings, which was the main company of the group. He was working closely with Lena, Jill’s PA. It was an enormous business. It was everywhere. Paul was spending one day per week with Lena. He was learning a lot. Lena was fantastic. She was on top of every division of Gibson Holdings. She had the latest technology installed throughout the whole group. Paul usually spent Monday with Lena to go over the last week’s figures. Paul was spending the rest of his time at the Center.

The props business was doing very well. So many entire rooms were available. May had emptied three of her four houses into the warehouse. Her husband had a fabulous collection of cars. Some dated from the twenties. Paul was very interested in buying the collection from her, but they hadn’t as yet discussed it. May had left thirty cars in the warehouse. Everyone was happy with the buying group. A lot of the group were now getting Colette and Nicole to buy items for their personal stands. May and Sue shared their stand; it was massive.

May had to have her villa emptied by today. She had asked Paul if he could drive the removal lorry which the Center owned as it was too big for her. The two porters from the Center, who would have normally have done it for her, were playing football that evening and couldn’t help her. Paul had helped her a couple of times before and arranged to drive her at four in the afternoon. Paul got May at the Center, and they left for the villa. May asked, “Is it possible, after we finish that you could drive me to my flat as my car is in for servicing today?”

May and Sue had both bought apartments next door to each other. Sue was in London today filming. Paul replied, “No problem, but I would like to invite you for dinner in the Bistro after we have finished and brought the van back to the Center?”

May answered, “I would love to do that, but I must pay. Thank goodness I had my nails done this morning.”

As they drove past a shop which an advertisement kemer escort in the window said “Nails and Waxing”, May pointed out the shop and said, “That’s where I go. They do an excellent job.”

Paul looked at May’s nails, and they looked beautiful. Paul thought that May would be the last person to have their pussy waxed. They arrived at the villa. The porters had left the last three crates in the garage. Paul then used the forklift which was in the van to load them onto the van. May then asked Paul to check the villa with her to make sure everything was gone. It took them ten minutes to check the building. It was empty. May then directed Paul to her Lawyer’s house where she left the keys. They then drove to the warehouse and unloaded the three crates. They went to the Bistro. They had to wait for a table. Paul ordered a bottle of Champagne.

May said, “Thank you so much for all your help. I have worked hard clearing the four houses. I feel like I am celebrating this with the Champagne. This is my favourite Champagne. It’s all I drink at home.”

Paul asked, “We must have a chat one day about the cars. I want to buy them from you. I don’t want to sell them I want to build a bigger collection.”

May replied, “Don’t worry about the cars, they’re not going anywhere. I have spoken to my daughter Mags about them.She has no interest in them whatsoever. She is going through a divorce at the moment, so she has her mind on other things.”

Paul answered, “How many children do you have?”

May replied, “Only Mags my daughter. She is twenty-nine and has a five-year-old daughter. She is not in a good marriage. Her husband is a lawyer. I have funded his business. He now has four offices which I own, and he rents from me. His last office has a two bedroom flat attached to it. He has been living there with his boyfriend for the last three months. He has had no contact with his daughter for three months. I had a dreadful marriage, and I don’t want Mags to have the same.”

Paul asked, “How long were you married for? You are a very attractive woman, did you never think of taking a lover?”

May replied, “I’m fifty-four. I got married just after I graduated. I am bisexual though I haven’t had penetrative sex with a man since before Mags was born. For years I had to give my husband ass fucks and blow jobs. He died three years ago. Four years before he died I stopped having any contact with him at all. He was gay too. This is why I want Mags divorced. I do occasional locums for Debbie. I am a gynaecologist too.”

“I asked Debbie if she could ask Jill if she knew the best lawyer to represent Mags. Jill came back with an excellent lawyer. Mags’s husband has done a lot of stupid things. The lawyer has come up with some very compromising pictures and videos of him. He wouldn’t be able to practice law if these were shown to the Law Society. We have him by the balls now, and we are starting to squeeze. I have been tempted but never took a lover as I have never met anyone that has really aroused me.”

Their table was ready. The Bistro was still full, and this was a Wednesday night. When they finished their main courses, May said, “I’m looking after Debbie and Jill. They’re both going to have very healthy babies. You must be quite a man as both of them are head over heels in love with you. I believe that you are going to bring them up as one family. I think that is the best way. I see a big difference in Debbie. I have never seen her so happy. I don’t know Jill that well, but she is very happy.”

Neither of them wanted a coffee or dessert. They went downstairs to the underground car park where Paul’s car was the only one there. In the car, May said, “Thank you for your help and for listening to me.”

She then leant forward and kissed Paul. She slid her tongue gently into Paul’s mouth. They kissed passionately for several minutes then May was kneeling on the passenger seat. Paul could feel the full weight of her breasts against his chest. They were both exploring each other’s bodies. Paul was playing with May’s tits. Her nipples were so hard. May was wearing a silk blouse. Paul undid the buttons. Paul then took both her breasts out of the bodysuit she was wearing. He started to suck one of her nipples. May was moaning with pleasure. Paul’s hand slid down then went up May’s skirt. May pushed her skirt up and opened her legs. May had a very wet smooth pussy. Paul slid three fingers inside her. She gripped his fingers tightly. May said, “Let’s have some Champagne at my place.”

Paul started the car then pressed the remote control to open the garage door. May had unzipped Paul’s trousers and had brought Paul’s cock out. It was hard. May said, “I know you’re secret now. That’s the biggest cock I have ever seen.”

She then went down on him. Soon she was taking the full length as she massaged his testicles. They arrived at May’s flat. They kissed again then made themselves decent. They went into konyaaltı escort the apartment. May said, “We have plenty of time. Let’s have the Champagne later.”

May led Paul into the bedroom. They kissed and touched each other. Paul removed May’s blouse and skirt. May had an incredible figure. May undid Paul’s trousers and soon had him naked. They were now both naked. Paul then put May on the bed. They started to 69. May’s tongue and lips were everywhere. Paul was sucking May’s clit. She had a big clit. May was moaning with pleasure as Paul sucked her clit and finger fucked her. She had spread her legs wide open to give Paul better access. May was very wet. Paul was now fisting her as he sucked her clit more aggressively. May was pushing her pussy against Paul’s fist as she gripped his fist tightly.

After fifteen minutes of foreplay, May said, “I have cum so much. I would like to go on top as I have never had anything as big inside me. Is that OK with you?”

Paul nodded then kissed May. May squatted over Paul. She rubbed the tip of Paul’s cock against her clit for a couple of minutes then slid half of it inside her. May then started to ride Paul, taking a little bit more with every thrust. Soon she was taking the full length and moaning with pleasure with every inch she took. May was sensational the way she was riding Paul and gripping his cock. After twenty-five minutes Paul exploded inside her. They kissed then May said, “That was wonderful. I enjoyed feeling you inside me. Let’s go into the lounge, and I will get the Champagne.”

They sat on the sofa. Paul poured the Champagne then said, “I enjoyed that too. I never expected to be in bed with you tonight but to be honest, I loved every minute of it. I like when you grip my cock tightly.”

They kissed again then May said, “You’re the first man I have had for years. I have wanted you since that meeting we had in your apartment in the Center. I thought that I would love you to fuck me on the table there. I like lots of variety. Is it possible we can see each other regularly in the future?”

Paul kissed her and said, “Yes, I would like to see you often. Debbie and Jill will have their kids in five months time. I have a very busy schedule, but I think we can work around that. Jill and Debbie are spending a lot of time in Champagne and Sotogrande. I am working one day a week with Jill’s company. I would love to do that on the table. If you think of other things you would like to do then, please let me know.”

May kissed Paul then said, “Don’t worry about that, I love sex, and I love it spontaneously. You can fuck me anytime you want. When I know that I will be around you, I won’t wear any panties. I love to have my pussy fingered. Are you sleeping with a lot of the women from the Center?”

Paul replied, “Debbie and Jill, you know I am. Jean and Jo, I have been to bed with. I haven’t been with any of the others. Pat, Margie, Isabel, Val, Colette, Nicole and your sister Sue I haven’t been to bed with. Why do you ask?”

May answered, “I find you very handsome. Your presence arouses me. I am curious. I do things very discreetly. Would you like to have two sisters at the same time? I am sure that Sue will love your wonderful cock. I don’t get jealous. I will accept you as you are.”

They kissed again. Paul was fingering May’s pussy as they kissed. May was stroking Paul’s cock. May squeezed his big testicles. She said, “I love the weight of your testicles. I like everything about you. The way Jill is dressing now has changed her. Would you like me to wear more risqué outfits? I have some exciting things I can start wearing.”

Paul looked at May. She had a beautiful vulva. It was slightly swollen, and her slit was perfectly formed. Paul replied, “You have an incredible body. I would love you to wear more risqué outfits. Your vulva is perfect. I could look at it all day long.”

May kissed Paul then said, “I have some very tight trousers. When I wear these trousers with no pants, you can see the outline of my vulva. I will wear them for you. When will you see Debbie and Jill again?”

Paul replied, “I’m flying to Champagne on Friday. Would you like to come with me? It would give you the opportunity to see some of the markets Colette and Nicole go to.”

May answered, “I would love to come with you. I haven’t been to France for years. I was thinking of asking them to buy Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel and any other French quality leather and silk items for me. I think there’s a great market for second-hand pieces from these companies. Is it possible my daughter could take a share in the buying group? I want her to have new interests now. She would be wonderful in the Center.”

Paul replied, “That wouldn’t be a problem. The group is making a lot of money. We are selling more and more every day. I thought of that too with the luxury items. I haven’t seen them with any, but I am sure they will source them for you.”

May answered, “There’s high demand for them. I have several Hermes crocodile Birkin handbags which are still in their original packaging. I have never used them. I believe that they are worth a lot of money now. If you are speaking to Colette or Nicole, then please ask them if they can source any for me.”

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