Mum Son and Lover Ch. 02

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Being young, Oliver was the first to recover and, within five minutes his cock was fully erect and ready for action again.

Although not as young, at 43, Ian was so turned on by the recent events that, not more than a couple of minutes after Oliver was ready, he was too.

“OK, scissor your legs together. I wanna get both at the same time,” Angie said.

Ian and Oliver arranged themselves so that they were sat facing each other, then shuffled together with their legs intertwined until their cocks met.

Angie took hold of both cocks and rubbed them together, then bent down and took both in her mouth at the same time, slathering her tongue around the engorged heads.

Ian and Oliver both took the opportunity to fondle Angie’s dangling tits, squeezing and pulling at the nipples.

After a few minutes, Angie had to stop, as her mouth was getting tired. She sat up, but held onto both cocks, slowly wanking them and rubbing them together, before tackling them one at a time. First Oliver’s, licking up the pre-cum, then Ian’s, doing exactly the same thing.

Oliver decided that he wanted a mouthful of Ian’s cock, so scooted around so that he could take it into his mouth. Angie looked on in delight. Nothing turned her on more than seeing her son with a huge cock in his mouth.

Ian savoured the waves of pleasure running through his body and lay back on the bed. Angie moved behind her son and prised his arse cheeks apart, before poking her tongue into his anus. When it was nicely lubed, she replaced her tongue with a finger and began to gently move it in and out. Oliver’s cock twitched at the attention and the flow of pre-cum increased. Angie reached around with her other hand and started to gently wank her son, using the pre-cum as lubrication until her son’s cock was glistening.

She didn’t want him cumming too soon, so let go of his cock and moved up to Ian. She crouched over him and lowered her cunt onto his mouth. Ian wasted no time in poking his tongue into her hot box. He reached around and pulled her arse cheeks apart then massaged her arsehole. Angie, to make things easier, smeared the pre-cum that still covered her hand onto her anus. Ian eased first one, then two fingers into it. Angie writhed on top of him, mashing her cunt onto his face, juices dripping.

Oliver was still enthusiastically sucking Ian’s cock, but was beginning to feel a slight desperation to insert his own cock somewhere moist and dark. Glancing up, and noticing where Ian’s fingers were, he knew just the place.

Oliver left Ian’s cock, got off the bed and opened the bedside cabinet, extracting a condom and a tube of lube.

Ian and Angie were still going at it and, reluctant as he was to interrupt their pleasure, he was sure that what he had in mind would please them both.

“Mum, Ian, I have a great idea,” he said.

Angie looked at him holding the lube and condom and knew exactly what the idea was.

She got off of Ian’s face and crawled to the edge of the bed and took her son’s cock into her mouth and sucked and licked until it was fully erect. Oliver opened the condom packet and unrolled it onto the head of his cock. Angie took over the operation and unrolled the condom onto his shaft with her mouth then smeared a generous amount of lube onto it.

Angie moved back to Ian and crouched over him then lowered herself onto his cock, tilting forward so that her arse was exposed.

Oliver climbed onto the bed and squirted some of the lube sarıyer escort onto his mum’s anus. Angie jumped slightly, as it was a bit cold!

Oliver shuffled up to his mum and used his cock to smear the lube around her anus, before gently inserting the head. He left it there, just inside, for a few seconds before slowly moving forward until he was fully inserted.

After a few test thrusts, to make sure that he wasn’t hurting her, he gradually increased his speed.

Ian didn’t need to do anything but lay back and enjoy the ride. Oliver’s forward thrusts into her arse caused her cunt to move on his cock. All this pleasure with no exertion! Having cum recently, he knew he could last a long time, so simply savoured the experience.

As if Angie wasn’t experiencing enough pleasure, her son reached around to fondle her tits and nipples, rolling the engorged buds between his fingers. Ian’s hands joined Oliver’s and they took a tit each.

Oliver could feel that he was about to cum, so withdrew and sat back until the feeling had passed. Ian took the opportunity, having been unable to move much while Oliver was up her arse, to slam his cock up into Angie.

Angie thought she was going to die, such was the intensity of what she was feeling. She pulled off of Ian and flopped back onto the bed, chest heaving as she gasped for breath. She reached down and no sooner had she touched her clit, than a huge orgasm powered through her, leaving her a shaking, quivering, sweat-soaked mess on the bed.

Ian and Oliver grinned at each other, then high-fived.

“Good work, young sir,” Ian said.

“Thank you, not-quite-so-young-but-by-no-means-old sir,” Oliver replied.

Ian glanced down at Oliver’s cock and his mouth started to water. He reached out and unrolled the condom, then shuffled forward until his cock came into contact with Oliver’s.

Rubbing their cocks together, they kissed hungrily. Ian stroked Oliver’s cock, while Oliver stroked his.

Angie watched and smiled while she regained her composure. Her two favourite men in the whole world looked so fucking good together.

Oliver decided that he wanted another taste of Ian’s delicious cum, so broke off the kissing and stroking and asked him if he would very kindly fuck the living shit out of his mum, so that he could suck and lick all of his fantastic cum from his mum’s steaming cunt.

The suggestion almost caused Ian to shoot his load there and then and he had to take several deep breaths to get his racing heart under control, not to mention his twitching cock.

Angie looked delighted at the idea and opened her legs as wide as she could before reaching down and pulling her cunt lips apart.

Ian dived in and started thrusting. Oliver was obviously impatient for his taste as he proceeded to gently massage Ian’s balls.

After a few more thrusts, Ian’s vision seemed to redden as the biggest orgasm of his life tore through him. His spunk jetted from his cock into Angie’s cunt, triggering another orgasm for her.

Oliver looked on delightedly at the sight of his mum and her lover and, indeed, his lover, twitching and thrashing in what looked like the ultimate pleasure. He gently stroked his cock, gathering up the pre-cum then licking his fingers clean, while patiently waiting until he could savour the upcoming feast.

Ian’s vision gradually returned to him, but he lay for a while still embedded in Angie until he felt he could sefaköy escort move without falling over!

He withdrew from Angie and lay beside her, slightly softened cock resting on his thigh, glistening with his cum and Angie’s juices.

Oliver leaned over and took Ian’s cockhead into his mouth, extracting the last of the cum, then licking up and down the shaft to clean off the combined juices. His own cock was throbbing mightily and still leaking large amounts of pre-cum. He gathered more on his fingers and offered them to Ian, who accepted them gratefully and licked and sucked them clean.

He looked at his mum’s gaping puffy cunt out of which Ian’s cum was slowly oozing. He bent over and placed his tongue at the bottom to catch the drips, before moving it up and inside for the main course. Oh my fucking God but did that taste delicious!

Being a caring-sharing son, once he had extracted everything that he could, he moved up his mum’s body to her face. Miraculously, for him, he had refrained from swallowing, so he was able to open his mouth and let a generous portion of cum drop into his mum’s mouth. He followed this with his tongue and they passed the mouthful between themselves repeatedly until their mouths were coated.

Not wanting to be left out, Ian, having by now pretty much recovered, joined in the fun and added his mouth to theirs so that all three had an equal amount.

Ian and Angie lay together sideways across the bed, revelling in the afterglow.

Oliver was sat up against the headboard. He mock-pouted and said “It’s not fair, I’ve only come once.” He looked pointedly down at his cock, the head of which was dark purple, such was the level of his engorgement. It looked like you could beat someone to death with it. He ran his palm over the glans, then down the shaft, smearing the pre-cum as he went.

Ian and Angie looked at each other. “Dessert?” Angie asked.

“Why not,” replied Ian.

Angie crawled up the bed to her son and positioned herself over his cock then sank down onto it.

Ian stood up over Oliver’s head so that Angie could take his cock in her mouth. Amazingly, he was hard within seconds. He usually needed a bit more time to recover after having cum twice. Not that he was complaining.

Angie knew that Oliver wouldn’t be able to last very long, so went nice and gently. The feel of her son’s rock hard cock was incredible.

Oliver began to moan and increase the speed of his thrusting. He was, by now, desperate to come. With one last mighty upward thrust his cock exploded, pouring what felt like gallons of cum into his mum’s cunt. He continued thrusting as the orgasm seemed to be never ending. Cum was leaking out of Angie’s cunt and was being whipped into a froth at the base of Oliver’s cock.

Eventually, after what seemed like a couple of years, Oliver began to slow down until he gradually came to a stop.

Angie stood up, releasing Ian’s cock from her mouth and cupping a hand over her cunt so as not to lose any of the precious cargo.

“Lay down next to Oliver,” she said to Ian.

Knowing exactly what was about to happen, he did just that. He placed his head next to Oliver and opened his mouth, as did Oliver.

Angie crouched down, still cupping her cunt, and positioned herself a couple of inches above them. She removed her hand and a cascade of cum poured out and into Oliver’s mouth. A slight shift of position and Ian also received his reward. silivri escort Angie inserted a couple of fingers and scooped out a generous amount and held her fingers over their faces. Both cum-coated tongues poked out.

“Nah, this one’s mine,” Angie said, poking her tongue out and licking the cum off.

She instantly took pity on their crest-fallen expressions and kissed each in turn, transferring cum into each of their mouths. Ian and Oliver then kissed each other, tongues intertwining and passing the cum back and forth.

Oliver wanted to make sure his mum was fully cleaned out, so moved her onto her back, spread her legs and went tongue first into her cunt. After a bit of a rummage, he sat up and poked out his tongue.

“Ah-ah, mithed a bit.” After all, it’s a bit difficult to talk when your tongue’s sticking out.

Angie was just about to sit up and lay claim, when Ian’s head whipped around from behind Oliver, took his tongue between his lips, and sucked the cum off.

Now it was Angie’s turn to look disappointed. Her disappointment didn’t last long, as Ian bent to her and passed the cum into her mouth. Oliver joined them and the three of them exchanged gentle tongue licks.

While Angie and Oliver were seemingly fully sated, Ian’s miraculous third hard on was still going strong.

Angie’s cunt was probably a bit sore from all the action and, while Oliver and Ian had no qualms about kissing, sucking each others cocks and eating each others cum, they weren’t into having anything other than a finger or a tongue in their arseholes.

Looking at Angie’s tits, nipples still erect and aureoles still crinkled, he knew where he wanted his last load to go.

“Oliver, push your mum’s tits together,” Ian instructed.

Oliver crouched behind his mums head and reached forward and did just that. His position meant that his cock was over Angie’s mouth. She wasted no time in poking her tongue out and swirling it around the head.

Ian scooted up Angie’s body and let his cock nestle between her glorious tits. His pre-cum was more than good enough to provide lubrication and he was able to build up a fair bit of speed. Occasionally, Ian would pull his cock away from Angie’s tits and Oliver would dart forward to engulf it with his very talented mouth, before enfolding it once again with his mum’s tits.

On the point of cumming, and having decided that he knew of a much better place to come than on her tits, Ian raised himself up and pointed his cock at Angie’s face.

“Hang on, let me,” Oliver jumped up and got on the bed behind Ian. He reached underneath Ian with his left hand and started to massage his balls, while reaching around with his right to slowly wank his cock.

Angie sat up so that her mouth was mere inches away while Oliver increased the speed of his wanking until Ian let out what was almost a scream as his cock twitched and fired out what was, given that he’d already cum twice, an impressive load which spattered down onto Angie’s face.

Oliver continued to milk Ian’s cock until it was completely drained.

By this time, Ian was almost completely insensible and, when Oliver let go of him, he fell to one side and lay sprawled on the bed.

“Oh goody, all for me,” Oliver said with obvious pleasure as he feasted his eyes on the cum covered face of his mum. He bent down and gave her cunt a few licks, then ran his tongue up her body, stopping to nuzzle on her lovely erect nipples, before eventually reaching her face.

He sucked up all of the cum, resisting the temptation to swallow, then kissed his mum, who received it gratefully.

The three of them lay there on the bed, the room redolent with the odours of cock and cunt, and considered themselves the three luckiest people on earth.

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