Mum and Her Nakedness Pt. 02

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After posting my very first story on here I have had a number of people email me to ask me to keep on sharing my experiences with my Mum. There were also a few comments of disappointment that the first story didn’t involve me having sex with her. Sadly I didn’t have sex with her many times at all, it’s something I deeply regret and now that she’s gone I can’t do anything about it. Eventually I may get around to talking about the few times that we did make love but there were a ton of things we did previous to that and I don’t want to skip over them. If you’re reading this hoping I will have had sex with my mother by the end, you will be disappointed. For all the readers left, I hope you enjoy this story.


This one will be about the first holiday we took together a few months after the events surrounding my 19th birthday, which I spoke about in my first story.

We often went to a county in the UK called Wiltshire, it’s where my Mum grew up and she loved it there, we would travel around various country villages and stay in our caravan at random campsites along the way. Our caravan was tiny but because it was just me and my Mum it never really bothered us. There are certain embarrassing situations that a growing lad might have had with his Mum being in such close proximity but I was never embarrassed around her so nothing was ever awkward, even using the toilet wasn’t an issue for me, in fact it was often a source of arousal when I watched her urinate or even poo.

I used to love sleeping next to her in that smaller than average double bed, we would often spoon and for the first time on this holiday we both regularly slept semi-naked together. My hands were usually all over her as she just carried on doing random things around the caravan, like cooking us dinner, tidying up, doing the dishes or getting ready to go out. We would spend our days visiting places and doing the whole ‘site seeing’ thing and just enjoying the british countryside in the summer, then once we got back to the caravan and closed the curtains in our own little secluded world, the clothes would come off, usually her’s first I might add, and we would spend the evenings naked or partially clothed just carrying on with normal stuff.

It must have been the second or third night that I first watched her go to the toilet, don’t get me wrong, I had caught glances of her before but never lingered to have a proper look. This particular night I was watching the tiny tv we had and she had just finished washing the dishes after dinner when she said she needed to use the loo. The door to our tiny combined shower and toilet opened inwards, so otele gelen escort you would walk in, then have to try to close the door around you which was more difficult than it sounds, so it was just easier to leave it open, especially for a quick wee. Although it had to be closed to use the shower.

By the time she had walked the few feet from the kitchen area to the toilet door the tv was off and I was following her. She looked back at me and said

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I want to see” I said.

“You want to see?”


I grinned and she shook her head in that way she did sometimes as if to say “What am I going to do with you?” but after the shaking of the head came a smile, smiles always came easily to my Mum, especially for me.

Our sofa converted to the bed we slept on and I had already assembled it while my Mum was washing the dishes. The edge of the bed was right outside the toilet so you could barely make it from the kitchen area to the toilet (that’s probably why the door opened inwards). She was wearing a pair of panties and my favourite t-shirt (she wore this a lot since my birthday because she knew how much I liked it), her panties were far from skimpy but they fitted her perfectly, I could always see her pussy slit through the cloth and the material covered about half her bum cheeks which looked amazing whenever she bent down. She walked into the toilet, faced me and pulled them down, took them off and then threw them at me. She started laughing as I gave her a fake grimace. She sat on the toilet and I took up my place on the edge of the bed, I was so close our knees were touching.

“So you want to see your Mummy weeing? You crazy boy!”

“What’s wrong with that? I want to see you poo too” I laughed.

“There’s something wrong with you baby, we need to get you some help” She said smiling

She started to wee and we both went quiet, she looked at me as I stared between her legs, I couldn’t see anything though, it was dark, the light in the toilet was above her so it was casting a shadow between her legs. Without saying anything I reached my hands out to the insides of her knees and pulled them apart. She let me, never ever resisting her perverted sons urges. As her legs opened the light from the main room of the caravan poured in, lighting up her beautiful clit and pussy lips and from between them, a stream of hot, clear piss flowed. Not only did she allow me to open her legs but she then did something incredible, something I will never ever forget, she leant backwards and angled her pussy upwards so her pendik escort wee was just about going in the toilet. I could see every single detail of her gorgeous cunt.

“Is that what my baby want’s to see? You make Mummy do such naughty things for you” She always referred to herself as Mummy and me as her baby, it always added to my arousal, and I am sure to hers too.

I just sat there in my boxers staring. This moment seemed to go on for ages but in reality it was probably just a normal 30 second wee. Her pussy lips were forced apart by the strong stream of piss, I could see the source, her tiny pee hole underneath her large protruding clit. Half way through urinating she reached down to just above her clit and with her index and middle finger either side of her clitoral hood, she pulled up… Hard! Her slit grew longer as her pussy lips were stretched and the last few drops of piss spilled into the toilet. I could see the entrance to her fuck hole fully, the place where I came from and long to go back to, obscenely on display just for me.

“I need to wipe now, have you seen enough yet?” She said in that mock accusatory voice she often put on for me, half telling me off but half accepting of how I am.

“No, let me wipe you”

“No baby, definitely not!

“Oh please Mum, I will do a good job” I didn’t really think her rejection was because she thought I would do a bad job but I had to try.

“You can’t touch Mummy there, it’s very sensitive” Another thing my Mum did was even though we had all these experiences together she still treated me like a child, like I didn’t really know what my cock or her pussy was for, and even after all the years of sexual experiences we shared from then on she would still treat me as her naive baby boy. I fucking loved it!

“I’ll be gentle I promise” Said in my most persuasive childish manner which to most is annoying but to a Mum it’s all she needs to hear to make her heart melt.

I reached over to the toilet paper and tore off 2 pieces not bothering to wait for another rejection.

“You will need more than that baby” Without specifically saying it she had just given me permission to touch her most intimate parts, the source of her pleasure, and mine.

I tore off another 2 and folded them all together, I then reached between her legs, she pulled them apart even further to give me good access. I touched the tissue on to her pussy entrance and wiped forward, one stroke, not pushing hard at all. Forward over her pee hole and stopping on her clit, I folded the paper in half and did it again, this time slower. I then rus escort dropped the paper in the toilet and with my index finger I pushed against her pussy and ran it up towards her clit and over her stubbly triangle above. How I loved touching her.

“When you’ve quite finished!” She said.

“Did I hurt you?” I always played into that naive child role she put me in.

“No baby, now I think it’s time for bed don’t you?” With that she stood up and flushed the toilet, this is how I loved seeing her, nothing covering her pussy or bum and my favourite t-shirt on.

I was as hard as a rock after what I had just done and could not concentrate on anything except the need to cum. She jumped into bed and I lay behind her. The light was still on and the switch was on my side of the bed.

“Turn the light off then” She said

“In a minute”

I waited a while, I knew she wouldn’t be asleep but I didn’t care, I had to relieve myself. I pulled my cock out from my boxers and wrapped my fist around it, I tried to keep the movements to a minimum but I knew my Mum could tell I was wanking, but I had just ran my finger over her pussy! I brought the finger to my nose and smelt it, how I adore the smell of her pussy juices, I put my finger in my mouth and sucked off the remnants of her sweet nectar while I pumped my cock harder.

“Please don’t get that over Mummy, I don’t want to have a shower now at this time of night”.

I didn’t say anything just carried on playing with myself, she turned around to face me.

“Did you hear me?” She said smiling.

I nodded and slowed my stroking, thinking I really need to cum but not sure how I could do it without making a mess. She definitely knew what I was thinking because she reached for her dirty knickers she threw at me earlier and said “Here, do it in these and then go to sleep ok?”

I nodded, took them from her and wrapped them around my cock. She leaned over to kiss me. She kissed me on my forehead, then on my lips, lightly. There was nothing erotic in that kiss, apart from the fact she did it knowing full well I was masturbating my rock hard dick into her panties under the duvet. I lowered the cover to expose her chest, her nipple was sticking out the t-shirt. She smiled when she saw what I was looking at, she said “Night baby boy” Then took the back of my head in her hand and pulled me into her breast, I latched on and suckled on her perfect brown nipple. I started to moan just before I was going to cum.

“Mummy loves you sucking on her, just like you did when you were a baby” She stroked my head as I came hard inside her knickers. Still sucking on her I wiped my cock with them, she took them from me and dropped them on the floor beside her, turned back towards me and I latched on to her again. Feeling content and loved, I drifted off into a deep and satisfying sleep with my Mother’s nipple in my mouth and her cuddling me tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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