Mrs. Robinson Stays In

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All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


“Have you ever done any riding Dan? You’ve grown up a lot in the last couple of years. You look like you’d be pretty comfortable in the saddle.”

“Well mom did take me to a pony ride when I was eight…” Dan answered, rather cleverly he thought given how much trouble he was having keeping focused on Mrs. Robinson’s casual banter.

She had asked him to come over and do some stone work on the artificial waterfall by her pool. Dan could use the extra money but that wasn’t what had made him jump at the offer.

A couple of weeks earlier he had picked his mother up after she had spent the afternoon around the pool at her best friend’s house. Christine Robinson had walked his mother out to the driveway wearing the most daring little swimsuit he had ever seen. It was just a tiny width of white nylon that looped around her neck, criss crossed over her voluptuous tits and then plunged down into the vee at the top of her loins. The skimpy material then reversed direction through the crack of her ass and fastened to a gold chain that cinched her waist.

She was wearing high heeled flip flops and with every step she took her pendulous jugs jiggled and heaved, threatening to spill out either side of her skimpy top.

Mrs. Robinson had an incredible body for a woman her age. She must have had her daughter Nikki, who was a couple of years older than Dan, when she was still a girl.

Dan would never have admitted it but he thought Christine Robinson was incredibly hot. The thought that she might be lying around the pool in that same suit or something equally revealing while he spent a couple of hours over there doing some work made the choice easy. But things weren’t working out exactly the way he had hoped.

After getting him started on the job Christine had disappeared for a little while. When she came back she wasn’t dressed for the pool which was a big disappointment. Her lustrous dark hair was pulled back and braided tightly behind her head. She had on high black boots and skin tight, wine colored riding breeches. Her melon sized breasts were thrusting boldly our above her waspishly thin waist through the white nylon jersey that she was wearing. She had a little black riding helmet clutched under her arm against her side. She was also holding a riding crop across her chest with both hands, idly playing with the leather square on the business end of it while she talked to Dan. Although he was transfixed by Mrs. Robinson’s massive mammaries, he couldn’t help but notice the nasty looking studded brass ferrule that she was toying with on the end of the whip.

‘That would leave a mark’ he couldn’t help but think.

Mrs. Robinson smiled indulgently at Dan’s rather feeble joke.

“The feeling of all that power coiled up beneath you. The acceleration as you approach the hurdle. A well timed stroke of encouragement with the whip. Then the shuddering impact on the other side before your mount lunges forward again. It really is quite exhilarating…” Mrs. Robinson enthused, her eyes smoldering into Dan’s.

“I can only…ahhh… imagine…” Dan stuttered, struggling mightily to maintain eye contact with the statuesque equestrienne. Then shaking his head as if to clear it he added…

“But if you’re not going to be here, what if I have a question about the stone work? What should I do?”

“Oh not to worry. Nikki is here with a friend of hers. She can tell you what to do. Now don’t you let those college girls distract you. You’ve got work to do. I’ll see you later…” Mrs. Robinson said, slapping Dan’s chest playfully with her little whip. Even though it was just the merest tap Dan could feel those little studs nipping at his flesh. Then she turned on her heel and headed for the gate at the end of the yard.

Dan was truly sad to see her go. And he also wasn’t wildly enthusiastic to be left to be supervised by Mrs. Robinson’s snotty daughter Nikki. Although this younger version of her mother was very pretty, Nikki was all caught up in the dumb sorority she belonged to at college. If you weren’t on the football team or in some stuck up fraternity there, you weren’t going to get the time of day from her.

Well with any luck she’d stay inside and he wouldn’t have to see her. He could handle any difficulties with the stone work. That would be no problem.

But the gods weren’t smiling on Dan Brown that day. He had barely begun to mix the first batch of mortar when who came giggling out of the rec room door towards the pool but Nicky and her friend.

Rather than be totally rude Dan tried a friendly…”Hi!…” as the girls pulled a couple of lounge chairs nearer to the water.

They looked in his direction. Nikki managed the faintest smile and a half hearted little wave before returning to her conversation with her friend. Well at least she hadn’t ignored him totally. Dan went back to mixing his mortar. It was hot work and he had soon taken his shirt off and was konyaaltı escort working in just his jeans.

He couldn’t help but notice out of the corner of his eye that the girls were taking off their shorts and sloppy blouses. They were obviously planning on enjoying the sun, maybe even go for a swim. Well it was their pool.

But as the outer wear was removed and more girlish flesh was revealed, Dan was finding it more and more difficult to keep his mind on his work.

Both girls were wearing powder blue swimsuits. Nikki’s was a fairly minimal bikini. She had darkish hair like her mother and a great figure. Not the oversized chest that her mother had but a nice curvaceous body nonetheless. Her friend however was the one that had really got Dan’s attention. She was a big girl, half a head taller that Nikki with the broad shoulders of a competitive swimmer. But swimmers didn’t usually have the breast work that this young lady had been blessed with. She was like an amazon goddess. Her generous cleavage was clearly visible even from a distance beneath the plunging neckline of her one piece swimsuit. She had short cropped blonde hair, long muscular legs and a narrow waist. Amazing!

Dan had to give his head a shake and tried to focus once more on the huge pile of odd sized stones awaiting his attention. He went back to it and had been at it for a while when he heard the girls splashing around in the pool. This time when he turned to look he found that they were both staring back at him. Nikki sidled over closer to her friend and draped an arm around her back. It looked to Dan like she was deliberately rubbing her tits against her friend’s. He must be imagining things. Nikki was holding his gaze, smiling at him while at the same time speaking at some length to her friend. The blonde was also looking directly at Dan as she listened to Nikki.

Then Dan was almost positive that he saw Nikki’s hand edge around the blonde’s back and caress the side of her boob. The other girl’s smile got a little broader as she held Dan’s gaze. Then Nikki nodded towards Dan and gave her friend a quick kiss on the cheek.

Both girls turned to step out of the pool. Nikki slid into the nearest lounge chair but her friend started walking towards Dan.

He really didn’t want to stare. He should be paying attention to his work. But the tall blonde walked towards him with the hypnotic gait of a runway model. Her arms swung at her sides and her shoulders twisted, making her pendulous tits sway rhythmically as she stalked towards him. Dan couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was all he could do to keep his jaw from dropping down on his chest.

The blonde stopped in front of him. She stuck out her hand towards him and said…”Hi. I’m Karla. Nikki wants you to come…”

Dan put his hand in Karla’s and began to shake. “Pardon me…” he said, not sure he was hearing correctly.

Karla didn’t release his hand. She half turned and pulled him after her like she was leading a small child…”Nikki wants you to come…Please…” she said again, pulling Dan after her.

It was only then that he realized that Karla had a European accent and that she wasn’t suggesting any sexual inclination on Nikki’s part. He relaxed a little and was happy to follow Karla. The view from the rear was almost as awesome as the one from the front. As she walked ahead of him her gum dropped shaped ass cheeks looked like two cats wrestling in a bag beneath her form fitting swim suit.

They stopped when they reached Nikki in her chair. Karla remained standing next to Dan.

“Hello Dan. Mother said she had you doing some odd jobs around the house. I was wondering if you would mind helping us. This Friday is Delta Nu’s annual Blues Night. Karla and I are involved in a little contest that is sort of the finale of the evening. Karla’s from Germany by the way. She’s here on a hockey scholarship. Anyway, she’s pledging for my sorority. She’s my little sister and partner for the contest. So do you think you could help us?”

Karla was lightly running her fingertip up and down Dan’s shoulder while Nikki talked to him. Dan found her touch very distracting.

“Well I don’t really know much about the blues Nikki. I more of a Rock and Roll guy myself. But do you need some help with decorations or what?…” he asked.

Nikki smiled as if Dan had said something humorous.

“It’s not that kind of blues Dan. But if it’s alright with you we’ll show you exactly what we need.”

“Sure. I guess.” Dan said, wondering what he was letting himself in for.

“Great. Now Karla’s going to open your pants and get your cock out. Don’t freak out. It’s all part of the contest. Just think of us like we’re your doctors. And don’t worry. It’s not like we haven’t seen one before.”

“What?…No!…You’re not serious…” Dan protested, just standing there, not believing what he was hearing.

Nikki looked at her friend and nodded towards the front of Dan’s pants.

“Go on…” she said.

Karla never kültür escort hesitated. She reached out with both hands and had Dan’s belt and pants open in a heartbeat. Her pneumatic tits brushed his chest thrillingly as she slid to her knees in front of him. As she descended she pulled his pants and his shorts to his knees, baring his surprised tool to the girls’ eager gaze.

Before Dan fully realized that Nikki wasn’t kidding, Karla had reached out and closed her hand around the middle of his prick. Dan could feel himself stiffening quickly under her soft touch.

“Oh my! You do have a nice one! It’s exactly what we need. Now hold still. Karla’s just going to get you hard. ..Mmm Hmm!… Wow!… Just like that!…” Nikki snickered.

It took Dan a moment to get over his initial shock but when he finally did he tried to free himself from Karla’s sensuously caressing hand. But as he went to take a step backwards Nikki sat up straight in her chair. Her hand flashed out and she sank her sharp nails deep into the back of Dan’s thigh.

“Now don’t be like that baby. You said you’d help and we’d really, really appreciate it wouldn’t we Karla?…”

“Oh yahh! Nikki and I, we think we will make your cock happy to help us Dan. Wouldn’t that be very good?…” Karla asked as she continued to work the blushing young man over with her practiced hand.

Dan stopped trying to writhe away as Nikki’s nails dug painfully into the back of his leg.

“Ahh Ahh!…Alright! Alright!…Easy Nikki!…But what’s this got to do with your party?…”

Nikki smiled brightly when Dan stepped forward again, seemingly resigned to Karla’s shameless fondling.

“Well our ‘Blues’ contest pits seven teams against each other. Each team is made up of one senior and her pledge sister or brother, from Delta Nu on the girls side and Phi Tau on the boys side. Karla and I will be paired with two boys from Phi Tau. All seven foursomes start together. The girls must be sexually stimulating one of the boys at all times, without letting them come. The boys will have all sworn to have gone without any sex, including jerking off, for at least seven days. That’s what makes it so interesting. I don’t suppose you’ve had any sex in the last seven days have you Dan?”

“Unn!…Unn!…Nooo!…” Dan grunted. But whether this was acknowledging Nikki’s rude question or in response to Karla’s rhythmically stroking hand was not clear. What was obvious was his growing arousal. He was now rock hard and his balls were starting to tighten up in his groin. The first clear drop of pre-come was just starting to trickle from his pee slit.

“I didn’t think so. Oh, by the way. Tell us before you come O.K.? That’s important. That’s where we need your help. ‘Cause I won this contest two years ago. Last year that bitch Cindy Crawford and her pledge sister won but that was only because my pledge sister was so inexperienced. She had those boys popping like fireworks on the fourth of July before we’d barely got started. She never did make it into Delta Nu by the way. I saw to that. Anyway, I’m going to make sure that Karla knows what she’s doing on Friday night. We’re going to win this year if we have to keep you up all night.”

“How are you doing by the way? Your knob is getting pretty purple. Karla, what do you think? Is he getting close?…”

“Oh yahh!…He is very hard and is getting, how you say, sticky? Is that right? I think it won’t be long now…” the kneeling blonde said, never taking her eyes off the livid tool gleaming under her continuously shuttling hand.

And Dan couldn’t argue with Karla’s assessment of the matter. The tickly tingling sensation searing his cock was reaching critical mass. He knew he couldn’t last much longer.

“I’m… Ahhh…pretty close Nikki!…Ahhh…. Real close!…Unnn!…In Fact…I think..I’m gonna’…gonna…”

“Stop Karla!…Take your hand off!…Now!…” Nikki hissed.

Karla reacted immediately and snatched her hand away from Dan’s prick like it was on fire.

“Nahhh!…Wait!…Ahhh!…Don’t stop!…” Dan whimpered.

But the two girls ignored his pitiful cry and just stared at his quivering erection.

“Now look for the tell tale signs…” Nikki instructed.

“See how his thighs are all knotted up and he’s tipped forward at the waist. Those are signs of how close he is. Also, did you notice how he was holding his breath just before he said he was going to shoot. And look at the way his cock is twitching and how his pee slit is fluttering open and closed. If you watch for the signs you can always stop just before he loses it, understand?…”

“Yah Nikki. Of course. I have made many hand jobs with the boys back in Munchen. But it was always quick in my parent’s basement or in their car. This is more fun. Much!..” Karla enthused, her eyes dancing merrily as she looked up at Dan.

“But!…But!…No!..You can’t just stop like that…” Dan stammered as he unconsciously started reaching for his aching boner with his right hand.

Again markantalya escort Nikki’s hand darted out and she laced her fingers into Dan’s and forced his hand back towards his wrist. A sharp pain darted up all the way to his shoulder. He had to flex his knees to ease the excruciating tension in his arm.

“Don’t even think about it sweetheart. You’ll get to come when we’re done with you but not until we’re ready, understand?…”

“Yeah!… Unn Hnn!…O.K.! …I get it!…” Dan whimpered, looking at Nikki with pleading eyes until she gradually relaxed her punishing grip on his hand.

“Good. I knew we could count on you Danny. Now at this point Karla and I would switch to the other Phi Tau boy and get to work on him until he’s ready to shoot. Give our first victim a little breather. In this case we’ll just wait for you to settle down a little bit. So take deep breaths and try not to think about how blue you’re balls are getting. Believe me, we’re just getting started.”

And with that Nikki nodded to Karla and the two girls stepped over towards the house to give Dan a little space to cool down. Even so Nikki kept one eye on Dan’s crotch, waiting for him to start to wilt a little bit. Judging by the way that Dan was shifting his weight from foot to foot in discomfort, she knew it was going to be a couple of minutes. When they were out of earshot of the young man she said to Karla…

“Now this next time we’re going to have to be even more careful. When you’ve brought them to the edge once and then left them hanging, they get excited even more quickly when you start up on them again. I’ll do him this time but I want you to look for the warning signals that he’s ready to shoot like we talked about. Understand?..”

“Oh yahhh. I see now how it is. I think I like this game…” Karla said, stealing a calculating glance at Dan as well. The two girls talked over their strategy for a couple of more minutes and then, when Nikki thought that Dan looked ready they went back over to him.

This time it was the bikini clad girl who went to her knees in front of him while Karla perched on the edge of the sun lounger.

“You look like you’re ready for round two…” said Nikki with a sassy smile as she closed her outstretched fingers around Dan’s now semi rigid prick. But she only had to start a gentle up and down motion with her tiny hand to make the blood surge hotly back into his tool.

“Oh God I’m ready alright. You don’t know how ready…” Dan gasped looking down hungrily at Nikki’s little fist stroking him.

“Well that’s good lover. And this time you don’t have to tell me when you’re going to come! We’re going to continue our little practice session under real game day conditions. So you just go for it when you’re ready O.K.?…” Nikki instructed, turning to give a startled looking Karla a confident wink.

“Sure Nikki. Whatever you want…” Dan said happily. He was pretty sure he could control himself enough that Nikki would never know when he was about to lose it. He could hardly wait to see her surprised look when he unleashed a gooey stream of come all over her face. This was going to be sweet. He tried to relax as much as was humanly possible. The way this little sorority bitch and her friend were teasing him he knew he was going to shoot a really big load.

Nikki had a pretty good idea what Dan was thinking but she wasn’t worried about it. He had no idea what a master prick tease he was dealing with. But he was about to find out. She slid her hand up to the top of his hard-on and started swirling the pad of her thumb around and around against that little knot of nerves just under his cock crown. A fresh dribble of pre-come was just emerging which she used to lubricate her devilishly cruising thumb. She smiled up into his eyes.

“You know when I won this contest two years ago…” she said, without slowing the motion of her endlessly roving fingertip…”my pledge sister and I had these two great big football players. I think they were linemen or something. Really big. Anyway my little sister she got the one guy crying, literally sobbing like a baby, he was so desperate for it. And my guy got so excited he started hyperventilating. But I knew exactly how close he was. I was working on the tip of his prick just like this. How you doin’ by the way Dan? You getting close?…”

“Unnn…Jeez Nikki!…That feels so good…Ahh…but I think I can…nahhh…hold it a bit… Ummm…” Dan said, trying to speak as clearly as he could through his gritted teeth. In fact his balls were starting to knot up pretty tight and he didn’t really think he could take too much more of her skilled fondling. But she said just to let it go and that was what he was going to do!

“Oh that’s good baby. So let’s really have some fun. Does it feel good when I do this?…” Nikki asked casually as she brought her free hand in and placed the tip of her index and middle finger over Dan’s pee slit. She started tracing circles from there, around and around over his knob. She fractioned every millimeter of his drum taut flesh from the apex of his cock crown and down to the swollen ridge just above his shaft. And at the same time she continued to massage the underside of his glistening helmet with her thumb.

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