Mrs. Chamberlain Ch. 02

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Thanks to rexbrookdale, his help editing this story is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy it. Your constructive feedback and vote are always appreciated.

Disclaimer: This is a work of sexual fiction; use of condoms, getting tested, and use of birth control may not be described or mentioned in this fantasy story but in real life, of course, one would practice safe sex.

All characters in this story are fictitious and of legal age. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.


Randy had just awoken from a restful sleep with a raging case of morning wood and had to piss most urgently. He extricated himself from the embrace of a very soft and warm bedmate and made his way to the bathroom. He took his time starting a pot of the coffee that the hotel provides while waiting for his hardon to subside, for as we all know, one cannot piss through a hardon.

He had taken leave and driven into town to serve as the best man in the wedding of an Army buddy. The plan had been to stay with Dave, a friend from home who had moved to this city upon his discharge from the Air Force. That plan had been altered the night before when he stumbled upon the gorgeous woman who had haunted his dreams for years, and who was presently in his shirt, keeping the bed warm.

Randy relieved himself and as the coffee began to brew, he phoned Dave to let him know that he would be delayed.

“No shit,” Dave had said. “What gives?”

Randy told him that the wedding had gone as planned and so had the reception, until he met Barb, the aforementioned bedmate. He told Dave about how their paths had crossed in the bar downstairs during the reception, that they had danced a few times, that one thing led to the other, and they had ended up spending the night together. He also mentioned that his plans might change, and that he would get back with him once he figured out what the day was to bring.

After hanging up, Randy became aware of his relative state of undress and called the front desk to ask to have a bellman sent up.

The coffee finished brewing and he poured a cup. Shortly after his first sip, the bellman knocked. Randy answered the door and explained that he needed the bags in his pickup. He described the truck, gave the bellman the tag number and the keys, and tipped him twenty bucks. In no time flat, he returned with Randy’s bags. Randy thanked him and locked the door after hanging up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

As he removed his shaving kit, Barb’s sleepy voice asked, “Do I smell coffee?” He heard the rustle of the bed sheets and caught her in my peripheral vision.

“Yes, would you like some?”

“Not yet.”

It’s not hard to maintain discipline given military training. Still, it was a little difficult to continue his usual routine with such a tousled, soft bedmate in close proximity. He made his way into the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and shaved. He started the shower and then went back to the dresser to set out some clean clothes.

He heard her ask, “Why are you up so early?”

“I have a habit of rising early and I usually work out first thing,” he answered in between swipes with the razor across his stubble. “This morning, though, I’m forgoing the workout, since we’ve already exercised.” He rinsed and turned to look at her through the open bathroom door, smiling.

She stuck her tongue out and smiled back, then arched and stretched again.

Randy thought, She looks better in my shirt than I ever will.

He got in the shower and began to lather up. Hearing her come in and use the toilet, he braced for the abrupt change in hot water temperature that always comes after the flush. It was a pleasant surprise when the water did not change; furthermore, Barb peered around the shower curtain and asked if she could join him. He gave her a most enthusiastic, “By all means, please do.”

She stepped in and positioned herself facing away from him under the spray, nudging him smilingly out from under the warm cascade. He began to lather her up, soaping her back and paying special attention to her toned ass. Reaching around her, he began at the top again, lathering up her perky breasts, paying them more attention than he had her ass. He rolled her hard nipples between his thick thumb and forefinger, eliciting a moan, and soaped his way down her abdomen to settle on her wet pussy. His soapy fingers followed the streams of water down through her pubic hair and rubbed between the folds of her slick sex. She moaned and backed into his erection. He pulled her tightly against himself and kissed her ears and neck while playing with her nether lips. Brushing her wet hair aside with his nose and cheek, he kissed her nape while his fingers circled her clit. Her skin became covered in goose bumps and she pushed back against him urgently, moaning as she shuddered in orgasm. For several minutes they stood pressed against each other under the warm stream of water, his arms around her, holding antalya escort her until she calmed.

He lovingly shampooed her hair and massaged her scalp, lathered her again with soap from top to bottom and then rinsed her off, paying attention to all parts of her.

His turn was next. She took the soap, turned him to face away from her, and began to wash his back. She took her time washing his shoulders and laterals and finally, worked her way down to his muscled ass. Once satisfied that he was sufficiently sudsy, she turned him around to face her and lathered up his chest, playing her hands over his pectorals and then running them downward to trace the lines etched into his abs, tickling and teasing as she went. Soon, she made her way to his very erect cock. Wrapping both hands around him, she soaped his member up and began to slowly masturbate him. One hand moved to lightly squeeze his balls; he moaned and his cock jumped and pulsed, causing her to smile and giggle. He was leaking copious precum by the time the soap was washed off.

He felt her lips on his neck and collarbone, and then down his torso. She settled on her knees, and began groping and massaging his ass, then moved her hands to his front side. “This thing is so hard and thick,” she said, looking up while fondling his cock with both hands, and then expertly delivered a slow, sensuous blowjob. She kissed and licked his length, swirling her tongue around and over the head, paying special attention to the leaking slit.

Placing the entire head in her hot mouth, she hollowed her cheeks, sucking and using her tongue, sliding more and more of him into her mouth. She took him in her mouth as far as she could and then backed off, teasing the tip, then took some more, going farther each time until she gagged and had to back off again. Each time, she increased the intensity and speed of her hands, jacking the full length of him.

A tingling feeling deep in Randy’s balls signaled his impending eruption. He began to pump in and out of her mouth, and when she took him as deep as he had ever been and held him there, he moaned. She started jacking him with increased speed and grip strength, looking up into his eyes as if pleading for him to finish.

“I’m getting close,” he told her, and she hummed, sending a vibration through his cock and all the way up his spine. Her tongue action increased and so did the speed of her hands; his orgasm was imminent. He hollered to warn her, and she responded by taking him deep, letting him know it was ok to empty into her mouth. All at once, he roared and came hard; suddenly getting weak in the knees. He could feel her mouth and tongue and lips around him, swallowing and sucking; it sounded as if she struggled with the load. She continued stroking him and didn’t quit sucking until his cock stopped convulsing and began to go flaccid.

Kissing and licking her way back up his torso as she stood up, she said, “I had no idea so much cum could come from one man.” She had always wanted to try swallowing cum, but her husband was repulsed by the idea and would not allow it.

He scrunched his nose up and then smiled at her. “Did you enjoy yourself? I know I did.”

“Mmm hmm,” she hummed.

“I always knew you would be incredible,” he said softly, kissing the top of her head as he turned the water off. They left the shower and playfully toweled one another dry.

Her hair wrapped up in a towel turban, she made her way to the dresser and began to lay out some clothes. Satisfied with her choices, she put on a pair of comfortable-looking floral patterned cotton bikini panties, and returned to the bathroom to dry her hair. Finished with her hair, and unaware that he was watching her in the mirror, she started applying her makeup. Randy dressed as he watched surreptitiously, and then took a seat at the desk to wait for her. Once she’d finished with her makeup, she came into the main room and began doing a reverse strip tease, tormenting him as she dressed slowly, all the while caressing herself.

She stepped over to the mirror, smiling back at him through her reflection, and briefly appraised the way she looked, Satisfied, she asked what his plans were for the day. He thought it would be nice to have breakfast together, and then see where the day took them. She agreed; breakfast sounded good to them both.

The restaurant was easy to find; downstairs past the lobby, and they were greeted by the soft sounds of clinking silverware and the smells of coffee, eggs and toast upon entering. The hostess seated them and took their orders for coffee.

Barb waited until after the waiter had come around and they’d ordered their food to begin the breakfast conversation by asking Randy his age. He told her that he was 32 and that he had been in the Army for almost ten years. He had joined after finishing college and would probably make a career out of it. He told her about sapper school and about some of the places that he had served.

She kemer escort smiled while he talked, and he watched her beautiful lips move along the rim of the porcelain cup. She then confided that she had always wanted some excitement in her life. He encouraged her and so she explained how, fresh out of college, she had married an older man who was very conservative, and set in his ways. “He provided for me financially and was a great companion, but he was not into expanding his horizons. He worked and stayed near home, and I had my career. We never went anywhere, never did anything different or exciting. He encouraged me to go anywhere I wanted to go but I never did,” she said sadly. She tried to smile, countering a tear that had welled up and ran down one cheek. “Thomas died two years ago.”

Randy squeezed her hand. “I’m sorry.”

Wiping the tear away, she resumed. “What happened last night and this morning was completely out of character for me. Our sex life had been active, but plain. Thomas had no interest in experimenting with anything outside of the missionary position and, while I fantasized quite a bit, I was also very conservative and not assertive.” She blushed, “My night with you was the wildest sexual experience I’ve ever had. I still don’t know what came over me, but when you got near me at the bar, I had to have you.”

Randy waved to the waiter to bring more coffee, and he came by to top off their cups.

They each took a sip, and then he asked her to describe one of her fantasies.

She blushed again, and shook her head ‘no’.

She’d looked at him and had bravely begun to ask him to tell her about a fantasy of his, when just at that moment the waiter delivered their food.

When they were alone again he answered simply. “You.”

She gave him a questioning look. They ate a few bites in silence.

“Care to elaborate?” she asked.

He thought on it a moment and then, with a grin, confided that they had met before last night. He let that information set in for a minute as he took a few more bites. He looked her in the eyes. “You are Barb Chamberlain, an English teacher at Central High School. I graduated from there 14 years ago. You taught American Literature my junior year. You sat in the front of the room on your stool and drove me wild. You…. You are my fantasy,” he said, and took another bite.

She paled, stunned. Had he disclosed too much too soon? He watched her contemplate this news, as she took a bite and chewed for a long time.

She swallowed, took a drink and said, “Now your comment in the shower makes sense.”

It was her turn to watch him eat. After another bite and a sip of coffee she added, “I overheard you this morning on the phone with your friend. How much leave did you take…? What I mean is that we are both adults now…. And I was thinking that we might take the day to get to know one another.”

That idea suited him just fine. As he had never been to this city before, and they were staying downtown, he suggested they do a walking tour of the nearby sights. It sounded good to her too. With that, they finished eating and he settled the check.

Once outside the hotel they made the short walk downhill on Baker Street to the aquarium. Built in 2005, it holds some 8.5 million gallons of water and houses more than 500 species. It is the only exhibit outside of Asia that houses Whale Sharks.

Following the crowds, they leisurely took in the sights. She loved the Beluga Whales and he was fascinated with both the Whale Sharks and the Penguins. When they had seen all of the exhibits, they next strolled around Centennial Olympic Park; eventually making their way back to the hotel.

As they were both hungry, they decided to drive to the iconic Varsity Restaurant.

After getting turned around twice and nearly run off the road once by a driver who cut them off, they finally arrived, and stood in lines at least 10- deep waiting to order. Upon making it to the counter, they were rewarded with the famous “What’ll you have, what’ll you have?” They both decided to try the chilidog with onion rings, and a frosted orange drink: greasy, but very tasty.

Finishing their unhealthy lunch, they drove to the Dr. Martin Luther King National Historic Site. They parked off of John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, and followed the Civil Rights Walk of Fame past the statue of Mahatma Gandhi to the Visitor Center, where they toured the site that commemorated the struggle for equality for so many of our citizens. When they finished seeing the displays, they toured the Ebenezer Baptist Church. It is much smaller than Randy had imagined, but it is imbued with a magical aura. As he stood among the pews in the sanctuary he could almost hear the sermons delivered there so long ago.

He and Barb separated for a few minutes, and he decided to call Dave to ask if he wanted to meet for dinner. They arranged to meet at a world-famous café within walking konyaaltı escort distance of the hotel. Randy rejoined Barb and as they drove back to the hotel, asked if she would like to accompany him at dinner with Dave.

She hesitated and said, “You had plans with him first, I would just be in the way.”

“Not true. I’ve known Dave a very long time. He will be happy to see you there. Besides, he would love to embarrass me by telling stories of home.” Her body posture told him she wasn’t convinced. “Really, if it were a problem, I wouldn’t ask you to come with.”

She hesitated, and finally agreed, but wanted to freshen up first. He locked the truck and they made their way up to her room. She held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder as they rode the elevator up, and as he pulled her close with his arms around her, she told him that she had enjoyed the day. He told her that he had a wonderful time too, and asked her what her favorite part had been so far. She blushed and answered, “I loved sucking your cock.”

He quipped, “Yes, that was nice.”

Barb asked him which part of the day had been his favorite and he told her that watching her get ready this morning had been a special treat.

They reached her room and went inside. Sensing that something was bothering Barb, he asked her how she was feeling. She said that she was nervous. He arched his brows and said, “Okay, out with it. What’s making you nervous?” She shook her head ‘no’, and hurried into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. He rummaged through his bag, found a clean shirt and changed into it. After some time, Barb came out and they sat for a moment. She looked like she had something to say, so he waited.

“You took leave to spend some time with Dave and I don’t want to be in the way.”

She still seemed convinced that she would be a third wheel. He reassured her that Dave would be happy to have her there and that she was most welcome to join them. Again he invited her to join, assuring her that she would be welcome, and, reluctantly, she agreed.

They left the room and made their way to the lobby. Barb told him she would meet him outside as she headed to the front desk. After a short wait outside Barb joined him and they walked to the café, where they were seated by the hostess. They ordered some drinks and soon after, Dave arrived.

Randy’s friendship with Dave is an old one, so no explanation was needed or offered as Dave and Barb were introduced to one another. Over dinner the guys caught up and, to Barb’s amusement and just as Randy had predicted, Dave told a few stories about their wild younger days. She laughed at most of the stories and her nervousness disappeared.

For most of the evening Barb had been caressing Randy’s hand with hers and drawing little patterns with her fingers, but when Dave excused himself to go to the restroom she got quiet and squeezed his hand. He thought she seemed tense and asked what was bothering her. She sighed, looked down to the table and softly said, “I want to ask something but I’m not sure how.”

He told her to just ask.

She sat there looking down at the table. After wringing her hands for a moment, she looked him in the eyes and finally asked, “What are your plans for the rest of the night?”

He told her that he wasn’t sure and asked, “Why, is there something else you want to do?”

With a concerned look on her face she hesitated and said, “No, not really; but I was hoping that you might stay with me again tonight.”

Randy smiled mischievously and said, “I was hoping you might ask. I’m sure that I can make that happen.”

That response made her smile and relax again. When Dave returned, she announced that she was ready to turn in for the night and asked Randy if he would walk her out. Once outside, she told him to stay as long as he wanted and that she would be anxiously waiting for him. She gave him a kiss, handed him a key card, and said, “See you soon, lover,” then turned and walked toward the hotel. Randy watched her ass swish from side to side until she disappeared in the distance, and then re-joined Dave for a few more drinks.

Walking back to the hotel, he gave his current situation some thought. He had fulfilled a fantasy with Barb and was perfectly willing to spend another night with her, but was not ready to make a more regular relationship with her. He definitely did not want to hurt her feelings but he was not at a point in his life where a monogamous relationship made sense, especially since it would have to be a long-distance one. Furthermore, he was pretty sure that Barb was not the type to allow a ‘friends with benefits’ type of thing to go on for long. They would definitely have to discuss the subject soon. After pausing briefly at the door, he swiped the key card and quietly entered the room.

Barb was in bed wearing his shirt as she had the night before, and it still looked better on her than it did on him. She stirred when he came in and patted the mattress saying, “Come to bed, lover.” He told her that he needed to shower and would join her soon. She smiled and closed her eyes. He brushed his teeth, shaved, and took a quick shower, already dreading the conversation they would have to have in the morning.

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