Mr. Sims’ Extra Credit Ch. 01

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My name is Harold Sims. I teach human biology to seniors at East Middle High in Southern California. As you can guess I don’t get paid very well but to be honest I am not there for the cash. I inherited quite a bit of money when I turned 18 so I went to school so I could learn what I love. I never considered a career in teaching but once I was out of school I was recruited quickly by a private high school in Southern California.

I am 26 now and I have been teaching 4 years. A couple of years ago I noticed quite a few students struggling to get through and it was a class required for many that were college bound. I started an extra credit program where the students would commit to one on one tutoring and I would get them back on track.

The first student to take advantage of this program was a girl named Julie. She was tall and thin with small little tits. She never wore a bra so I admired her nipples on a regular basis. I must admit at this point I still love high school chicks. And at 26 it did yet seem creepy to ogle 18 year olds. Age didn’t really matter though I bet I will still admire them when I am 40.

Anyway we scheduled some time after school to review for the upcoming test. After last period the classroom cleared out and I was left to grad homework. Soon enough Julie showed up with notebook in mersin escort hand.

“Hey Julie, are you ready to learn?” I said in a very teacher-like manner.

“Hey Mr. Sims. Sure, I guess. This stuff is so confusing.” She replied. “You would think it would be easy since it is about my own body.”

“It’s not surprising since we still have biological things scientists haven’t figured out. Anyway, let’s get started.”

We sat side by side at one of the lab tables and opened the book and laid out the review questions. After a few minutes of covering some topics and getting through a few questions my extra credit program changed forever.

Julie unbuttoned her blouse. I didn’t even notice as I was reading a paragraph out of the book to explain my point. Just in mid sentence Julie interrupted.

“Mr. Sims?” She inquired.

I looked up and that is when I saw her exposed tits. The little mounds were tipped with tiny pink nipples. They were erect and her chest was covered in goose bumps. I was speechless. I knew she was 18 but she was my student. I couldn’t believe I was faced with this dilemma.

“Um…I enjoy biology but I was hoping I could do something besides study to ensure my A in the class. Is there anything you can think of that would guarantee my high grade without having to study?”

She escort mersin sat there with confidence and waited for an answer.

“Well Julie there is a lot to cover when exploring Human biology. No matter what we decide I am sure it couldn’t all be done in just one session. Could you commit to one of these sessions before each test?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying but she was hot and it just came out. I stared into her eyes and ignored her perfect little tits.

“I would love that. Plus it would seem suspicious if we only had one session an my C’s turned into A’s right?” She asked rhetorically as she played along.

“We are agreed then. One session before each test.” I said as I walked over and locked the door. “We can play it by ear as far as what we will cover but for now we will start with female arousal.”

As I got back to her I gave her a kiss. Our tongues danced together for quite a little bit. My cock was pretty hard and I began to caress each tit. Her nipples were hard so I gave them each a pinch. I moved my lips from her mouth to her pink nipples and started to suck.

“Oh god Mr. Sims! You are so hot.” She said as I worked her tits.

I thought of myself as average but figured I lost my hotness as far as high school girls were concerned. At least one seemed mersin escort bayan to like me. I did work out and stayed fit but no girl at the school had really seen what was under my suit.

“Thank you Julie. You are very beautiful and I am looking forward to our future sessions.” I replied and then resumed licking her nipples.

“Mr. Sims? We only have a few minutes before my mom will be outside to pick me up. My pussy is so wet and ready I don’t know what I would do if you don’t fuck me before I go.”

“I’m sorry, I lost track of time. I would love to fuck your pussy before you go.”

She lifted up her skirt to reveal she had no panties. The stool was soaked with her juices and she spread her legs wide. Knowing we were under a time crunch I plowed into her and pumped with fervor. I came right away filling her up with my load.

“Oh Mr. Sims! You’re already done?”

I answered her question by ignoring it and continuing to pump. I stayed plenty hard to keep her writhing. I quickly started fingering her clit and soon she was coming too. Her juices flowed even more as I pulled my cock out.

“We are out of time Julie. We will have to cover much more next time we meet.”

“I enjoyed every minute Mr. Sims. Your cock is amazing. I’ve never had one that big. I look forward to studying it close up for the next test.”

She buttoned her blouse and pulled down her skirt. She was out the door in a flash. I zipped up just in time. I would have given he ran A for the whole class based on that but no I had a good fuck once a month.

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