Mr. Big Ch. 07

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7. The Scottsdale Sluts

Around 11:30, Annika and Janet walked into the diner. Now when I say ‘walked’, that doesn’t strictly describe the kind of swaying, wiggling movement that the two of them performed, moving on five-inch heels to the table that Rosa had indicated. And given the outfits that the pair of them were wearing, it was a kind of spectator sport in itself. Every guy in the place had tuned-in to this particular game within about ten seconds. It sure beat the Superbowl.

Rosa gave me a look, that said ‘OK, big boy, these two are clearly here for you.” As we passed, she heading back to seat another group and me to greet my new friends, she said softly, “Mind they don’t chew you up and spit you out.”

“Hey ladies! How’re you doing?” They smiled as I helped them sit down in the booth and passed them the menus, while getting a close up of what they were obviously trying to show me.

And they both seemed to be enjoying the attention they were getting. Their dresses — if you could call them that — were just a little shy of hooker outfits. Annika had on a silver, halter-neck number with the front slashed right down, the top part kinda loose and swaying around as she walked, showing a lot of braless titty. When she bent forward, I could look down and see a pierced nipple. The skirt was short, and the outfit was backless. If you’d pulled the halter over her head — easy to do — she would have been naked except for a band not much over twelve inches wide from her hipbones to her upper thighs, and a pair of ankle-strap heels with a diamante pattern. If that pattern had spelt out the words ‘FUCK ME’, the whole ensemble couldn’t have been much more blatant.

By contrast, Janet’s outfit was almost demure — a figure-hugging dress, mid-thigh length, with shoulder straps. Sure, the neckline was cut low-ish, but Janet’s tits were not so huge that they were spilling out. Except, if you looked a little closer, you realized that the material was kinda see-thru. At this range, and in this light, I could easily make out the outline of a pair of dark, pointy nipples. The unforgiving nature of that skin-tight fabric confirmed that the body underneath was every bit as good as I remembered. And that generous mouth, highlighted with a sexy red lipstick, promised some extra delights that had me stiffening in no time.

“What can I get you,” I asked.

Annika smiled up at me. If there is such a thing as a ‘dirty’ smile, Annika had mastered it. “Nothing to eat, thanks, Tommy. We have a real meat-fest planned for later and wouldn’t want to spoil our appetites. But how about some drinks? We both need some cock — er — cocktails. I know you can’t provide us with what we need right now, but we’re expecting a stiff one a little later. Maybe we could start with Sex on the Beach?”

Back in the kitchen, Pattie and Rosa were giving me some more looks.

“Maybe it’s not my place to say so, Tommy, but this isn’t the kinda joint people normally expect to pick up hookers. Those two; are they your friends?”

“Hey Pattie, they’re really not hookers. Sure they dress pretty provocatively…”

“Sluttily,” Rosa added.

“…but really, they’re just off to a party and have swung by for a drink first.”

“So what kind of party? And are you invited?” Pattie didn’t seem amused.

“Well, er, it’s a kinda private party.”

“And are you invited?” Rosa didn’t look too happy either.

“Well, er…”

“So that’s a yes. And is anyone else attending this party?”

“Look, Pattie, that’s none of your…”

“Fine. So it’s just you and two cougars. I hope you don’t get mauled, young man. But I don’t think Charlie will be pleased if his place gets a reputation because of the sluts who follow you around.”

“Hey, Pattie, don’t forget that Charlie was the one who stuck a life-size cutout of me outside…”

“And me, don’t forget,” Rosa added.

“Sure — of both of us, specifically to attract ladies like these. And you can see how it’s worked. Every night Rosa and me are working, the place is full of groups of guys and gals who’re here because of us. The place is a heck of a lot busier.”

“Sure,” Pattie added, apparently unconvinced, “but they don’t all dress up like whores.”

“Look, Pattie, I have to wait tables. And get big tips. That I share with you. So please don’t piss me or the customers off.” And I headed to the bar to collect the ladies’ cocktails.

Around midnight, when most of the other customers had left, Annika and Janet paid their check. As usual, the tip was generous.

“Should we wait for you in your car or call an Uber?” Janet asked.

“Probably best to get an Uber. I may be a little while. I’ll call when I can get away.”

Annika swung her legs around to the end of the seat, and placed her feet apart, ready to stand up. Her skirt, such as it was, wasn’t really — it had slid farther up and was now more of a waistband, and I got a very good view of a naked and quite shiny bahis firmaları pussy. Not even the tiny string panties that had been holding some sticky bills against that tight cleft, two nights earlier. And I could also see straight down her top. Instead of the little bar-bells I’d noticed last time, her nipple-piercings included a ring that went around the teat, making it stand out even more. Well, Annika wasn’t so much sending signals as pasting up a huge billboard with “I NEED TO GET FUCKED” printed in ten-foot high letters.

I helped her up, and she took the opportunity to place her hand over my crotch. “I’m hoping this is good and ready. And that you have a lot of stamina tonight, boy. You’re gonna need it.” She gave me a little peck on the cheek and sashayed off toward the door, pulling out her phone as she went.

I turned to Janet. From where I was standing, the lights in the diner highlighted the see-thru nature of her dress. The nipples looked large and suckable, and although the dress was a little too long for an Annika-style upskirt, the fabric allowed me a good-enough view to confirm that her panties were my favorite kind — non-existent. She stood close enough for those hard pokies to press into my chest.

“Annika wasn’t joking. That dick of yours is gonna get a heck of a workout, boy. We’ll make it worth your while if you make it worth ours.”

I checked my watch; ten minutes to go. I looked around, and apart from two people at one of Rosa’s tables, the place was empty. I took my tip money to the kitchen and put it into the box.

“Hey, Pattie, all my tables are clear. Is it OK if I go now?”

“Sure. I wouldn’t want to keep you from those two hookers.”

“Pattie, they’re not hookers, they’re friends — rather special friends, as it happens.”

“Yeah. And I guess there are benefits?”

I looked at her. I guessed she was around the same age as Bernice, a little older than my mom — or Loretta or Justine. Before I’d met — and repeatedly fucked — Loretta, I hadn’t really thought about the sex-lives of older women. Now I realized that they needed it as much as guys of all ages. Well, maybe not as much as I seemed to, but certainly more than I could have imagined. I knew that my mom and dad still had sex sometimes, and my mom seemed to enjoy it. I’d once heard her moaning ‘oh yes!’ and ‘ohmygod’ a few times on a Sunday afternoon when I’d come home early and their bedroom door wasn’t fully closed.

But Pattie? I glanced down and saw she had on a wedding ring. Maybe her husband didn’t do it for her so much anymore. Maybe he did, but she wasn’t getting what she needed. I looked closer. She was carrying a lot more weight than she should have, and her hair was a mess, but though she wasn’t what you’d call pretty, she wasn’t ugly either. I took a chance.

“Pattie, baby.” Note the use of the word that had so impressed Justine. “Sure, there are benefits, especially for them. Do you miss those kind of benefits?” I could see she was confused by what I’d said, and was about to misinterpret it, so I added “You know, they’re more widely available than you might think.” Then I bent forward and kissed her cheek. “Thanks for letting me go a few minutes early. I’ll make it up to you.” And I winked, smiled, and headed for my locker.

As I was collecting my things, Rosa came in, having just waved goodbye to her last customers.

“So how much do you think those two hookers can take? Even for you, they look like they’ll be slack.”

“Hey Rosa, you’re sounding jealous. You’ve examined the goods, and we agreed that there was more meat there than you could handle.”

She gave me a wistful look. Then in a low voice she said “In my ass, maybe. But my pussy still thinks about you. I think it can produce enough saliva to digest that meat of yours.”

“C’mon, Rosa. We agreed that my ambitions didn’t include being beaten to a pulp by your husband and brothers and then buried under a ton of cement. Flirting’s fine, but fucking — I don’t think so.”

She moved in close. “Yeah, but I bet you dream about my tight Latina pussy, don’t ya? Bet you fantasize about it wriggling around on your nice fat cock.” She gave me a very sexy look.

And yes, she was right. Since I’d tasted that pussy a few weeks earlier, every time I’d watched her cute ass and perky tits being admired by customers, I’d wondered what it would be like to sink my dick into that juicy hole. But I’d seen Rosa’s family, and they looked mean. Being beaten with a hammer — possibly three hammers — seemed too high a price to pay for filling Rosa’s juicy Latina taco with my meat.

“Rosa, baby” — that word again, “you know I’d love to. I dunno. Maybe there might be a way. But not now, and not any time soon, I guess.”

She stretched up on tiptoe, put her hand behind my neck and pulled my face down so she could kiss me on the mouth. I guessed it wasn’t the kind of kiss she gave her brothers — not unless her sex life was a lot more interesting than I’d kaçak iddaa realized. We held that kiss for maybe half a minute.

“Maybe you’re wrong, big boy,” she said when our lips finally parted, “and there’s more of that waiting when you find you have grown the cojones to match your big polla.”

On the drive to Annika’s place, I was thinking over the new — and slightly weird — sexual opportunities that had suddenly ‘opened up’. Was there a way I could get to sample Rosa’s apparently-eager beaver, without being ‘damned’? And what would it be like to introduce a lady like Pattie to a portion of meat bigger than she’d ever sampled before?

But when I pulled up outside Annika’s house, I was more focused on what was going to happen next. The door was open. I wondered what else would be.

This time, I’d packed an overnight bag with some clean clothes and a few essentials. I’d taken the precaution of quickly washing my armpits, cock, balls and ass in the restrooms, and squirting on some cologne. If those two were going to jump on me as soon as I arrived — which I strongly suspected they might do — I at least wanted to be clean enough not to have one of them puke if they tried to suck my cock or rim me. I had no idea what these girls were capable of, but I guessed it could be extreme.

To my surprise, they were both still dressed — if that’s what you could call it. When I entered — and closed the door, as I thought no-one else was expected and I imagined they could get noisy later — Annika stood up, showing me another flash of pussy, picked up a drink and came toward me.

“Hi Tommy — glad you could make it. Firstly, here’s a treat for you.” She held out the glass, and a brownish tablet in the other hand. “Take this — and drink this.”

“What are they?”

“Nothing to worry about. The pill is a Cialis. It’ll help you stay hard all night. We think you’ll need it. The drink is vodka and Red Bull. That’ll relax you but give you the energy to do what we need of you.”

I didn’t think I needed a pill that old guys take to help them get erections, but if they wanted me to keep going ’til dawn, I could see that it just might be useful. I find Red Bull rather sweet for my tastes, but I washed the pill down as requested and returned the glass to Annika.

“Good boy! Now, over there on the shelf there’s an envelope. It contains four hundred bucks. If you can keep us both happy over the next few hours, you’ll have earned it. And there’s another hundred if we think you’ve done an exceptional job. It’s more than we agreed, but you’ll really have to work for it. I think that an hourly rate of around a hundred bucks might just be enough to help you persuade us of your skills and stamina. Are you happy with the deal?”

“Sure, ma’am,” I replied. Five hundred bucks to get my brains fucked out by two hot cougars? That didn’t sound like the most appalling sweatshop labor rate to me. I’d taken the precaution of getting a couple hours’ sleep before heading to work, and I’d called to tell the coach that I wouldn’t be at football the next day.

“Tommy, if you let us down once more, you’re off the team. Capiche?”

“Yes sir. Only this is an emergency. A couple of my friends are sick and I have to go to their place and see if I can help them feel more — er, comfortable.” I didn’t know just how sick the ladies could get — there were some things I definitely wouldn’t do, and I hoped they wouldn’t ask — and I guessed that, after a couple of hours of being pounded by my cock, they might feel a little less comfortable than when they started, but it was kinda true. Or true-ish. Maybe I should be studying politics instead of business.

“So Tommy, it’s time to remind us what you got,” Janet said, now standing beside her friend. The light was behind her, and the dress didn’t conceal much at all. “Take it slow. We have time.” I noticed they were now holding a Margarita each. I would have preferred one of those to the Red Bull, but I could already feel the effects and I guessed it would help me with my appointed task.

I’d chosen a short-sleeved shirt, similar to the one I wore at the diner, rather than a t-shirt, and I slowly unbuttoned it, finally pulling it back so it slipped out from the waistband of my pants.

“Oh, yes,” Annika breathed. Her free hand slid down to below the hem of her skirt, and between her legs. As she watched me undress, she’d already started playing with her pussy.

Then the belt. I unfastened it, drew it slowly out through the loops, swung it around a little, folded it in half as if I meant to thrash someone on the ass — and then tossed it aside. Annika rubbed harder. Both women were watching me very closely as I undid the waist button and slid the zip down.

Then I pulled the two sides of my pants apart, and my dick sprang out. Both ladies gasped.

“Fuck!” Janet breathed. “It looks even bigger than I remember!”

I’d deliberately left my underpants off, so I just peeled my pants down my legs kaçak bahis a little. I stepped on the heel of one sneaker and removed it, then the other. I was going to work out a way to remove my pants and socks elegantly, but at that moment, Janet stepped forward, squatted down, grabbed my cock in both hands and took the head into her mouth.

“Watch out, big boy. It may be a while before you see that cock of yours again,” Annika said as she sashayed over on those ridiculous heels. And then she pulled the halter top over her head, moved in close and kissed me. I could feel those firm, rounded tits, those hard nipples with their metal rings, pressing into my chest. And her mouth on mine was pretty damn good.

But not as good as Janet’s mouth on my dick. Fuck, that woman knew how to suck cock. I’d kinda guessed that, given her mouth was a little over-sized — not ugly, but interesting; think Anne Hathaway plus plus — she might just be capable of some equally-interesting behaviors. I was right.

Loretta had been able to take almost half of my dick in her mouth when she tried really hard. Rosa had taken maybe four inches. But if you have my kind of dimensions, things like anal sex and deep throat are really not on the menu. Unless you’re fortunate enough to meet someone like Janet.

A lot of girls can’t open their mouths wide enough to get their teeth around my dick. Janet didn’t seem to have that problem. All I felt were wet lips and a naughty, very flexible tongue inside a wet, hot hole. And soon I was deeper in than I’d ever felt before. When I hit her throat, she paused, eased back and began slowly fucking my cock with her mouth. Awesome!

Annika seemed like she was trying to distract me from what Janet was doing to my cock. Her kisses were hot and sexy, her firm tits felt great against my chest, and she was squeezing and stroking my butt — whilst still holding her Margarita in the other hand. I moved one hand over one of her tits, stroking it and then pulling on the nipple ring, while the other hand wandered up and down her back and onto her tight bubble butt. Fuck, she was one sexy woman. My finger probed into the back of her slit. It felt like there’s been a leak of some liquid somewhere. A big leak.

And then, suddenly, I felt some strange sensations on my cock, and Janet’s nose pressed against my abdomen. FUCK! I’d never have believed it possible, but I’d found a woman who not only could deep-throat me, but actually appeared to want to do it!

Annika must’ve seen the expression on my face, because she looked down and smiled. “Way to go, Janet, baby. You’ve out-slutted yourself tonight. Fuck, I don’t think I could take more than half of Tommy’s horse cock, and you’ve got it all down.”

As if to show she wasn’t finished, I felt Janet’s tongue squeeze out and lick my balls. I had to concentrate, bite my lip and screw my face up just to avoid coming straight away.

“Just hold it right there,” Annika said. She pulled away from me, sashayed over to the table and picked up her phone. I guessed what she was going to do, so I quickly covered my face with my arm. Peeking out, I could see her circling around, pointing the camera at her friend, who was still holding all of my cock in her mouth and halfway to her stomach. Janet was slowly nodding her head back and forwards, fucking me with her throat while tonguing my balls, and I moaned loudly.

“She’s gonna drain your balls, big boy. I hope there’s plenty more in there for both of us,” Annika purred as she circled us and Janet was getting perilously close to doing exactly what Annika said. Then I felt Janet pull slowly back, until my cock finally slipped out of her mouth, and she took a really deep breath. ‘Thank God’, I thought. ‘I couldn’t have taken much more of that.’ I started to pull away, but she grabbed my hips.

“Where do you think you’re going? I only pulled back for the video, to show how much I’d swallowed. Now my throat’s open, let’s try this.”

And in one, smooth movement, she took all of me down. Every last, thick, meaty inch. And then moved back. And did it again. And again.

“What are you waiting for, Tommy. Grab her head. Fuck her throat. She’d like that.” Annika was still videoing the action, and I felt I was inches away from coming.

The next time Janet moved back, my cock slipped out. “Do it,” she said, hoarsely. “Do what Annika says. Fuck my throat. I want to feel you squirting your jizz into my stomach.”

I really had no choice. I stopped worrying about covering my face. I thrust my fingers into Janet’s short, thick hair and held her head still as I thrust my dick quite hard down her throat — four, five, six times. And then I came. I have no idea what sort of noises I was making, but the whole world seemed to be spinning around me. And even then, Janet was managing to lick my balls.

My cock was still twitching, through my balls were empty, when she finally pulled back. I released her head, and she seemed to take forever to travel all the way back to the tip, sucking me hard along every inch. My head was spinning, and I slumped back into a nearby chair. Annika laughed. Janet got up, grabbed her Margarita glass and drained it in one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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