Mountain Fun

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I was resting in the hot tub, finally relaxing after running around the tourist trap all day. Although it had been a good day, it was exhausting as well, and my back and legs were protesting loudly and consistently. You were putting the girls to bed, and suggested that I go ahead and clamber into the hot tub, an idea I approved of greatly. After changing into my swim trunks, I went out on the wooden deck, the cold mountain air nipping gently at my skin. Dropping my robe to the pine planking, I slowly lowered myself into the bubbling waters.

The night was clear, and as I leaned my head back and shut my eyes, I could hear the wind whispering through the pine boughs that covered these mountains. A dog yapped in the distance, but otherwise the evening was completely still and quiet. The cabins on either side of us were empty, but I could see lights in a house perched precariously on the hillside facing ours. Taking a deep breath, I felt my muscles begin to relax when I heard the deck door open.

Opening my eyes, I could see your outline through the steam. Your hair was down, tumbling past your ears and framing your smiling face. You were wearing a white silk robe that ended just barely below your hips, and the light behind you rendered it translucent, allowing me to see that you were nude beneath it. Feeling the first stirrings of excitement, I smiled at you.

Your grin broadened. Without saying a word, you stepped to the lip of the hot tub, and let your robe puddle to the ground at your feet. My breath caught in my throat as my eyes drank in every inch of your body. The cool air brushed against your skin, and your nipples stiffened. Dipping your toe in, you slowly lowered your body into the water. Watching first your belly, then your breasts slip into the tub had my heart pounding. When you were fully submerged, you moved over next to me.

I extended my arm, and you nestled into me, leaning your head against my shoulder. A sigh of contentment slipped from you. I kissed the top of your head, and settled my arm around you, my fingertips brushing the upper curve of your perfect breast just beneath the surface of the water. You lifted your legs, draping them over mine, so you were very nearly curled up in my lap. Recognizing the silent request, I pulled my bahis firmaları arm in tight, lifting you up and settling you on my lap. As your naked body curled tightly against my chest and lap, my cock stiffened further, responding to your proximity.

You giggled softly, and wriggled tighter against me. With my free hand, I began tracing my fingers up your side, brushing them against your flank and against the curve of your breast. You could feel my erection pressing up against your naked thighs. Leaning down, I kissed you, at first gently, then with more urgency. You sank into me, slipping your tongue deep into my mouth. We kissed hungrily for a few minutes, my hands running all over your back, my fingertips tracing a lazy path down the small of your back to the crest of your ass, and you moaned softly into my mouth. With one smooth motion, you twisted around and straddled me. Your bare pussy pressed tightly against the stiff bulge in my shorts, and you began to slowly grind against me as we kissed.

Feeling your nipples press tightly against my chest, I couldn’t resist any longer. Leaning down, I took your stiff nipple into my mouth, biting gently down as I flicked my tongue against you. A sharp gasp escaped from your throat, and encouraged, I bit down harder. In response, you began to press your pussy tighter against me, and my cock began to throb. Reaching down, I placed the tip of my middle finger against your clit, and began rubbing gently as I sucked on your dripping wet nipples.

Your body stiffened, and you lifted yourself slightly so I would have better access. I began rubbing your clit faster and faster, and I could feel it swell against my touch. You began to moan, softly at first, then louder and sharper. At no time did I allow your nipple to leave my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it hungrily. Your moans filled my ears, and encouraged, I slipped two fingers into your pussy.

You cried out as my ring and middle finger slid easily into your moist slit. Even underwater, you were so aroused that it was easy to slip all the way. My thumb resumed rubbing your clit as I began to finger your tight pussy under the water. Lifting yourself up more, you began gasping and writhing against me, grinding yourself down against my hand. As you lifted your kaçak iddaa body up, your incredible breasts lifted out of the water entirely. I stared hungrily at them, beads of water dripping down past your hard nipples. They bounced in the night air as you rode my fingers, and I leaned forward and began suckling frantically at your nipples, first nipping at one, then the other.

Suddenly, you gasped into the night air, “Please…”

Looking up from your breasts, but not stopping the thrusting of my fingers, I smiled. “Please what, baby?”

Your voice was so soft that I could only barely make it out. “Taste my pussy… please…”

In one smooth motion, I lifted your entire body out of the water. You gasped as the cold air hit your wet skin, and I sat you on the edge of the tub. The moonlight lit up your entire body clear as day, and you leaned back against your arms as I moved forward, spread your legs, and placed my mouth against your dripping pussy.

The intoxicating taste nearly drove me mad. Desperately needing to taste you, I slid my tongue as deep into your pussy as I could, once, then again. You were dripping, and I could hear you gasp my name. I slid my tongue from inside you to up to your swollen clit. As soon as you felt me flick against it, you cried out softly into the night. Reaching down, I pushed off my shorts and began gently stroking myself as I ate your pussy. My tongue flicked over your clit, swirling around it and teasing it before slipping down to your waiting slit. Sliding in and out of your pussy a few more times, I then continued down and rolled my tongue over the pink bud of your ass for a moment. As I kept my mouth rolling over your pussy, darting from point to point, you began to moan rhythmically, and I knew you were close to orgasm. Focusing on your clit, I reached up and slipped two fingers into your pussy, rhythmically fucking you with my fingers as I tongued your little pink bud. As your body began to shake, I knew your orgasm was beginning. Removing my fingers, I buried my mouth in your pussy as you began to tremble and writhe. Your cum gushed over my mouth, and I hungrily drank every drop as you cried out into the night.

Unable to hold back any longer, while you were still in the throes of climax, I stood up, and kaçak bahis placed the tip of my hard cock between your pussy lips. Gasping out your assent, you thrust forward to meet my own thrust, and I slipped into your tight slit, filling you up as I buried my shaft to the hilt. At this, a new wave of orgasm began to ripple through you, and you began to scream. Leaning forward, you sank your teeth into my shoulder to stifle your cries, and the sharp pain spurred me on. Reaching under your thighs, I lifted your legs so that I was thrusting my entire length as deep as possible. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against you, and you met each thrust with an unbearably sexy roll of your hips. You were riding on the crest of a massive orgasm, and every time it began to abate, I would double the force of my thrusts, fucking your dripping pussy hard and deep, sending your body into a new wave of violent trembling. I stared down at your body, writhing and twisting, your breasts heaving in the night air. I watched your pussy wrapped around my thrusting cock, and watched you as you reached down and began feverishly fingering your clit as you moaned and gasped.

I could feel the heat beginning to build, swirling out from the incredible sensation of your pussy sliding all over the length of my cock. You felt me begin to throb, and gasped out, “Yes, baby, cum for me…” Hearing this was too much, and you gasped as you felt my cock spasm and begin to spurt my hot cum deep inside you. You climaxed once more, and I began to shake and stiffen as I felt the walls of your tight pussy clamp down. I cried out your name, and pulled you tight against me, feeling your heart pounding just as fast as mine. With one final thrust deep, the last spurt of cum filled your pussy and I sagged against you.

Trying desperately to catch my breath, I felt a flash of disappointment as you pushed me back off of you. My cock slipped out of your pussy, sticky and slick with our mixed juices. I began to say something when you whispered, “I think we have an audience.”

Following your nod, I looked over at the house on the opposite hillside. On the deck, I could make out the figures of a man and woman watching us. Before I could say anything, I heard you whisper, “Don’t move,” and felt your warm mouth close over my wet cock. I gasped in surprise as I began to immediately stiffen in your mouth. You stared up at me, your eyes hungry as you sucked my cock. As our audience watched, you….

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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