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She had just spent ten minutes berating her son for the grimy state that he was in. He laughed, and asked her how she expected him to look, after a hard day’s graft on the building site. They had an easy relationship. They had always been close ever since her husband had left them. Toby had only been six then, and he had become her life. There had been other men, but if Toby hadn’t liked them, they were shown the door, and Toby had not liked many of them. The ones that he had liked had not been able to handle the closeness between mother and son.

She told him to take his shirt off, and she would wash his back for him. He stood at the kitchen sink, stretched his arms up, and slipped his shirt over his head. She ran lots of steaming hot water into the sink. As an after thought, she added a little bath essence, and frothed up the water with her fingers. His arms were rippling with muscles, and his back was broad, and blemish free. She was so proud of him, and felt a glow that wasn’t entirely maternal every time that she looked at him. He was every mother’s dream son.

She soaped a sponge, and gently washed his back, using slow, soft, circular movements. Then she rinsed off the suds, and patted his back dry with a snowy white towel. It was just like when he was a baby, only now he definitely was no baby. He turned around, and leant back against the worktop. She soaped his chest with her hands, taking special care of the area around his nipples. These were beautiful little buttons, slowly starting to stand to attention. She dried his chest. He suggested that she breathe on his nipples to dry them, like she had when he was a child. She took each nipple between her lips, and breathed on it gently. She felt a dampness between her legs as she pressed close to him. He took off his jeans and underpants. There had never been any embarrassment between them. Nudity was not a problem. She looked at his firm tight buttocks, and his long lean legs. She soaped over his bum, and suddenly, and without any warning, he turned and faced her again. Her hands, where he had turned around, were now at his groin. His cock was erect. She looked at his face in surprise. He was smiling, laughing at her. “Mummy, my old man needs washing,” he said. They had always esenyurt otele gelen escort called his cock his old man ever since childhood. She told him that he was big enough to do that himself. He answered, “Toby want’s you to do it for him.”

She was getting a little angry now. He was talking like a baby, but there was nothing childlike about this magnificent specimen standing before her. After consideration, she said,” I will do it for you if it will keep you quiet.”

She knelt on the floor, and soaped his cock over, stroking the full length of his iron hard prick, feeling the strength of it. He opened his legs, and she washed his firm plump balls. She pulled apart the cheeks of his bum, and washed around his anus. It looked pink and fresh, and slightly open. She couldn’t resist touching it. His breaths were getting quicker, and she realised that he was fully aroused. What was she doing? Her finger was at the tight entrance to forbidden pleasure. He suddenly thrust back on her, so that her finger was actually inside his body, tight and hot and sucking. He was jerking back and forth. She was literally fucking his arse with her finger. She tentatively put in another finger. She felt so wonderfully horny. She could see right inside him. Her other hand reached through his legs, and gripped his cock. His pubic hair was thick, and black, and curly, and this fantastic stiff bulging tool stuck out from the middle of it, like a huge phallic tree in the midst of a forest.

She slithered through his legs, so that her face was close to his cock. She took the throbbing, pulsating tool in her hand, and wanked it back and forth with all her might. She drew the foreskin back, and looked at the shiny red knob inside. Toby started thrusting his lower body towards her. She opened her mouth gratefully to receive the now dripping dick deep in her throat. Both of her hands now gripped his bum cheeks, her fingernails leaving indents. She had him so far in her willing, grasping throat, that when she stuck out her tongue, she could just lick at his sweet balls. He pulled her to her feet. She was loathe to let his prick go, and her hand groped for it. He was undoing the buttons on her blouse. esenyurt rus escort She told him to stop. He laughed, and said that he’d seen her naked hundreds of times. She wasn’t religious or anything, but surely this was sinful, and yet she wanted his hands on her tits, wanted her son’s lips sucking at her nipples, biting them. She wanted his tongue licking at her tits that had succoured him as a baby.

He had her blouse off now, and had undone her bra. He felt her full rounded tits, and her bra fell to the floor. She pulled his head down, and he sucked noisily on her nipples. Saliva dribbled from his mouth, as he slurped at her body. . His hands were fumbling at her skirt, and she helped him undo the fastening. He slipped her skirt to the ground, and she stepped out of it. He pulled down her knickers, and parted her legs. Her bush was soft and light brown, and slightly damp. He could smell the musky aroma emanating from her womanhood. He stroked the downy hair, and traced his finger down over her mound, till he found the vaginal lips, and parted these gently. Her little clit popped into view, and he covered this with his finger, giving just the right amount of pressure. She moaned softly with ecstatic pleasure. With his other hand, he opened the lips right up, and plunged his finger deep into the open wet hole. Her clit was ripe and throbbing. It was driving her wild. With a shudder that he could feel right through his arm, she came. She spurted warm juices over his fingers, and she cried out with the exhilaration of it all. He lay on his back on the floor, and she squatted over him. He pulled apart the lips of her cunt, and pierced her with his tongue. He licked all around the sopping wet opening, and then she felt the full length of his tongue fucking her, licking her out, sucking at the cum that oozed from her red luscious cunt.

He got to his feet, and lifted her onto the worktop. She opened her legs, and laid back. Her legs were splayed, her cunt was ready, and full of expectancy, teasing with it’s unashamed nakedness. Toby whispered that he had wanted to do this for all of his life. His hands were under her bum, raising her up, so that he could get to her arsehole. He licked at the esenyurt türbanlı escort little rosebud hole, and his tongue pushed inside her. Waves of heat passed through her entire body. She felt on fire with longing for him, her son. His fingers were at her cunt, stroking it, teasing it. She then felt something hard going into her. Toby had grabbed the rolling pin that had been on the sink top, and was now slowly easing it into her. She watched in amazement as the big wooden knob pushed open her cunt lips, and slid inside her. The lips closed around it hungrily. More than half of the tool went inside her. Toby pushed it in and out. She laid back and felt each wonderful wooden thrust. She could feel herself shaking uncontrollably. She climaxed with something akin to a bomb exploding inside her. Creamy fluid shot out of her. Toby withdrew the rolling pin. It was covered with a shiny wet creamy sheen. He licked at it ravenously, stroking his tongue up and down it’s entire length. Then he threw it aside, and opened her legs again.

He was a tall boy, with long legs, and his cock was now positioned just right. She lay back on the counter with legs open from west to east. Her knees were drawn up, and her cunt looked fiery and hungry. He penetrated the confines of her luxurious velvety bubbling cauldron of a cunt. Balls slapped against bum. Hands were on tits, fingernails digging in. Her hands tightened around his bum, and she pulled his big shiny knob deep inside her, and entwined her silky thighs around his back, holding his cock captive. He fucked her hard, biting into her tits, pulling at her hair. Their bodies slapped together, their juices mingled. He shot his spunk into her, filling her cunt with his seed. He thrust and thrust. Her cunt sucked and sucked, wanting him never to stop. He lay on her , breathless for a moment, and then sat back and pushed her pussy lips together. He twisted them slowly from side to side, making the spunk inside squelch and slurp. Trickles of it dribbled down her inner thighs, and with his long tongue he slurped it off neatly. He smiled at her. She was almost afraid to look at him, but she had so enjoyed their love, and she didn’t want him to feel rejection, so she took the still firm cock into her warm moist mouth, and sucked and licked it dry. His spunk tasted sweet. She knew that it would. He was her perfect son after all. He lifted her down, and slapped her bum playfully. “Thanks mummy for the lovely wash,” he said sheepishly.

” Well my boy, you don’t look very clean to me,” she answered.” I think that I am going to have to wash you all over again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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