Mother’s Shining Example Ch. 02

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Please, DO NOT read if you are under the age of 18. I would love any and all constructive feedback. Thanks to all who gave feedback for the first chapter of this story and encouraged me to write more.


Before we went to bed that night, the three of us had had a long talk. In the heat of a drunken moment, I was fine with the whole mother/daughter thing, but as we calmed down, I was almost horrified at what we had done. I expected that David would be the one to rationalize, but surprisingly, it was my own mother calmed my nerves.

“You’re Father and I had an incredible sex life before he died,” she told me. “I was his submissive from the very beginning of our marriage.”

After hearing that, David decided to have her write the story of her training in a journal. He told her to write for at least one hour a day wearing nipple clamps off and on for 15 minutes at a time.

The next morning at breakfast, my husband David laid out the rules of the house. These rules would last for the duration of my mother’s visit, and any subsequent visits thereafter, unless circumstances changed. My mother and I were to be naked at all times while in the house unless otherwise stated by him. Second, we were to be ready to be fucked at any given moment. Third, we were not to touch ourselves or each other without permission. Any infraction of these rules would be punishable at his will.

He looked at me, looked at my mom and asked “Do you agree to comply?”

We both said yes.

The smell of pussy juice was in the air as my mother and I slowly stripped. It didn’t take too long as we were both only wearing nighties with nothing on underneath. It felt so raunchy to be cooking in my kitchen NAKED! And I was even more turned on by the fact that my mother was right there next to me, also without a stitch of clothing.

As we walked around the kitchen finishing breakfast, David would reach out and pinch my nipples or lightly slap Vivian’s ass. I could tell he was in heaven. When he instructed us to sit with our legs spread on either side of our chairs, I almost came right then and there.

After we ate, he told us to go into the library and wait for him. We weren’t to speak to each other. I followed my mother’s example and sat quietly on my heels, with my knees open and my hands to my sides. We shared glances that clearly said what we were doing was mind-blowing. The silence was heavy and I could already feel my pussy pulsing with need. I looked at my mother who was looking towards the door and clearly just as excited as I was. Her outer labia were red and swollen and her nipples were rock hard tips standing at attention. His footsteps coming up the hall brought an end to the silence, and I exhaled deeply. I hoped I was ready.

He strode into the library with several items in his hands. It looked like a pink dog collar and leash. I shivered as I looked at Mother and wondered which one of us he was going to use it on. I didn’t have to wait long to find out as he approached Vivian and quickly buckled the band around her neck. She made a small mewl in her throat, but gave no other signs of protest. He clipped the leash to the D-ring on the collar and crouched down on the balls of his feet next to her.

“As you can see by looking at Angel’s pussy, I don’t like pubic hair,” he said to her. “We are going to take care of that little problem for you today.” He tugged on the leash and led her back to the master bedroom on her hands and knees, motioning for me to follow. I got a great view of her dripping cunt and tiny asshole as her behind wagged in front of me. I felt so degraded crawling on my hands and knees, but that only served to heighten my horny state.

David led Vivian into our bedroom and onto the bed. He had tied soft nylon rope to the four posters of our bed and now she was instructed to go and lay spread eagle on her back. He had also placed a large towel directly in the middle of the bed, and the shaving gear on the nightstand. I knelt there, taking it all in, waiting for my own instructions. They weren’t long in coming.

“Angel, tie her up, and make it good. I want her to know she can’t get away.” I did as I was told, making sure that the rope wasn’t too tight around her limbs, but tied taut to the bed. Her arms and legs were spread wide and I brushed her gorgeous tits and thighs as I went about it. After I secured the D-ring on the collar with a rope, I nodded to David and went to sit at the foot of the bed.

He came upon her slowly with a pair of scissors. She looked slightly anxious, but made no attempt to stop him. With clinical efficiency, he made short work of the hair around her lips and pelvic area. He trimmed as closely as he could while my mother trembled slightly beneath him. He brushed away the excess hair and prepared the cake of soap by working up a good lather.

He spread the lather all over her mound and down into her pussy lips. The rich aroma of the old fashioned shaving soap innovia escort hit my nostrils and I moaned along with my mother. This scent always gives me a rush and makes my nipples hard. David saves it for special occasions when he shaves me himself. The times when he has done this are especially vivid in my mind, prompting a primal response. In this case, the smell mingled with the spicy aroma of my mother’s dripping cunt, and I was reminded once again of the depravity of the entire situation.

“Angel, go and put your cunt in your mother’s face. Don’t sit on her, I just want her to get a nice bird’s eye view of how a properly shaved pussy looks,” he said to me. I blushed down to my toes at his order, but moved to do his bidding. I was so turned on, I couldn’t believe it. I could feel my mother’s breath on my splayed pussy lips. I know she could smell me too, and that only made me wetter. My pussy was just inches away from my mother’s face, and I could only fantasize about having her slick little tongue fluttering about my clit.

“Ready, girls?” he asked. I just stared at him, but my mother moaned and squirmed. I guess he took that for consent, because he leaned forward with the bowl of water in one hand, looking eager for the task ahead. As I watched, David brought the disposable pink razor to her snatch and began slow, even strokes across the rise of her pelvis. This is where the bulk of the hair was, and he sheared it easily with a few rhythmic snicks of the blade. Her breath was hitting my cunt in puffs and I looked down to see that her nipples were rock hard and begging for attention. I fondled them gently while David continued shaving, working the razor down one side of her slit. I could see her juice combined with the soap lather and I knew that she was aroused beyond belief also.

“Have you ever shaved your pussy bald, Vivian?” David asked her.

“No, Sir,” was her panting reply.

“You are going to love it, little slut,” he continued. “Angel turns into a bowl of jello when I stroke her bald cunt. She tells me the sensations are so strong, even the breeze going by almost makes her come.” He was right, I couldn’t deny it. She just continued to moan and squirm beneath me, clearly glad to be getting her turn. “Kiss your daughter’s thighs,” he directed her. It was my turn to squirm as I kept my eyes glued to David’s work on her pussy and felt her soft lips brush me. Her tongue left a damp trail up the inside of my thigh and I shivered more, so stimulated by it all.

David finished the other side of her open gash and rinsed her off with a washcloth. She sucked in a spot and made a hickey as far up as she could reach on my leg when he poured the cool water directly over her sensitive cunt. He flicked her clit a few times before cleaning up the towel and mess and carting it all into the bathroom. When he returned, he grabbed me by the hair and rubbed my face all of her the fabric covering his stiff prick. He seemed just as excited as I was, but more controlled and steady about it. He was pacing himself for a long day.

He took me by the hair and slowly pushed my face down towards my mother’s cunt. The smell of soap still lingered and I breathed the scent in deep and exhaled across her bare, pink skin. David let me take it all in for a minute before he pressed my face directly down into her sweet little pussy and told me to lick.

I started out slow, wanting to savor the feel of her smoothness against my face. I rubbed around her crotch, just like I had done with him, and heard her sharp intake of breath when she felt the electric sensations that only a bare cunt can produce. I snaked out my tongue to touch just the tip of her clit, and she jumped as if struck by a birch rod. She was wound so tight that I was afraid that she was going to dislocate something, the way she was tied, but she arched up to reach my face and I laved my tongue up and down her tasty slit anyway.

My mother was delicious, and I licked the trickle of moisture that ran from her pussy to her asshole. I ran my tongue all in and around her tight rosebud before working my way back up to her pussy, and I sucked gently on her engorged clit, making her whimper and writhe. She was still sucking and licking my thigh which had me in frenzy also. David brought me back up by the hair and handed me the bottle of pussy lotion. We call it that because it is a fantastic moisturizer and great at preventing razor burn. It is also practically odorless, which is terrific because it doesn’t mask the natural scent of the body.

I squirted a bit in by hand and rubbed it between my fingers to warm it some. I spread a thick layer over her entire crotch, working it down into her lips and hole. I slipped a finger into her cunt briefly and then moved down to her asshole to work a big glob into her taut anus. She relaxed to receive my finger and I fucked her with it while David watched, stroking himself through his shorts at the sight istanbul escort laid out in front of him. I rubbed her clit until she was in a frenzy, writhing within her confines, right on the edge of orgasm. I could hardly believe that I was being so bold with my own mother, but I couldn’t help myself, she was so beautiful like that.

I felt her bite my leg at the same instant that David pulled me up off of her. She was gasping and gulping, struggling to maintain contact, almost incoherent with need. I stood at the foot of the bed and did some heavy breathing myself as I tried to calm down. I was dangerously close to orgasm myself, and nobody had even touched my pussy yet. I could feel the fluid coating my outer lips and all I wanted to do was dive back between my mother’s legs face first. I wanted to lick the juice from her sticky cunt until she came on my face and clamped my head between her thighs.

Instead, I was forced to watch as David climbed the bed and straddled her chest. He undid his shorts and looked down her as he stroked his cock in her face for a long moment. Then, he offered it to her lips and she sucked it down greedily, lapping at it with her tongue on the outstroke. She could only move her head so far before the rope was stretched tight, and David used the opportunity to really fuck her face good and deep. I heard her grunt and saw her neck stretch as he buried himself as deep as he could, and she open up and took it all the way down to the base of the root. I stood and watched, hands behind my neck, and trembled. It was incredible to watch her be used like that. They stayed like that for a moment before he came back out and she gasped or breath.

At one point, it crossed my mind that he was being a lot more rough to her than he usually was with me. She took it all, though, and seemed to be only hornier for her troubles. She had spit running out of the corners of her mouth, and her breasts were shaking from trying to take in air. He used the underside of his cock to spread the spit around on her face and then plunged back into her mouth again to use her some more. I was starting to become a little scared. She had been used to this type of treatment in the past, but I had never played more than simple BDSM games with David. Undoubtedly, he would be taking me deeper into that world, but was I ready for it? I mean, he was flat out using her body, not seeming to care about how she felt. But at the same time, she seemed to love it and getting more aroused by the minute. Could I live up to it all? I hoped so.

David motioned for me to help me untie my mother. I couldn’t help but kiss her cheek as I bent to untie one of her arms. She turned her head and kissed me full on the lips, winding her tongue into my mouth and seeking out mine. I kissed her back and then broke off to finish untying her. She knelt on the bed again, as she had earlier in the library; resting on her heels, hands behind her head, knees spread wide.

We sat in silence for a minute, my mother and I waiting for whatever he would do next. He cleared his throat and addressed us both as he paced across the floor. “Last night, Vivian was a shining example of how a good girl takes her punishment. Today, you will set another example of good behavior,” he said looking directly at her. She shuddered visibly. “You are going to be the best little slut puppy that you know how to be.” We both looked up at him at this pronouncement and he continued. “You will be collard for the rest of the day and you are to think and act like the family dog. You will whine to be let out if you need to go, you will play whatever games we want to play, and you will rest at my feel when not in use. Is this all clear to you?” She nodded slowly. “I am thinking that Angel needs to learn how to be a good little pet when I tell her to.” He looked me in the eye, and I almost melted to the floor. Clearly, he had been thinking about this for a while. My mother’s visit seemed like just the catalyst he had been waiting for. “If you are a good girl, we will take you for a walk later and let the neighborhood strays get a whiff of you,” he finished

David clipped the leash back to her collar and told her to bend back over and put her ass in the air. She whimpered, but did as she was told. He lubed the plug that he had used on me the night before and worked in into her already slick asshole. He had placed a scrunchie around the base of it, one of mine that looked like a hair extension. The effect was startling; it really looked like she had a tail. He told her to wag, which she did, pretty gracefully even for her position. I saw a tear leak from her eye and I knew that she was embarrassed and humiliated by his treatment. I could also see that her pussy juice had started to trickle down the insides of her thighs.

Then, he took a ball gag out of the nightstand. I had no idea when he purchased this, knowing that he hadn’t left the house since yesterday before the kadıköy escort birthday incident. That thought worried me too. He pulled her up by the hair again and told her to sit still while he buckled it into place. “Good little slut puppies know that they can’t talk to their Masters. This is just to make sure you remember,” he told her. He turned to the closet and pulled out one of my summer sundresses. It was one of my favorites, knee length, buttoned all the way down the front and tied in the back. “Angel, put this on, but no bra or underwear. And leave the top three buttons undone. Your role will be mostly to observe, but you aren’t totally off the hook today. I want you to take it all in good.”

As I was getting dressed, David swatted her down off the bed. “Only bad puppies sit on the bed!” he yelled at her. She scampered down on her hands and knees on the floor and sat on her heels at his feet. “Good girl,” he said, stroking her hair. She just sat still, looking up at him as he crooned. By this time, it was almost lunchtime, so David suggested that we all go downstairs and find something. He led her by the leash on her hands and knees back down the hall. When we came into the kitchen, I saw that he had placed two ceramic dog dishes on a mat in the corner by the back door. One held water, the other was empty.

I started at the sight, but she didn’t seem surprised and crawled over to them and lapped the cool water like it was something she did everyday. I could see that her knees were already getting red and scraped, and I mentioned it to David as I reached inside the fridge for sandwich makings. “Maybe we should give her the pads from my rollerblades,” I said to him. He agreed and went into the mud room to find them. He came back with the knee pads and hand gear and handed them to her. She smiled up at him gracefully, and put them on before sitting back on her heels like a good puppy.

I made lunch and cut her sandwich into small pieces. David scraped it from the plate into her food dish and took out the ball gag. She immediately buried her face in it, wagging her tail as she ate. I giggled at the sight. Her ass was still red and welted in some spots from the belt whipping that she received the night before and the tail waved to and fro as she moved. I put our plates on the table and David and I sat and talked as we ate. He was telling me about his new secretary at work and about how hot she was. He said she almost caught him stroking himself through his pants when she was in his office filing the other day, and he had to be more careful from now on. “All men are such horn dogs,” I laughed at him.

We finished up and cleared the table. Vivian wasn’t quite done, having a bit more trouble eating without her hands. She had mayo smeared on her cheek and chin. It begged a comment from me about looking like cum, and David said no, that was for dessert. “Keep eating,” he told her and forced me to crouch, leaning against the back door. He unbuttoned the last button that was confining my tits, and folded my arms behind my back. I just gazed up at him, waiting for his thick cock to be fed into my eager mouth. He reached down to tug on my hard teats, and I gasped when he pulled the globes away from my chest, trapping my nipples between his thumb and fingers. I could see my mother watching us out of the corner of her eye, and I blushed to think that in a moment, I would be sucking and milking his cock for her dessert.

He took off his shorts completely and gave me a few hard smacks on the cheek with his pole. I opened my mouth and swallowed it as far down as I could, curling my lips around my teeth to keep from scraping. He didn’t even give me the chance to suck him before he started just pounding my face. I love to deep throat, so taking him was no problem. Spit started to pool and drip from the corners of my mouth down onto my chest and tits. I held my breath as David rammed it in deep and held it in my throat. I had seen him do this earlier to my mother, but it didn’t prepare me and my gag reflex kicked in with full force. I choked and tried to come up for air, but he held my head down on his prick. I tried to calm down, and swallowed several times in succession. David groaned and flexed his hips to enter my throat as deeply as he possibly could. When I thought I might start to loose it, he pulled back and let me take in deep breaths of air. Vivian was done eating, avidly watching the scene in front of her.

When I had caught my breath, he began again, not so much ramming his cock, but driving it in and out in calculated measures. I could tell that he was already in the home stretch, and I struggled not to choke on my own saliva. With every stroke in, the head of his cock bounced off of my tonsils and caused a little more drool to run down my chin. My pussy lips were splayed open between my legs, and I could feel the cool air wafting across my moistness. I was so horny; I would have done anything he demanded. I was his whore to be used. The fact that my mother was witnessing my utilization was the ultimate thrill in the mix. My own mother would now know that I was a true slut. A whore. A toy to be played with for its owner’s pleasure. Was this what she was feeling with the collar around her neck? Damn, I was so horny.

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