Mother’s Helper Ch. 05-08

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Thanks for all the criticism, forbearance and patience. Sorry about being slow in heeding advice and making changes. It takes a while to get up to speed here! This entry is considerably longer.

Chapter 5 – Most injuries happen at home

When Janice awoke, she was filled with a fresh wave of shame about her wanton display with her young son Matthew the previous night. He’d exposed her ass, slapped her mound, abused her nipples, forced her to kneel as if she was subservient to him, performed what was in effect “bondage” on her breasts, and cut off so much material that they became almost as naked as her ass cheeks. However, it had been an accident when his member briefly popped into her mouth, and after all, it was covered with underwear. But as if that wasn’t shocking enough, he’d humiliated her by pushing his drenched boxers onto her hands, squeezing his cum all over her near-naked front, and brazenly ordering her, as if she was his personal slave, to clean them. He’d even caught her in the bathroom, lapping up every last drop of the sticky gobs in his shorts, and forcing her to swallow the load in front of him. She was rapidly losing control of the situation.

While working out at the gym, she’d struggled about whether or not to say goodnight to him that night. But deep down, she knew she had to. Why not? Everybody knew that children craved consistency. And she knew that Matthew expected her. Besides, he was never boring, like all the other humdrum guys. Matthew always thought of something new and different. Anyway, he’d be gone to college soon enough and this wild spree would become an amusing and slightly scandalous memory.

Throughout the day, Matt had spent as much time as possible online, learning about SM. Then, at 10:00 pm, Janice stood in her son’s doorway in a different, filmy peach baby doll, aching with frustration. Matt looked at her without speaking, wondering if she was flagrantly defying him by not being dressed as instructed. Janice was afraid Matt was displeased that she was not wearing the clamps and torn shreds of last night’s baby doll and that he would tell her to return to her room. “Oh, look at those cobwebs!” she said, a hurried excuse to cut off his admonition and look busy with some practical chore, thus staying in his room.

Janice moved his desk chair to the side of his bed near his head. When she stepped onto the chair, the baby doll slid all the way to the top of her thigh. He had a great view up her tanned legs to her bikini panties. “Don’t think I’m unaware: you’re not wearing your baby doll as I instructed,” he said.

Instead of answering, she stretched up on her toes for several seconds to reach the cobweb in the ceiling, raising the hem of the short baby doll and giving him an extended look at her incredible, tight ass. She loved the feeling of teasing him. “Sweetie, I’m scared of falling. Could you hold me?” she asked innocently.

Matt jumped out of bed. Rather than holding the chair steady, he grasped her hips, placing his hands under the baby doll but over the panties. As Janice stretched her long legs up, the low-slung panties slid down a few inches, showing the top of her mound and a narrow, vertical strip of very short, neatly trimmed hair. “Are you deliberately ignoring the man of the house?”

“Honey, I’m unstable in these shoes,” she said, appearing to ignore his comment. She kicked off the heeled slippers. “Could you bring me those reference books from your desks?”

He brought over four thick books. With her back to him, she spread her feet to the edge of the chair and bent over at the waist to arrange the books. Matt was staring straight at her groin. “I’ve been too lenient with you,” he said, musing out loud.

The thin panties were stretched so much he could actually see the crack of her ass and slit of her cunt. “Now hold me like before but stand in front,” she said, still pretending he hadn’t spoken.

Matt moved to her front, staring down the baby doll’s neckline to her pendulous breasts, as she made sure the books were secure. He’d never before seen her incredible breasts entirely naked. To his list of her sexual traits, he added the term exhibitionist. “If you’re not taught a lesson, this behavior will only get worse. And I don’t mean a slap on the wrist.”

Janice found it harder to concentrate. “Okay, hold me tight like before and I bet this will work.” Once he gripped her hips, she stood on the thick books, raising her height by nine inches and causing the panties to slide down to her thighs.

“Ummm, now I can get those cobwebs,” she said. She must have been oblivious to the fact that her pussy was exposed, mere inches in front of her face. Matt relished the sight: except for the brief strip of very short black hair above her slit, she was still shaved perfectly smooth. His cock twitched.

She made a final, overextended reach for a cobweb. Janice felt a surge of dizziness at his words and lost her balance, toppling the stack of books, yelling eve gelen escort and falling into Matt. He clasped her to his chest, her breasts in his face. Her face was twisted in pain. “What’s wrong?” he said.

“I hurt my ankle.” She tried to put weight on it but yelled and started falling again. Her head was hanging. Here was punishment for her smartass teasing.

“Mother!” he said. The sudden pain must have been so intense that she blacked out. He grabbed her arms and lifted her onto his bed, pulling her up to the head. In the process, her panties were dragged down to her knees. He tried to pull them up, but her legs were spread too widely, so he pulled them off and laid them on the night table.

He hurried down to the kitchen for an ice pack, water and some painkillers. The ice pack was the kind with straps. Back in his room, she was still unconscious, her beautiful legs akimbo. The panties dangled around one ankle. He fastened the ice pack securely around her throbbing ankle, staring up into her groin. He sat next to her and lifted her head. “Mom, wake up!” She opened her eyes. He placed the painkillers at her big lips and she sucked them in, swallowing water from the glass he held to her mouth. When he lowered her head, she closed her eyes and lay still.

Not wanting to disturb her, he lay next to her, his erection tenting his pajamas, staring at this sexy woman lying next to him barely clothed. After twenty minutes, he removed the ice pack. He thought about what had happened and how hard it had made him to see her tight, tanned ass and shaved pussy. After another twenty minutes had passed, she awoke as he was strapping a new ice pack onto her ankle. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said woozily. “I’ll just go back to my room.” Slowly, she swung her legs over to the floor. He held her arm and helped her up, but she yelled immediately, legs buckling, and fell back on the bed, grimacing. “Mom, you can stay here tonight. My bed’s plenty big for two, and I don’t mind.”

“Are you sure, honey?” she asked through obvious pain. He nodded. “All right. Thank you. I’m afraid I’d fall again in the hallway and injure it even more.” She held out her arms for a kiss. He leaned in. Rather than turn her head, she kissed him on the mouth, which he attributed to the painkiller. He thought her soft lips felt fantastic. He swung her legs back onto the bed. “Could you please bring me a stronger painkiller?”

He returned with a Vicodin and fed it to her. He was removing the second ice pack twenty minutes later when she opened her eyes. “Honey,” she slurred, “I usually get up in the middle of the night. But I’m afraid that if I do I’ll make my ankle worse. How can we prevent that?”

He remembered the straps on the ice packs. “Let’s do the same thing as the ice packs. We’ll tie your ankles to the bedposts.”

“You don’t think that’s . . . weird, do you?” she asked, her upturned eyes searching his own.

“No, I think it’s practical and makes a lot of sense.” He pulled the belts off his summer and winter bathrobes and used one to tie her injured ankle to the bedpost next to it. Her eyes had closed. The good ankle had to be tied to the further bedpost. He couldn’t quite believe he was doing it, but he found himself dutifully spreading open her other leg. Finished, he looked at his mother, her legs stretched so wide he could see her pussy and clit hood peeking out from beneath the baby doll.

“Thanks, sweetheart. When you take charge like this I feel safe. You’re very competent and authoritative for a young man. Before I go to sleep, is there any way I can thank you for taking such good care of me?”

“I’ll figure out something,” he said, his cock twitching at the drugged, “bedroom” expression on her pouting face. “Go to sleep now,” he answered, flustered. He turned off the lights and climbed in beside her. Pulling up the sheet, there was just enough slack in the belts for her to twist onto her side, facing away from him. He could tell from her breathing that she fell asleep immediately. Ten minutes later, the heat from her body, inches away, was driving him crazy, especially on such a hot night. He tried to figure out what to do—or what he could get away with. As if she could read his mind, she stirred and pushed off the sheet till it lay down on her knees. The baby doll had risen to her breasts, exposing her taut belly in the moonlight.

As quietly as he could, he started masturbating, his dick inches from her. Remembering how low her tolerance was to drugs, he took the hem of her baby doll and slowly pulled it up until her flat belly was bare. Encouraged and still wanking himself, he pulled it higher until her firm breasts were visible. He studied the wide, black aureole and thick dark nipples, almost a half-inch in diameter, the color of bittersweet chocolate. In the moonlight they looked as dark as her lustrous black hair.

After all, she’d repeatedly said he could fatih escort have anything he wanted. He touched the stiff nipples with his fingertips, then traced down her belly to her mound. Her regular, deep breathing continued as he worked his shaft. He stroked the sides of her breasts and waited cautiously. Thank goodness for Vicodin.

He placed two fingers around the closer nipple, but it was so thick he added a third finger and squeezed. Her only response was to move her torso slightly. He squeezed and pulled up an inch on the far nipple. Her hips rocked back and forth.

Feeling reckless, he inserted his middle finger vertically into her slit, surprised that his finger became drenched instantly. She jerked her legs open, as if it was a reflex, revealing the big clit jutting out from its hood. Frightened, he stopped jerking himself, afraid she’d woken, still amazed at the size of her fleshy clit and labial lips, and removed his finger, the slick lips making a sucking sound, as if they were releasing his finger reluctantly.

Matt replaced his finger with his dick, rubbing the length of it along her fat, wet labia and up to her clit. It felt like heaven. Back and forth he went. Unaware that he was moaning softly, he couldn’t take it any more. He leaned back, withdrawing from her puffed-out lips. His cum shot up in the air and arced slightly across, splashing on her tanned belly. Usually, he climaxed with a huge amount of jism, and this was no exception. He swiveled his cock a couple of inches so that a second spurt landed on her clit and pussy, coating the short patch of narrow hair, and the remainder spewed onto her breasts, splattering the turgid nipples that looked like they were begging for attention. He stared at her, his thick trail of goo glistening in the moonlight, in stark relief against her olive skin.

He dropped off to sleep, acknowledging that he was one hell of a lucky teenager. He had a hot mother who craved showing off her body, who liked to be tied up, who accepted humiliation, and who desired that he take charge. He could live with that.

In the next episode, Matt conducts a follow-up exam on the injured party.

Chapter Six — The Post-Injury Exam

When Janice awoke late the next morning, she was disoriented from the painkiller and waking in her son’s bed. The sheet was tucked under her chin. The belts had been removed from her ankles but she did not even remember them. Carefully, she stood, favoring the ankle, which was very much improved thanks to all the ice. Matt had already left for his part-time job. Still groggy from the painkiller, she put all her attention into favoring the ankle and not falling on the way to the shower, unaware that her panties were gone, too hung over to register that the patches flaking off her breasts, belly and mound was her son’s dried cum.

That day, Janice recovered quickly from the sprain, thanks to Matt’s attentive care the night before, the fact that she was in such good physical condition, and that she’d occasionally had these minor sprains previously at the gym. During the day, she also iced the ankle off and on a dozen times, thinking of how cozy it had been to sleep in Matt’s bed.

That night, Matt understood that his audacious experiments from the night before could continue even further. She was led once again to his room as if invisible strings pulled her. From the doorway, she asked, “Matt, do you really think I’m attractive?”

“Mother, don’t be silly. You’re way beyond ‘attractive!’ When you come to school, all the guys tell me what a piece of a—”

“Go ahead, silly. You can say it,” she prompted.

“They say you’re one hot piece of ass. Mom, you look at least ten or twelve years younger than your age.”

“Really, that’s nice to hear.” She noticed clothes lying on the floor at the side of his bed. “Let me clean those up for you, Mr. Graduate.” With her back to him, she bent over so that her naked ass was inches from his face. She’d never picked up the panties from his bed when she woke that morning!

Then she turned back to face him and crouched down, the short baby doll riding all the way up her thighs. Looking down at her from the edge of his bed, he had another perfect viewing angle. Focused on the heap of clothes scattered around her, she appeared to be oblivious about her open legs and naked thighs. She almost lost her balance reaching for a T-shirt, so she widened her stance. In the direct light from his night table, he could actually see her naked pussy, still shocked that she was no longer wearing the panties. He was momentarily stunned by her boldness. In order to keep her in that posture, he asked, “How is your ankle?”

“It was surprisingly good all day, thanks to your help. But it’s been hurting more all evening.” She noticed the two belts, still tied to the posts at the foot of the bed. She looked puzzled, having no memory of them. “And squatting like this is not good for my ankle.” She sat halkalı anal yapan escort on the floor with her back against the wall, legs pressed together and extended in front of her, massaging the throbbing ankle.

“Don’t move. I’ll get you another painkiller and more ice.” Upon returning from the kitchen, he saw that she had spread her knees by eighteen inches. She took the pill he handed her and swallowed it with water. “Oh, I forgot the ice. Sit tight.” Actually, he’d forgotten it on purpose, in order to allow time for the painkiller to take effect. He took his time walking down the hallway and going downstairs. Before getting the ice pack, he locked the doors and turned off the lights. Back in his room, he could tell from her drooping eyelids that the painkiller was already working, her legs splayed wider and knees bent.

“Why don’t I take a look at that ankle?” He swung his legs to the floor and sat on the edge, directly in front of her, his feet outside her legs. “It’s better to elevate it.” Gently, he lifted the injured ankle and placed her foot on his thigh. She looked physically uncomfortable, so he gave her a pillow to place behind her head, enabling her to slide closer to him, her torso now horizontal. He raised her other leg, laying it on the bed next to his thigh. The result of all this movement was that her legs and thighs were splayed open, her vulva completely exposed to him.

“It feels good when you act like this, taking care of me, telling me what to do, correcting me when I screw up, being the man of the house,” she said, smiling and feeling high.

“That’s good.” To distract her, he said, “Mother, what is it you like about me?”

“Lots of things,” she answered, her words slurred. He examined her ankle as she spoke, noting a slight swelling and discoloration. “For example, you’re mature for your age, you know what you want, you’re athletic, you’re authoritative as the man in the house, you keep me in line when I’m bad, and you even let me sleep with you last night—I mean, sleep in your bed last night . . .” She giggled.

“Thanks for the compliments. Your ankle looks pretty good, but I want to make sure the circulation is OK.” After the giggle, he could tell she was already fairly high from the painkiller. Matt figured the point was to take her further every night, to keep pushing and exploring. Since one of his belts was hanging from the post within reach, he decided not to let a resource go to waste. “I’m going to tie your ankles in case it hurts, okay?”

“You’re the doctor, she said, drifting, her eyes closed.” He tied her healthy ankle to the belt, but more tightly than last night. Leaning back on the bed, he untied the other belt and retied it to the post at the head of the bed to his right, looping it loosely around the injured ankle. Staying well clear of the ankle, he began massaging her foot and calf. “Let me know if this hurts.”

“Mmmm,” she responded. “It’s okay if you have to hurt me. If that’s what you think I need.” After a few minutes, he strapped on the ice pack and set the leg down on the bed, thus spreading her open even more. “How are you doing, Mother?” he asked, to see whether the painkiller was having more of an effect. Eyes shut, she mumbled something unintelligibly. “Say that again,” he said.

“Do the boys say anything else about me?”

“Yes, they say that with a mouth and lips like yours you must give great head.” She smiled and half-nodded, her mouth opening halfway. He was unsure whether she’d even understood what he’d said.

Reassured, he knelt on the floor, a knee on each side of her hips, and raised the baby doll to her neck, savoring the sight of her breasts, exposed for the first time with the light on the night table. Instead of feeling her with his fingers like the night before, he leaned down and licked her luscious breasts, then dragged his tongue across her nipples. Despite her moans, he proceeded to suck on the nipples before moving down to her groin. Placing his hands under her ass, he easily lifted her and licked her thick labia. Next he licked and sucked the fat hood of her clit.

Sitting again on the bed, he placed her uninjured leg on it, between his thighs, her foot tight against his groin. He massaged her calf with downward strokes, forcing her foot into his raging cock. He used the same movement on her good ankle. When he reached her foot, he massaged it using a back and forth motion, blatantly rubbing it across his prick. Unlike last night, he didn’t stop when she again moaned. Instead, he slid her several inches closer to the bed, so her ass was at the edge of the bed and her legs were practically vertical, her naked pussy beneath his cock.

He increased the tempo of his fist, staring straight down at her slit, opened so wide he could see the glistening outer and inner lips. He’s never seen her bare pussy in the moonlight last night, so he saw in good light for the first time her fat clit and smoothly shaved pussy. He shot off, but instead of spraying her body in general, the way he had the previous night, he aimed his massive load so it cascaded straight down onto her mons and into her slit, drenching her dusky pink opening with a torrent of creamy spunk. Rivulets streamed down her belly on one side and through the crack of her ass.

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