Mother’s Finger

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Big Tits

Cindy Sharer was a divorced, 40 year old woman whom had kept her amazing good looks as she aged. She ate well, exercised and kept fit in general. She only had one problem in her well-managed life: she can’t keep her hands off her 20 year old son, Robert.

When they went shopping at the mall or store, Cindy found herself constantly showing her son her physical affection. She found her self doing this mostly by rubbing his irresistible (in her mind) ass in public. In short, her hands were virtually glued to his ass cheeks regardless of what pants he was wearing. Recently she found even more delight when he wore elastic banded shorts and she would slip her hand right in and cup his ass cheek.

Of course Robert delighted in his very own mother fondling his ass anytime, much less in public. He definitely had an ass fetish, either his or his mom’s, it didn’t matter. It simply cranked up the fun when his mom did his in public, especially when women his own age would witness a much older woman with her hand down the back of his shorts. He caught more than one smirk from women his mother’s age when they witnessed her doing it. He could only assume the older women’s envy with one of their own playing with a firm, ripe 20 year old ass.

What made Robert even happier was when they were home and free to openly play with each other’s asses. His mother had thoughtfully placed various bottles of lube around the house so it was always handy when the urge hit. Robert would often be bent over working on something or looking for something low set when he would feel his mom’s hand creep up the back of his shorts, spread his ass crack and gently but firmly slide her well-lubed finger up his ass! The intensity of the good feeling was further boosted by the knowledge that it was his own mother doing the groping! It never failed to elicit a huge groan of pleasure from him as well as a thrust backwards to further the reach of his mother’s small fingers. She would do this virtually anytime they were home.

Robert always loved to think back to the time when he and his mother first began fooling around together.

Cindy had long been wearing yoga pants around the house, all the more to showcase her perfectly formed ass. Robert had long been staring at it as his mother roamed the house doing chores. Cindy was well aware of Robert’s attention, as all women are in this sort of situation. Completely unbothered by the attention, she actually craved it. It made her feel like she was strongly desirable despite her age.

As Robert’s attention grew more pronounced, Cindy would help it along as best she could. She began by not wearing panties under her yoga pants. She would also pull the pants up as high as she could so as to accent both her ass crack and her camel toe. She would catch Robert sitting down and would stand closely directly in front of him, with her legs slightly spread. This enabled an unobstructed view of her delightful camel toe, which Robert indeed noticed.

Cindy also began aggressively laundering her yoga pants, giving them a thin, worn look, which she wanted. She eventually was able to make some of the lighter colored ones look almost transparent, especially her white ones. She would check in her full-length mirror for progress on the transparency and smiled as she eventually was able to see her pussy lips in the mirror. She knew Robert would be pleased as well.

As this was at the beginning of the summer, Cindy thought she’d get Robert out at the pool at their housing complex. She’d be able to wear her tiniest bikini with the thong bottom and she helped that along by cutting out any lining it had on both the top and bottom pieces. In short, when wet it would look like she had nothing on at all, which is what she wanted.

Cindy also bought Robert’s swim suits for him. As he aged from 16 to 18, the suits got smaller and smaller. This was noticeable as his dick got larger as he grew. When he hit 18, his suit was probably something that would get him arrested at a public beach. Of course Cindy cut the lining out of his suit as well. Robert noticed but was greatly pleased and excited at the thought of his mother doing this for and TO him.

A few short days after Robert graduated high school, Cindy announced at breakfast that they should spend the day at the pool, working on getting their summer tans going. Robert quickly agreed as nothing was better than seeing his mother in her skimpy, non-lined bathing suit. How little did he know that things would indeed get much, much better for him!

So around noon, Robert and Cindy gathered up the cooler, towels and other items they always took to the pool. Cindy had on a cover-up, so as not to give the neighbors a heart attack while she walked to the pool. Robert wore some gym shorts over his bathing suit for the same reason.

They parked their gear, laid towels on the lounge chairs and stripped off their coverings. Both openly checked out the other, from head to toe. It was impossible to tell whom was more excited about looking at the other.

Cindy esenyurt ucuz escort was the first to speak after they shed their coverings. “Robert, why don’t you lay down on the chair and I’ll do tanning lotion on your back?”

“Sure, Mom” he replied. He stretched once, leaning slightly back which in turn arched out his crotch. Cindy wasted no time as she openly stared at his bulge in his too-small bathing suit.

Robert adjusted his chair to his liking and laid down on his stomach. Cindy sat down with her legs under her and got between Robert’s legs, facing his ass. She popped the top on the tube of tanning lotion and began to do the bottoms of his feet, working her way up his calves. Robert moaned in pleasure and appreciation.

“Oh, Mom! You have no idea how good that feels to have you doing that!”

“Well, I’m going to know as you’re going to do me when I’m finished with you. How about them apples? Ha!”

“Sure, no problem” Robert replied. “Anything for my mom.”

Cindy smiled as she continued to work her way up his legs, past his knees, well up on his thighs. She worked her hands all over the inside of both thighs, the tops of her hands brushing up against his balls. Robert never flinched as he was enjoying the moment too much!

Just as Robert thought Cindy was about done with his legs, he got a big surprise. “Robert, why don’t you untie your suit string. Then I can make sure I cover everything where you won’t get burned.”

“Sure, Mom”, Robert said. He raised up from his belly and quickly untied his suit string. He also repositioned his dick straight up as he was getting hard from his own mother rubbing against his balls.

Cindy gently tugged the back of his suit, further loosening the waist band. She also tugged it down more than a little, allowing some loosening of the leg bands.

While Robert’s suit wasn’t a thong by the true definition, it was a bit small on the ass covering job. Not that Cindy minded, of course. She could stare at that firm ass as long as she could have time for.

Cindy applied a bigger glob of lotion on her hand and leaned forward on her knees. Her hands slid up Robert’s thighs and right over Robert’s ass cheeks, one cheek in each of his mother’s hands. Robert could only moan in pleasure.

Cindy smiled as she heard her son moaning. She didn’t really have any doubts about him allowing her to cover him in lotion, but his moan only gave her more confidence. She continued to knead his cheeks, getting more depth with her fingers as she went along.

Cindy brought her hands together in the middle of her son’s ass, thumbs touching at the top of his ass crack. She slowly brought her hands down, her thumbs following the contour of the bottom of his ass crack. Her thumbs slowly but firmly rubbed the absolute bottom of his ass crack as she went along.

Robert moaned even louder as his mother’s thumbs sent shivers down his spine despite the heat. He reflexively spread his legs apart so as to give his mother all the room she needed to work his ass. He basically had his knees off the lounge, opening himself as far as he could.

Cindy saw him moving his legs apart as she slid her thumbs down. She knew then she could do anything she wanted and she had a LOT of things she wanted to do to her son’s ass!

Cindy finally got both thumbs right at her son’s rectum. She used both thumbs to gently spread his crack as much as she could. Biting her lower lip in lust, she then slid her first thumb into her own son’s asshole!

“Uggggghhhh!” screamed Robert, but not loudly. His entire body tensed as a zillion nerve endings electrified his body! After years of playing with his own ass using objects, he now had a LIVE person sliding a finger up his ass! Adding to the pleasure was that it was his own MOTHER whom was doing it! Robert thought he could die right then and be happy.

“Did I hurt you, sweetie?” Cindy asked after hearing him grunt. However, she never stopped moving her thumb in and out of his asshole.

“No, Mom, not at all. It’s just that it feels SO good I just couldn’t keep quiet!” he said. Even as he was saying this, he found himself hunching his ass back towards his mother’s thumb that was stroking his asshole.

Cindy just smiled as she remembered what it had felt like when her own father had first slipped a finger into her asshole. While it was when he was “helping” her take a bath rather than at a pool, the feelings were no less intense. She often relived that moment while she masturbated, which gave her shattering orgasms.

Cindy slowly slid her thumb out to the edge of her son’s asshole and bunched both thumbs together again. She slowly slid both thumbs inside this time, giving her son time to adjust to the bigger feeling.

Robert wasted no time hunching back at both thumbs as he had been using a dildo in his ass for years. They both settled into a sort of rhythm, her pushing one way, him pushing back the other, each seeking more depth.

“Is esenyurt üniversiteli escort this OK, honey?” Cindy asked, already knowing the answer. “I mean, is this something you don’t want me doing?”

“Mom, the only thing I don’t want you to do is to stop!” Robert replied to her. “I cannot describe how good this feels! I never imagined how wonderful it would be to have this done. Thank you SO much for making me this happy!”

Cindy continued her thumbs stroking as she replied, “Oh, sweetie, don’t be silly. This is what mothers do: make their sons as happy as possible. I must admit I’ve been watching your ass for years as it’s developed into a perfect specimen of male ass. I couldn’t wait until I got my hands on it, or in this case, in it. Ha!”

They both laughed at Cindy’s comments and continued their movements. Finally, Cindy slid her thumbs out of her son’s ass and sat back on her heels again.

“OK”, she said. “How about you rolling over now?”

Robert adjusted his long legs so as to not smack him mom in the head as he threw his leg over. Cindy helped by bending over, which placed her face very close to his crotch as he spun over. As Robert settled on his back, his loosened suit string allowed his dick to stand noticeably post the suits waistline. His erection was rock hard and he was neither embarrassed nor ashamed his mother saw it.

As Robert settled back, Cindy never took her eyes off of her son’s hard dick. She licked her lips as Robert settled down and allowed her to observe his dick still and up close.

Cindy rose back up, only briefly taking her eyes off of his dick as she rummaged through her beach bag. She finally pulled out a bottle of baby oil and uncapped it.

“Spread your legs again” Cindy commanded.

Robert immediately spread his legs as far apart as they would go. Cindy again leaned forward and slathered both hands with the baby oil. “Here, hold this until I need more”, she said as she handed him the bottle.

Cindy immediately sent both hands back down to her son’s ass crack. This time, instead of using her thumbs she used her middle finger so as to gain some depth. She had small hands anyway, so it wasn’t like she’d hurt him.

Cindy slid her finger right into his asshole, delving all the way to her hand. Robert arched his back, again moaning with pleasure he never knew could exist.

Cindy continued her finger thrusts, staring at his exposed dick as well. All sorts of thoughts flashed across her mind as she enjoyed the pleasures of a 20 year old’s asshole. She almost orgasmed herself, just from the excitement.

Robert laid back with his eyes closed, feeling his mother’s finger roam his ass chute, rubbing across his prostate. He kept arching his back in pleasure, wondering if he was the only guy in the world to be able to experience something like this? Imagine having one’s own MOTHER finger fucking one’s own ass! Jesus, did it get any more exciting than this, he wondered?

It turns out, it could indeed.

“Robert”, Cindy softly said.

“Yes, Mom.”

“Do you wonder why I decided to do this with and to you?”

“Yeah, sorta. But I didn’t want to spoil the mood by asking a bunch of dumb ass questions”, he answered.

Cindy just laughed and kept moving her finger in and out of her son’s ass. She would occasionally add some more baby oil to make things slicker. She then added her ring finger to her middle finger and slid both up her son’s ass.

Robert lurched in the lounge, stiffened his legs and grabbed his mom’s free arm when she added the second finger. “Oh, my fucking God that feels SO good!” he exclaimed.

Cindy smiled as she saw the intense joy on his face and again recalled the first time she shared the experience.

“Robert, let me tell you a story. It’s all true and I want you to know it as well as I do.”

Robert barely caught his breath as her words sunk in. “Sure mom, you can tell me anything you want.”

“When I was your age, my mom had already been dead for about 10 years. It had been just me and my dad for all that time. We were pretty much dedicated to each other as we were all the other had. He worked hard, lots of overtime in order to provide for me, which I always appreciated. In return, I kept the house clean and cooked for him as much as I could.

“Things began to shift a bit after I graduated high school and turned 18. While we weren’t nudists per se, we had no problem walking back and forth from the bath to our rooms naked. He would look at me and I would look at him. Nothing was ever said out of the ordinary during these times although sometimes we would stop and chat for a few minutes. This always gave us the time we wanted to look at what we wanted to see. Since I had already graduated by then, my body had filled in and was worth looking at.

“After a time, I noticed we both began to go to and from the bathroom at the same time, both of us nude. Sometimes I would tell him to go ahead etiler escort first and I would stand there and watch him pee. Sometimes I had to go really bad and he would stand there in front of me and watch me while I peed. I of course would spread my legs so he could get the best look he could.

“One day, out of nowhere, after peeing I asked him if he would like to wipe me. He had no hesitation as he rolled off some TP. I leaned back, spread my legs as far as they would go on the toilet. Daddy gently patted my pussy with the TP and stood back up. I told him I didn’t feel dry, so could he check to see if he missed any?

“Daddy leaned forward and rubbed his hand all over the bottom of my pussy. While I had masturbated for years by then, no one had ever touched my pussy even though I was out of high school. Daddy was the first person to ever rub my pussy, maybe at the time that’s what I wanted, I don’t know.

“Anyway, he rubbed for a second and began to pull his hand away but I grabbed his arm and told him to keep rubbing. He put his hand back under my pussy and proceeded to rub me to one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. He simply stood up, licked his fingers, smiled and walked off. I stayed on the toilet until my legs worked again and went back to my room.

“About two days later, we again met in the bathroom, again both of us nude. I told him I was going to shower but for him to do whatever he needed to do, it wouldn’t bother me. I turned the water on, got in and began to soap myself while talking chit chat to him.

“After a moment, I told him I was having a hard time washing my butt as I wasn’t limber enough to reach it. Of course, this wasn’t true, I was as limber as a snake back then. But I had an overwhelming urge to have my Daddy wash my ass.

“Daddy didn’t say anything but he opened the back end of the shower curtain and held his hand out for the soap. I handed it to him, turned my back to him and bent over with my hands on my knees. This thrust my ass out at him, making it easier for his to reach and see my asshole.

“Daddy soaped up his hand and began sliding it down the crack of my ass. My knees would have trembled had my hands not been pressing so hard on them. His middle finger was sliding down my crack, his finger finally touching my asshole. I had chills running up and down my spine at the thought of my Daddy washing my ass hole.

“Daddy gently rubbed the outside of it with his soapy finger. ‘The inside too, please Daddy’ I told him. He obliged as his finger slowly slipped inside my ass. As his finger slipped past his second knuckle, I sat back on his finger as fast as I could. I was basically impaling myself on his finger in my ass.

“Daddy wiggled his finger some, moved it in and out a bit and then slowly withdrew it. ‘Thank you, Daddy, for washing my ass’ I told him. He just smiled and rinsed his hand in my shower water and withdrew from the bathroom.

“From that day forward, every time I showered, I had Daddy wash my asshole. Eventually we were able to make it so I often had orgasms. Finally, one day I asked him if I could wash his ass?

“He told me certainly and we both went up to the shower, removing our clothes once we got to the bathroom. Daddy got into the shower and handed me the soap and bent over much as I had been doing.

“I was a bit nervous as I really didn’t know what to do. I decided to do him much like he did me. I soaked my middle finger and slid it into his ass. He let out a moan much like you did when I slipped my thumb inside yours.

“After a moment, Daddy began telling me about men’s prostates and how good it felt when they were massaged. I moved my finger around using Daddy’s directions and finally got the hang of it. After a couple of times doing this, I was able to manage to get him to orgasm as well. I felt happy knowing me and Daddy were helping each other feel good.

“Our ass washing continued until I went to college and married your father. Sure, we were able to do it once or twice a year when I went back to visit. We kept it up until he died before you were born. We never had sex, we only played with each other’s asses. I guess we both decided that was good enough for both of us, I don’t know. Sadly, your father never let me play with his ass nor would he touch mine. Another reason why we divorced, I think.”

Robert said nothing as he took all of this in. Not only was his mother playing with her son’s ass, she had also played with her father’s ass! And her father played with hers too! Shit! This was SO fucking hot!

Cindy had noticed Robert’s reaction as she told the story. She saw how his dick had gotten even harder, if that was possible. She knew she had lasted about as long as she could without touching her son’s dick and that was going to change right fucking now.


“Yes, Mother.”

“Would you mind if I stroked your dick with my hands?”

“Oh, Mother! That would be WONDERFUL! I need to cum SO bad I think I’m going to burst!” Robert said.

Cindy pulled her fingers out of her son’s ass to give him time to calm down just a bit. She added oil to both hands and squirted it all over her son’s dick, pulling down his suit to be below his balls. Thankfully, they were the only ones in the pool area & it had a privacy fence around it. They may have well as been in their own living room she thought.

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