Mother’s Bad Day

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Hello, I would like to take a few minutes and tell you about a young woman that I know. Her name is Josephine and she is thirty-four years old. She has two gorgeous kids. Their names are Merrick and Michael. They are eighteen years old. Now you are probably wondering how that can be. Well she had them when she was only sixteen years old, and they are the love of her life. She is not married but she did have some lovers, but she has not seen then in awhile since she has been so busy with work. She runs a major real estate business that she is very proud of but that is all she does.

The reason the day was so crazy it was because there were nonstop questions about everything. Nobody left her alone for more then five minutes. The interns kept running in her office asking all kinds of questions that they should have known when they started work that day. She felt like everybody’s mother, and she was tired of it. Her plan was to come home and take a nice long bath and relax, but her son Michael was supposed to fix the water pressure in the bathroom, but he has yet to do that so it is taking forever to fill the tub up. She walked into the bathroom seeing the tub filled to the brim. The tub was a new design that had an overlap to catch the excess water.

She pushed the play button on the CD player and the sounds of soothing ocean waves and chirping of birds began to fill the silence of the bathroom. She fell asleep while relaxing in the tub when she heard her son’s loud music turn on. That was disturbing her relaxing soak. She got up, put her robe on, and went down to her son’s room to yell at him for the music and forgetting to fix the water pressure.

She pushed the door open she new she should had knocked but she was not in the mood. She stepped into his room excepting him to be watching TV or something. Well he was doing something that surprised her. He was jacking off. She new that was normal for a teenager but what he was jacking of with surprised her. It was a pair of her lacy underwear.

“Michael what in the hell are you doing with my underwear?” asked Josephine still completely shocked that he was jacking off with her underwear.

“Mom I’m sorry I thought they where Merrick’s,” said Michael a bit shocked that he just lied to his mother. He has always fantasized about her. He loved to get her underwear as soon as she took them off. It rather surprised him that he has not noticed her underwear missing until know. He has been jacking off with them since he was twelve.

“Well their not, and I’m sorry that I surprised beşiktaş escort you like that. I just came in here to yell at you for the music and not fixing the water pressure in the bathroom.”

“Sorry mom I guess I forgot and I didn’t except you home for awhile because the business has been so busy lately,”

“That is why I am home so early the office is driving me nuts. Therefore, I come home and decide to take a nice long bath but it took forever to fill. Then when I got in the bathtub, your music starts to disturb me because it was so loud, what a nice gift to your mother, who’s been working so hard for you and Merrick so you two can have everything you want.”

“I know you’ve been working hard and I am sorry that Merrick and I haven’t done anything more to help you except being a pain.”

“That’s ok well I’ll go get dressed and then start dinner,” Josephine turned to go down to her bedroom to get dressed but Michael stopped her.

“Mom I’ll make dinner go and relax,”

“Don’t make me laugh Michael, you can’t cook you don’t know how. Don’t worry I’ll just order a pizza or something,” Josephine left her son standing there while she walked out laughing. It was funny because her son cooking well it would be easier to blow the house up because him cooking would blow up the house.

“I didn’t mean me mom, I meant Merrick,”

“She has to be home to do that; she’s out on another date with well her new boyfriend,”

“Who is it this time another football player?” Asked Michael sounding a little bit jealous of his sister, because she has another date and he has none. He should be the one dating so much not her.

“Well I actually don’t know she just said she had another date tonight,”

When Josephine stopped talking they both heard the noise of the door slamming.

“Mom where are you?” Screamed Merrick sounding very upset about something and it probably was about her new boyfriend.

“Up here Merrick in the hall way,”

“Mom that guy is such a jerk,”

“What did he do know honey,”

“He cheated on me with that bitch cheerleader Bethany,”

“Oh honey I’m sorry,”

“Well Merrick you new that would happen,” said Michael.

“Michael!” screamed Merrick and Josephine at the same time.

“That was not nice to say about your sister,”

“Well mom it is the truth. She always goes out with such jerks I thought she would learn by know. That’s what five boyfriends who have cheated on her with Bethany.”

“Michael well then beşyol escort who should I date you? I don’t think so. It’s Bethany’s fault I hate her.”

“OK stop you guys are giving me a headache,”

“Sorry mom,”

“Yeah sorry mom, come here I’ll give you a neck rub.”

“Ok honey,” Josephine turned and walked in her room and her two kids followed her. She was getting ready to climb on the bed when she noticed she still had her robe on and nothing else on underneath it.

“Michael why don’t you get out so I can get dressed,”

“Sure mom,” Michael was upset that he couldn’t watch her get dressed but what she didn’t know is that she had a whole in her wall that he could watch and it looked straight at her bed. Josephine dropped her robe in front of her daughter. She did not care that her daughter saw her body because they both have the same body parts so it did not matter.

Merrick was shocked that her mom just dropped her robe without going into her closet to put something on. Merrick studied her mother’s body. It was still in great shape for having to kids. She went to the gym almost all the time and she looked amazing. Her mom would probably be in a better mood if she could get laid, but she has been so busy so Merrick knows her mom has not had any in awhile.

“Hey mom why don’t you just stay like that I can do your whole body without the worry of the clothes getting in the way.”

“Ok honey it would be nice for a full body massage,” Merrick loved the view of her mom she was seeing. What her mom did not know was that she was bisexual, and she loved girls because they were so nice in bed.

“Merrick my neck and lower back is really tense can you help with that,”

“Sure mom,” Merrick warmed the oil with her hands and started with her mom’s shoulders then moved down to her back. She could tell that her mom really liked it by her moaning. What Merrick did not know was that Josephine was being really turned on by her daughter’s amazing hands. Merrick moved lower until she was kneading her mother’s butt and then her thighs. Merrick wondered why her thighs were already moist then she noticed her mother’s pussy it was wet. She must have been getting turned on. It seemed weird that her mom would get aroused by the massage but know she understood she was moaning from pleasure. Merrick decided to prolong this.

“Mom why don’t you roll over so I can get your front,” Josephine did as she was told it seemed her body would do anything for her daughter. Josephine rolled over, beykent escort Merrick new if she wanted this to be good she decided to straddle her mom. She did and her mom did not seem to care.

Merrick started on the neck and then moved down to her mom’s boobs. They where still firm after all this time. Merrick pinched and rolled her mother’s nipples together until she got a reaction from her mom.

“Oh honey that feels great,” Merrick was starting to get aroused by the feeling she was giving her mom. Merrick wondered if her mom could feel her wetness on her mother’s stomach. Merrick leaned down and gave her mom a kiss on the lips. Merrick pulled away and looked at her mom. She got the sense that her mom wanted her to keep doing what she was doing. Merrick reached up and took off her shirt and bra. Josephine noticed that her daughter took off her shirt. Josephine reached up, grabbed her daughter’s boobs, and started to pinch the nipples together.

Merrick stood up. “Honey what are you doing I thought you wanted to do this,”

“I do I’m just taking off my bottoms,”

“Oh ok,” she looked at her daughter and new this is what she really wanted.

Merrick leaned down between her mother’s thighs until her mom got the hint and opened her legs up. Merrick stared at her mom’s pussy and could see how turned on she really was. Merrick took a tentative lick at her mom’s pussy and it tasted just like the other pussy she has eaten out before. Merrick tore into as if it was a lollipop. She nibbled on her mom’s clit until she heard her moaning. She looked up at her mom.

“Did you like that, because I have to tell you something I’m bi. I like girls too.”

“Oh I already new that,”

“You did,”

“Yes you use my laptop I know what you look up know come here and finished what you started,”

“Ok but let me go get something,”

“Ok well don’t let your brother see you naked,”

“Ok I won’t, but you know it would be fun if Michael joined in,” Merrick finished talking and hurried out of the room to let her mom think about what she just said.

What they did not know was Michael was watching and playing with his cock as Merrick at out their mother. However, what shocked him is that Merrick said that she wanted him to join them. He turned back to his mother to see her playing with her self. Merrick left her right before she was getting ready to have her orgasm.

Josephine always wondered what it would be like with her kids and know she knows what it feels like with her daughter and know she wants her son. It surprised her that her daughter wanted him too.

Merrick rushed back in the room with her surprise a 9″ vibrating dildo. Josephine looked at her daughter with the dildo in her hand and waved her daughter over to finish what her daughter started.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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