Motherly Massage Ch. 02

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A week ago my mother said she had a painful kink in her back. As a massage therapist I told her to come over and I would take care of her. Man, did I take care of her. I ended up fucking my hot Mom and giving her a load of my seed. My parents have been divorced for a few years now. I never knew just how much my mother needed cock. I got another call from Mom. Could she come over and get some relief.

I told her to stop by again. This time my Mom was wearing a tight top and short shorts. My Mom is quite a looker for being in her mid-forties. This time I led her back to my bedroom.

“We have a little more room here,” I said.

My Mom didn’t miss a beat. She undress right before me and got onto her back. My Mom was all shaved down where her pussy was concerned. She had full, firm breasts capped with some large nipples. I stripped down as well. My cock was half hard just looking at my Mom’s naked body. I climbed onto my bed and I placed my hands on her thighs. I was massaging them as I slid in between her legs.

“Mmmm, that feels good, but I have a better place for your hands,” she told me.

I lowered my face and I pushed esenyurt anal yapan escort a finger inside her damp pussy. I could smell her earthy scent now. I used my tongue to taste her clit. That set my mother off. She reached out and put her hands onto my head. She was holding me tightly in place. She didn’t have to worry that I was going to pull away. As I fingered my mother I used the tip of my tongue to work all over her red button. Mom was oozing as I got her worked up.

I couldn’t deny myself further. I pulled away and took hold of her ankles. I raised her legs up and pushed them towards her chest. Mom was half panting by this time. She must have needed cock in the worst way, I figured. I didn’t even have to take hold of my cock. Mom reached down and guided me to her wet hole. I pushed my rod into my Mom.

“Oh fuck!”

Mom was getting into it right away. I couldn’t bring myself to go slow. I began to feed her long, fast strokes. I pulled out just leaving my mushroom in place and then I shoved my prick in the whole way. Over and over I fucked my Mom in just this manner.

“Let esenyurt escort go on my legs,” my Mom begged me.

I released her ankles and my mother wrapped her long legs around my midsection. We really got into the fucking then. I was pounding Mom’s pussy as hard as I could. My sacs were bouncing off her ass as I fed her all seven inches of me. We went at it long and hard. I know that sweat was pouring from my body onto my mother. I held out as long as I could, but I felt my nuts starting to pinch.

It was just like the first time we fucked. I poured my hot seed into my Mom’s tight pussy. She used her muscles to make sure she got every drop from my erect dick. I lost count how many time I blew my sticky oil into my Mom’s belly. Once I finished I lowered my face and took a hard nipple into my mouth. This really set my Mom off. Her body began to shake and I think she had a huge orgasm. I sucked and bit both nipples as my mother went off with even more orgasms.

I eventually got soft and had to pull out. My dick came out with one of those sucking sounds after you make love. My Mom had her eyes esenyurt eve gelen escort closed and was breathing heavily.

“You have no idea how you made me feel Ben.”

Oh, I had a pretty good idea. We rested on the bed together and my Mom spoke first. She said since she and my Dad split up she hadn’t had any lovers. When I first gave her a massage she gave into my probing fingers. It didn’t matter that we were mother and son any longer. She had to have my cock. That was fine by me. After my Mom caught her breath we did it again. This time my Mom used her mouth and made me hard. After a few minutes of sucking my rod she mounted me.

The fucking was so much easier with my load still in her pussy. As my Mom lowered herself I brought my ass up from the bed. We got into a nice fucking rhythm. I was able to work on those big tits of hers as well. I cupped her breasts in each of my hands. Mom was bouncing up and down my rod. She made sure she took every hard inch I had to give her. Mom had more orgasms, but I didn’t have anything left in the tank.

Once my mother took what she needed from me she collapsed onto my chest. We held each other and had some passionate kisses. Mom finally got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. She came back and got dressed again. We had one final kiss before she went out the door.

“I’m going to need regular treatment Ben, are you up to it?”

I smiled and nodded my head. It looks like all my massage training finally paid off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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