Mother Knows Best

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There were seven things that made the penis in my hand more intriguing than the only other penis I had ever touched, held or had inside of me. First, it was eight inches long. My husbands’ dick was only about 5.5 inches long. Second, it was as thick. Despite many attempts, I couldn’t wrap my hand completely around the shaft. Enough said. Third, it was curved like a banana with a slight twist mid-shaft that made the head appear slightly off-center. Fourth, it was oval and not round. It was as if someone had flattened it out. Even the head was more oval than round. Fifth, the oval-shaped head had a large flared band around the base which was much thicker than the shaft. Additionally, his head had a small crown as if it was smashed and there was a large puckered and pink pee hole that was slightly below center. Sixth, it was my son’s and seventh, as I mentioned above, it had been inside of me.

I couldn’t believe what had happened but, more importantly, that I had wanted it to happen. I was in denial that I had been so bold as I looked down and saw his penis growing in my hand. I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t that type of woman and yet, there I was. My pussy was still tingling and full of his cum. I reflected on the circumstances that got me there and somehow I knew that the night wasn’t over just yet.

My son had graduated from college the prior year and he had gotten a great paying job in the financial sector. He was a private kid and never discussed his personal life to either his father or I but we knew dated a beautiful girl through college. We also knew that their relationship ended soon after he graduated and he found out that she had cheated.

He was offered a chance to move to London for a new role and a promotion. I told him it was a chance to start over and he moved. It was bittersweet as a mom to see my son move so far away.

He got a nice but small one-bedroom flat near London. We were all surprised at the cost of living in London but he was given a large increase in pay and a special allowance to make ends meet. His father and I went to visit after he had been there a few months but we stayed in a hotel. He was given a chance to attend a special event while we were there. He didn’t have a date and I jumped at the offer to stay longer.

It was awkward staying with my son in the small flat with little privacy but we made it work since the hotels were so expensive. He seemed happy and I loved seeing my handsome son smiling again. I met all of his office mates and his senior-level bosses at garden parties and dinners. It was all so wonderful. They all had great things to say about him and he had earned a promotion after only two months that came with increased pay. I brought updating a few times but he shut down the conversation. After a few nights, I found out that his sofa he was sleeping on wasn’t long enough for him or me to lay flat so I decided we should both sleep in his bed. Again, it was awkward but we made it work.

I recall seeing a giant lump in his boxers the first morning he got out of bed. For the first time, I felt a strange sexual desire for my son that I hadn’t ever felt towards him. On my last night there I recall waking up in his arms and, rather than moving away, I cuddled against his chest and put my arm around him. After a while longer, I draped my leg over him and rested my crotch against his hip. I felt warm and my body tingled. I felt an unmistakable sexual desire that scared me but I didn’t move. I felt his dick get hard and mt crotch got wet. A strange sexual desire was awakening in my body. It scared me.

As he showered later that morning before taking me to the airport, I had to pee so bad I couldn’t wait. I knocked on the door and I went into the small bathroom. We made the small chat as I “piddled” in the loo and he showered only a few feet away from me. Seeing his silhouette through the glass door was alluring and arousing. I felt so naughty. I could see the shape of his body and the unmistakable shape of his large pale white penis against the background of his dark pubic hair. Maybe I was dreaming but I thought I saw his penis start to get an erection. Although the glass distorted his image, I saw enough to intrigue me and again, I felt a strong sexual desire. I wanted to see more.

My thoughts on sex increased once I was home. I was disappointed that my husband had no desire to do more than a few quickies where he quickly came and left me hanging and wanting more. The motions of sex weren’t enough to satisfy me. I spent more time with my pink plastic friend I kept hidden in my underwear drawer when my husband wasn’t around. I started thinking of my son sexually when my husband and I had sex and when I pleasured myself. I felt guilty. I knew it was wrong but I thought of my son more and more and I even fantasized about my son impregnating me. Surprisingly, I had intense orgasms every time I thought about my son cumming in me. I even called him one afternoon when I knew he would be in bed because of the time change. I masturbated while bakırköy escort we spoke on the phone and I bit my lip as I orgasmed.

I tried to stop thinking about my son sexually. I even prayed that I would have a change of heart. I hoped that one day he would tell me that he met a girl and he was getting married. Whenever I brought up girls or dating on our calls he became quiet and distant. He admitted to missing having a girlfriend but he hadn’t met any girls he was attracted to for more than just friends. I asked about girls at work and he said the company frowned on inner-company relationships. I teased him that maybe just having a special girlfriend with no strings was what he needed but I panicked and the conversation became uncomfortable. I think we were both surprised I had suggested he find a fuck-buddy but I didn’t use that term. Deep down I wanted to be that buddy but I knew that it was not a reality and would never happen.

That fall my husband announced that he had a 4-year-old child with another woman. I was hurt and sad. After dealing with it for a few weeks I was emotionally exhausted. I finally understood he had a much younger lover and why he was no longer interested in me sexually. As he prepared to move out of the house we had lived in for 16 years, I went to London to get away and be with my son. I had planned to stay for a week but my son convinced me to stay longer. He worked during the day while I explored London and re-found my passion for cooking.

Sleeping in the same bed with my son became less awkward as time passed. We regularly and openly cuddled under the comforter and I tried to make the excuse it was to stay warm. Although I enjoyed his warm body next to mine, I liked the feeling of only having a sheer nightgown between us. Although he wore boxers and I wore panties in addition to a nighty, I knew that we were much more intimate than a normal mother and son relationship. I grew to like seeing him look at my body through my sheer gown. I started walking around more and more without a robe and I knew he could see my breast, nipples and the dark outline of my bush through the sheer materials. I liked it when he sheepishly and playfully copped a feel of my ass or one of my breasts as we cuddled together. I was sure that he could feel the warm dampness of my crotch as I cuddled against him and rested my crotch on his him with my leg draped over him. I would occasionally feel his hard cock against me and it excited me.

One night we sat in a small cafe when an older couple sat by us. The wife, in her early 70’s, looked over at us and smiled.

“You are such a lovely couple. You look so in love. I bet you have beautiful children.”

I saw that her husband seemed agitated at his wife and he apologized for what she had said. I blushed and looked over at my son and reached for his hand. My son blushed and his face turned bright red.

“Thank you. He is handsome, isn’t he? I am lucky but we don’t have any children yet.”

I made small talk with them until we left and then we walked to his flat with my arm in his. I put my head on his shoulder as I thought about her comment and my response. I wondered why I had not told her that he was my son and why I had ended my response with yet. Yet, what was I thinking? I was pleased that the couple thought we were a couple. I wondered what my son was thinking. I wondered if he had heard me say yet when she asked about kids. I was hoping he would say something but he walked in silence.

The next night we went for a stroll after dinner. I wrapped my arm in his as we walked and we ended up holding hands for most of the walk. As we approached his flat he stopped and faced me.

“How about some wine?”

I accepted his offer and we entered a small restaurant and ordered some wine and cheese.

After the wine came we toasted and he looked at me. “Mom, how come you didn’t correct the older lady last night when she called us a couple?”

I felt my cheeks get warm. “It made me feel good that she saw us as a couple. It was nice.”

There was a long pause and I looked up at him. “Why didn’t you?”

I saw him blush but he never took his eyes off mine. “I was honored to be with such an amazing and beautiful woman and that people thought she was my girl.”

I leaned forward and lightly kissed his lips. It wasn’t a motherly kiss and I was surprised that I had done it in public.

I don’t recall much more of our conversation but I know we kissed very passionately once we were back out on the street and a few times as we walked back to his flat.

We embraced while standing at the door of his flat. We kissed very deeply. We both stepped back and looked into each other’s eyes. We embraced and kissed again.

Our clothes made a trail from the front door to the bed. My panties slid down my thighs and fell to the floor beside the bed next to his boxers. Our naked bodies embraced and his arms surrounded me in a cloud of love and security. I felt safe bakırköy eve gelen escort and loved. I felt excited and yet hesitant when his hard cock pushed into my belly as we embraced. I looked down and saw that my son was very endowed and very hard.

I slowly crawled into bed and noticed that he was hesitant to follow me. He was looking at my body and I felt embarrassed. I am not sure I have ever been so bold in my nakedness although it wasn’t like he was a stranger but he was my son. I felt insecure. I was older and I wasn’t sure if he thought that I was attractive. I patted the bed beside me and he sat. I asked him to hold me so we laid back on his bed. He wrapped his arms around my naked body and we laid in silence.

“You’re beautiful mom.”

We made small talk and I tried to comprehend what I was doing. Taking in the situation was a little overwhelming. Laying naked in bed with a man that wasn’t my husband, much less my son, was strange and yet exciting. As I grew more comfortable, I grew hornier.

I felt his large penis get stiff against my thigh as I caressed his chest. After I summoned enough courage, I reached down and took his manhood into my hand. My son was surprised and he seemed embarrassed but he didn’t pull away. I commented on his shape and size but he was shy and I eventually moved my hand away and caressed his stomach. Inwardly, I was intimidated by the shape and size of my son’s penis. I looked at the deformity and the shape and I started wondering how it would feel inside of me.

He opened up about how he didn’t date seriously because he was embarrassed about the shape of his penis. He admitted that even the one girlfriend he had slept with seemed to think it was odd-looking. In saying that, I realized that he had revealed that his college girlfriend was the one and only girl that he had sex with although, as he went on, there were a few girls, including one in London, that he had taken to bed but not had sex with. He seemed distant and scared as he looked at me.

“Mom, I know I am deformed. They seemed to panic and leave when they see me down there.”

I was surprised at his openness but it prompted me to reveal that I had only been with his father. I admitted that his penis was intimidating from a size perspective but I thought it was nice. I could tell he was embarrassed we were talking about his penis. I took him into my hand and it started to swell again.

I opened up about my pitiful sex life and how I had overlooked his fathers’ constant infidelity. I smiled when I told him that his father had a small dick compared to his and I saw him smile. I admitted that I had only slept with one man and we both joked that we had the same number of sexual partners.

We cuddled and occasionally kissed as we talked. I brought his hands to my breasts and, as I did, his penis hardened against my thigh. We kissed and he caressed my breasts. He eventually took my hard nipples into his mouth and sucked on them. I think he grew more confident that I wasn’t stopping him. I reached down and cupped his large hairy balls in my hand and gently squeezed. His testicles were twice the size of his fathers. I silently wondered if my father had a large dick and big balls and if genitalia was hereditary. He intensified his caressing, kissing and tickling of my body. I reached down and took his large cock in my hand and started slowly stroking him. He was already liberally leaking fluids from the large puckered hole on the tip of his head.

He gradually moved his hands further down my body and started caressing my hairy crotch. I moaned my appreciation and put my hand on his to ensure he didn’t stop. I opened my legs and enjoyed feeling him touch me. We kissed passionately as he slid his finger into my wet pussy. I gasped and let out a long moan. After realizing I wasn’t going to stop him, he gently fingered my clit while finger fucking me. I orgasmed after just a few minutes.

I buried my tongue in his mouth as we kissed as my body shook. I broke the kiss and took a deep breath. I looked into my sons’ eyes.

“I’m not running away. Do you want to put something else inside of me?”

My son’s eyes widened and he looked deep into my eyes.

“Something else. Do you mean me?”

His words faded away and he blushed. I was shocked at his reaction and his surprise. I hoped I hadn’t overestimated where this would go.

I felt a knot in my stomach and my voice cracked. “Yes. I am sure that you have figured it out know by now that I am a woman.”

He looked at me and I saw a strange fear in his eyes.

“Yea but you are my mom.”

I smiled and kissed him.

“What, I am your mother?”

He smiled and blushed.

“I am glad you recognize me, honey. After all, I just orgasmed on your fingers when they were is a very private place. We can’t play innocent now. So yes, of course. I want your penis inside of me.”

He took a deep breath and swallowed hard. I gave bakırköy grup yapan escort it time to sink in for both of us.

“Does being in bed with your mother freak you out as much as it is freaking me out right now?”


“Ok, I am a little nervous but I wouldn’t be here like this if I wasn’t open to you and I having sex. I know it’s strange. I think it’s strange to hear myself say that I want you to make love to me too.”

“Mom, I am just surprised you want to sleep with me.”

I smiled and placed his hand on my tit.

“Honey, we have already slept together many times. You haven’t seemed interested in more than holding me but you could have had me. I guess I am offering you more of me if you are interested. I want to make love with you if you want to make love with me. We can just continue to sleep together but after tonight, that would be difficult. Now that you know I have wanted you to take me as a woman to your bed and not just a mother, I am not sure how I should feel. I know it’s unusual but I can’t stop my feelings.”

He smiled and lowered his head and sucked on my nipple before responding.

“I have been to chicken to try.”

I smiled and pulled his head up and we kissed.

“So those times you felt up my ass or caressed the side of my tits were accidents?”

He smiled. “Not really.”

“I didn’t think so.”

We kissed deeply.

“Do I need to beg or are you going to go through with what you started?”

I was shaking as I laid back and my son positioned between my open legs. I placed my hands on his hips and held him firmly while I looked up at him and into his eyes.

“I love you, honey. Never forget that.”

“I love you, mom. I won’t.”

I raised my knees and looked down between my open thighs and past my crotch at my son’s large odd-shaped manhood. I admit that I was intimidated and nervous. I had only had one sexual partner up to then and the large thick-curved dick moving towards my crotch was intimidating. It was surreal to think about what was happening and even more astonishing to think that, as a lifelong Christian, I was willing and wanting to be in that position with my son. I wanted him as a man and now it was going to happen.

I saw him look down at me. His eyes made contact with mine before they slowly traveled down my body and to my pussy.

At 46, I look much younger than I am. My long brown hair, like that night, is typically pulled back into a clip or ponytail. I am happy with my body and my shape. My c-cup breasts aren’t as perky as they once were but they are still proud and firm. My rubbery dark pink nipples are as thick as my pinky finger and over an inch long when I am excited. I am in shape from daily runs and my hips flair softly out from my small waist. My ass is firm and my thighs are toned. I trim but don’t shave my dark brown pubic hair that completely covers my crotch and conceals my small pink pussy lips.

I loved feeling the tip of his penis slide through the wet folds of my crotch and the lips of my pussy although it was unbelievably nerve-racking. I thought about what I was doing as I looked up and saw my son over me and preparing to enter me. I felt loved and yet naughty. I knew it wasn’t normal for a mother to be in the position I was. I had always thought incest was wrong until my sexual desires were awakened and now I needed him as much as I wanted him. I needed to feel the only man I trusted to take me. I needed to feel like a woman again and I needed to feel wanted. Maybe it was selfish but I was sure that he wanted me too.

I felt myself shaking. I am not sure I have ever been as wet or sexually charged as I was at that moment. He moved the tip of his penis in my slit and over my hard clitoris. I gasped. My body quivered. He leaned forward and kissed my lips.

“You are beautiful. I love you, mom?”

I kissed him. “Tell me you want me.”

“Of course mom. I want you. You know I do.”

“Yes, but tell me.”

“I want you, mom. I have wanted you since I was old enough to get hard.”

“Then take me, honey. I need you.”

I felt my pussy stretch as he lowered his hips and his thick hard penis slowly entered me.

“Oh shit.”

I wasn’t expecting to feel so stretched. He felt even larger than he looked once he was inside of me. He pushed his penis deeper inside of me and I felt the stiffness of his thick-curved penis deep in my body. It felt odd and yet erotic to feel that full and know that it was my son’s penis and not my husbands’ penis inside of me.

To my son’s credit, and the obvious prior sexual experience he had with a girl, he seemed very aware of my physical and emotional feelings as he filled me. I felt his size and yet his gentle nature calmed me.

He kissed me. “Mom, you feel so amazing.”

There was no turning back now. We were having sex. I looked down and saw his thick oval shaft sliding into me. I couldn’t deny it was my son and not another man. As much as I had hated him sleeping with a girl before he was married, I was reaping the benefits of his sexual experiences and obvious practice. Now I was the married woman having sex with a man that wasn’t my husband. I was the mother that welcomed her so as a lover. My sins were adding up but so too was my love for the boy I had raised to be a loving and wonderful man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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