More Than He Expected

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The door opens to an empty room. He enters noticing a spartan apartment. Simple furnishings seem to be the only company ~ couch, footstool, an uncomplicated shelving unit. The computer desk and chair are not a matching set. A small television on a wooden stand. Native American posters in thin frames are the only pictures on the wall, along with various Native American items. The television is tuned to Fox News, with the volume down low, which allows him to hear the sound of running water. The smell of freshly brewing coffee wafts thru the air, as he finds his way to the bathroom, guided by the sound of the shower.

Quietly, quickly, he removes his clothing. Pulls back the shower curtain gently, so as to surprise her. But she has either hear him come in or was facing the back of the shower. As he enters, he asks, “Care if I join you?” She looks his naked body up and down, shakes her head no.

He kisses her on the mouth, moving down to her neck. Running his hands across wet, soap-slicked skin. “I’ve a surprise for you,” he tells her. He slides his hands gently to her stomach, her breasts as they wash together. As the enjoyment increases, the water grows steadily colder. Soon, shivering, they step from the shower, and dry off. He puts on briefs, she, a button down shirt. He stares as her cold fingers have difficulty buttoning it. He shakes his head no at her, reaching and pulling her hands away from the front of the shirt, undoing the buttons.

His lips reach hers, as his hands toy with her hardening nipples. Softly caressing them, lightly pinching and pulling. Feeling her nipples eagerly respond to his touch. Her nipples stiffen and rise, seemingly eager for a mouth to fill. He obliges, pulling the shirt away, mouth bahis firmaları finds flesh. As she inhales sharply, her hands run across his back, eagerly before she breaks contact.

She grabs his hand, pulls him down the hall to the bedroom, where several lit candles are the only illumination. She sits on the bed, him standing in front of her. Slowly she pulls his briefs down, revealing his manhood. Leaning forward, she kisses his stomach, moving slowly downward to his lower pubic area. His passion, already highly aroused, twitches in his desire. She kisses the tip and begins to take him into her mouth.

“No,” he says as he pushes her back onto the bed. She lies back eagerly spreading herself for him. Her ample bosom flattens slightly to his eye. But he barely notices as he kneels on the bed, between her legs, and begins to kiss her belly. He works his way up to her breasts as she gasps. But his attention is elsewhere, as he proceeds to her shoulder, then down her arm. His hand traces soft trails on the inside of her thighs raising goosebumps on her skin.

Her instincts are somewhat controlled as only her legs rise to meet his touch. His mouth finally reaches her inner wrist, sucking gently, he makes his way to each finger, sucking them gently as she attempts to pull him closer. He keeps his body high off her, the only contact his hand with its torturous light touch on the sensitive part of her thigh, breasts, belly, and his hungry delicate mouth. Her eyes say please to him. He says, “No, not yet, not until you see my surprise.” He pulls away from her. He rises and she watches his naked ass as he leaves the room. He returns, to find her sitting on the edge of the bed. He can tell, even in the candlelight, that kaçak iddaa her face is flushed and her eyes bright with her desire.

Putting a plastic bag in her view, he reaches into it and retrieves a black object. “Do you know Wahl?” he asks her. As she looks closer she can still not clearly make out what is in his hand. She reminds him that she doesn’t do toys. He moves something on the device and then a soft purring noise is emitted by it. He sits next to her, showing her the object. A she finally recognizes it as a small pair of clippers. Suddenly a look of realization crosses her face. She takes the clippers from him, pushing him roughly back on the bed.

She begins with a simple flip of the switch. He moans slightly as he feels the vibrations from the clippers when she gets close to the base of his cock. No other sound is heard except for the gently purr of the clippers. Coarse dark curls fall from his groin brushing his thighs as they go. This serves to only arouse him even more. She softly strokes the inside of one of his thighs as she trims. Taking much more time than necessary ~ side to side, up, down, under she trims. Each movement seemingly torturously slow as he writhes in place slightly.

When he hears the device switch off, she rises, he looks and sees her ample, lush, sensual body. “Feel,” she says to him. He checks himself, and feels a short soft carpet of hair, where once long, course curls covered him. She lays the clippers aside and begins to softly lick and nibble her way up his body, starting with his ankles. Gently nipping, sucking on his calves, thighs, until finally she reaches his manhood. She kisses the shaft, before taking him into her mouth.

He moans softly, she can taste the salty pre-cum kaçak bahis in her mouth. She breaks contact with his manhood, begins moving up his body once more with her mouth. Finally she reaches his nipples. Pausing she swirls each nipple with an experienced tongue. In frustration, he wraps his arms around her pulling her close. Allowing his hands to softly trace lines up and down her back and over her ass.

She kisses him now, on the lips, sliding herself upon him. He moans as she does the moans cut short, by a deep tongue kiss. The taste of himself on her lips arouses him even further. He raises his hips to penetrate her more deeply. She allows her eyes to close moaning, breath coming in gasps, rocking back and forth. His hands roam freely, trailing a line of electricity on her body. The rocking movements increases as her face changes from a look of almost pain to intense ecstasy. The rocking then slows, almost stops as she looks down at him, a questioning look on her face. He looks up at her, then realizes what she is asking him without words. “As long as you like love,” he tells her. The rocking increases again.

Several times she will speed up the motions and then slow almost to a stop for him. He knows from the cum running down his shaft onto his freshly trimmed balls that she has cum several times. Finally she slides off him, seemingly exhausted. In a lusty, husky voice she says to him, “I would like to try out the trim job.”

He nods his approval to her. She trails her braid slowly down his body, one erotic line from his face, to his chest, to his stomach. Finding each of his erogenous zones that she knows so well. Stroking, licking, nibbling, tickling, arousing him, concentrating on his pleasure. With delicacy she finally reaches his manhood, still wet with her juices, and takes him into her mouth. As she looks up at his face, the thought crosses his mind that the trimming went much better than he expected.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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