More than Brotherly Love

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First I want to say this is my first story, and I didn’t quite know what to write, but I hope you enjoy it.


I have never been very good with relationships, especially sexual ones. In my teenage years all my boyfriends broke up with me. DURING SEX. Can you imagine the embarrassment? All because I think sucking cum is gross. One day, I met Josh. He loved me, and even though we never got sexual. I thought was heaven. He was the one! After we were married, he insisted on sex. He wanted children. “Nicole!,” He had said, “I want children. Not having sex before our marriage was no big deal, but now, I find it necessary.” Being the doormat I am, I reluctantly gave in. I got naked, shyly revealing my skin colored lingerie before Josh seductively tore it off. I flipped my short blonde hair, because it was in my eye, revealing my husband, shirtless his cock almost poking through his tight boxers. I stared at his erection, dazed, before I realized his wanted me to undress him. Feeling nervous, I tried to be a sexy wife, slowly fingered his perfect ass and brushing over his cock while pulling the tight boxers off. He pushed me away roughly.

“God, Nicole, just get it off!” Near tears I gently, but quickly, pulled down his boxers.

“Yess…” He muttered, throwing me onto our bed. I didn’t know why he was being so rough. This wasn’t the Josh I knew…

But we continued, him starting by caressing my small breast, pinching and nibbling the pink nipples. I held back a yelp, this didn’t feel good. Eventually he forced me into a blowjob, a part of many sex routines I did not like. While sucking on his normal sized cock, he cummed. I fell back, spewing it back out of my mouth.

“Okay, Josh, I’m done! I’m sorry, but if you really love me like you did when you told me so on that blue couch watching Dirty Dancing two years ago, then you wouldn’t be forcing me to fuck with you!”

He stared at me, silent for beylikdüzü anal yapan escort a minute, then saying ” I thought we were watching Hairspray?”


“Taxiiiii!!” I yelled, a new woman, ready to start again in the Big Apple, New York City.

After me and Josh had divorced, I got a letter from a big corporation in New York from an old friend saying that if I came to NY within the next month, I could be a secretary! I knew I had to jump in, take a chance for once, so I packed my bags and caught the first plane to New York. Of course, I didn’t have much, so I called my brother, Alex to make sure his invitation to visit was still open… And if it could be more that a visit. He agreed, after relentless arguing, that if I split the rent, I could stay in his two bedroom apartment as long as I liked. So he picked me up at the airport and tried to catch a taxi, leaving me to do it myself.

“Taxiii!!” There was a screech of tires as three taxis pulled over, vacant. Alex stared at me in surprise, not recognizing his once shy little sister.

“Good job.” He muttered, clearly embarrassed. On our way there we engaged in small talk about his job, my new opportunity and I finally built up enough courage to ask him about his current divorce with his wife (well, ex-wife now), Sandra. He explained that he had caught her having sex with Andy, Alex’s friend from work while a black guy with blue hair fucked her up the ass. The taxi driver braked hard, flinging me on to Alex’s lap, my skirt revealing my hot pink thong. He chuckled, lifting me up with surprising strength, sat me back down on my seat and turned to get out of the stinky cab, giving me enough time to collect my bearings. I was surprised by the way his hand felt touching my ass, he meant nothing, but I felt something.

“Niki, you coming?” Alex asked, sheepishly peeking into the cab.


That beylikdüzü balıketli escort night he surprised me with Chinese food from P.F. Changs, my favorite, and my favorite movie, Grease 2. Halfway into the movie, laid my head on his shoulder, not noticing that my breast were revealed by my low cut blouse. Alex glanced at me, his eyes darting from the movie to my exposed breasts. He yawned, stretching his arms up, then behind me. I didn’t think anything of it until he sneezed, hand jolting forward, gently grasping my breast, caressing it a moment before I screamed and jumped off the couch.


“Oh, god, I’m sorry Nicole,” He said, now standing also. “Damn. Damn damn damn!” He exclaimed, his hands over his eyes. “I’m sorry, I’ve just been so horny ever since I left Sandra… I’m so sorry, Nicole…” I looked at his sad face, not realizing this was his acting skills put to use.

“Its okay, Alex, I completely understand.” We finished the movie in complete silence, hitting the hay as soon as it ended. I could hear Alex snoring in the next room, but I laid facing the ceiling, fantasizing about sex with Alex. This was the the first time I wanted sex from a man, and the first time I considered my brother a sexual being. He was so gentle with my breast, caressing it with a soft touch. I wondered how his soft touch would feel on my other breast, and on other place of my body…

The next morning I woke to the small of pancakes and bacon.

“You can cook?” I asked my brother, strolling leisurely into the kitchen.

“Uhmm, yeah! I used to cook for you guys all the time at home!” I rolled my eyes, he being as blind to sarcasm as ever. We ate and parted ways, he going to work, I going to change for my interview. My friend said the boss, Nathaniel Williams was a sucker for sexy women, so I put on my tightest black skirt beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş that came up to the middle of my thigh and a low red v-neck long sleeve shirt.

When I got to the interview, he couldn’t take his eyes off my exposed tits, and when I left I knew I had landed myself a job. When I got home I exchanged my skirt for some black slacks, hoping Alex, too would notice my exposed tits.

When Alex got home he pretended not to notice that my nipples were almost showing and popped open us both a beer.

“So my friend, Sam, invited us to a party at his mansion tonight, do you want to go?” I pretended to consider it before answering yes. After a light supper (In case the food sucks) I threw on my sparkly red minidress with a low v cut like the shirt I had on earlier, except the minidress was sleeveless.

As soon as we arrived both men and women began flirting with my blue eyed, swoopy blonde haired brother, separating us. Later that night we all gathered around for a game Sam invented called Truth or Sex. If someone picks sex, everyone else decides on some she/he has sex or sexually interact with. My brother, of course pick truth. Sam asked him which celebrity he found sexiest and he answered Taylor Swift. So clique. When my turn came around I picked Sex. A girl, Kylie, told me to give Sam a blowjob, and I did.

As we rode in out cab home, Alex couldn’t stop laughing about a stupid joke Sam told him. He was so drunk. I led him to his room and downed the bed while he was SUPPOSED to be in the bathroom changing. Instead when I turned around Alex was naked with his hands on my hips.

“Nicole… Let me show you what having sex with a man is like.” He had faked being drunk. I was paralyzed giving him the chance to undress me. He pretended to fumble with the zippers and in doing so, totally turned me on. When we were both naked he caressed my titties, telling me how small and perfect they were. He then proceeded to eat my pussy.

“Fuuuuuuck…Fuck!Fuuuuuuck!” I moaned, enjoying every sencond. “Damn! Just fuck me already!!” I screamed.

“Holy Shit, fine!” He started grinding his anus back in forth in side my pussy.

“FUUUCK!!YES!!FUCK ME ALEX, FUCKK!!” I screamed with pleasure. Finally, it was over and we were both satisfied. Our lives would never be the same.

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