More Naughty Office Peeing

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Selena approached the box she was about to use for her toilet. She was naked from the waist downwards, her round curved buttocks facing towards the office door, her black triangle of wiry pubic hairs hiding her slit that was moments away from releasing a torrent of hot piss.

Once in position she wasted no time, the burning need inside now desperate. The urge in her bladder rushed towards its release, an ecstatic moment as she began to let loose with her flowing pussy shower. She saw her stream erupt from the base of her hairy muff before beginning its arching flow to splatter messily over the various items inside the box below.

A soft hiss and patter accompanied Selena’s toilet, her lightly coloured stream flowing strongly from her pussy as it became a golden fountain into the box she was pissing into. She twisted her hips from side to side, watching gleefully as more and more items fell subject to her hot pee shower. The surrounding cardboard walls were marked with splotches where droplets had bounced away from the force of her landing piss stream. It was a sight that caused Selena to halt her toilet for a split moment in which she about faced, before dropping into a traditional girl-about-to-pee squat. Now her round wide buttocks were poised above all that she had just pissed over, a new golden stream already on its way.

This time when Selena began her toilet, her pussy shower jetted away from her cunt lips and began to play over the opposing cardboard wall, the material rapidly darkening as it absorbed her hot piss. A new pattering sound arose from inside the box to mix with the soft hiss of her peeing, as her toilet fountain landed over a plastic tub, rivulets of piss running away in all directions to drip over the hidden contents below. This new form of having a wee was enormous fun but Selena’s bladder was not even close to being empty. She finished her leak with a delicious burst of piss from her open pee hole that jetted past her curly pussy hairs and sprayed the sodden cardboard with one last dose of hot urine.

Not even close to being spent Selena stood from her toilet squat and dashed over to where the filing cabinets placed up against the wall ended. Her nipples were as antalya escort hard as rocks as she aimed her pussy slit towards the small void space of darkness between metal and concrete, before releasing a new hot wet stream of pee. It shot from her cunt and fountained into the black empty space, a wet sounding splatter issuing from the carpet behind the cabinets.

Selena relieved herself for several long wonderful seconds before sealing shut her pee hole, then rushing to find a new place to spray her piss. One of the paper recycling bins answered her need, yanking its rim down to her crotch before beginning to pee into its innards. Her hot playing stream washed over the discarded paper sheets below, turning them yellow as they hungrily absorbed her pussy’s hot piss fountain. Anybody coming up the stairs and entering the office at this stage would have been create by the wonderful sight of Selena’s bare bum cheeks as she stood there, emptying her piss into the paper bin. Her hot stream of lightly coloured pee was beginning to lose some of its strength as she neared the end of her exhilarating toilet. Not yet done, she allowed the bin to drop away from her pissing pussy, twisting her hips to bring the last of her flowing pee to splatter across the adjacent desk. A small puddle immediately began to grow as she hosed the wooden surface down with her toilet spray, the stream of hot pee leaving her pussy lips dwindling away to nothing as she finished her wee.

Now spent of piss, it was a time to rush to clamber back into her panties and work trousers before fleeing the scene of her crime, the memories of her deeds a fitting means to answer her urges as she later fingered herself to a thunderous climax.

That same evening, there was another who had intentions have naughtiness in the office…

Suzanne had stripped naked, the office building all locked up for the weekend. She could make her escape via a fire exit once she had finished her fun, the evidence of her upcoming exploits safely dried away by the following Monday.

Her bladder was fit to bursting and she was desperate to start. Opening the Managing Director’s office she slipped inside, her nipples hardened on her small lara escort pert breasts as she ran on bare feet towards the imposing chair situated behind the long conference table and adjoining desk. The leather was cold as she placed her bare bum cheeks down, spreading her legs to allow her pussy slit a claim aim at the carpet she was about to christen with her golden pee shower.

An incredible sense of relief accompanied Suzanne’s toilet as she began to piss, her fleshy pussy lips parting as her pee hole opened up. Her stream flowed at full force, a lightly coloured fountain of hot urine that shot away from her muff before forming an arching passage to the carpet below that eagerly accepted her pattering shower.

She stared with mounting excitement as the damp stain continued to grow, a slight easing in her bladder as she released the pressure from her muff lips. This was not the first time that she had relieved herself in the MD’s office, the thrill of pissing in such a place always an immense turn-on.

Suzanne forced her pee hole shut. Moving from the seat she ran to the nearest wall before standing up to it with her muff barely an inch away from the plaster. She started to pee again, this time sending her hot pussy stream to spray over the surface for several delicious seconds, whilst a running stream of piss made its way to the carpet.

She quickly stopped peeing before turning from her toilet spot, moving to clamber up on the large conference table before squatting down to have another wee. This time her golden stream splattered over the woodwork, droplets of her hot urine splashing over her bare feet and ankles. She peed long enough to make a small puddle before sealing shut her pussy lips. Standing up, she moved to the edge before squatting down again. She stared at the slit between her creamy legs, waiting with expectation as her bladder need rushed to her pee hole that promptly opened wide as she began another wee.

Suzanne’s long flowing stream of pee flowed through the air before splattering down over the dull grey carpet. A damp stain began to radiate outwards as droplets of pee danced around the main impact point of her piss fountain. She side escort peed for several wonderful long moments before allowing her flaps to close. She dropped off the table and quickly moved on to her next chosen pee spot.

The cabinet’s metal drawer slid open to reveal the MD’s supply of plastic water bottles. She smiled as she about turned before lowering her bare bum cheeks into position above them. A soft hiss accompanied her toilet as she peed into the drawer, covering the bottles with a shower of her hot urine. Moments later and she was done. By now, her bladder’s supply of pee was running low. She looked around, desperate for somewhere even naughtier to finish off her leak.

She could, of course, have another wee over the wall but that would be boring now. So would another piss over the carpet or the table. The other cabinets were locked so she couldn’t pee into them. The need in her bladder reminded her that she still needed to go.

Suzanne approached the table, the piss puddle she had made glistening in the light from the overhead bulbs. She wondered if she should just squat over it again and top it up with a new spray of piss from her bare pussy. She pulled out the nearest chair with the intent of clambering onto it to reach the table when another idea arrived.

She plonked into the chair, drawing it up to the table as though she had just joined a meeting. She imagined others around her, taking notes (regardless of her pee puddle in front of them), before allowing her bladder need to seep down to her waiting pussy.

Suzanne began to pee. This time her deliciously hot stream flowed over her skin as she peed between her thighs, directly onto the chair cushion. A wonderful warmness spread beneath her wide round bum cheeks as she sent the last of her piss into the cushion, whilst fantasizing about peeing in front of her work colleagues. It was a most wonderful turn on and even after the last few drops of piss had escaped her pussy lips, she remained in place, savouring the warm wetness beneath her nude bum.

It took a while to clean up and dress by which time her bladder had made her more piss to relieve which she did so, over one of the chairs in the small reception area, hovering over the cushion whilst her flowing piss shower splattered down to stain the fabric with her hot pee. After finishing her leak she wiped her slit dry with a visitor’s paper id before making to leave, her time after hours most wonderfully spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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