More Fun With The Neighbor Kyle

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It was a warm day in mid June. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, a perfect day to lay out in the sun, and work on the tan I so desperately need. I Put on my thong bikini and grabbed a glass of lemonade, and a blanket. I laid the blanket out, and stretched out on it. I laid on my tummy to work on my back first.

After laying down I reached behind me and untied the back of the bikini top, so I would have as few tan lines as possible. Then gracefully dozed, while the sun baked my skin. The sun felt so warm on my skin as I lay there in my light slumber.

I don’t know how long I was dozing. I didn’t know you had come home from school early. I felt a cool sensation running down my spine. It felt so nice. You had sneaked outside, seen me sleeping there in the sun, and decided to be playful, by running an ice cube down my back.

I tried not to flinch, because it felt so good. And the thought of you being home early had made me excited. You continued to run ice cubes over my back until they melted. Then grab another and start over. I felt the ice melt and the water run down my back, and my ass.

You could tell I was enjoying it. I rolled over to see you there in nothing but swim trunks. I smiled and then leaned up to kiss you. Breaking from the kiss, I immediately reached over, and grabbed your cock, and freed them from the confines of the shorts. I started stroking your cock. “Oh baby, I’m so hot,” I said. Leaned over and licked the head of your cock. Looking up at you I saw a wicked smile, and then let your cock slowly slide into my mouth. I sucked your cock slowly, pumping the base of it with my hand in time with my sucking motions. Your cock hardened in my mouth, it felt wonderful.

You pulled me free from your cock, and said. “Honey, you are definitely too hot,” and laid me down on my back. Because I had bahis firmaları untied the top it fell free, and my tits were exposed in the sun. “close your eyes my love” you said. “and enjoy.” I did as you asked and closed my eyes. “Don’t open them” you whispered..”it’s time to cool you off”

I had no idea what you were going to do to me, but the mere thought of anything was exciting. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute.

I felt a cold wetness on my nipple. You took an ice cube, and was lightly making circles around my nipples with it. God, the cold mixed with the wet and heat, felt so great. I could feel my nipples hardening very quickly. The melting ice flowed off my breasts and down my tummy. You continued with the ice assault on my nipples until I was moaning in pleasure.

Oh my dear, you said, you are really hot now. I think we need to do something about this. And keep your eyes closed. you said.

I felt the ice run down my tummy and down between my legs. The water from the ice dried very quickly on my hot skin. You untied my thong and tore it off my body. I was completely naked there in the back yard in the sun. With more ice, you ran the cube lightly over my pussy lips. I gasped from the cold and the excitement it was causing. As you swirled the ice cube over my pussy, you made small circles on my clit with it.

Oh, love you still look hot. I need to check “YOUR” temperature. With that you slid your finger in my wet pussy. Oh yes Hon you are hot. You continued to finger me for a few minutes. I was moaning and squirming in pleasure from your touch, and the ice on my clit.

You reached over and grabbed another ice cube, as you fingered me. Time to cool you off honey, you said, and with that, slipped the cube in my pussy. I started to squirm. It was so cold. My pussy though was so hot it kaçak iddaa melted quickly. As soon as one would melt you inserted another one. And would hold my pussy closed so it didn’t come out. with your free hand you’d pinch my nipples causing even more excitement.

After several cubes being inserted into my “icebox.” You leaned up, and sucked my right nipple gently as you cubed my left one. The warm mouth on one and the cold ice on the other was incredible. I felt my orgasm building. No one had ever done this to me before. No man had ever made me cum with nipple play, and yet here you are all of 18 yrs old, about to do it. You switched nipples and repeated the sucking and the ice. I let out a moan, and had the most intense orgasm I had ever had. All from your nipple manipulation. It was outstanding.

You stood over me smiling wickedly, I knew you weren’t done with me yet. Oh my you said, I think I made you even hotter. Time to cool that hot ass of yours off. You rolled me over, lifted my ass alittle and iced my hole. The cold sent shivers through me. Once the ice melted, you inserted a finger in my ass. Slowly in and out and round and round. Your touch felt so great. Oh yes Baby, keep fingering my ass. Fuck it with your fingers baby, I said. But you stopped. Wait right here you said. You got up, and took the hammock from the frame, and brought the frame over and set it around me. then into the garage you went and got some rope. I have a surprise for you honey, you said. Then you went into the house and grabbed 2 of my scarves, and brought them out, and something in a cooler. I didn’t know what was in the cooler.

You proceeded to tie my hands and feet to the hammock frame. I was bound on all fours. You then slipped a scarf over my eyes and tied it tightly. And the final scarf you tied around my mouth. We do have neighbors you know kaçak bahis so you will need this. And tied it around my head as a gag.

I had no clue what was going to happen next. I heard the cooler open, and shut. Then felt a cold something push against my asshole. Laughing wickedly, you said. I’m going to cool that hot ass off now. And slowly pushed an ice dildo you had made, into my ass. Omg the feeling was so intense, the cold made my ass tighten around it. I squirmed and muffled moans came from my lips. You continued to fuck my ass with the ice dildo. I could feel another orgasm building. this was so incredible. My body started to spasm and my orgasm over took me. You fucked my ass even faster with the ice monster. I couldn’t break free from my restraints. Finally the ice melted and the ass assault was over. Or so I thought.

Hmmm..I like you in this position you said. And then I felt your hard cock enter my pussy. Mmmmmmmmmm I moaned. You slowly started fucking my pussy. I could feel my juices already running from me. You know love, the temp differences work on your nipples, I wonder … you said. I heard the click of the cooler, and you pulled your cock from my pussy and replaced it with another ice dildo. Then slid you hard warm cock slowly into my ass. Hot ass and cold pussy, what a combination. It didn’t take long for me to cum yet again. When the ice melted in my pussy, your pulled your still hard cock from my ass. And untied me, and removed the scarves.

You laid me on my back again, and stood over me, and started jacking off over top of me. I looked up at you and smiled. Oh please baby, I said. Cover me with your sweet teenage cum. You started stroking faster and faster, you threw your head back, and grunted, as stream after sweet stream of your cum splashed on my body. You finally collapsed down next to me, as I rubbed your hot cum on my body. Ahhhh, I said, this is what I need natural sunscreen, and then I giggled.

After I rubbed your sweet cum into my skin, we lay there, in the sun together, basking in the after glow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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