Moonlight Madness in the Outdoors Pt. 02

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After Janet, Amy, and the girls returned from their dip in the lake, the group of friends settled upon a simple fact. Life was short, and boundaries were for the timid. John and his girlfriend Leanne had brought up the idea of eliminating the sexual rules shackling them. The group had all known each other for years and their significant others had long been adopted into the close knit clan, so when the idea to interchange partners was introduced, there was widespread acceptance. Before long there were clothes strewn about the campsite, tents hurriedly pulled closed, and drinks flowing freely.

John soon found himself holding Mary, a young blond who had practically burst at the seams when they had decided to let loose. He sat on a wooden table’s bench with the girl’s legs straddling his lap. His hands lay on her waist with his fingers ever so slowly creeping their way between her tight silky shirt and short skirt. She leaned into him, her round breasts pressed against his chest. While their lips shared a gentle kiss, her hands grasped his wrists. John began to think that she had caught him trying to work his fingers beneath her shirt, but was surprised to feel her push his hands down to her legs, slipping them under the hem of her short pink skirt suggestively. As his hands slid up her skirt, she began kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear, her hands wandering towards his pants. John looked over Mar’s shoulder and saw Leanne slipping into a tent with Daniel and saw Amy inside when they opened the flap. The thought of his girlfriend with another woman turned him on even more, and he found the bows tied in either side of Mary’s bikini thong beneath her miniskirt. With a tug he pulled the straps loose.

Mary felt her underwear go slack and lifted off John’s lap slightly. Her whole body tingled as he pulled the thin material from between her legs, the wet strip of cloth sliding across her hot clit. Her hands quickly found his button and zipper and unfastened them in a quick motion.

“Here?” He asked, looking around.

Mary smiling and wrapped her hand around his rock hard cock, “Do you really want to wait? Besides, I don’t see anyone objecting.” Before he could be the first, she pulled his long shaft from his pants and crouched down in the soft grass. She held his cock tenderly in her hands so close to her mouth that his core shuddered with her every breath upon it. “I really want to taste you,” Mary begged him with her innocent eyes, “I’ve not done this very many times before, and yours is much bigger.” She ran his tip across her bottom lip, “Just a taste, then we can find somewhere else for the rest if you want.”

John looked around and noticed that she had been right. Everyone was either in a tent or very preoccupied. He looked down at her and brushed a strand of silky blond hair from her face, “Go on then.” Her face lit up with excitement, and she wasted no time wrapping her lips around his solid rod. She worked it deeper with each pass and stroked the base of his shaft with her hand. Soon John felt himself invading her throat and heard her breathing become more labored, but instead of slowing, Mary became even more vigorous as she struggled to take more and more of his massive cock.

John was impressed by her valiant effort and pulled himself from her throat. While she caught her breath, he helped her up and swept empty beer bottles and other debris off the picnic table in an epic cliche fashion. With his strong arms, he lifted Mary up by her legs and laid her upon the table with her legs hanging off the end. She lifted and spread her legs for him, pulling her antalya escort skirt into a tussled band across her waist. “Please…” She uttered between heavy breaths, “Take me… Hard…” John was all too happy to comply, pulling off his t-shirt and tossing it on the ground. Looping his arms around her thighs, he pushed her legs far back. With her tight pussy spread open and completely free to him, he guided himself into her soaking wet warmth, immediately and easily sinking hilt deep. Mary let out a moan as he filled her with more man than either of her ex-boyfriends ever had. He pulsed slowly in and out of her while her tightness adjusted to his girth. Moaning wildly, she writhed around in ecstasy as he pressed ever deeper into her very being. Her hands clutched the table, and her body shuddered as a wave of pleasure ricocheted through her body. Mary’s orgasm shuddered through her into John, almost making him climax before he wished, so he pulled himself from her and let her legs free. Her shallow breaths told him she was still occupied, so he reached up and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare round breasts to the cool night air. Her small pink nipples were firm with desire and almost matched the color of the skirt in a bunch around her waist.

Mary held her arms above her head so John could take the shirt off of her, but was surprised to find him stop at her wrists. She looked above her head and saw him twist the thin shirt tight, pulling her hands together and binding them inescapably. Once he did this, he looped the neck hole over the slat in the table and effectively locked her arms tight over her. She became ever more excitable as he re-entered her and thrust deeply once again, this time also leaning down and sucking her nipple. Her arms fought against the bindings, but even her thin silky shirt was too strong after being twisted and tied so expertly. Mary’s legs wrapped around him, pulling him into her, and cries of passion burst from her lips. A second wave of ecstasy reverberated through her, this time electrifying her nipples beneath his tongue and causing her legs to lose their grip. After John felt Mary begin to wind down from her second orgasm, he allowed himself release and felt all of his built up pressure burst forth into her.

Mary felt John pull from her and felt his hot mess drip down her pussy. She saw John walk over to untie her, when she heard a familiar voice call out.

“My my, Mary…” Her close friend Tina walked up to her, causing John to pause. The red headed strode up to the table Mary was tied to and sat on the bench beside her. Tina was also naked, presumably from an encounter with Leon who was close behind her, wearing only some shorts he had thrown on. “John here seems to have had his way with you.” Mary didn’t answer but just smiled sheepishly. Tina walked her fingers up the bound girls stomach, “Leon and I were just thinking about finding new partners, and here you are, all laid out for us.”

Mary looked up to Leon, the idea of another man inside her already making her wet again. She looked at John, “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

John smiled at the Oliver Twist reference and patted Leon on the back, “Tag, your it.” As Leon stripped off his shorts, Tina leaned in and kissed the blonde girl gently, “I know how you like it a bit… Rough,” both girls looked at Leon, “You’ll like this one.” Tina took Johns hand and led him away, while Mary’s legs were spread once again. She opened herself to her new master and jumped a bit when she felt him begin to probe her tight ass with the tip of his cock. He ran it up and lara escort down between her spent lips and tight asshole, lubricating it with the wet mess from her encounter with John. He began very slowly putting pressure against her tight hole and looked up at her, giving her one last chance to decide. Mary had never done it there and was quite scared, but the thought of being tied down and taken in the ass was just too enticing to give up. She gave him a slight nod and tried to relax.


Tina had just led John to her tent when she heard the unmistakable sound of Mary crying out in agonizing pleasure. A sly smile crested her face, and she led him inside. Tina’s tent was huge, normally capable of fitting half a dozen campers comfortably. In her case, however, it held her bags, a cooler, a portable wardrobe, and a naked Amy spread across a large thin camping mattress. John looked at her in interest, “This is a surprise. I thought you were with Leanne.”

“I was,” she responded, “Her and I took turns on Daniel and… Each other. She’s a wonderful lover.”

“Shush now, dear,” Tina commanded, “I have company. Go on and sit over there,” Tina motioned to a corner of the tent, “If you’re good and you can stay quiet while I work then maybe you can have my sloppy seconds.” Amy obediently crawled over to the corner, exposing her wet pussy to John’s eager eyes.

Tina tossed John onto his back, quickly straddling his waist. He grew instantly firm as she shifted her wet slit across his shaft. John reached down to guide himself into her only to be slapped violently away. Yanking his hand back he looked at her in surprise to meet a mischievous smirk. She wagged her finger at him and took his hand, kissing the stinging skin gently, yet her message was clear: She was in charge.

Tina took his smarting hand and placed it on her round breast, squeezing it instructively. She took his other and gripped it to her firm ass. He obediently massaged her perfect curves, so she took his long cock in her hand and placed his tip on her hot wet slit. The touch of her soaking lips made his hands stop for a moment. With his rod barely a touch inside, she froze. John thought she was teasing him, until he looked up to meet a terrifying look in her eyes. He quickly realized his mistake and continued rubbing her firmly. Tina grunted in approval and lowered herself onto his hungry column. Rolling her hips, she let him twist inside her.

While he writhed and squeezed to her command she looked over to Amy in her corner. The young girl leaned against Tina’s pile of bags, her legs spread wide. One of her delicate hands gripped her ample tit, squeezing it the same as John’s firm grip on Tina’s. Her other hand was between her legs, twisting and churning inside herself. The bright moonlight shimmered off her soaked fingers, yet Amy sat in submissive silence, though her pained eyes and gritted teeth showed how badly she wanted to cry out in pleasure.

Tina smiled watching Amy push herself toward another orgasm and felt John’s hands begin to twitch between grips, and his legs become more tensed. She knew what was coming so she motioned toward Amy. The eager girl scurried over to the pair and followed Tina’s instructions. Soon she was posed directly beside the gyrating couple on her knees, legs spread and hands laced behind her head. John looked over at the girl and struggled to keep from finishing right then.

“You like what you see,” Tina whispered in his ear, “or what you feel?” She slowed her pace to deep tenuous rhythm. Between the stripped and exposed girl side escort posed beside him, and the powerful woman expertly riding him, John knew he would not be able to hold out much longer. With a loud “crack” Tina’s hand connected hard with his cheek, causing his whole body to leap and arch in surprise. Tina took advantage of his jolt to lean into his sudden spasm to push herself onto him. His new found depth inside her pushed him flying off the edge of his self control, and he exploded inside her like a flood.

John collapsed in a heap as she lifted herself from his lap. He leaned up to find Tina leaning back on her hands, legs spread, with Amy’s head buried between them. The sound of Amy sucking Tina’s tender lips filled the air, her tongue licking up every drop she could get. Tina sighed in satisfaction as her body shuddered from the enduring orgasm. She didn’t often get off to a hard cock inside her, but to the power of control. With John collapsed in a spent heap and Amy’s tongue desperately trying to get just one more taste of their mixed juices, she let that control flow through her into proud pleasure, the feeling of utter power.

Finally, Tina’s breathing steadied, and she pushed Amy off of her lap, the girls nose, mouth, and chin wet with remnants John’s climax. “Go on now, have your treat,” Tina told her, motioning to John’s limp remains. Amy smiled widely and lay on her stomach between his legs. John didn’t know if he had anything left to give after such a wild night, but his doubts were silenced when the petite girl wrapped her mouth around his softening cock. Her tongue found every salty sweet drop of his previous encounter and swallowed it away. She caressed his balls while patiently bringing life back to his spent shaft, and it was not long before he was ready again. With impatient strength, he sat up and rolled her over onto her back. She lay beneath him, her inner thighs soaked with hunger. Amy pulled her legs from beneath him and rested them on his shoulders, while her hands gripped the base of her buttocks and spread her waiting flower wide for him.

Amy surged upward by the force of his impact. In a second, she went from naked and empty, to his long rod buried to the base inside her. She had already been taken by Daniel that night but it did little to prepare her for the force of John’s entry. Her insides felt stretched then suddenly, he pulled out almost entirely, giving her a brief respite before he plummeted down upon her again. The length of his cock ran over the weakest point inside her over and over again, and soon the immense pressure of his onslaught gave way to the most powerful feeling of emotion she had ever felt. Her whole body flooded with bliss, and she felt like she was bleeding pure carnal ecstasy from every pore. Her orgasm was so potent that she barely noticed John’s body begin to stiffen once more. .

He prepared himself to pull out and explode over her shuddering body, when Tina reappeared beside him. The look in her eye told him exactly what she wanted. He pulled his swelled cock from the young girls battered clutches, and Tina took it in her hand, quickly bringing it to her watering mouth. She wasn’t quite fast enough, however, and a bit burst onto her nose and cheek before she took it in her lips and sucked the rest from his spurting member. Tina swallowed his load and haphazardly wiped the rest from her face and licked it off her fingers. The three curled up together, sprawled in a pile of hot sweaty body parts, their heavy breathing slowing into a symphonic rhythm. The moonlight glistened off the mess on their bodies, and they slipped into a erotically blissful sleep.

The End…


Author note,

Part 2 as requested. I’m always looking for suggestions to either improve my work or come up with my next concept. Let me know in the comments below what you thought.

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