Monsters, Men, and Magic Ch. 12

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It only took Casey a few minutes to fall asleep after her head hit her pillow. As she lay there, thoughts swirled through her head. Today had been a long, intense day. It had been fun though, both Derek and Jordan had been satisfying, and she still had to meet up with Jordan tomorrow. She had no idea what he was going to want from her in exchange for leaving. If it was just sex, things would be fine, but Casey felt that it would be more than that. She’d prefer to get the trickster to leave willingly over threatening him.

Casey sank deeper into her covers and pulled the blankets tightly over her. The trickster magic on her was definitely weaker now than before, and it didn’t stop her from getting some rest. The strange dream she had before still stayed with her. She hadn’t ever had a dream that had felt so real before in her life. The effect from his magic was strange, and she wondered if she’d have more dreams.

Moments after her head hit the pillow; there was a knocking on her door. She pushed herself up off the mattress, it was still dark out, and it hadn’t felt like she had gotten any sleep. Casey moved over to the door but didn’t open it yet. “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Casey,” her dad said from the other side. “We’ve got to talk.”

Casey moved to open the door, but she was slightly worried. Had he heard her up in Derek’s room? She certainly hoped that wasn’t the case; the last thing she needed was her dad trying to talk to her about sex. Casey turned on the lights and let her father enter the motel room.

“What is it?” she asked. “I was asleep, can’t this wait until morning?”

“It can’t,” her father answered. “It’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about for a while now.”

Casey turned to him, more confused now. Aside from them bickering over hunts, the two of them didn’t argue about much. “What’s that?”

As she spun to face him, Casey saw her dad’s eyes snap up from staring at her ass. Casey was still wearing her shorts from earlier, and they had ridden up slightly now and were disappearing between her cheeks. Casey was used to men and the other hunters staring at her like that, but never her own father. Earlier today, he took a look while she was in her towel, but it wasn’t anything like this.

Her dad didn’t even look ashamed at being caught; bahis firmaları in fact, he smiled at her. “You’re quite the woman now, Casey.” He closed the door behind him and stepped further into the room. “I figure it’s time you learn a thing or two.”

“Please tell me this isn’t about the birds and the bees, Dad,” Casey answered. “That was all covered in school.” He was acting strange, and she didn’t like it. “I really would like to get back to sleep, can’t this wait?”

“It can’t, Casey,” her dad said, suddenly moving in closer to her. His eyes roamed down along her breasts. Her breasts stretched the t-shirt she was wearing tight over them, and without a bra on, her nipples would poking out against the fabric. “I see how you act, how you dress. My once innocent little girl is nothing more than a slut.”

Casey was at a complete loss for words at his accusations. How did he even know, and even if he did, why would he say something like that? “I think you should leave right now, Dad.” Casey glared at him. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but don’t talk to me like that.”

“I’ll talk to you however I damn well please, slut,” her dad snarled. “First your fucking monsters, then Grant, now random men? I thought I had raised you better than that. But if you’re going to be acting like a whore anyway I might as well take advantage myself.”

Her father grabbed hold of her arms and pressed her up against the wall face first. He pushed in closer to her, pinning her down. His hands moved down and groped her breasts through her shirt. His breath was hot against her neck, and his hands insistent and rough.

“Let me go,” Casey cried out. “Take your fucking hands off of me.”

“Why? So you can go fuck some other guy? Maybe suck Derek off while his wife is in the same room this time? Maybe go beg that trickster, Jordan, to bend you over in another alley and fuck you?” her father hissed in her ear. His fingers twisted her nipples almost painfully. “I know a slut like you needs all the cock she can get, so you might as well take mine.”

Casey’s eyes grew wide at his words. She could feel him behind her, the growing bulge in his pants that was pressing against her ass. A whimper escaped her lips as he groped her breasts harder. “Dad, please don’t do this,” she begged.

“Normally you’re kaçak iddaa begging for cock, aren’t you Casey? This must be the first time you ever asked a guy to stop before.” Her dad’s hand slid down her front and forced its way into her shorts. “Look how fucking wet you are already, you must have been lonely in your bed, missing having your pussy stuffed.” His fingers pressed into her body, invading her sex.

Her dad was stronger than her; Casey couldn’t push him away. He forced her to accept his rough unwanted touch. “Stop,” she pleaded, but he didn’t.

He yanked her shorts off of her, letting them fall down her legs and onto the floor. Then Casey heard the zipper of her dad’s pants being pulled down and a moment later felt the hot bare length of his cock resting between her ass cheeks. His hands tightened around her hips, keeping her in place as he grinded slowly against her.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this, Casey,” he growled. “You’re always parading your ass around, showing off your tits to everyone with a dick.” His hands slapped down against her ass, and Casey winced. “Now you finally get what’s coming to you.”

“Daddy, please,” Casey cried out, “stop this before-“

She was cut off as her father lined his cock up with her pussy and pressed forward into her. His thick cock spread her lips and sank deep inside of her. He shoved into her until his hips slapped against her ass. Her father was barely in her for a moment before he was pulling out and thrusting back into her.

“Fuck, you’re pussy is so tight, Casey,” he hissed. “After being such a slut I thought you’d be a loose, used up whore.” He drove his cock completely inside of her again. “I should have done this earlier, maybe you wouldn’t have turned into such a slut if I had been giving what you needed at home.”

Casey couldn’t form words. The sensation of his cock inside of her, of her own dad fucking her from behind, was too much for her to process. His forceful, greedy thrusts only picked up speed as he used her. Casey had never once fantasized about her father, but now she was here, moaning around his cock. She wanted to fight against him, but she was both too weak and couldn’t muster the will too.

He was right about her, she was a slut and craved cock, and he felt amazing inside of her. kaçak bahis His hands moved up her body and grabbed onto her t-shirt. Instead of pulling it off over her head, he just ripped it straight down the middle and let it fall off her. Casey was left completely naked and pinned against the wall, her dad’s cock balls deep in her wet pussy. His hands reached up and held onto her bare breasts as his hips slapped against her ass.

“You’ve got the perfect body to be an eager little slut, Casey,” he groaned. “With tits like these you must be driving men crazy.” His fingers pressed around her nipples and pulled a cry from Casey’s lips. “You belong to me now, you understand that?” Casey nodded. When she did, his hand came down and slapped her right asscheek hard, leaving a handprint. “Say it, slut.”

“I belong to you now,” Casey moaned.

“Good girl, I’m going to teach you how a proper slut behaves. No more running around and looking for cock, I’ll give you all you need.” He pushed in tighter to her, keeping her utterly trapped between his body and the wall.

“Yes, Daddy,” Casey whimpered. “I’ll be a good girl from now on, the best little slut I can be for you.” The pleasure grew even stronger as she declared her place

“That’s a proper answer, Casey. Now, here comes the first of many loads I’m going to be pumping into that slutty pussy of yours.” Her dad slammed forward into her, pushing his cock as deep as it would go into her.

“Daddy, pull out, you’ll get me pregnant,” Casey moaned. The pleasure was too much for her to honestly care at that moment.

“That’s a risk you’ll have to take, slut,” he grunted.

With that, her father’s cock pulsed inside of her and sent a flood of his hot seed deep into her. Casey could do nothing but whimper and moan on top of his cock. Her own climax overtook her. His warm cum pumped right into her womb, leaving her screaming out in ecstasy.

With a start, Casey woke up. Her heart was racing, and her body was covered in sweat. And that wasn’t the only thing that was wet either. Her pussy was more soaked than ever, even more than after the dream about the werewolves.

She kicked the sheets off of her body and lay there in bed, breathing heavily. That was the most disturbing dream she ever had in her life. Not just because it was about her dad forcefully taking her and that she had enjoyed it so much. The real worry was that she didn’t know which dream she had enjoyed more, being taken by an entire pack of werewolves or by her own father.

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