Mom’s not to old

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Stepping out through the glass door onto the balcony I felt the cool night air wash over my naked body. The moonlight was so bright I could see out across the downward slopping lawn to the very edge of the lake. Turning back toward the open door I could see the sheet covered figure laying still and comfortable on the bed. The silk sheets out lined the curves of her body. The breasts were proud and full the waist was small while the hips were just wide enough to accent the small waist.

I had made love to her for over an hour till we were both sweaty and tired. Sleep had come easy for both of us. However some thing had woke me and I was not sure what it was. I saw nothing out of the ordinary no unusual shadows on the lawn all was still. Looking at her sleeping, the sheets rising with each deep breath out lined the hard nipples. My cock was now pointing up toward that bright moon. I felt shivers but they were not from the cool evening air; no they were from wanting her again.

She rolled over to face me as I slipped back into bed. She was still asleep but reacting to the movement of the bed. I rolled her over on her back and came up between her legs. My cock was just touching the wet lips of her cum filled cunt. I hooked a leg and lifting it high in the air I rammed forward. My cock drove home to the hilt and I saw her eyes open and smile as she looked up into my face. My hips lifted and lowered forcing my cock to the hilt on every downward push.

Her cunt was tight around my cock and yet slippery enough to work well. I could feel her twisting under me and jerking her ass up to meet every thrust. It was only a minute till she let out a cry” Oh God, Oh God, fuck me. Darling fuck Mommy hard.” I arched my back driving my cock hard into her as I once again filled her with a load of sperm. Jerking, rolling and twisting we came to a stop all rolled up in the sheets. My cock still embedded in her hot tight cunt.

“Geez Mom I cannot get enough of your pussy. You’re a great fuck and wow, that fucking blow job you gave me tonight was the best.” I told her.

“ Cody, we were drinking and we let things get out of hand but we must not do this again. After all I am your mother and boys should not fuck their mother’s.” I heard her words yet there was brightness in her eyes that told me that this night was not over. Since we had driven up to the lake we may as well stay for a few days and enjoy ourselves.

I was second to shower so when I came out I smelled the bacon and coffee. Wrapped in a towel I entered the kitchen. Mom was dressed in a terry cloth pull over that barely came below her crotch. I took her in my arms and kissed her full on the mouth. The kissed was returned as I felt her nipples stiffen against my chest. “Sit down and have your breakfast before it gets cold.” She said,

“Sure Mom, but I would like to see you suck on this first.” I said as I lifted my towel and showed her my hard on.

“ Cody, PLEASE don’t do this we made a mistake and how we must not.” She stopped in mid sentence as I pulled her down in front of me. There was little resistance to my pulling her by the arm. She dropped to her knees in front of me. She did not even look up before half of my cock disappeared into her mouth. I watched as her head started bobbing up and down taking my cock deeper each time. I told her how good it felt and she lowered her head till I felt the head start to enter her throat. “ Oh, god Mom what a fucking cocksucker you are.” “I am going to cum.” I shot a hot load of cum straight into her belly. She jerked back letting the next spurt fill her mouth. She sucked me dry and licked me clean. She looked up at me as my cock slipped from her mouth. She smiled and I lifted her face up so I could kiss her. I stood, pulled her to her feet with me. I circled her shoulders with my arms and just held her close. She pushed me away and said,” Ok, now eat your cold breakfast.” avcılar üniversiteli escort She was laughing with me.

We had gone to the dock to swim for a few minutes. Now we were lying in the sun and I said, “ Mom, Let us go up to the house and make love again?”

“Oh, Cody we must stop this before we go home. Your father will be home on Monday and we just came not do this any more. Do you understand?” I told her I understood fully but this was only Sunday afternoon and we still had time. As we entered the bedroom I pulled on the small string holding her bottom tight around her hips it fell to the floor. “ You got a great ass Mom, I want to fuck you in the ass.”

“Oh, my it has been a long time since I had any one fuck me in the ass. Your so big maybe we should not do that.” She said. But some thing told me I had awakened an old sensitive memory. “Tell me about it Mom?” I ask

“Oh, Cody it was so long ago. but if you must know. It was way back in college before I met your father. I had gone to a party with a girl friend and before long we were kind of high. the drinks were strong and so when a couple of her friends came on to us I just let it happen. After all they were her friends and one was even her brother. Her brother was a very handsome guy he was not dark like Louise he was light tan all over except for his cock it was dark brown. Louise and I were taken up to a large bedroom and were soon naked. I think there were three guys and just us two girls. I watched as Louise started to suck this guys cock. I had never seen any one suck a cock before. I had of course but I had not watched and it really turned me on.

Her brother Roger, was feeling my pussy and had slipped a finger into my ass at the same time. That really felt good so when he got me on my hands and knees with the third boy in front of me I just let then have there way. First I was sucking a very thick, very black cock while someone started taking pictures but I did not care at this point. Then Roger pushed his big cock in my cunt from the rear. That was the first time I ever had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time.” I interrupted her there and ask. “Mom, did you like two guys fucking you at once?”

She said that was only the first time and yes it has always been a very exciting thing for he to feel two cocks in her at the same time..” she went on with her story as I listened I started to get an idea of how I could get her again to enjoy two cocks at once. I came back to her story when she said,” Roger kept taking his cock out of my pussy and rubbing the wet head up on my ass I knew that he wanted to stick his cock in my ass. I had heard of such a thing so I thought it was time for me to find out for myself just how it felt. I felt him start to push on my asshole, I relaxed telling him to take it easy. He did and before long I felt the head enter my ass.

I have never been so hot in my life as I was that moment.. I was still sucking the guy in front of me and he started to cum. I wanted to suck his cum and drink as much as I could. I was so hot I cum and that seem to ignite Roger so he shot his load up my ass. The thought of cum filling my mouth and my ass at the same time was too much and I passed out. I did not recover for a long time. When I came too Louise was sitting next to me on the bed. We both were still naked. I ask her what happened and she said, I just got too hot. Roger walked in from the bathroom he was also naked. I was watching his long brown cock swing from side to side. Louise notice me looking at his cock.

So she said, “Roger come here, and let my friend Ellen suck your cock I think she is in the mood.” Louise was so right about that. I sat up on the edge of the bed with Roger standing in front of me. I sucked his cock hard and then I sucked it till he cum in my mouth. He avrupa yakası escort was the first one that ever talked to me as I was sucking and it turned me on to be called a cocksucker and a fucking white whore. I guess that is why I still get hot when you talk dirty to me.” She looked up at me and said, “ Cody you should not talk dirty to your mother.” I said, “ OK, sure Mom , I‘ll not call you a fucking cocksucker any more or a great fuck. OK” she shook that off and said, that was about all there was to that story.

She did not resist as I rolled her over on her back then pulling her up on all fours. I had planed this for some time so I went to my gag and got out a tube of K-Y jelly . I cover my cock and her tight little ass hole. As I applied pressure to her ass with the head of my cock I was sure she gave a little push back to assist me. The head slipped in the tight opening and it was so exciting to see my cock disappear into my mothers ass. I had fucked an ass or two before but this was my mother’s tight little ass and that made it special. She was making sounds of pure lust and wiggling her hips in rhythm to my slow thrusts each one going deeper and deeper. It was not long before my cock was up to the hair in her wonderful ass.

Mom, cried out , “Oh, Cody I am going to cum, fuck me faster , fuck Mommy.” I did and I joined her as I shot my cum up her ass. What a moment that was. For the next twelve hours we screwed and licked one another to several climaxes. When we packed up for the drive home Mom made me promise that this was the last of this. We were never to talk of it or do it again. I promised and at the same time I was plotting a way to get my buddy Orville to join me in fucking Mom. I was sure they both would enjoy it and it would only be a first time. For there would be more I was sure.

I was really tired so I let Mom drive home. I did not talk about our adventure for several days. But then I started to get horny. I was trying to keep my grades up in my first year at city college. Living at home made it easy but there was still a lot of studying to do. One afternoon I got home early and found Mom taking a nap on her bed. She was dressed in only panties and a bra. I stood there looking at her getting hornier by the second. I could not help myself I dropped my jeans on the floor and climbed onto the bed. Mom, let me pull her panties down with out coming fully awake. Her pussy was wet and it was easy to part her legs and ram my cock deep into her juicy cunt.

She jerked awake and pushed up on my shoulders with both hands, but to on avail. I was in her and fucking her hard and fast. She only resisted for a few second and then joined me. She wiggled her ass and bounced up to meet my every thrust. she let out a scream and I knew she was about to cum, I jerked hard and drove my cock to the bottom of her hot wet cunt. I shot off with her screaming for me to fill her up and I did. Before I was completely done I pulled out and moved my dripping cock up near her face Mom looked at my cock and quickly took it into her moth to finish it off. She went wild sucking and licking the cum off my cock trying to take in deep into her throat. I said, “ God, Mom, you are still the best cocksucker I have ever known.” My cock slipped from her mouth and she looked at me. “ Oh, son, I wanted it as much as you I know. I know now that we can not stay apart so when ever you want and we are alone I want you to come to me. I really wanted to suck your cock so thanks for letting me.” I went to my room and Mom followed still wearing only a bra.

I sat on my bed and said, “ Mom, we still have an hour before Dad gets home so why don’t you get the K-Y jelly and let me screw that fine tight ass of yours.” She giggled and headed for the bathroom to get the jelly. She came back to find me laying on my back my cock half hard so I said, “ Come bağdat caddesi escort over here you fuckng cocksucker and suck me hard so I can fuck you in the ass like that big black guy did. You like big black cock don’t you Mom?” She was squatting between my legs so her tits were hanging down the way I like to see then when she answered me . “Yes there was a time when I loved black cock.” I said, “ Well I have a good friend at school who is black and I think he would enjoy joining us for an afternoon of lust and wild fuckng. I would love to watch you suck his cock.” she jerked her head up and smiled saying “Cody, I am too old for that any more.” I said, I did not think so and maybe she should meet him first before she said, NO .

The day was Saturday, the time was morning. Dad was on the links with his friends while Mom and I were on our way to my friend Orville’s apartment. He answered the door and stepped back to allow us to enter. Mom, stood looking up into a smiling face. He said, “ Your more beautiful that Cody described.”

Mom stood close to him and said, “ Cody did not do right by you either Orville. your very handsome.” Mom could not say another word for Orville took her in his arms and pulled her to him kissing her on the mouth. I could see her responding to his kiss and the touch of his hand on her generous breast. I watched as my cock came alive like never before. My god, my mother was kissing a black guy and she knew full well she was going to get fucked by two guys. He turned her loose and we moved to the living room. I put my arms around Mom and said, . “ Well I guess you approve of my friend.” she said, Yes he was very nice looking.” Orville came over holding two drinks “ I know it is early but I think we need a drink to get acquainted.” Mom and I accepted the drinks we were all smiling.

Orville said, “Ellen is that right?”

Mom, smiled an said “ Yes” the was right. I had told Orville that Mom, got hot if someone talked dirty to her. So he said, ‘ Ellen, you got one hell of a body. I think I would like to see you naked. Why don’t we all get relaxed and comfortable. Mom sat her drink down we both watched as she pulled her jersey off over her head. Her bra was a thin soft one that let her nipples show through. she loosed her jeans letting them drop tot he floor. Orville said, “Wow , nice fucking tits Ellen. Turn around so I can see that fine ass Cody was telling me about.”

I think Mom was blushing as she turned her back to us. Not looking at us she said, “ I hope Cody did not tell you too much.” I said, “ No Mom I let him figure out most of it. but he had already told me he loved a good ass to fuck.” She turned around to watch as we dropped our jeans to the floor. Orville was naked under his jeans. His long black cock was coming up to show off for mom.

“Here“ he said, “ I think I would love to see you wrap your soft white lips around this. You do like to suck cock don’t you?” Mom never answer she just dropped to her knees in front to him taking his cock head into her mouth. I said, “ Now there is sight to remember, my mother sucking a big black cock. My mother the cocksucker.” My own cock was throbbing to the point I thought I would cum just watching her.
Mom was sucking his long cock down her throat and wanting more. She was holding his balls while rubbing a finger on his ass hole. I could see he was close but I wanted to join in on this first climax. So I got behind her pulling her panties down below her ass I got my cock into her cunt just in time to feel her cunt quiver and tighten in jerks. I had never thought about it but her cunt was convulsing to every pulse of his cock shooting cum into her mouth.

God, what a feeling this was Mom cunt tighten around my cock as he cum in her mouth. Orville shot her mouth full and she could not take it all letting much of it run down her chin. I shot my load up her cunt till I could not cum any more. I was standing as I watched Mom, let Orville’s cock slip from her mouth. Orville , took his limp cock in his hand and rubbing the cum all over her face. He said, “You are one hell of a cocksucker Ellen, White or back your good, Bitch,”

I knew that this threesome was going to be something special there would be more meeting I felt sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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