Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 16

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I woke that morning wishing I could roll over, spoon up against Beth’s sleeping body and just go back to sleep, but, alas, I had woken to the real world. I didn’t hit the snooze and just rolled out of bed to start moving.

Sometimes dwelling in bed not wanting to get up was in a way its own torture by laying there not wanting to move, so I decided to just do it.

As Beth continued to sleep, I took my time taking a shower and shaving then hit my closet in search of something to wear. Normally, I was rarely scheduled for Friday work at the firm, but today they had scheduled me to be there for an all-hands meeting conducted by a corporate exec who was going to visit and give a speech this morning. It was also strange that it would happen on a Friday, but I just wrote it off as the exec probably wanted the cover as justification to use the corporate jet for the day or weekend.

Friday was normally casual day at the firm, but that was usually limited to no dress shirt and tie being required.

I went to my closet and found a quality black designer polo shirt and a pair of pleated charcoal gray dress slacks. I also found my black loafers which I planned on wearing with no socks, though I definitely wasn’t going to go commando today so I selected a pair of silk boxers Beth had given me for Christmas a few years back.

I kissed Beth’s shoulder and whispered for her to have a good day then left the room.

The house was totally quiet and as I passed Mom’s open bedroom door I peeked in to see her snuggling a pillow as she lay on her side sleeping soundly. It must have been a late night because Beth and I had not heard her come in.

The morning went fairly quick at work. The exec gave his speech about future business plans and there was a catered lunch of salads and finger sandwiches that consisted of slices of different hoagies. All in all it wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t bad either actually it had been surprisingly good.

A lot of people bailed out afterwards leaving the office more quiet than usual, but I knew how to start my own busy work that I could finish in an hour or two so I’d have something productive to show for myself and hopefully leave a good impression.

About 2:00 my phone buzzed once to indicate I had received a text.

It was from Mom asking if I had plans for tonight. Knowing she was off from work, instead of answering the text, I just gave her a call and stepped out to the outdoor break area to talk.

After some small talk about her not getting back until almost midnight, Mom got to the reason of the call. Darla and her wanted to go out to dinner tonight, someplace nice and wanted to know if I was interested. She said she’d already spoken with Beth and she was all for it and if I agreed, she’d make the reservation.

I told her I thought it was a great idea for a pre trip send-off for her and asked where she and Darla had planned for.

I would have guessed it might be a return to the Mexican restaurant we had gone the first night we crossed the line but, no, they were planning on getting a bit dressed up and going to Giovanni’s, which was an upscale Italian restaurant in the area.

I told her I thought it would be a great idea and told her I was already dressed for it and explained what I was wearing and why. Mom said she thought that was great and that she’d make the reservation.

We talked a bit more as I asked if she was getting excited about her trip. She said she was but she was still “jazzed” about being home too. Of which I had to laugh to myself knowing it was code that she was still horny as hell. After saying our good-byes, I knew for a fact it would end up being another interesting night.

Traffic was a little crazy on the way home, it seemed like everyone was going someplace in all directions. It was summer and Friday and people were either heading for the mountains or the lakes for the weekend. I finally arrived home about 5:50, a little later than usual but still before Beth was expected to arrive.

As I entered the house, I found Mom at the refrigerator slightly bending over to retrieving a chilled, previously opened bottle of white wine.

She was barefooted and dressed only in a sheer emerald green bra and thong set ad from the rear, the material of her thong as they spanned high over her hips to form a yoke as the small of her back before a strip of material disappeared down the crack of her ass. I thought ‘Fucking perfection!’ seeing how the thong framed Mom’s ass and took something already beautiful and kicking it up a notch.

Mom turned, saw me and said cheerily “Hey Honey! Glad the workday’s over?” as she bent the rubber vacuum stopper on the bottle causing it to hiss as she removed it.

“Yeah, and its Friday too on top of it. I have tomorrow off, but I’m scheduled for Sunday morn.” I said as my eyes took in her body from the front as she poured her a glass. The bra she was wearing formed and shaped her luscious puppies together nicely, combining a bit of push up and push in to form a very sexy cleavage. avcılar grup yapan escort I could make out her sexy nipples in the sheer material and I was amazed the bra could shape them so without digging into her skin, but the bra looked totally natural.

“So, are you all packed and ready to go?”

“Yep, all packed and ready. Just get up tomorrow morning get dressed and take off. The flight’s at 9:00 so we better plan on getting to the airport by 7:30 or earlier.”

“How long’s the flight?”

“It’s a long trip. One stop in Atlanta, then another in LA and on to Honolulu from there. It will take about 13 hours. I’ll get there about 5:30 their time.”

“We better plan on getting up early tomorrow then. Is Darla coming to the airport with us? I know Beth is.”

“Yes, we need to pick her up about 7 this evening. She’s going to sleep over and then you can take her home afterwards … or when she’s ready” Mom said with a bit of a giggle, catching herself that most likely all three of us would hang together Saturday.

Mom looked at me with a glint in her eyes and sideways grin as she added “And feel free to use my bed if you have the need for something larger than yours.”

I bounced my eyebrows like Mom does on occasions (knowingly so, and already recognizing how we’re rub off on each other) and just said “Cool”

Mom took her glass up with her to continue getting dressed and I followed behind her watching her fine ass bounce and jiggle a bit as she went up the stairs in front of me. Mom branched off into her bedroom saying she’d see me in a bit and I mentioned I needed to check my email.

As I came into my room, I noticed the camera was still on the nightstand. I grabbed it and put it next to the computer as I started checking my email. Afterwards, I pulled the card from the camera and, opened my encrypted drive on my computer. I then cut the files from the card, and copied them to the drive, leaving the card empty when all the files were saved.

Just as I finished, I heard someone coming up the stairs and a moment later Beth popped into the room just as I stood and turned.

“Hi Baby!” said Beth as she came over and gave me a kiss. “Oooooh you look good!… And you’re ready to go already! Don’t be so anxious, it takes us girls a bit longer” she said with a giggle.

I then explained why I was dressed the way I was and she replied with I still looked nice.

“What are you going to wear?” I had no idea if she even had a nice dress for the occasion.

Beth looked at me and said “Remember when Mom and I went shopping together? You know, earlier in the day before giving you the show that night?…” she asked grinning.

“Ohhh yeah…” I answered with a chuckle.

“Well part of all the clothes she bought me was a dress and heels. Both of which I plan on wearing tonight.” Beth smiled, moved in closer and gave me a peck on the lips before saying “Soooooo, why don’t you go downstairs and find some trouble to get into while Mom and I finish getting ready and surprise you? Hurry I’m running late!”

I laughed and said “Ok, Ok… I’m going.”

I was probably down there for about 30 min before Mom and Beth came down together. I spent my time at the breakfast nook reading the news on the IPad as it played music from the Pandora web site. As they entered the room, I turned to see them.

‘Wow’ I thought to myself as I let out a single whistle. “Damn! We should do this more often! You two look fantastic!”

Mom was dressed in a clingy ribbed dress with laced up front over her cleavage, though the laces did nothing to really hide it, it more likely was designed to draw your eyes to it. It was light gray and trimmed in bright white and black and black, except for the laces which were bright white only. She accompanied it by wearing black, high heeled strappy sandals. She looked great with a bit of makeup and the dress really showed off her figure and legs.

What really surprised me was Beth. She wore what looked like a simple dress that seemed to wrap around her waist almost like a robe would except this was much sexier, and fully outlining her slim waist and sexy figure. Material crisscrossed her chest molding to the outline of her breasts but yet leaving plenty open to show a tasteful bit of cleavage which she highlighted with a coral necklace, and I could tell by the shape of them she was wearing something new that Mom must have bought her at Victoria’s Secret.

The color was a creamy peach and matched well with Beth’s sun-toned skin. She had applied a bit of makeup and her hair was combed back and into a ponytail in such a way it didn’t look casual at all, it was almost elegant four such a simple style.

The hem of the dress fell to at least 4 inches above her knee giving the effect of it being shorter but not too short to be overly provocative, yet it added to the leggy look of her long legs as she stood there, also in a pair of high heeled sandals, except these were light tan where Mom’s were avcılar masöz escort black.

I must have looked dumbfounded as I let my eyes roam each of them as I appreciated them before me like someone would a piece of art.

Beth looked at Mom “I think she likes the way we look” she said with a giggle.

Mom let out a short laugh. “Maybe we should have brought a camera. It looks like a Kodak moment. After all, how often do we see him speechless!” and the both laughed.

“Very funny” I said in mark of playful sarcasm. “But maybe you’re right… The two of you do look exceptionally good tonight!”

They both thanked me. Mom had a clutch and Beth handed me her phone and asked if I would carry it for her, which I did, sliding it into my pants pocket and we left right away, hoping to make it to Darla’s house by 7.

Mom gave her a quick call as we drove over and she was ready as soon as we pulled into her driveway.

As we pulled in, she opened the door and pulled it closed behind her and then walked to the SUV with her arm slid into the handles of a large purse which were slid up over her shoulder.

She too looked fantastic! Her bobbed blonde hair was nicely styled and her makeup was perfectly applied. It immediately went through my mind that I could. Probably think of at least 5 sexual things I’d love to do to her that would mess up that hair and makeup.

She wore a halter dress which was a teal blue color with matching heels, both of which complemented the tan she had.

Where Mom’s halter she had worn to the Mexican restaurant on that special night was a sundress, Darla’s was more of a cocktail dress that was form fitting, similar to what Mom was wearing and clung to the right places on her body. Even from a distance as she walked forward to the car I could see a slight bounce of her breasts and outline of her nipples. I felt a mild twinge below as I wondered if she was wearing a bra or not.

Mom opened the back door and slid in, tossing her large bag in the back as she said “Hey there!” closed the door and asked “How’s everyone today?” as she leaned over and gave Mom a soft peck on the lips in such a way as not to mess up any lipstick and we all said Hi back as she leaned forward to give Beth a kiss too.

The then turned her head toward me and said “I can’t forget my Johnny and gave me kiss on my cheek as I put the vehicle in reverse. Beth giggled seeing the lip marks left from her lipstick and reached over to smudge it off with her thumb as I drove.

Darla settled in next to Mom and they weaved their arms together as they sat close to one another. Darla was her usual perky self as we drove along and the girls started talking.

I looked back in the rearview mirror and saw both of them happy and content and with a side glance to Beth who was twisted in the passenger front seat to look at them as she too participated in the conversation. Darla’s upbeat mood and smile was contagious and immediately formed a happy female threesome.

I felt really strange. I had never seen or felt as happy and satisfied as I did now, seeing them the way they were and feeling what I was feeling.

When we arrived at Giovanni’s I was surprised to see the place. I had always heard it was special with old world atmosphere and the food was memorable but I had never heard that it was laid out like old New York City Italian styled restaurants were years ago.

The ambiance was nice with the lighting considerably muted which highlighted the candles on each table but what was really different was the layout of the restaurant. It was a maze of seating consisting of both roomy booths and tables designed for privacy. Some sections even had drapes that could be drawn which reminded me of old gangster movies. I could see why they had the reputation of being the most romantic restaurant in town.

As we entered, Mom went straight to the Maitre D’ who happened be an older gentleman and told him our last name and that we had reservation for a party of four.

I saw his immediate smile as they made eye to eye contact and I knew he thought she was good looking and struggling not to let his eyes appraise her more. I had seen it so many times before.

We were quickly shown into an alcove that contained only two private booths and a table for two. I could see the other booth was occupied, but I could only see the tops of their heads over the old timey booth dividers.

I immediately thought with us, we could easily get in trouble with a place like this as we were shown the other booth. Beth was first to slide in and Mom naturally slid in next to her as Darla slid in first with me following on our side of the table.

As we sat there, Darla was on my left and though the booth was spacious, she still sat closely with just enough room for her body to be contacting mine. I looked across the table at Mom and Beth. They were both looking at us with half grins and half smiles as if Darla and I were on stage. Darla must have noticed avcılar otele gelen escort it too because she fed her arm through mine and announced that she had the “man of the group” now.

Surprisingly, we all behaved ourselves but I kept the place in mind for future date nights with Mom, Darla or a dinner night out with Beth. We exchanged small talk as the waiter came and we ordered wine, an antipasto plate to share for an appetizer.

As we snacked Darla was the first to breach calling the night before. “So, did I interrupt anything last night when I called?”

Mom gave a giggle and said “Not really, John joined me as soon as he got in from work and then Beth joined us as soon as she got home from having dinner with her father. We were just discussing something when you called.”

“Oh? I hope I didn’t interrupt something important” said Darla honestly.

Beth glanced at Mom, then at me with a grin and said with a giggle “Not so much important as… different” she said with a blush.

Darla looked at Mom then me and then back to Beth. She could tell Beth was being a bit coy on purpose. “Oh, something tells me this I have got to hear!” she said quietly with her Beth-like giggle.

Beth told her the whole story of what happened during and after dinner, then how she came straight home and jumped in bed with us and immediately wanted to fuck. Mom added that leaving them to meet her and their friends gave them time to talk it out.

“Oh my god! You know how situations like that turn me on! What have you decided to do?” asked Darla to Beth.

Beth gave her a shy looking grin and then glanced at me and Darla caught it as Beth answered “Well, I haven’t decided yet…”

“Really? Why’s that? She said with a snicker and quickly glanced at me and back to Beth. “John doesn’t…”

“Oh, no, no…” said Beth cutting her off. “He’s been the perfect partner and said he’d support me in whatever I decide and I believe him.”

“That’s precious!” said Darla with a smile and then turned to me and said “I knew there was something I liked about you!” and gave me a peck on my cheek. Mom just smiled as she watched and listened.

Darla turned back to Beth and asked “So what’s holding back on your decision?”

Beth explained that it was a lot of things to think about. How she had always wanted to join her mom and dad in bed and be with both of them to being more obsessed with her mom later. As she explained she hadn’t thought about her dad in sexual terms for years but admitted it was definitely growing on her now.

Beth, to my surprise also told Mom and Darla about the pictures and the porno magazines he kept under the bed. She also talked about her plan to go snooping Sunday morning to see if she could find the pictures saying if he threw them out, she’d be angry and wouldn’t go any farther with him, but if he managed to hide and save them, that would turn her on more and give credit to her dad for saving them.

Darla looked transfixed from Beth’s story but managed to ask “What makes you think you could find them?” and Beth answered with she knew all his usual hiding places.

A grin came across Darla’s face and she asked “If everything goes right, how far do you plan to go? Your dad’s not a bad looking guy, especially after he started shaving his head when he started going a bit bald” she added with a grin.

“Beth’s eyes glanced at both of us and she said “Well, I don’t know… Who’s to say he’ll even want to, but if he did, Maybe I’d start with a blow job and go from there” said Beth a bit sheepishly and glancing at me to see my reaction.

I just gave her a grin, tilted my head to the side and shrugged my shoulders very slightly to pass on the body language of “whatever you choose.”

I noticed Mom’s eyebrows bounce at my reaction and I also knew Darla had sensed it from feeling my subdued shrug. Darla glanced at Beth then at me as she said. “I have a feeling that you guys will enjoy sharing a secret or two!” with a giggle just as the waiter showed up with the main entrées.

The wine continued to flow as we finished off our dinner and dessert and even though they had been eating, I could sense Mom and Darla loosening up from it and knew it would get even worse when we got home and opened another bottle.

I wondered what the night had for us considering we had an early rise planned to get to the airport on time and knowing Mom and Darla would want some personal time sleeping together.

We finally made it home and as usual, we gravitated to the breakfast nook. Darla was the first to reach it, and slid into the stool at the end. Beth slid one out and pulled it close to Darla leaving an empty spot at the counter, which I slid into and leaned against it, leaving the other stool open for Mom who was presently opening another bottle of wine.

I sensed Mom may have had something sexual in mind tonight. Mom normally doesn’t have more than a glass a day, if that, except lately when there might be the anticipation of sex.

Darla and Beth were talking about how Beth loved her new home since moving in when Mom slid their glasses across the counter to them, did the same for mine and then came around to the front of the nook. She pulled the remaining stool away from the counter, positioning it close to me and facing more toward Beth and Darla before sliding her ass onto the edge of the seat.

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