Mom’s Neighborhood Studs Ch. 2

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I’ve expanded my circle of studs since that first day two years ago with Mark and Steve. One day, Mark told me that his younger brother, Jimmy, was definitely ready for sex, since all he did was talk about girls, but couldn’t find himself a girlfriend. Would I do the honors? Of course! It was a lot of fun blowing the virginal cock and giving Jim his first pussy. The kid loved it! He’s so cute. Jim is far more into trying new things than his brother. Since then he’s experimented with fucking my tits and he’ll even eat everyone’s cum out of both my pussy and asshole. I love having both Steve and Mark recline on the bed, as I bend down in front of them to suck their cocks. Meanwhile, Mark’s kid brother gets behind me to lick my freshly-fucked, gaping butthole!

And oh, do those guys love fucking my ass and unloading deep up my bowels! I love it up my rear-end, too, and they’ve nicknamed my backdoor “famous anus.” We’ve even experimented with both double and triple penetrations. That for me is best. I love being crammed with cock in all my holes at once and having them shoot their sperm into me! What a feeling it is to have one big, thick young cock sliding up inside my juicy cunt, while another prick pounds away in my tight asshole. All the while, I’m slobbering over a third cock, working its way down my throat. And then they flood me with cum!

Recently I found a new partner. Mark and Jim’s young cousin, Perry, was paying them a visit for a few days, and they brought him over for a five-some. A gang-bang really. Perry wasn’t a virgin but he was soooo cute.

He looked like an angel with his blondish-brown hair, soulful browns eyes, but rather devilish smile. And wow, what a cock this kid had on him! A real hunk of antalya escort meat. I had to measure him and he came out to eight-and-a-half inches long and over six inches in girth. I proceeded to give him the best blow job I knew how. Taking his balls in one hand, and the shaft in the other, I lowered my mouth down over his enormous prick. I deep-throated him as best I could, coating the thick shaft with my saliva.

“Oh, god, can you suck!” Perry groaned.

When I sensed he was about to shoot, I began fisting his cock causing him to cry out in pleasure. He then shot his semen all over me. There was so much! I actually laughed as he blew all that hot, sticky sperm all over my face and breasts. What didn’t drip off of me onto the floor, I scooped up and swallowed. After milking every drop of juice from Perry’s cock, I gave the cockhead one final kiss and said “Now it’s time to FUCK!”

And did we ever! After Mark, Steve and Jim took turns fucking me, it was Perry’s turn. With my legs spread and my cream-pie pussy exposed, Perry got in-between to work his mammoth tool inside me.

“Oooooohhhhh, my god!” I cried, at his penetration. “Oh, Yes! Oh, Perry, fuck me!” As Perry began sliding in and out, I cried out in a way that I never had before: deep, guttural, grateful. Perry held my legs wide apart as he increased his tempo, fucking my cunt faster and faster.

“Oooooohhhh! Oooooohhhh!” I cried. Perry pounded my cunt over and over, harder and faster, giving me such intense pleasure. As the others guys watched with envy, they started breathing heavily, urging him on.

“Yeah, Perry! Fuck her! Fuck her harder!” Then they began fisting their erect cocks to the sight of my being heavenly fucked by kepez escort this god-sent, immaculate erection. Taking my eyes off of the young adonis, I noticed Mark, Steve, and Jim standing over me, furiously fisting their cocks, dripping pre-cum all over the place. It totally got me off as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure shot through me. I couldn’t stop cumming!

“Aaahhh!” Perry yelled. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh yes, baby! Give it to me! Cum in me!” Did he ever! Thrusting all the way into me, Perry’s massive prick began twitching, then exploding, spasm after spasm, flooding my cunt with his potent sperm. As Perry was unloading into me the other guys started crying out, too, shooting their sperm all over my face, my hair, my breasts, covering me with cum.

Exhausted, Perry pulled his slick cock out of me, and collapsed by my side. Noticing all the sperm on my breasts, I scooped up as much as I could and brought it to my eager tongue. “Mmmmm,” I said savoring their collective taste.

“Thank you,” I sighed. “All of you.”

It wasn’t long before the guys were hard again, including the Wonder kid himself!

“Fuck her ass, Perry” Mark demanded. Uh-oh, I thought. I’d never had a cock that big back their. “Yeah, fuck her ass!” the others chimed in. Perry was stroking and waving his hard-on at me, teasing and torturing me. Looking up at him and that devilish grin of his, and then down at that massive shaft, I said okay.

“No lubricant, either,” Mark said.

“Like hell!” I countered. I then worked Perry’s incredible cock with lube and nearly came just from greasing him up!

Getting on my hands and knees, I turned to Perry and said “Work it manavgat escort in slowly, baby, but once you’re in, really give it to me!”

He did too. And I took him like a trooper. He slid in and out, slowly at first, letting me accommodate him. Perry then increased his tempo, working that prick in and out of my ass. We eventually we found a ball-slapping pace, and I had yet another orgasm.

“Oh, Perry! Oh, god! Yes! Yes! Fuck my asshole! Fuck it good!” I cried.

“Oh, yeah!” he cried. “Oh, yeah, here it comes!”

My stud cried out with me as he shot another load of hot sperm, deep up my ass, flooding my rectum. With my head buried in my pillow I cried and cooed as Perry flooded my anal tract with his sperm. After that day I really did have a famous anus. It was the best fuck of my life. Too bad Perry lives so far away. That’s one young cock that any woman of any age would love to fuck!

In the meantime, though, I’m doing just fine with my three neighborhood studs and their ready-hard cocks, but I am getting itchy for new experiences.

I’d like to try some new cock (a young one, of course), and I’ve always thought about another cock that’s rather close to home: my son. He’s a good-looking, well-built kid but I’ve always been afraid he might freak out if I drop any hints. I’ve never told his friends that I’d be interested in fucking my own son, and they’ve never asked if that’s a fantasy of mine. It is! I think a lot of mothers secretly would like to fuck their own sons; to climb aboard and ride their cocks to orgasm. The same cock you gave birth to!

If the mothers of my studs only knew how great their sons are in bed and could see how big their pricks are. If I ever see Perry again I’m gonna whisper to him to go for it! I KNOW his mom will thank me! Mark, Jim, and Steve’s mom’s are friends of mine, too. I’ll bet they’ve dreamed at one time or another of what it would be like to fuck and suck their own son’s cocks. I already know. And I recommend it highly!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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