Mommy Goes Shopping with Me

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This takes place in late 1949 after WWII had ended. Sheer nylon stockings were worn by women everyday and some held them up with a girdle, some a garter belt, and some with ‘roll garters’. No one in the story is under the age of eighteen.

It was earlier in the afternoon than I usually got home. I saw Frank’s car in the back of the house so I knew he was inside.

I quietly sneaked inside the house through the kitchen and took off my shoes. I tiptoed through the dining room and peered into the living room.

Mommy was sitting on the front edge of her chair still in her sheer black nightgown she had worn to bed last night. The skirt was bunched up around her waist and the top was down under her teats. She was also wearing beige stockings held up with roll garters. Frank was standing in front of her in the nude with his large uncut cock in her mouth.

Mommy had her left hand on his nut sack fondling his nuts and her right hand was stroking his cock back and forth. Frank was tweaking both of her large nipples with his thumb and forefinger when suddenly he took his right hand and put it behind her head and pulled her mouth all the way onto his cock.

I saw him stiffen and then saw all the excess semen from his ejaculation run out the sides of mommy’s mouth, down her chin, onto her teats, and down onto her black nightgown.

“There you cocksucker. You’ve got all my baby batter for the time being. Now finish your beer so I can leave and go back to work.” said Frank.

He got dressed and Margaret swallowed the last of her beer and stood up with the skirt of her gown falling down around her thighs just above the tops of her stockings but her teats still showing.There was no modesty shield in the pubic area of the gown so her hairy cunt showed right through the material for anyone to see. She wiped her hand across her mouth and kissed him on the mouth.

“Oh darling I just love sucking your uncut cock.” she told him.”It tastes so good to me.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoy it because Marie certainly doesn’t”. Frank told her. “She can hardly stand it when I fuck her. I have to get back to work now.” and he turned and left out the side door.

After he left I made an appearance into the living room where mommy was still standing. She was startled to see me and tried to pull up the top of her nightgown.

“Don’t even bother Mommy.” I said. “You’ve got his semen all over your teats and on your gown, your stocking tops are showing and I saw you sucking his cock.” I told her. “Now finish your beer and I will get you a couple of more. Since daddy is gone for a couple of days perhaps we can play together till he returns.”

She quickly quaffed down the remains of her beer, looked a little unsteady on her feet, and promptly sat down on her chair. I went to the refrigerator in the kitchen and got out three more bottles of beer, picked up an opener, and went back into the living room.

Mommy had pulled the skirt of her gown up again and I could clearly see her black haired pussy as well as her hairy thighs. Not only did mommy have a very hairy pussy, but the hair trailed up to her navel giving her what was known as a ‘treasure trail’. It was quite uncommon in most women and those who had one were deemed as ‘royalty’. She had stopped shaving about a year ago because she was afraid she would cut herself if she shaved and also because daddy had told her to stop shaving if she was going to be drunk everyday. Her teats had spilled over onto the bodice of her gown and her large red nipples looked pretty enticing.It was obvious she had rouged them for Frank as he made his appearance earlier that afternoon.

I opened a beer and handed it to her. She swigged about half of it down at once and in doing so, spread her legs wide open so I could see her rather long cunt lips. I could also see clearly the long hair on her legs that was matted down by her stockings.

“I think I will fix us some dinner this evening so you can get fucking drunk again if you want to. If you would like me to I might even be persuaded to change into some nice lingerie and high heels, and then spend the rest of the night in bed fucking and playing with you.” I told mommy.

“Oh darling, I would love you to get changed right now before you even think about fixing dinner. I want so to play with your fucking cock tonight and have you sleep with me. Now let me have anotheer bottle of beer and then you can help me take a piss before you change clothes.” she replied.

Mommy drank her beer quickly, got out of her chair rather unsteadily so I had to help her walk to her chamberpot. I pulled the hem of her gown up as she spread her long cunt lips apart and the hissing of her stream began immediately. She pissed for about two minutes, then it subsided into a trickle. I helped her back to her chair, running my hand through her wet cunt hair as I did,then gave her the final bottle of beer and went to my bedroom to get my lingerie.

I chose a black eight strap garter girdle, sheer black hose with a Havana heel, antalya escort a sheer black cut out bra, which I knew she would enjoy seeing me wear, and a pair of one and a half inch leather pumps. I took my clothes off and took my lingerie downstairs so she could see me dress in front of her. She liked it when I donned my feminine attire in front of her.

She was still sitting in her chair when I went into the living room and she immediately dropped her gaze to my swaying uncut prick. I sauntered over to the sofa with my cock still swinging back and forth and deposited my lingerie onto the cushion of the sofa. She had once again lifted the skirt of her gown so her hairy cunt was showing as well as her teats.

“What do you want me to put on first Mommy.” I asked. “My bra or my garter girdle?”

“Why don’t you slip into your bra honey?” she answered. “I like seeing your nipples peek out of the opening.”

I appeased her by slipping on the bra and hooking it. Then I slipped my garter girdle on, carefully pulling up so it covered my ass.

I sat down on the sofa so I could fold the nylons down and slip them on my legs. Mommy got out of her chair and staggered over to where I was sitting and said “I just have to get closer to you honey. I want your fucking cock so badly I can hardly wait for it to fuck me.”

She sat down next to me on the sofa and gently took hold of my cock. I knew she wanted to skin it back and forth but I told her I needed to get my stockings on and fasten them so she let loose of my cock.

I pulled first one stocking on then the other. I fastened the front two garters then stood up so I could fasten the other six and make sure they were nice and tight. Then I slipped into my pumps and stood right in front of mommy.

“Now you fucking whore. If you want to suck my cock go right ahead.” I told her. “You seem to never be able to have enough prick around you. It is either daddy, Frank, Lee, or me that you are sucking and fucking so go ahead and suck on it a minute or two. Then I will go in and finish up dinner.”

She took my cock in her right hand and gently fondled my nuts with her left hand. I reached down and tweaked both of her big nipples as she was playing with my cock. It did begin to get erect and when she saw that, she slipped it into her mouth and began sucking it. She played with it for a minute or two, then I told her that was enough. She pulled my long foreskin back down over then head of my cock so it was covered again.

As I turned to head for the kitchen Margaret said “Honey, You look lovely in your female attire. Your stockings are so long and the seams are so straight you simply look elegant. Now I need to piss again and I want to go out on the side porch, so help me get out there please.”

I took hold of mommies arm and guided her out to the side porch where she had a little stool she could sit down on to piss. I lifted the skirt of her gown as she sat so all of her black haired belly as well as all her hairy pussy was showing.

“Now spread your hairy legs wide open and spread your fat cunt lips apart so I can aee your fucking pee hole.” I told her. “When you get that done then just let the piss flow out of your peehole and shoot your stream as far as you can. When you’re finished I’ll come over and give your wet cunt a nice lick and dry it off for you.”

I stood behind her and grabbed her teats as she began pissing. It must have shot out four feet in front of her and even a little further when I squeezed her teats hard. It took her about a minute and a half to finish dribbling. Then I went around in front, kneeled down and ran my tongue up and down her cunt slit sucking on her pee hole as I did so. I finally got her dry enough that she wouldn’t be dribbling when she stood up. The porch floor was soaked with her piss, but I knew she would do it again before we went to bed for the night.

I helped her inside the house and told her to go in the living room and I would finish up dinner. She tottered away in her two inch heels with me watching carefully to see she didn’t fall over.

I fixed two salads, turned the oven off as the potatoes were done baking and set a couple of small rib steaks on to grill. I set two wine glasses on the table, but didn’t know if she would want any or not. Fifteen minutes later I went in and got her for dinner. She had pulled the top of her gown up over her teats and had straightened her stockings up, but that was all. As I reached to get her out of her chair she reached down and grabbed my peter and pulled on it.

“I want to suck it before we eat.” she said.

“No.” I said. “You can suck it to your hearts content right after dinner, but we are going to eat first, I am very hungry and you need some food in your stomach too. Now let’s go to the kitchen darling.”

I escorted her to the kitchen although she was playing with my cock the entire way. It was almost all I could do to keep from getting an erection on the way. I helped her into her chair and as I did so, she reached up and pulled alanya escort the top of her gown down so I was going to look at her large teats all through dinner.

“Honey, you do a great job of cooking. It is very tasty and the wine is so good I’m going to have a refill.” she said. “It will probably make me have to piss all night but I don’t care. You’ll be in bed with me to help me won’t you?” she asked.

I filled her wine glass again along with mine then cleared the plates and got out the dessert plus some brandy. Ice cream always goes better with brandy on it and besides, I could now take a sip of brandy and then suckle her nipples.

Mommy scooted her chair closer to me so she could fondle my cock while eating her ice cream. She tried to skin my foreskin back and forth but was having a hard time doing so. I finally moved her hand away, stood up and went to her so she could stick my cock in her mouth.

“Now you fucking cocksucker.” I told her. “If you want to skin my cock now you can do it. You can also suck it to your hearts content and I’ll give you a protein dessert that you will remember. Then you can wash it down with a shot of brandy.”

Mommy pulled my foreskin back over the head of my prick and engulfed it with her mouth fondling my nuts as she did so. She sucked on it and gave it a few tweaks with her other hand until I could contain myself no longer and told her I was going to give her a huge load of semen in her mouth.

“Come on you big motherfucker. Fill my mouth with your cream.” she said and went right back to sucking my swollen prick.

I erupted in her mouth with a load so big, that even with her mouth closed over my prick, the semen began running out the sides of her mouth and down her chin onto her teats. When she had finally gotten enough and my prick began to sag in her mouth she let loose and pulled my foreskin down over my prick.

“Here. Take this shot of brandy and wash my semen down your throat.” I said. “Then I am done playing with you until we got to bed in a little while and will fuck you several times during the night. Do you understand that mommy?”

“Yes darling. I understand and will you help me when I need to piss too?” she asked. “Oh I feel so fucking wicked tonite knowing I’m going to be sleeping and fucking my son.”

“Well you need to get a good nights sleep because tomorrow after breakfast we are going shopping for some new lingerie for you and you are going to meet Joanne. She is bisexual and she may just want to eat your fucking pussy after she fits you for some clothes.” I said.

I cleaned up the dinner plates and cleaned off the table. Mommy told me she needed to piss again so I herded her out the side door to the porch and told her to squat down and spread her cunt lips. She spurted out a stream that went at least four or five feet in front of her then after about a minute it began trickling back toward her and finally stopped. She stood up, spread her cunt lips again and I licked her very wet hairy pussy.

We went back in the house and, as it was late, I told her we needed to think about going to bed. She agreed, but I told her I wanted to put the ball gag in her mouth so she wouldn’t squeal and scream like a sow in heat when I stuffed my cock in her cunt. Mommy wasn’t very happy about that but finally consented after I told her I would whip her cunt with the quirt if she didn’t. I guess she thought the ball gag was the lesser of two evils.

She sort of staggered toward the bedroom and I knew she slightly drunk. I went to daddy’s dresser and took the ball gag out of the dresser drawer and dangled it in front of mommy. She didn’t want to look at it, but I reminded her I could and would whip her cunt with the quirt and that settled her down a little bit.

I told her to open her mouth and as she did so, I inserted the ball in her mouth. I fastened it behind her head and pulled the straps tight I then told mommy when she wanted me to fuck her she was to take my hand and place it on her hairy cunt and spread it open. I would mount her and fuck her till she couldn’t take anymore cock in her gaping cunt. She nodded her head up and down that she understood and immediately took my hand and put it on her hairy belly.

I helped her onto the bed where she laid back on her pillow with her legs spread wide apart. She pulled her long cunt lips wide open and I asked her if she wanted my cock inside her.

She nodded her head in the affirmative and I thrust the entire length of my very erect prick deep inside her cunt in one push. As I loked at her face I knew I had made her cringe with the impact of my thrust. I simply let my cock lie still in her cunt and let her savor the length and thickness of it for a moment or two.

“Is it good?” I asked her.

She nodded her head vigorously in the affirmative.

Do you want me to leave it there for a couple of minutes or pull it out and push it back in?” I asked.

She signalled that she wanted it in and out so I slowly pulled it out and belek escort then eased it back inside her again.

She then wrapped her nylon clad legs around my back to keep me from pulling it out so far. I must have made her climax because I felt the walls of her cunt get very wet on one of my thrusts inside her. After about six more thrusts in and out I felt her get wet again and the look on her face was one of joy and pleasure

“Mommy. I’m ready to shoot a huge load of baby batter inside your cunt. Do you want me to get you pregnant tonite?” I asked.

She shook her head up and down on the pillow with such gusto and as my semen erupted from the end of my cock I felt her quiver then she went into a real climax for about three minutes wiggling and squirming around on the bed.

I kept my cock inside her for a couple of minutes then went up and squeezed the remaining drops of semen and sperm onto her distended nipples. Momy grabbed hold of it with one hand and pointed to the ball gag with the other. I knew she wanted to suck it clean, so I unfastened the ball gag and she quickly stuffed my nearly flaccid cock in her mouth, sucking it with vigor.

“Get up and get a pair of black bikini panties from my dresser and stuff them in my cunt so I don’t leak you semen out tonite. Then get your fucking cock back in my mouth again.” she said.

I went to her dresser and found the bikini panties she wanted stuffed in her cunt. I went back over to the bed and told her open her cunt while I slipped them inside. When I finished I also slipped her stockings down off her legs and put them on the dresser. Then I walked back to where her face was and let her stick my flaccid cock in her mouth again. She sucked on it until I was sure she had the last drops of semen out of it.

I decided to play with the hair on her legs twirling it around on my fingers. She reached over to play with my cock and I asked her if she needed to be fucked again.

“No. Not yet honey. I will want your big motherfucker inside me again before morning though.” she said.”But I do need to piss right now, so if you help me up I’ll use the potty and I won’t have to take the panties out of my cunt.”

I got out of bed and went over to her side and helped her get to her feet and walked her through the bedroom door to the stairs. She grabbed her cunt lips, pulled them apart and was pissing before she sat down on the potty. She wasn’t kidding when she told me she had to piss. It came out of her pee hole roaring like Niagra Falls. She must have pissed for at least a full minute then suddenly it just stopped.

Mommy got up and I walked her back to bed. She said “I need a bottle of beer now. Then I’ll go back to sleep. You can play with my wet cunt while I’m sleeping dear.”

I went to the kitchen and brought back two bottles. She eyed me as though I was Santa Claus having brought her a new gift. She swigged the first one done without stopping and then started on the second one. She drank about half of it before taking a breath, then finished it quickly. I took the bottles and went back to the kitchen to leave them and went back to the bedroom. She was already down on her pillow and very quiet.

I got back into bed on my side and stuck my left hand down between her legs. Her cunt hair was soaking wet from her pissing. I could also feel just a little bit of my semen leaking out of her cunt even though she had her bikini panties stuffed in it. I played with her wet cunt for a few minutes then turned on my right side and went back to sleep.

About five in the morning I felt her hand grabbing at my dick and her telling me she wanted me to fuck her good again. I reached down and pulled the panties out of her cunt and felt them. They were soaked with semen and her juices.

She laid on her back, spread her leg wide, pulled her long cunt lips open and I mounted her and shoved my fat cock all the way inside her wet cunt. She grunted when I reached her cervix and told me to go easy because my cock was very long. I pulled it out then shoved it right back inside her again as far as I could. She screamed a little bit and then I just left my cock inside her and really started screwing her with it.

That set her off and the first thing I knew was that she was all wet from having had a climax. Then she climaxed again and again and I just erupted with a good load of semen in her cunt. She wiggled and squirmed as my prick kept spewing the seed inside her until finally she said “Enough dear.”

I pulled my still dripping cock out of her cunt and stuck it in her face. She enveloped it with her mouth and began sucking the excess semen off of it.

“Now stick my bikinis back inside my cunt so I don’t lose your precious seed then turn over and nurse me.” she said.

I turned on my left side and she fed me her left nipple while she played with my cock and nylon covered legs. I nursed her quite contentedly for about five minutes when she shifted slightly and put the nipple to her right teat in my mouth. As I nursed she fondled my balls and stroked my flaccid cock, peeling my foreskin back and forth over my cockhead. Finally her hand stopped playing with me and I concluded she had fallen asleep while I nursed her. I let loose of her nipple and turned over on my back so I could get back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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