Mommy and Miranda Ch. 01

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As it happened, my sister Miranda had lost her job at the hospital in Texas. She had been waiting around for several months waiting to be called back. She had no money left. So, I went down in my van and picked up her, and all her stuff, to bring her back to our house, until she got back on her feet. We arrived late one evening after a long twelve hour drive from Houston. We put her in the twin bed next to mine.

Let me explain. My wife was disabled with a back injury and needed a special bed to sleep in. She was in another room. We had a three bedroom house, luckily. So my sister was placed in the bed next to mine.

More explanation is necessary. My Mom was in the third bedroom. She had been evicted by a vindictive daughter-in-law from her home in Wichita. We had brought her to our home first, before my sister, and she had settled in with her cats, waiting for the time to move-on, I suppose.

We lived in a house built in the fifties, but the builder was old-style. He had put in keyholes, and provided keys, which were immediately lost.

Another stipulation. I was an inveterate peeping-tom. I would even peep on my wife, who was always, when physically able, ready and willing to give blow-jobs until she collapsed from exhaustion. She also loved having her pussy eaten out. And, when her body could take it, she loved a good fuck in her thirty year old cunt.

I had a thirty-two year old cock, my Mom had a fifty year old cunt, and my sister had a twenty-two year old pussy. So we were all definitely of age. I’m not sure what anyone (except my wife) was willing to do sexually, but I was going to find out in the coming weeks!

The strange vacation for Mom and Miranda started out well enough for me. At various times during the day, one or the other of my wife, sister, or Mom would be in the little bathroom taking a piss or a shower. If no one was around, I could take advantage, and peep through the old keyhole.

This was often the case. Either my wife would be up at the library, or shopping, or my Mom would be in her room watching her “stories”, or my sister might be out looking for a job. I had retired on a disability from the Army. In any case, I was often alone with one or the other of the females in my family.

I loved most peeping in on my Mom. I could do that when she was sitting on the toilet pissing, or when she was in the shower, or when she was laying on her bed in the spare-room, watching television. If she intended to stay in there a while she might even strip down to her bra and panties, or even less, to relax as she watched her stories.

I loved my Mom, but I loved her tits and cunt even more. And when the house was empty, and she was settled in, I would jerk off for as long as I could, savoring the moment.

When I brought my sister Miranda home to stay with us in the twin bed next to mine I noticed a little reluctance on her part. She had never been married yet, and she had never had a male room-mate, which I would, essentially, be. To be frank, none of the family thought she had ever lost her virginity. We didn’t talk about often, but the subject had come up.

She had dated in high school, but her boyfriend had be abusive, both emotionally and physically. When I later found out about this bullshit ankara escort I taught him a lesson he never forgot. So, anyway, we weren’t sure if she was a virgin, whether she was bi- or lesbian, or what. It didn’t fucking matter anyway, in this day and age, only that she could be happy someday.

One day, when my wife was out shopping, and Miranda was out job-hunting, I was on my knees peeping on my Mom. Finally, after jerking off for a few minutes, she yelled out, “Why don’t you just come in, little man?” Little man, hah.

I opened the door and she motioned me to come over to the bed. You realize my cock was still pointing at the ceiling, as hard as stone.

“You have your father’s prick,” she said, and started stroking it with the experience of a woman who had known a few things about sex.

I took her hand off my cock, grinned, and took off all my clothes. Then, I climbed on the bed and started pushing her slip up her voluptuous body. Looking up close at what I had been peeping at for so long.

She had the hairiest pussy I’d ever seen. No shaving or waxing had touched this cunt. And her tits, never very large, had that softness only real breasts had, with her large nipples, like little cocks, poking out at me.

I didn’t waste time. I went for the gold, after kissing her sexually for the first time. I stuck one finger, then two, then three and finally my whole hand up her cunt, with her moaning all the while. This pussy had been well used. I was going to use it well once again.

“I’ve been waiting for this for years,” she said, and then started coming around my hand.

Enough of this. I wanted some fucking. So, with her pussy massively lubed, I started working my fat cock into her cunt. It wasn’t tight, but it was choice, and it was very good. Fucking and fucking, she kept begging for more and deeper.

I had wanted this since I was eighteen and I fully intended to make this last. So I reamed her pussy for what seemed hours, which it couldn’t have been. Just felt like it.

Finally, after she had come several times, I cried out, “I’m going to squirt my jizz!”

“On my face,” she cried, “do it on my face. I want to feel it and taste it on my face!”

What the fuck. I was game. More than willing. I pulled out and quickly moved up to her face and began giving her “pearls” of love on her face, in her open mouth, and on her heaving tits. This was more like it! And I knew it was surely going to happen again, because she had enjoyed it so much.

She was completely worn out. She may have been one of the original MILFs. Who knows. I went to the bathroom, got a washcloth, and cleaned her up, except for what she had already licked up and consumed.

That was only the beginning of the good times to come. Now I had my wife and my Mom to use sexually. That left only my sweet, virgin Miranda.

Several days later, after a lot of anticipation, I intended to make my move. My wife had gone to bed early, not feeling well. Mom was also in bed and no light was showing under her door. Miranda was finishing up a shower after a long day of job hunting, and, of course, I was at the bathroom door peeping. It had always been my first love, my first introduction to the world of sex.

She stepped out of the escort ankara shower and I noticed again all the superlatives about her body. She had always been a runner, so her legs were muscular with lovely curves. Her pussy I noted again was completely bare. She must have done that for hygienic purposes, because we were sure she had never been with a man. She was incredibly shy and had been never lived with any male room-mates. Only some other girls, of the shy kind.

She began to dry herself off, starting with her little, pixie cut hair. Black as coal and cute as hell. Then she moved down to her lovely, aristocratic shoulders. Onward to her little, cone-shaped breasts with their tiny nipples. So cute one wanted to eat them. Down her waist and curvy back to her hairless cunny. That seemed to receive a little extra rubbing with the towel. Finally, those fine, curvy, muscular legs and her little, doll-like feet. She would have been a perfect princess if such existed here.

I knew that next she would wrap herself in a large towel and come into the bedroom, so I hastily moved from the keyhole and went into the bedroom we shared, got into bed wearing my boxer shorts, and feigned sleep.

As she turned out the bathroom light she was lighted on her way by the night-light in the bathroom, and the lamp we left on beside her bed when one of us hadn’t got to bed yet. She entered the room with her unconsciously regal manner.

She immediately dropped the towel, thinking I was asleep, and put on a teddy. She obviously always wore teddies to sleep in, not quite realizing that one could see right through most of them, seeing all of her assets. It hadn’t troubled me a bit, so far.

This was going to take all the finesse I had. First, I rolled over and asked, “How was your day, sweetie?” I wasn’t prepared for the reaction. She burst into tears, sobbing like I had never heard before, tears running down her high cheekbones.

I immediately hopped out of bed and wrapped my arms about her. She was some six inches shorter, and I could feel those soft, little titties pressed against my chest. My cock starting growing, but now wasn’t the time to let him out. I didn’t press him against her.

I kissed her softly as I hugged her to me. I tasted the salty tears. I gave her a soft, gentle kiss, just to let her know she was loved. She returned it tentatively. Then I just held her for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

“Not really. Just the same old crap. No one needs me. I can’t find a job. And I know you’re tired of me taking up space here.”

“Whoa, sweet girl of mine. Everyone in this family loves you. And you hold a special place in my heart, you do.”

Then, pressing my luck, I again embraced her, but with a little more fervor this time, and allowed her to feel my cock as it stuck out. Then I laid her down on her own bed, familiar territory, and we held each other as she finished her good cry. Finally, I gave her another kiss, and this time I felt some special response.

Her lips were swollen, sensitive, and kissable. I kissed them and she kissed back, a little awkwardly to be sure. She hadn’t had a lot of practice. That’s what this session was for. To teach her ankara escort bayan what she should have learned long ago.

This was the beginning. I made sure she was laid out comfortably on her bed. She was quite tense, enough to feel it in the air. But I knew what she needed, and I think she thought so too.

I started with her adorable feet, after discarding my boxers and releasing the “hound.” I kissed her feet, top and bottom, careful not to tickle too much, then began working on her toes, sucking them as if they were little tit nipples. She giggled, a good sign.

Then I started working my way up those curvy, muscular legs. Smooth and strong, they needed licking, too. And then, I didn’t go for the obvious. Instead, I slowly helped her remove her teddy, as she raised her arms, and became completely naked again. We lay together, my right arm around her shoulder and cuddled.

We then had a good make-out session, as she learned more and more about kissing both American and French styles. Clearly, she was learning something new, and fully enjoying it.

Now was the time to complete the seduction.

I moved my left hand over her breasts, making the tiny nipples come to attention. I kept my right arm around her shoulders as a confidence builder. My left hand had done a good job on her titties, now it was moving to the “mother-lode”. I placed my middle finger on her swollen labia an softly caressed them. Then I moved it up to find a cute, tiny clit, hardly protruding at all. I tickled it, and Miranda giggled again. A very good sign.

My probing finger now explored between the labia and found a veritable fountain of juice just waiting to burst forth. This was the real deal. Cunt-fuck here we come. But even now I knew I had to take care and not blow this one time only opportunity.

“Baby-cakes, we’re going to do something now that I’m sure you’ll enjoy, but if, at any time you want to stop, you just tell me. I love you dearly, and would never hurt you, if at all possible. But something I’m going to do will hurt just for a moment, and will bring you great joy later. Want to try it?”

“I’ve always trusted everyone in my family. That includes you, especially, after what you’ve done for me tonight. Let’s have some fun!”

We were going to do this old-style. Maybe try something different later. First we were going to fuck looking right into each other’s faces.

I got down between her curvy legs, spread them a little more, kissed her little cunny, gave her little clit a lick (she again giggled), then moved my whole body up and over her. I sucked on each little titty, making sure each nipple was still a hard little pearl, and then took my fat cock and pressed slowly and lovingly into her hairless, juiced up pussy.

Finally, with her panting and enjoying so far, I came to her hymen. One strong ram and it was over. She squealed, then I began pumping and they became squeals of pleasure. I worked that virgin pussy good. Never let it be said that I don’t know how to fuck sister pussy!

She was enjoying it so much, as I kept bending over to suck her tits, and fucking the best I knew how, that I don’t believe that she would have ever stopped, except for one little thing.

“What the fuck?”, I heard and I looked over my shoulder to see my wife in the doorway.

That was the perfect time to start coming, and I did. And Miranda must have thought so too. Her pussy juices started leaking out around my cock.

“Baby, I can explain.” And I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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