Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 02

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Mom has a boyfriend

‘Hi mom! I’m home from school. How are you, had a good day, like, I did,’ Rose enthused, with her daughter.

Janice was dreading mom arriving home, thinking she would be angry as hell. There was a funny side, when her mom was accidently sent back to school. Of course she wouldn’t think so. It was a surprise when she bounced, in full of vigour.

Playing truant was dealt with harshly in this county, and Janice had an interview for an internship. When the security guy came to collect her, she had talked her mother into posing as her, in a schoolgirl uniform. Taking the opportunity to talk herself out of going to school was a good idea. Unfortunately everything went wrong, and her mother ended up being dragged to school, instead of her.

It gave her the chance to attend the important interview, which went well. How her mother coped with going to school in her place, was a mystery. Janice was pleased mom wasn’t mad with her, as she had pushed her mother into wearing the school uniform, so it was all her fault.

‘Well, I’m pleased to see you survived school. How was it?’ Janice asked, her mother.

‘Like, yea, fab,’ Rose mimicked those in her class.

They laughed together, and Janice told her, ‘Lay the table, dinner is nearly ready. It’s a special treat, your favourite.’

Cooking dinner for Rose was the least she could do, after her mother’s gallant sacrifice.

‘OK, mom, like, whatever,’ Rose said.

Janice frowned at her mother, with a look of curiosity. Mom was using a teens language in fun on arriving home, but this time she hadn’t been joking. After being in class all day, she must have picked up the teenage phrases, and was automatically using them.

It was surprising she hadn’t gone straight to her room to change out of the school uniform. Dressed like that her mother looked like a schoolgirl, and could pass for one of her eighteen-year-old friends. However, she was twenty-six and this morning she sounded and behaved like an adult.

Her mother was smiling, and singing some hip-hop song about a boyfriend.

‘Language!’ Janice heavily said.

Janice sounded like her mother, but the lyrics were too rude to let go.

‘Sorry, mom. Like, it was just a song, yea, I know, sorry,’ Rose said.

Janice took a good look at her mother again. Playing at being a student all day had really taken over, and she needed to wind down. What did they call it? She needed to be de-briefed. At least she didn’t come home complaining to high heaven about how bad it was. That’s why she was cooking dinner for her mother. It was the least she could do, after having mom sent back to school.

‘How was your interview?’ Rose asked.

‘Great! They offered me a starting position. It’s a bigger corporation than I thought. They have a massive funky art department. I’d love to work there, it’s so relaxed. They work when they feel like it. When artistically inspired! Though everyone puts a lot into the work, more so, because it’s so relaxed, I guess,’ Janice tried to explain.

‘Like, sounds real, fab, yea,’ Rose said.

She sounded distracted, as though thinking about something else, and wasn’t there.

‘Do you have homework?’ Janice asked.

‘Like, yea, do I,’ Rose said, and rolled her eyes.

That was something else she had started doing, rolling her eyes, and making a tut noise with her tongue. While they were eating Janice wondered what had got into her. It seemed she actually enjoyed going to school. Her mother was playing this game for her own reasons, which Janice couldn’t fathom just yet. Janice wondered when the silly act would end.

Janice was finding this new behaviour annoying, so tried to snap her out of it. Treating her mother like a schoolgirl might work, especially if it was unpleasant.

‘As soon as you’ve finished your chores, do your homework, then we have a serious talk, girl,’ Janice firmly stated.

Surprisingly, her mother agreed, ‘OK, no probs. Nice lasagne, mom.’

Why was she calling her mom? Janice figured she had won something, by getting her mother to do what should have been her chores, and homework. Janice would be taking the homework to school tomorrow, so she had better check it was right.

There was silence between them while they thought about their own dreams and wishes.

Janice wanted to take the job at Jones and Ross, Marketing corporation. She hadn’t told her mother they thought she was older, so didn’t offer the interns job. Instead, they offered her a full time salaried position. In turn she completed the application with her mother’s name and age. Telling the interviewer her mother liked the name Janice, explained away the name Rose on her birth certificate.

Rose was trying to justify an innocent crush on a handsome eighteen-year-old. It had been wrong to let him kiss her, as that was leading him on. How would he feel when she told him they had to stop seeing each other? It would be awkward as friends, and they most definitely couldn’t play around. He was just eighteen, and at twenty-six he seemed to be a boy. When antalya escort she was in class it was easy to forget their ages, as she sank back into being eighteen again.

It didn’t seem right telling her daughter about him. Her daughter would think she was mad having such a young boyfriend. Somehow it would have to be explained why she felt so happy about going to school tomorrow. A thrill darted through her whole body. It had been fun going to school! That feeling was so unexpected it made her laugh.

The feeling was partly from relief, when the weight of responsibility was lifted from her shoulders. It also felt good, because she was so successful in class this time around. Then there was her boyfriend, the handsomest boy in class, maybe the entire school. It brought out a bright blush from just thinking about him.

The silence was shattered by an exclamation from Rose.

‘Oh! Like, I meant to tell you. This heavy class is, like, for a whole week. I’ve got a name tag, like, an Id. Like, really, I’ll have to keep going. You can take over next week, in the proper class. Like, I figured it out, yea? You tell them you lost your Id, yea? You like, then get your new Id, with your picture. That way they won’t notice the changeover,’ Rose beamed at her daughter.

Janice was shocked from the way her mother spoke. It sounded as though she were gargling, and talking from the throat. Rose was sitting there showing off the Id with Janice’s name, and own photo. Her mother’s birthday, and Janice’s year of birth was on the Id. It was a shock to see the small photo and date-of-birth looked right.

Damn it! In the photo her mother looked like an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl!

What was stranger still, was that she looked full of eager anticipation. Janice tried to look at her mother as though she were a stranger. If she hadn’t known better, her mother looked young enough for the part. Especially now she talked and behaved like a teenager.

It wasn’t just the clothes and make-over, it was the way she spoke, and held herself. It had only been one day, and she had reverted to an earlier age. Her mother wasn’t playing around to annoy her, she was really heavily into the role.

‘You sure you don’t mind? A whole week in school? Can you do that?’ Janice asked.

‘Yea, like, alright! I can do it. You were right, none of the staff really looked at me, not even the class teacher. The boys checked me out though,’ she said, with spontaneous laughter.

Janice pretended to be shocked, and told her, ‘I’ll spank you if you get up to anything with boys. In class you must be a good girl, promise me!’

The harshness of voice was more than intended, from being annoyed with her. The patronising tone of voice didn’t work, as she remained in the schoolgirl role. Even more unexpected was her mother’s response.

‘Sorry, mom. I promise to be a good girl in class,’ she humbly spoke.

They both laughed, though it was more from embarrassment, rather than humour. Janice expected her mother to snap out of it, after taunting her. A look of guilt and embarrassment coloured her mother’s cheeks, which had Janice wondering what happened in school.

The strange behaviour was becoming scary.

‘You didn’t tell me how it went. You seem to have settled in,’ Janice carefully said.

‘It soon came back to me, so, like, I answered the teacher’s questions, okay. As long as everyone is quiet and no one makes trouble, the teacher leaves us to it. Like, the other girls language is different, yea? I mean, like, from my old school. It’s not too different though. I made friends with Feebie, and Paul, he’s nice, err, they’re both fab, like, really nice,’ Rose quickly covered up her mistake, afraid to mention Paul.

Janice questioned her mother, but didn’t manage to trip her up. Nothing exciting happened, or at least, she didn’t admit to anything. Janice thought about spending a week in the art department, while her mother covered for her at school.

She liked the idea, and smiled at her mom, who was concentrating on homework. They were both happy, so it seemed things had worked out well after all.


‘All done! Like, can I go to my room?’ Rose asked her daughter.

‘Sure, honey,’ Janice said, and realised she sounded like her mom.

Her mother skipped off to her room, singing some new song. Even Janice hadn’t heard it yet. She pulled something out of the freezer for tomorrow, not noticing what it was. It was worrying how her mother was acting. Was this some bizarre punishment for sending her back to school? It also had an effect upon her, which was unsettling.

It took some thinking through, but Janice figured out why her mother’s behaviour was so weird. In college Rose joined a drama class to overcome shyness, and the teacher used method-acting techniques. Being passive was a part of her basic character, and couldn’t be shrugged off so easily.

Rose was now using the same technique to get into the role of schoolgirl. The acting experience seemed to work, as she hadn’t been found out. Rose had convinced everyone in school, kepez escort that she was an eighteen-year-old student.

Of course, it could be something completely different. Janice just wished her mother would leave the act at school. At first she tried to shock her out of it, but gave up, and joined in the subterfuge. It would only have to be put up with until the weekend.

With mother posing as her in school, she could attend the art department in an impressive marketing company. While her mother enjoyed the experience of re-living high school, Janice could tryout being an adult.


Tuesday was her second day at school, and Rose was pleased to be in class. There was no thought of telling anyone who she really was, as the idea of escape had passed. It was all coming back from years past, except now she had more experience of life.

Being top of the class academically was a great boost to her ego. Just as importantly, she wasn’t far off being top of the class socially. With Paul as her boyfriend, she noticed the envious looks from other schoolgirls. One girl was audacious enough to ask how well he kissed!

Using the name, Janice, rather than hers, helped escape the adult persona. Having a boyfriend in school was going too far, though it did help keep her in character. The boy had a way about him, that had her melting in his arms. The determination to be just friends, quickly wore off. He reminded her of a heart throb from the past, only this time he took interest in her.

‘I don’t know why you’re here, Janice. No, I don’t want to know,’ Feebie said.

‘Hey, like, it’s complicated,’ Rose sighed.

‘You’re good at lessons, right? You have a top boyfriend, yea, yet you’ve only been here a day. So, don’t bunk off classes again, OK!’ Feebie told her.

‘Like, that’s so nice of you. Yea, like, you are a good friend, Feebie,’ Rose said, and touched her new friend’s fingers with her fingertips.

‘I was just telling you, yea?’ Feebie said, looking embarrassed from the shared emotion.

‘Like, I know. I promise not to get into trouble, yea? Really!’ Rose told her friend.

The two new friends were in the girls toilets, and had to hurry back. Seeing them together, it was difficult to believe one of them was twenty-six. Both looked and sounded like eighteen-year-olds.

‘No running in the corridor!’ a teacher shouted.

He came up to them, and looked at their Id’s.

‘Janice, what class are you in?’ he asked.

‘Miss Derby’s class, sir,’ she said, looking suitably chastened, with head down.

‘You’ve been let out to go to the rest-room?’ he asked.

‘Yes, sir,’ Rose said, feeling embarrassed from the questioning, and his attitude.

‘Pull your socks up, girl. Remember to keep your uniform neat and clean at all times. You need a better fitting uniform, you’re growing out of that one,’ he remarked.

The blouse was a bit tight, and the skirt a bit short, but she knew that. As Rose, the twenty-six year old woman, she would have put the young teacher in his place. As Janice, a student, there was nothing she could do. A teacher’s demeaning attitude had to be accepted in a humble way.

If he decided to punish her, she would have to take it. If he kept her in after school, her daughter would wonder why, and would find out she had been naughty in school. There was nothing for it, she would have to keep her mouth shut, and give in to this male domination.

The teacher was a little younger than her, and handsome. He thought he was dealing with a schoolgirl, and that meant her adult status had been lost. A shiver ran down her back, on realising it left her completely at his mercy. His authority and power left her feeling weak, and vulnerable.

Yet unaccountably, she sizzled with arousal.

She imagined him pulling her by the ear to his classroom, to be canned for being a naughty girl. Bent over a desk, he would see her bare bum being striped red, and her sex opening up, glistening wet. The feeling of sexual arousal was as potent as his power over her.

‘Well, you two, you’d better get back to Miss Derby,’ he said.

He looked at Rose with curiosity, wondering what had gotten into the girl. Dismissing her from his thoughts, he carried on to take over his next class.

‘He’s nice isn’t he,’ Feebie giggled.

‘I didn’t notice, he’s a teacher,’ she shrugged.

‘He didn’t look at your ass, when you bent over to pull up your socks,’ Feebie said.

‘Well, I should hope not!’ Rose exclaimed.

‘Then why did you bend over showing off your ass?’ Feebie innocently asked, though a mischievous look went with the words.

Feebie laughed at her, as her friend’s reaction was obvious. She wouldn’t have guessed her friend imagined being caned by him, and that was why she was worked up.

Dressed as a schoolgirl in front of a man around her age, was felt to be naughty. The teacher could have caned her, for being a naughty schoolgirl, and that added to the sexual thrill. How could she explain that to Feebie.

As soon as they manavgat escort sat down the teacher called a study period, and scooted out of the classroom. Paul pulled his chair over to her, as he was the other half of the study pair. Other guys in class looked at him with envy.

‘Nice!’ one of them called across the classroom.

‘Shush! Stupid!’ a couple of classmates put him down.

‘He likes your tits, Janice,’ Paul smiled.

‘Hey, that’s no way to talk to me,’ she complained.

Nevertheless, she smiled at the compliment. Back in high school, and even in college, her bust was underdeveloped. Not now it wasn’t. Obviously the guys were interested, and she enjoyed it, even if they didn’t show much respect.

Paul leaned forward to block everyone’s view of her top half. Rose thought he was about to kiss her.

‘No flaunting them, they’re mine,’ he said, and pinched her nipples.

‘Hey! That hurt, let go!’ she quietly complained, but didn’t pull away.

He fondled her breasts, pretending to ease the pain. She went along with it, for a moment, before pulling away.

‘Your tits are the biggest in this class. Only Angela in the next class has bigger ones. Besides, you’re my girlfriend and they belong to me, don’t they,’ he heavily told her.

‘What do you mean, they belong to you?’ she grumbled.

‘You’re my girlfriend. I think you’re wonderful. You look pretty, and innocent when you blush. I love the way you flick your hair away from your eyes. I love the way you walk, and talk. You don’t talk the same as other girls here. Still, I like the sound of your voice, its soothing,’ he said, while holding her hands.

Although he spoke awkwardly, it was innocent and genuine. A delightful feeling washed through her, wiping away the annoyance. It was a long time since anyone had paid her attention. Her breasts were especially sensitive, but it had been so long since anyone paid them attention, she’d forgotten what it was like.

His honeyed words combined with a magical touch, added to an already aroused state. Just staring into his eyes was stoking her up.

The class was for delinquents, otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten away with playing around in the classroom. Back then, she would never have dared let someone touch her breasts, even outside of school. No one was taking any notice of them, as everyone was paired for the study period.

‘Oh! God! That is so good,’ she softly moaned.

He was close, shielding her from the rest of the class, while surreptitiously fondling her breasts. At least today, she had proper underwear on. It was only possible to let this happen in such a lawless class, and while she thought of herself as one of them. She was a schoolgirl being naughty, very naughty.

If her daughter could see what she was letting happen, and the state she was in, there would be trouble. The real Janice would be horrified, from seeing her mother acting like a slut. Especially as it was her reputation being damaged in school. Janice the slut, wouldn’t be a good name to acquire, especially having to endure it all through college.

‘Wait! You’re getting my blouse messed up,’ Rose told him.

He was too strong, so there was only one way to stop him.

‘After school, you can give me a lift home,’ she promised.

What in hell was she doing? As a mature adult, letting an eighteen-year-old boy maul her breasts was terribly wrong. The only way to survive this was to take a yoga teacher’s advice, and just go with the flow. It felt as though she were caught on train tracks, compelled to follow a certain route. The inevitability of acting out the role of girlfriend with him, wasn’t so bad. It felt wonderful! She relaxed into being a naughty schoolgirl, letting her boyfriend amuse her.


The teacher rattled the door before coming in, and everyone straightened up. Rose bent down over her bag, pulling her blouse together. She quickly fastened the top buttons, as the teacher marched in. Miss Derby took a good look around. Rose sat up with a book pulled from her bag. She gave Miss Derby a smile.

‘Be careful, girl. Any more close calls, and I’ll recommend you for the assessment centre. Be warned, Janice,’ the teacher heavily intoned.

Rose shivered with fear. Her face dropped, to be replaced with a look of dread. The teacher might as well be talking about a dark, and dank dungeon. If half of what she heard about the place was true, she should be afraid.

‘Good. Well, let’s take a delve into Maths. Don’t groan, it won’t be that bad. My knowledge is rudimentary, and you’ll be glad to know I’m not a fan,’ she laughed.

The classroom mood lightened, and even Rose managed a smile. She answered the questions and got them right. When her paper was marked, she received full marks.

‘I’m glad it’s not over a hundred percent, Janice, because even I know that is impossible,’ the teacher smiled.

‘If she got her name right wouldn’t that tip it over the edge?’ the class comedian asked.

‘It would at least give you one mark Peter, but, alas nothing. I’d like to push you over the edge, boy. Quieten down everyone. If someone comes to investigate the noise, we all lose out, understood? You might get a new, aggressive, hardnosed teacher. Keep quiet and you get to keep, Miss Softy. . . Me, stupid boy,’ she laughed, and ruffled Andrew’s hair.

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