Mom on Top Ch. 06

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It didn’t take long for things to “work out”. The next week Mother got a call from her younger brother Jackie in St. Louis, asking if he could move in with us for awhile– he’d lost his job, couldn’t find anything else, and was being forced out of the place where he lived. He arrived the following Saturday, his loaded car pulling a small U-Haul trailer.

Jackie had visited us occasionally in the past, and I’d really enjoyed his company when he did; he didn’t seem to mind hanging out with a younger kid, and we’d go on hikes, watch TV and go to movies together.

By this time, he was in his late twenties and looked a lot like Mother in height and hair (shoulder-length blonde), but he differed from us in his dedication to physical training– he’d go to a fitness center three or four times a week. He said that he wasn’t into becoming body-builder-big, but he was definitely bigger and more defined than John or I; the day he arrived, he was wearing a tight cut-off t-shirt that really showed off his six-pack, pecs and biceps.

Since my room was the largest besides Mother’s and had only a single bed in it, we moved things around so he could put his bed against the wall across the room from mine.

Jackie was like I remembered him, very warm and likable, and we all hit it off at once. There was a bit of awkwardness at first, though, since the rest of us were concerned about how we were going to keep fucking while he was in the house. We needn’t have worried…

He was quite un-self-conscious about his body, getting naked in front of me the first night before wrapping a towel around himself to go to the shower. When he came back, he hung up the towel, put on a robe, and sat down on his bed.

“Emil, I need to be straight with you… Losing my job wasn’t the only reason I needed to leave St. Louis. The guy that I lived with owned the company that I worked for, and he got weird: It cost me my job and where I lived, too. We had… well, a relationship that didn’t work out. I like sex– a lot– and we partied with both guys and girls, but at the end he wanted to sell me to some of his foreign business acquaintances. When I refused, that ended things; I was fired and kicked out of his house at the same time. I came here not just to stay off the street, but to get away from a lot of the people I knew there… and to figure out what the hell to do next.”

“Wow, that’s intense,” I said, “but why aren’t you telling this to everybody– or at least to my mom?”

“Well, she’s always been this strict authoritarian, you know, and I was afraid she’d think I’m just a perverted fuck-up and tell me to leave… and I’ve never known the twins all that well…”

“I know she was like that back in the day, Jackie,” I said, “but not anymore. You’d be amazed at how different she is now. John and Jenna have a lot in common with you, too… You should go talk to them, or at least to Mother…”

“Well, okay… If you think it’ll work out all right…” Jackie said, sounding uncertain.

Mother, John, and Jenna were all on the couch in the den watching television when we came in. Jackie immediately asked Mother if he could talk with her, and they left the room together.

“What’s going on?” Jenna asked.

“Well, Jackie has a rather colorful past that he was afraid to tell us all about– and you know how scary Mom was before the walls came down– well, he was scared of her, too… Anyway, I encouraged him to go ahead and tell her…” I smiled as I continued, lowering my voice conspiratorily, knowing they’d enjoy hearing about it. “Seems he was his boss’ live-in lover, and apparently it was a pretty wild life. At the end, his boss wanted to sell Jackie’s uh… ‘services’ to some other people, and Jackie said no. He fired him and threw him out. Jackie’s a little stunned and confused, to say the least.”

“Wow,” they both said at once.

“What a heavy-duty controller,” Jenna added.

The three of us sat and watched the larger part of a half-hour sitcom before Mother and Jackie returned, both of them smiling. Jackie looked relieved.

“Your mom and I had a great talk,” he said to us, “but I’ve had a hell of a day and I’m going to bed. See you all tomorrow…”

Mother caught my eye as he turned to leave the room, motioning with her head that she wanted me to follow him. I knew what she meant… she wanted me to give Jackie a little physical comfort. My heart bahis firmaları was pounding with excitement as I followed him up the stairs, and I was right behind him when he went in our room.

“Jackie,” I said, “I just want you to know that I understand what you must be feeling after that kind of abuse… and I’d really like to help– if there’s anything I can do…”

“Thanks, Emil, but there are some things that are my own issues… things that not many other people really can understand… I know you think you–”

He stopped talking when I took his hand and looked in his eyes. When my other hand opened his robe, caressed his rippled stomach and grabbed his immediately stiffening cock, his jaw dropped.

“Emil… I had no idea…”

I smiled at him. “Shut up, Jackie.”

I dropped to my knees and sucked the large head of his long cock into my mouth as I stroked the length of the shaft; both of us moaned while he ran his fingers lightly through my hair.

“Mmmmmm… so long… and such a nice, big head,” I said, looking up at him as I stroked it. After a minute, I stood up and took off my jeans and t-shirt as he watched, then pressed my naked body against his. When my mouth covered his, he returned the kiss with passion, grabbing my asscheeks with both hands, kneading them and pulling our hips together. Then he got on his knees, licking, stroking and sucking my cock until I suggested that we get on my bed. When he stood up, I guided him over to it and pushed him onto his back, then knelt between his knees.

“I don’t think you’re a pervert, and no one else here will, either,” I said, my mouth going down onto his cock as I kept my eyes locked on his. I sucked and stroked him until he came– it didn’t take long, and when he did, he came a lot, whimpering and holding tightly to my head. He immediately made me lie down in his place and sucked me off, then sat up crosslegged on the bed and leaned against the wall, smiling.

“I seem to have landed on my feet,” he said, laughing softly. “What a dream roommate! You’re incredibly hot, Emil, and that was amazing… You have no idea how much I needed it… And I had no idea you were gay…”

“I don’t think I am, Jackie,” I replied. “I just like sex– the same way that you said you do– and you are incredibly hot, too, by the way… So… uh, do you wanna get high with me?”

He laughed. “Does the Pope shit in the woods? You’re amazing Emil! You mean it’s cool to just smoke weed here in the house?”

“Sure,” I said with a sly smile. “I got it from Mother…”

Jackie’s jaw dropped and he laughed again. “No shit!? Wow… Things sure have changed around here.”

I lit the joint, handed it to him, and we passed it back and forth for a few tokes. When he set it down, I noticed he was hard again. On impulse, I got up on my hands and knees, the side of one hip close to him, and began to caress my own ass, rolling it around right in front of his face.

“Mmmmmm… I like how that feels… Why don’t you put your hand on my ass, Jackie– feel it and see if you think it feels fuckable…”

He laughed and put one hand on my ass, laying his head against my hip, caressing me slowly; then he suddenly shoved his face between my cheeks, moaning as he licked me from balls to asshole, stopping there to shove his tongue an inch or so in before continuing to lick and suck all over my ass. I reached back and grabbed his head, pulling it between my cheeks again as he held onto my thighs and pushed his face forward.

“Where’s… the lube?” he asked, breathing harder than before. “My expert opinion… is that… your ass is… definitely… fuckable…”

I chuckled. “Hold on… it’s right here…” I opened the drawer in the bedside table and handed him the bottle, a lube tube, and my personal dong. “Do you mind if I use this first?” I said when I showed him the dong. “You know, just to stretch and open things up a little…” I lay on my side with one leg cocked.

“Sure… Wow, of course, Emil… Oh, God, what a nice, round ass… Here you go– here’s the lube… How’s that feel? Okay, ready with the dong… Here it is… Put your hand back here on it now, Emil.”

Both of us held the dong as I pushed it against my hole, waiting for it to relax and open. I gasped a little as the head suddenly went in, jiggling the shaft until the stinging stopped. Then I pushed, with Jackie helping, making kaçak iddaa the long rubber cock begin its inward slide.

After it went in a couple of inches, I rolled onto my back and lifted my hips, squirming until only the head on the other end was still outside; I was moaning pretty loudly by then. I let go, leaving Jackie to control the dong’s movements; he was lying next to me, one arm under my head, the other under my thigh, his hard cock pressing against my hip.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… that feels so gooooood, Jackie… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Mmmmmmmmmmmm…”

He kissed me again, our tongues sliding around each other as he moved the dong slowly back and forth inside.

“I am sooo going to fuck you, you luscious piece of boy-pussy,” he said as he broke the kiss, holding onto my hips and sliding them to the edge of the bed. He stood on the floor between my knees and slowly pulled the dong out, then lubed his cock as I watched.

“Ohh, fuck me, Uncle Jack,” I said in a small, childish voice. “Fuck my boy-pussy, Uncle Jack… it… it really needs to be fucked… Ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhh… Uncle Jaaaaaaaack..!”

He’d put the head just inside and then thrust, pulling on my upraised thighs and making his cock slide in all the way, in one long, slow move; the ridged head made me gasp in ecstasy as it opened me up ‘way deep inside. I squeezed the base of his cock with my sphincter, moaning and writhing slowly, looking up into his eyes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… You can fuck me all fucking night with that thing, Jackie… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… that’s incredible… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me… fuck my boy-pussy… fuck meeeeeeee… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I mean that, Jackie, I do… I’ll never get tired of feelin’your cock in my ass… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

He smiled back, keeping it all the way in and flexing it every few seconds. I squirmed slowly in small circles, squeezing the base of the shaft after each flex.

“So, Uncle Jackie,” I continued after we’d fucked awhile, still using my boy-voice. “Do you feel better now? Has my little boy-cunt made you forget all the stuff that bad man did to you?” I squeezed his cock again and squirmed as I held his hips and pulled him even deeper.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… it doesn’t get any better’n this, Emil… you are incredibly hot…”

“Oh, but you’re wrong, Jackie,” I answered. “It gets a lot better’n this… You’ll see… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… but nothin’ will ever feel better’n what you’re doin’ right here and right now… Just fuck me, Jackie, keep on fuckin’ my ass… ohhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhh… fuck meeeeeee…”

I pulled him down on top of me, kissing him and driving my ass up onto his stiff cock. He fucked me for at least half an hour, finally rolling me onto my stomach and jamming a couple of pillows under me just before he came. He re-lubed us and then thrust hard into me while pulling my ass back up onto his cock, lying with his weight on me as his cock shot deep in my ass. I squirmed on his squirting shaft, reveling in the feelings it made inside– and the weight of his body pressing down on mine… ohhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck meeeeeee…

After he pulled out, I did the same for him; he rolled me onto my side and backed up against me. He had the roundest ass I’ve ever seen on a white guy, and I was hard in seconds, my hand kneading and caressing his cheek.

“I– I still need something from you,” he said plaintively, into the sheet, obviously unable to feel or see my cock. “If you don’t mind getting it up for an old guy’s ass…”

“Mind?” I said into his ear, biting it gently, then sliding down the bed and driving my face between the luscious, full globes… licking and sucking everything before sliding back up where I’d been. In a couple of minutes, we’d worked the dong into him, and he was on his back, writhing on the rubber cock as I thrust it gently into him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… don’t tease me, Emil… fuck me,” he said, his voice tight and choked. “Don’t wait, Emil… now… please… I need you to fuck me… I really need it…”

I pulled it out, and he rolled onto his side with his right knee up; I stuck the head of my lubed cock inside his open hole and thrust. He pushed down onto it at the same time, making it slide all the way in until I was pressing against the taut skin of his asscheek.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… kaçak bahis that’s what I needed… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… thank you, Emil… Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me long and slow… deep and slow… long and slow… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I stayed in him a long time in that same position, finally coming while holding his upper thigh against me and kneeling over the other one, driving sideways, deep into him. After I came, we kissed for a long, easy time before he went over to his bed. He went right to sleep.


I got up, though, and took a shower; it woke me up. Still wearing my robe, I headed down the hall toward the stairs, thinking about raiding the refrigerator. As I was passing John’s room, I heard him whisper through his barely open door, “Hey, Emil… is that you? C’mere…”

When I looked in, there was only a small nightlight on against the far wall. Johnny was naked on his bed, and I thought I might be looking in a mirror as he waved me toward him.

“Come over here, Emil…”

I closed the door and shrugged out of my robe, then climbed onto the bed and kissed him, my tongue sliding into his mouth as I lay down beside him, holding his round, smooth cheeks with both hands and pressing our hips together, thighs entwined. We held the kiss like that, our hands exploring, kneading and caressing everywhere as our hips did a slow, easy grind.

Then I rolled him onto his back and got between his knees, kissing him again before I slipped down and sucked his hard cock into my mouth. I made no effort to control my lust or my moans as I made love to his delicious, pulsing shaft. I ran my hands all over his body, from thigh to neck while I sucked and stroked, then stroked and sucked.

“Dammit… turn around, Emil… I can’t stand it,” he whispered through clenched teeth. “I really need your cock…”

I let go and quickly got beside him, heads to hips. On contact, we sucked each other in, embracing, squirming, kneading, and moaning… I was lost in a wonderland of sensation as our skin touched in so many ways… his delicious cock filling my mouth, the skin of his stomach and chest sliding over mine, the feel of his ass-cheeks beneath my fingers as he licked and sucked on my cock.

Before either of us came, I turned around and kissed him again, my cock aching and pulsing as I pressed against him. I held his head gently with both hands, mouths open, lips pressed together, tongues sliding and licking, thrusting and tasting…

“Would you let me do something with you, Johnny?” I said, reaching down and wrapping one hand around his cock; my mouth was by his ear. “Let me make you come like this… I want to be able to kiss you, Johnny, and watch your eyes while you come… while you come in my hand… here… let me suck on your tongue for awhile… mmmmwwwmmmmmm… mmmmmmwwwwmmmm… ohhhhhhhhh… come for daddy… come for me… come for daddy… come for me, Johnny… shoot your come in my mind… mmmmmmmmmmm…”

I raised up, and our eyes locked. He gasped and whimpered, and I felt his cock pulsing in my hand as his orgasm rushed in. I pulled him close with the other arm, but kept our gaze together as the waves washed over him, his cock pumping come over my hand as I stroked and milked it. I couldn’t help but clamp my mouth over his, thrusting my tongue in again and again, then sliding quickly down to suck the last drops out of his cock. I licked it clean along with my hand and then slid back up and kissed him again.

“I love you,” we both said simultaneously, followed by “Wow…” when we realized what had just happened. Then we laughed.

“Your turn,” he said, still chuckling as he kissed me and grabbed my cock. “Here, let me grab some lube,” he said. I hadn’t thought of that– just sliding the skin on the outside had worked up until now… but when his hand closed around my cock again, I realized why he’d gotten it…

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… Johnny, that’s soooo niiiiice…”

His arm went under my neck and around my shoulders as he pulled me closer. He started nibbling and biting my ear as he breathed into it, then got up on one elbow.

“Give me your come,” he said as he looked in my eyes.

“I will, John. I love you, John… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..!”

For some reason, the words triggered my orgasm; John kissed me, then immediately went down on me and sucked me dry. When he slid back up, he was smiling.

“You’re such a whore,” he said, chuckling.

When we started dozing off, I kissed him and then gave his cock a momentary suck before going back to my room. Jackie was fast asleep.

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