Mom Named Barbie Ch. 14

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Chapter 14 – Mother and son go to the wild party

But now it was her turn to be shocked.

“Nah, I think I will keep it and you should leave the egg where it is. You bought it to play with so I think I will. This should be fun and you will never know when the egg will come to life again; now put the wig on so we can go to the party.”

Stuffing her hair under the bright pink wig Barbie straightened it on her head as she looked in the mirror. Once she was satisfied with the placement she looked in the mirror again; she saw a fun young woman dressed very sexy ready for a wild party. There was so little evidence left of the way she actually looked surely there was no way anyone would recognize her.

The pink wig combined with the makeup and the dress even convinced her she was not Jay’s mom. She told herself anything she did tonight would not be her doing it; it would be the sexy pink haired girl in the mirror. It would be Barbie having fun making sure Jay had the best New Year’s Eve ever.

As they walked through the hotel lobby to go to the party she was thankful Jay had brought her long trench coat, not only to keep her warm when outside in the cold winter air but also to cover her salacious outfit as she passed through the area shared with the general public. Barbie was relieved to see other couples obviously going to the same party, the women were also wearing some type of cover-up; she wondered if they were dressed in a fashion similar to hers underneath.

The women asked Jay if he was going to the party showing an unusual amount of interest in him; rather strange for women with a man standing beside them. Barbie felt proud to be with such a handsome man, but for the first time she also had feelings of jealousy about Jay. The other women were beautiful and if their makeup and heels were any indication what was underneath she was concerned he would find them more attractive than her. The only thing that calmed her fears were the rings on their left hands, naively Barbie felt their attention to Jay was just innocent flirting, how could she blame them for talking to her date, Jay was easily the best looking man in the lobby.

Barbie failed to notice their husbands checking her out, in heels she was an inch and a half taller than Jay who was 6′ 2″; and due to her long legs her coat did not reach her knees. Looking at her legs the men wondered if the word on the thigh highs was an accurate description of Barbie, the husbands were just as fascinated with Barbie as their wives were with Jay.

The fact that Jay was the youngest of the party-goers gathered in the lobby was obvious; but neither the husbands nor wives could tell how old Barbie was. Her makeup and natural beauty gave no clue she was old enough to be Jay’s mother; which in reality she actually was, but that was a detail no one needed to know except for her and Jay. As far as the other couples knew they were a nice-looking young couple going to the same party as they were.

Interestingly the other couples were behind her and Jay as they walked the short distance to the building next door; but following them was no accident, both the men and women were looking at Barbie, with each step she took the muscles flexed in her toned, sexy long legs.

It was dark inside the club as could be expected; their eyes were still adjusting to the dim light as they searched for a place to sit, on the tables were complimentary New Year party favors. While Jay thought they were early for the party there was only a few vacant seats left when they arrived; the ones they found were at a table by a large dance floor. Barbie felt a little self-conscious as she took off her coat considering how much of her body was left uncovered by the mini-dress.

An attractive scantily clad waitress stopped by their table asking if they would like something to drink, Jay got a beer and Barbie ask for a cocktail; she was nervous and alcohol could not get there fast enough to calm her anxiety. As she spoke to the waitress she was amazed that the waitress was dressed even more scandalous than she was, the waitress was wearing a black micro mini skirt and a white, very revealing tuxedo-shirt halter top, her heels resembled those worn by exotic dancers; Barbie saw Jay carefully examining the tiny outfit.

The only other times Barbie had been in a public place, well semi-public place wearing so little clothing was with one of her rich men in a foreign country where a woman’s outfit, or lack thereof, was not so heavily scrutinized as it is in the states. Despite the waitress’s revealing outfit Barbie felt everyone was looking at her as if she were naked, she was hesitant to look around until her drink arrived and she was able to relax.

In contrast to her discomfort Jay seemed to be enjoying the eccentric environment, he was looking around observing the others at the party; he pointed out the woman of a couple across the room. She was wearing little more than wide black ribbon strategically placed so it covered bahis firmaları her nipples and crotch. She was a tall beautiful blonde whose tits had obviously been medically enhanced and she appeared very proud to show off the skills of her cosmetic surgeon.

This prompted Barbie to take notice of how other women were dressed; her blue mini-dress provided more coverage than the outfits of most of the other women. The other women seemed to have no inhibitions about exposing so much of their bodies to people they did not know. Barbie was intimidated by their confidence and blatant sexuality; she had to fight the urge to flee feeling there was no way she compared to how attractive they were.

Jay sensed her uneasiness and took her hand in his.

“Barbie, you are the sexiest woman here; I am proud you are with me.”

His kind words calmed her briefly but it was going to take more than words to convince Barbie she deserved to be in the presence of so many sexy women. The effects of a second drink helped but she was still having feelings of inadequacy; Barbie’s insecurities were telling her that Jay deserved better than her, he deserved to be with a younger woman whose beauty matched his.

As if it was doctor’s orders the therapy she needed arrived in the form of a couple they recognized from the hotel lobby. The couple was older than Barbie and the woman had a few extra pounds but seemed to have no reservations about everyone seeing her physical imperfections through a sheer yellow mini-dress; her only other article of clothing, except for six inch white stilettoes, was a matching yellow thong. The additional weight did add to her alluring voluptuous curves, she had huge breasts with pink areolas almost four inches across, her tits were much bigger than Barbie’s own impressive D-cup orbs.

The husband had long gray hair pulled back in a ponytail; he was not particularly attractive but he was not a bad looking man either. He was wearing black slacks, a white shirt and an unbuttoned vest. The couple joining Jay and Barbie at the table was obviously more comfortable in the erotic atmosphere than Barbie.

As the couple sat down across from Jay and Barbie they politely introduced themselves as Karen and Jim. Barbie was not sure where to look as she shook Karen’s hand, it was the first time she had been sitting across from a woman in a club that was, for all intents and purposes, naked, yet Karen acted as if she were fully dressed. Barbie wondered how she could be so calm with so much of her body on display. Again Jay seemed to have no problem with the unfamiliar older woman sitting across from him practically nude, he returned their courteous gesture shaking both their hands as he introduced himself.

The DJ played a slow song and Jim and Karen stood to go dance, but rather than go to the floor together Jim asked Barbie to dance with him and Karen asked Jay to join her offering him her hand. Barbie was not sure what to do, she turned to Jay and he nodded his approval encouraging her to dance with Jim.

As they moved their bodies to the music Jim spoke quietly to her.

“It’s quite a lot to absorb isn’t it?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Please forgive me; but yes it is. You look scared.”

“I didn’t realize it was that obvious. It’s just a lot to take in; I have never been anywhere like this where the women had no problem being so scantily dressed in front of people they don’t know. It doesn’t bother you that my… my… friend is dancing with your wife and he can see her breasts through the sheer dress?”

She was not sure how to describe her relationship with Jay; she did not want to upset Jay by describing him as her boyfriend, not without permission from Jay. He had said they were just friends, so for now ‘friend’ would most accurately described their connection.

“No, not at all; she enjoys the attention. After three kids and turning forty-five she needs to be reminded how sexy she is. Speaking of sexy, Jay is a lucky man to be with such a beautiful young woman. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you, twenty five; you can’t be older than thirty?”

Barbie avoided answering the question not wanting to reveal her true age; especially not after Jim guessed her to be so much younger than she actually is. His kindness was putting her at ease and she attempted to be humorous with her answer.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you; besides, a woman has to have some secrets” but when Barbie said ‘a woman has to have some secrets’ she was not referring to her unwilling to disclose her age to Jim; the secret was the true relationship between her and Jay.

“Oh, I meant no offense; I just thought as young as you are it explains why you are so nervous. You will have a good time, I promise, just relax and enjoy the party; you will find the openness here is actually more comfortable than you think.”

“Really? Because right now I feel as out of place as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

Jim kaçak iddaa laughed at her colloquialism revealing Barbie was obviously from a rural area in the South.

“You’ll be ok, Barbie, you are a very sexy lady, you will fit in just fine. When you first walked in my friend said I should check out the beauty in the blue dress and pink hair.”

Barbie found it interesting he called her a ‘lady’ considering how she was dressed; she felt no lady would be seen in public wearing such a revealing dress with the word ‘slut’ up and down her legs.

“Oh, so you and Karen sitting with us was not just coincidence huh?”

“Well, it was and it wasn’t; we needed a place to sit and what better place than across from a very attractive young woman.”

Jim kept referring to her as ‘young’; did he really think she was no older than thirty? His flattery was making her feel more comfortable. When the song ended they joined Jay and Karen at the table.

“So Barbie, Jay tells me he has known you all his life; but just recently became a couple. That is so romantic; the two of you look great together. You better keep an eye on Jay though; some of these women are ruthless when it comes to a handsome young man.”

Barbie was not sure what Karen meant about keeping an eye on Jay; and what was she saying about some of the women being ruthless? Everyone at the party seemed to be couples and very nice; the women had their own men, why would they be so interested in Jay?

Karen asked Barbie to join her going to the ladies room, as females so often do; just like Jim, she could sense how uneasy Barbie was with the atypical atmosphere of the party.

“Are you ok honey, it’s different than what you expected huh?”

“Yes it is, all I was told was the party could get wild and the women dressed risqué. I have never been to a party like this, I mean where the women seem so open-minded about exposing their body to others. Sorry, no offense; I didn’t mean anything by that; please forgive me.”

“It’s ok Barbie, I know how you feel; we’ve all had our first time at a party. We always dress like this at parties. But New Year’s is different from our monthly socials, there are a lot more people here tonight than a regular party; and quite a few are like you, they have probably never been to one of our parties before.”

“What do you mean ‘one of our parties before’; there are other parties like this? This is normal?”

Karen could not help but laugh at Barbie’s questions, “Yes, this is ‘normal’, but then who is to say what is normal; just be yourself Barbie and you will be fine. And whoever told you the parties could get wild, well, they were right; sometimes wild is an understatement for what can happen, there is no telling what you might see, and do. Keep an open mind and be respectful of others; you don’t have to join in unless you want too, just watching is fine. Always remember ‘no’ means ‘NO’, there are no exceptions. If you have any problems with someone coming on too strong let Jim or I know, or other club staff members and the person will be dealt with.”

The two women were back at the table when Karen whispered to Barbie, “Remember, keep an eye on Jay; he is fucking gorgeous!”

Well, that was more than a slightly inappropriate comment for another woman to make about Jay; especially a married woman. She wished she was still alone with Karen, Barbie had many more questions she wanted to ask about the unusual party, like what did Karen mean when she said there is no telling what she might see, or do? Barbie had already seen and heard more explicit outfits and conversation than she had ever experienced in a club. And ‘no telling what she might do’, and ‘join in’, join in what? What would she do other than dance and what might she want to join in on?

Barbie understood no means no, why would Karen say that, she thought that was a given in any situation; what might she need to say ‘no’ to? And she was there with Jay, why would men ‘come on’ to her, much less come on too strong? She was not clear about a lot of what Karen had said.

Now on her third drink Barbie welcomed the calming effects of the alcohol; along with Jim and Karen’s pleasant conversation she was finally beginning to relax enough to enjoy herself. The next slow song she pulled Jay onto the dance floor.

“Jay, what kind of party is this? Karen might as well be naked yet she seems as comfortable as she would be at a grocery store. I am not complaining, Jim and Karen are very nice and I am enjoying the liberated atmosphere, it’s just that I have never been to a party like this before.”

“I don’t know; I guess this is what the guys meant when they said the parties were ‘wild’. I have never been to a club like this either, but it is refreshing to see people so open and so comfortable with how they look.”

“Oh, I bet you find it refreshing, you get to see all these tits and asses on display; what red-blooded man would not find this ‘refreshing’!”

She laughed looking at Jay; kaçak bahis she knew from personal experience he appreciated an attractive woman with nice tits and a big ass.

“Barbie, I would be lying if I told you I did not like the view; but you are by far the sexiest woman here; there is no other woman I would rather be with than you.”

“Aw, thank you Jay, that is sweet. So, did Karen say anything to you while the two of you were dancing?”

“Yes, she asked about you and me; she wanted to know how we met. That is when I told her I have known you all my life; which technically isn’t a lie.”

No, it certainly wasn’t a lie, Barbie laughed at his comment.

“Jim was very nice, complimenting me on how I look while we danced; he even said I looked twenty-five, no older than thirty. Imagine that, him thinking I am that young! He was openly flirting with me.”

“Barbie, you do look young; when I told Karen I had known you all my life for some reason she thought we go to school together. Barbie, you look great, stop worrying; and speaking of flirting, Karen was very flirtatious with. Even though we had just met she was pressing her boobs against me as we danced.”

“Oh really? And did you like it?”

Barbie had loosened up and was now joking with Jay; but her question had an air of seriousness, she was jealous another woman was flirting with her man. Thinking Barbie was trying to be funny Jay returned her jovial tone.

“No, no way; I hate it when a woman that is practically naked rubs her body against me. I wanted her to quit.”

Barbie laughed again even though she was jealous of what Karen did with Jay; but she couldn’t blame him for enjoying Karen’s advances; what man wouldn’t?

As time passed Barbie lost count of how many drinks she had consumed; all she knew was she was having fun, conversations were filled with sexual innuendos. Jim and Karen made them feel welcome and they made no effort to hide their flirtations with her and Jay.

Barbie felt Jay had to notice the attention Jim was paying to her, yet Jay seemed to not have a problem with Jim openly flirting with her. But it was not just Jim, quite a few men came by and asked Barbie to dance; she felt she should politely refuse but Jay urged her to go have fun. Why would he not be more protective of his date? A question she would ask Jay the next time they danced.

“Jay, it doesn’t bother you at all that so many guys are flirting with me? I don’t want to do anything to upset you; I wouldn’t have danced with them if you hadn’t insisted. I only want to be with you, I am not interested in anyone else.”

“Barbie, of course I am jealous; but I don’t think you are going anywhere, I trust you. And you can’t deny the attention isn’t making you feel good; I can see it in your eyes each time you come back to the table. Barbie, I am not going to deny you having fun, the attention you are getting will help you believe you are the sexy woman that I know you are. I’m ok, I promise; truthfully I really don’t think I have anything to be jealous of.”

“No you don’t. I mean I am enjoying the attention, what girl wouldn’t; but I belong to you, I am yours. And, thank you for caring about me; thank you for letting me have fun. The party is not what I expected; it is actually better. I thought I would feel self-conscious about wearing this dress, but surprisingly I have on more than most of the women here.”

Barbie was having fun; she was just concerned about how Jay felt about her being approached by so many men, she was having more fun than she wanted to admit to Jay. While she was dancing with some of the guys they would put their hands on her butt, a few even lifting the back of her short dress over her ass. A couple of the men slid a hand under the fabric covering her breasts squeezing her firm tits and tweaking her nipples… and she let them do it!

The slut in her was slowly coming to life due to the attention and flirtation Barbie was receiving from the men. Barbie expected the party to be fun, but she could have never imagined this would be the type of fun she would be having; this was definitely a party unlike any she had ever been to before. She could feel beads of moisture forming on the lips of her pussy as the atmosphere of the party became more sexually charged.

Barbie had been so distracted by the attention she was receiving that she had forgotten Karen’s advice, each time she had danced with another man Jay was also dancing with other scantily clad women. She had no clue the advances they were making toward him; quite a few times he returned to the table with an erection. He was getting offers from the women to go to their hotel room for sex either now or after the party.

Jay naively attributed it to the women being drunk, thinking the offers were nothing more than innocent flirting. Little did he know how serious they were with their propositions; Jay was also naïve to exactly what kind of party this was that the guys at school had suggested for New Year’s Eve. There were actually more women after Jay than there were men after Barbie; and while most of the men were only flirting with Barbie the women were very upfront with what they wanted from Jay.

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