Mom Is Bound To Please

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story! Before I tell you about this one, a big thank you to all of you who voted for “That’s What Friend’s are For” It won first place in the Earth day contest! So as a reward to my fans, most of whom began following through my incest work, I have decided to post my personal favorite of the Mother/Son stories I have written. In addition to incest I have a heavy bondage kink and wrote this one as an indulgence to myself and figure why not share this nasty little gem with the people who inspire me to write? I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Lovecraft68


I pulled into parking lot of Exotica with the familiar mix of nervousness and excitement that made my visits here that much more fun. As always, I parked behind the building so my car couldn’t be seen from the street and used the back entrance that I’m sure was put there for people like me. Closet pervs, as Katie the manager referred us, and it was a pretty accurate term. Exotica was located in a strip mall in a fairly well to do area populated by mostly professionals and I’m sure many customers would rather not be seen entering.

There was another advantage to entering through the rear and that was the hallway that led to the main store. The corridor was lined with rooms where people paid to watch the newest videos and got off to them. I’d never gone in one, at least not outside of my fantasies, but had looked inside and saw that the small chairs inside were covered in plastic. The fact that men sat there jerking off was a little disturbing, but the way they would look at me as I made my way past them never failed to excite me.

When I’d first started coming here I would make sure I was dressed as unflattering as possible. Loose slacks and sensible flats coupled with an oversized sweater or a blazer buttoned up tight. I would pull my long dark hair back or pin it up and walk with my head down, not making eye contact. But they would still look. Some subtly, barely turning their heads to get a longer look out of the corner of their eye, others would give me a blatant up and down accompanied by a nasty little smirk.

The first couple of times that happened I blushed and thought about not coming back. Now six months later, and with my mind filled with sexy fantasies, I welcomed it. Now when I knew I was going to stop here I dressed for full effect. Today I was wearing a short black skirt that I wouldn’t say was a mini, but nothing I would never wear to the office. The skirt reached no lower than my mid thigh and showed off my long legs. Those legs were encased in sheer black tights and ended in a pair of three inch heels that strapped around the ankle.

I would not say they were exactly fuck me shoes, but I had just bought them with showing off in mind and they were the sexiest pair I owned by far. From the waist up I was wearing a red blouse that I had unbuttoned halfway to expose the tight red sleeveless shirt beneath it. The shirt had a playful lace trim and did amazing things for my breasts which although more than a mouthful were still a little on the small side. But between the tightness of the shirt and the red and black lace Victoria secret push up bra beneath it, what I had was being proudly displayed.

I had let my long curly hair down so it fell over my shoulders and down my back and had sat in the car in the parking lot at work and added some extra make up around my eyes and a deep shade of red to my lips. The makeup gave me a slightly slutty appearance, especially the lipstick, but I was going home for the weekend from here and no one other than the people in the store would see me.

Even my son Alan wouldn’t see me this way; he was heading to work for six and wouldn’t be home until midnight. I smiled at the thought that when George came over we would have the house to ourselves and we could start downstairs instead of having to hide out in the bedroom. The idea of giving him a sexy little strip tease then dropping to my knees and sucking his cock on the couch sent a pleasant shiver through me. I’d get him nice and hard then hop on and ride him right there in the living room!

No. I caught myself. That was to vanilla; I had a plan for tonight and it was for George to once and for all get into more than just straight sex. Tonight he was going to indulge my fantasies and I was here to pick up something to not only set the mood, but show him exactly what I wanted. I tried to shy away from the thought that hopefully it would work. George was a nice guy who was attractive, had a good job and was good to me, but damn he was a dud!

When we’d first met a few months back that was okay with me. After all I’d been married to a dud for close to twenty years. When Bill had passed away two years ago I’d told myself I would be more adventurous in the bedroom, but hadn’t until I’d found Exotica and started buying toys and discovered what had become my current fantasy; bondage.

I looked up when someone said excuse me, to see I had almost walked directly into bahis firmaları a tall man in a black suit.

“Sorry” I gave him a huge smile and batted my eyes at him.

“Don’t be.” He returned the smile, “Nothing like running into a beautiful lady.”

“Even in a place like this?” I asked, giving my hair a toss and loving the fact that his eyes were glued to my chest.

“Especially in a place like this!” he laughed. “Makes me wonder what kind of naughty things you’re here for.”

“A movie.” I winked, “Something to keep me up at night.”

“I think you could keep me up at night.”

I had to admit I wouldn’t mind trying. He had beautiful blue eyes, a neatly trimmed beard and the suit hugged a broad set of shoulders. He had a bright smile and I could feel my nipples hardening just from standing here with him. Damn, Anna, you’ve come a long way from a sheltered wife and mother! I tried to remind myself of George, but here was someone I bet who would give me what I wanted.

I stopped myself there. It was one thing to want to be kinky with a boyfriend, but I didn’t know who this guy was and I did have a son at home. Although Alan was twenty I still felt I owed it to him to be a good mother in every way which meant not out there on the make like the sluts in the movies that I at times longed to be like.

“Speaking of, I don’t suppose you would want some company while watching said movie.” The man in front of me continued, “After a wonderful dinner of course.” He extended his hand, “I’m Richard.”

“I’m… with someone.” I told him, although I did take his hand. “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to…”

“No worries.” He shrugged and grinned. “You spend enough time here and watching porn you start to think life could be that way.”

“It would be a happier place,” I laughed.

“Less stress for sure.” He reached into his pocket and handed me a card. “If you ever want to go grab a coffee or something let me know.”

“Thank you.” I made a show of slipping the card in my bra.

He let his eyes follow the card then with a blatant look at my legs winked and walked away. I started walking down the hallway again and could feel his eyes on me. I put some extra swing in my slender hips and could feel my thong sticking between my legs.

Keeping my head up, I passed three other men who were heading down to the room and watched every one of them stare hungrily at me. When I entered the main store I began to head over to the register to where Katie always was and stopped when I saw a young man there.

I hung back hoping to see her, but when it seemed obvious he was working up there alone, I turned to the wall and began looking at row after row of vibrators and dildos. I was no longer shy about coming in there, but that was mostly because Katie, the manager, had noticed how timid I was my first time there and had come over and asked me what I needed.

I remember becoming flustered and she had put me at ease saying everything here was for fun and there is no shame in fun. She helped me pick out a couple of small vibrators and each time I’d come in after that she had always waited on me and made suggestions.

In fact it was Katie that had turned me on to bondage by telling me that it was her kink and how much fun it was to be helpless and have no control over what your lover did to you. Like me, she had no desire for anything rough, but just loved being tied and teased and totally at the other person’s mercy.

Last time around Katie had talked me into getting a set of bonds for my bed to try with George and what had finally convinced me was her telling me the story of how her boyfriend had her tied with them.

Katie had been spread eagle on the bed and he had tickled and teased her to the point she was almost in tears she wanted to cum so bad. She said when he finally got her off she came so hard she was dizzy and could barely move. That had sounded good to me and I had bought them then and there. Unfortunately…

“Hey hot stuff, what can I do for you?”

I turned and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Katie behind me.

“I was starting to think you weren’t here.” I told her.

“Honey, I’m always here!” she laughed.

Katie had an infectious laugh that always made me smile. She was a pretty girl, closer to Alan’s age than mine, but a hell of a lot more experienced sexually than a woman who had been in a vanilla marriage most of her adult life.

Katie had short red hair and a pair of big brown eyes that reminded me of my departed husband’s as well as Alan’s. She was a busty little thing, with a chest that looked as if it was going to tip her over at some point and a plump little ass that I noticed every guy in the store turn to look at when she wandered by.

I had no interest in women, but since I had been watching a lot of porn had started noticing them more and several times I’d envisioned Katie tied to her bed while her boyfriend playfully tormented her. Lucky girl!

“So,” Katie, looked around to make sure kaçak iddaa no one was standing close to us. “How did it go with the tie downs?”

“I haven’t gotten the nerve to show him yet.”

“Why not?” Katie looked me up and down, “Anna you’re nothing short of fucking hot, why would he refuse you anything? You sure this guy isn’t gay?”

“No, we have sex.” I told her. “But I’m lucky if I can get him to do me doggy, never mind anything kinky.”

“You would think there wouldn’t be people like that around anymore.” She spread her arms to indicate the store. “That’s what we’re here for! To keep things fun!” she winked at me, “Added some fun in your life, no?”

“Yeah, but so far it’s just solo fun.” I told her. “Which can be a lot of fun in itself, but I need to get my boyfriend to do something hot with me.”

“Or find someone who will.” Katie said, “You’re not married to the guy if he’s lame go find someone who’s not. You’re an attractive woman Anna.”

“Thank you, but I have a son at home and I don’t want to be spending nights out or jumping from guy to guy. He still has issues with me dating.”

“Well he needs to get over that.” Katie pointed out, “But that’s not my area of expertise. So what do we do about super dud?” She stroked her chin. “Does he use toys on you?”

“No. When I suggested he looked hurt.”

“Not a ‘guess you don’t need me type’?”


“You know what Anna? If you don’t work this out with him find a young guy. You’re a smoking hot cougar. Go find some kid that will be excited just to be in your bed, they’ll do anything you want.”

“George has a lot of good points. I just want him to be more fun in bed.”

“Okay so maybe what you should do is.,.”

“I want a video!” I told her. “One that has the woman tied down and having the guy tease her and fucking her and keeps making her cum!”

“You should come by my house tonight.”

“Don’t brag.” I told her, “That’s not nice.”

“Sorry, tell you what though.” She gave me a mischievous smile. “We do film ourselves so if you can get George going we can swap tapes!”

“Ohh.” I cooed, “I would love to see that.”

“You’ve come along way Anna!” Katie put her arm around me. “Trust me, I would love to see you like that.: she sighed in my ear. “I do enjoy a girl from time to time so let me know if he can’t take care of you.”

I felt my face turn as red as my blouse. “Oh..uh…”

“Just kidding.” Katie laughed, “I just wanted to see if I could still make you blush.”

“Guess I’m still kind of a prude.”

“Nah, just only into certain things. Speaking of, come with me.”

Still keeping her arm around me, I’m sure for show as I noticed several male customers watching us; Katie walked me over to the fetish section. We passed a couple of aisles and I winced at titles like “roped and raped” that showed women being pretty much attacked by several men while being tied down.

“Not this stuff.” I pointed.

“No, you want the playful stuff.” Katie assured me. “Like this right here.”

We had stopped in front of a small rack with a sign at the top that read “The Bound to Please series”

“This is the hottest series going for erotic bondage. Each movie is two or three different women being bound and teased and pleasing their captors.”

I picked one up titled, “No longer in charge.”

“That’s the newest release.” Katie said, “All three scenes are women who are in charge and they are tied down and taken.”

“Taken?” There was something about that word that sent a tingle down my spine.

“Not in the violent sense, but they do start off with them demanding to be untied.” She smiled, “Personally I enjoy those; it’s all in good fun and it adds to the thrill. No one gets hurt, just fun.”

“Okay” I held that one and looked at the others “Lessons for the teacher.” I read aloud.

“I love that one.” Katie said, “It speaks for itself, some students get their hands on their teachers and, well, you know.”

“So authority figures are really good subjects for these things.” I nodded, “Guess it makes sense. I…”

I frowned when my eyes made their way to the bottom rack. No, I had to be reading that one wrong. Reaching down, I picked it up so I could see it better. “Bound to please their sons?” I turned to look at Katie, “What the hell is this?”

“Well first off, it’s not real.” Katie turned the DVD case over in my hands and pointed at the bottom disclaimer which read. “Incest is an illegal practice in the US. This video is role play only. All actors and actresses are eighteen and older.”

“Still they…” I scrunched my face up. “Who would watch this?”

“Mostly sons with mom fantasies, but I’ve seen some women buy them” Katie took it from my hand. “Let me tell you something Anna, I think it’s twisted, but incest, even step incest is huge. Books, stories, videos it is a hot topic and people pay for it.”

“Well I think I’ll keep my fantasies outside the family.” I said with a nervous laugh.

What kaçak bahis made me nervous was the fact that as Katie spoke she was holding the movie up and I had been looking at the cover. The woman on it was obviously in her early forties if not older and she was currently handcuffed to her bed. The young man kneeling between her legs had a feather in his hand tickling her nipples and a huge hard on pointing directly at his mother’s…

I forced myself not to finish that sentence. That was sick. But for some reason even though it was twisted part of my mind lingered on the concept. Who was a bigger authority figure in a man’s life than his mother? What other woman could he love so much yet get so upset at when she punished him or wouldn’t allow him to do something?

How hot would it be for that son to then have his mother helpless on a bed, forcing her to commit the ultimate taboo? But only forcing her in the beginning; soon she would start to enjoy it. Her son would not hurt her, but touch her with love. But he would not untie her. Oh, no, he would make mom beg and plead, make her..

“Excuse me?”

I blinked as a man’s voice cut into those strange thoughts that almost didn’t as if they were mine. How could they be? I’d never had anything but love for my son; a true mother’s love not a sick attraction.

“How can I help you?” Katie asked.

I looked to see a tall older gentlemen looking nervously at me.

“Well I am looking for a …uh…”

“I’m all set Katie.” I told her. “I’ll pick a good one.”

“You want me to ring you out? I can have John help this gentleman.”

Katie always rang me out so I didn’t have to go through the occasional embarrassment I still felt when buying things. As she spoke she had put the mother video down and I said, “Go ahead, Katie.”

“Okay. See you next time,” She gave my hand a squeeze, “Hopefully you have a good story to tell.”

“Hopefully.” I smiled as she walked away and turned back to the rack.

George was a college professor so the teacher one would probably freak him out. I looked at the others and decided on one called good girls forced to be bad. It seemed pretty general and the pictures on the back looked hot including video number one that featured a brunette who had a resemblance to yours truly.

I turned to head for the front counter, and then stopped. I felt another wave of excitement versus nervousness, but this time for a disturbing reason. I couldn’t let go of the image on the video and what it invoked. Sick as it was the idea of a mother helpless against her son who was about to express his unnatural lust by having his way with the last woman in the world he should desire.

“Walk away Anna.” I whispered

I took two steps, then turning around walked back to the rack, grabbed the DVD and tucking it beneath the other one, went to check out.


“Damn!” I swore as I caught the light just before the turn off to my street.

I sat there impatiently; squirming in my seat. Although I had a moment of shame when the young man behind the counter looked at both DVDs when he rang me out I had been horny as hell since. I told myself that I was horny because George and I were going to watch the good girl’s video and he would want to play it out with me.

In reality all I could think of was the other DVD. The one I should have never bought, the one I should be totally disgusted with, yet it was the one I knew I would watch before George arrived.

The light changed and I peeled away, taking the turn so quickly my tires squealed. I forced myself to drive the speed limit on my street and once I pulled into the driveway I all but ran into the house.

Tossing my purse and briefcase on the desk in the extra bedroom I used as an office. I stopped long enough to remove the heels and carrying them in one hand and my bag of dirty treats in the other I took the stairs two at a time and practically skipped down the hallway and into my bedroom.

Putting the bag on the bed, I took off my over blouse, throwing it in the vicinity of the hamper and pulling my skirt up, I pushed not only the tights, but my thong down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I left my skirt on because the truth was it was a hot turn on to watch professionally dressed women get fucked still mostly dressed and I found I loved to masturbate that way.

I opened the wrapper on the DVD and as I opened the case noticed my hands were trembling. Before I put the case on the bed I looked at the back, “Three hot tales of cock teasing mother’s who have incited lust in their son’s and now find themselves about to pay the price.”

Well this was at least harmless fantasy. I could honestly say I’d never teased my son in any sexual manner. Then again Alan did remark several times lately that he liked that I had been dressing younger, but that was most likely just a compliment. That or a way to tell me I should get rid of George who he did not seem to like all that much.

As I put the DVD in and walked back to the bed, I wondered if Alan had ever thought I was attractive. Not that I wanted him to, but seeing Katie had mentioned what a popular fantasy it was I now wondered if he’d ever thought of me inappropriately.

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