Mom Interrupts Son and does JOI

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This is a work of fantasy. Author and all characters are over 18 and is intended and written for an adult audience. It is incest themed. If such themes offend you, it may not be for you.

Let me know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.

After Luke had finished an assignment for college, he was on his bed with is headphones on. He was jerking to his favourite incest porn video. Stroking his dick up and down, he was already immersed in the POV video he was watching.

The video was a Mommy video and the porn star was a sexy milf, someone that would look like a real-life hot mom. She had long brown hair, brown eyes and a curvaceous, but slim figure. Her huge tits contributed to these curves.

In the video, she started to take her bra off, starting with sliding the bra straps off her shoulders. Her cleavage was in full view of the camera as she grabbed her tits but they were too large for her hands; they kept spilling over them. She rubbed her hard nipples, then sucked on them and licked them to make them wet. She then spoke to the camera as if she was just speaking to Luke.

“Do you like Mommy’s big tits, son. You used to suck on these when you were younger. Remember?” She played with her tits some more and licked her lips. “Mommy wants to see your cock. Take your fucking cock out for Mommy.”

Luke hurriedly took of his pants that were wrapped around his ankles. He was now completely naked on his bed with his headphones on.

“Stroke that dick for Mommy.” She started making handjob movements with her hands.

Luke followed her instructions. She started to jerk off rather furiously. He was too horny and too immersed in the video.

Luke’s Mom burst into his room and he failed to even notice, he just kept watching the porn and jerking his cock. She was wearing a tight, red button-up blouse. It was so tight you could see the outline of her bra. It was low cut too so she had plenty of cleavage on display; her tits were huge. She wore blue, tightly fitted, slim jeans which really showed off her long, sexy legs and just bahis firmaları like the porn star her son was jerking off to, she had long brown hair and brown eyes.

His mother looked on in shock. She heard everything, even from outside his room; his headphones weren’t connected to the TV properly. She saw the porn star’s big huge tits, the way she was seductively looking at the camera and making lewd gestures by licking her lips and mimicking handjobs. What she found most shocking was that the porn star not only looked like her, but was pretending to be his mother.

She walked over to the end of his bed, blocking his view of the TV and crossed her arms. Luke panicked as he was fully naked, then scrambled to cover himself while his Mom waited for him to do so.

“Mom. Sorry. I just. Um. I just…”

“I don’t want to hear it. Is this what you’re jerking off to these days. Incest porn? Mommy porn? That’s so sick. You’re a little pervert. Pretending to jerk off to your Mom? I bet you wish it was me showing you my tits and telling you to jerk off.”

Luke managed to pull some of his bed covers over him in an attempt to conceal his hard cock that only got harder with his Mom standing there. “Mom, I’m sorry. I just-“

“You’re not sorry, Sweetie, are you? You’re not much of a sweetheart now. If you are sorry, let me see your cock, son. Let me see if your cock is still hard for me, your mother, standing right in front of you.

Luke was reluctant. He didn’t know what to do. Next thing he knew, the covers were pulled from him and his hard dick was there for his Mom to see. He was at a loss for words.

She had a look of surprise for a second, then bit her lip as seeing her son’s throbbing cock, and the size of it, really started to turn her on. She stopped herself. She felt as if it was too wrong. To compromise, she came up with an idea to put a stop to her son’s messed up, perverted ways.

“Actually, isn’t this a situation you actually want to be in? I mean, your cock is so fucking hard, it’s twitching. And you’ve got me, your sexy milf of a Mom kaçak iddaa standing at the end of your bed, just where you were playing the Mommy incest porn.”

She started to rub her hands all over body. “I bet you’ve dreamed about me, fantasised about fucking me. You’ve probably even thought about me while jerking off.” She looked back at the video that was playing. “I bet if I just say the word Mommy, you won’t be able to resist touching your cock.” She watched her son as he brought his hand closer to his dick.

“Mommy… Mommy… Mommy.”

Luke couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it in front of his Mother, who continued to talk.

“I knew it. Now… I bet that if I started unbuttoning my blouse…” Button after button, she revealed the black, lacy lingerie bra that she had on underneath. “… you’d stroke that dick for me even faster. Wouldn’t you?”

She smiled in amusement as her son started furiously jerking off over her, his own mother.

“Okay, son. Now that I got your attention. You’re going to do exactly what I say. You’re going to do exactly what Mommy says.”

Luke slowed his stroking down and looked at his mom in wonder.

“You’re going to stroke that dick for me, for your Mommy. But you’re only allowed cum when I say. Can you handle that? Do you think you can handle me, your Mommy?”

The thought of this was so hot, he nearly passed out from arousal. He couldn’t wait. He nodded yes to his Mom and started stroking his dick again.

“Good boy, stroking your dick for Mommy like that. I haven’t even started yet.” She licked her lips and looked at him seductively. “Ready?” Luke nodded again and began stroking even faster in anticipation. “Are you sure?” She then started.

“Ten… look at Mommy as she takes off her bra. I know you’ve always wanted to see my tits, son. I see you stare at them all the time.”

“Nine.” Her bra was now off, she held her tits and started to caress them, massaging them. She moved them up and down, slowly, as if to hint at a titjob.

“Eight… You’re such a kaçak bahis naughty little boy jerking off to Mommy. Do you like jerking off to your Mommy’s big tits. I bet you wish you could touch them.”

“Seven.” She caressed her whole body, moving her hands over her huge tits, then started to rub her pussy just outside of her jeans. She turned around to show off her firm, round ass and slapped it while looking back at her son.

“Six… Do you like what you see, son? I bet you wish you could fuck a milf like me. Would you like to have sex with Mommy some day?

“Five… Halfway there, Sweetie. Mommy wants you to stroke your cock faster… Nope, that’s not fast enough. Faster, I said.”

“Four”. She unbuttoned and pulled down her jeans, exposing her lacy lingerie panties. She started to feel the smooth silky material, and massaged the area against her pussy lips, it was wet.

“Three… You want to see Mommy’s pussy, don’t you?” She pulled on the waistline of her panties and brought them right down to expose a love heart tattoo she had there, but not low enough for him to see her actual pussy.”

“Two and a half… Haha. Are you going to cum for me, son? Jerk that cock even faster, Mommy want’s all your cum. Cum for Mommy you naughty little boy. That’s it.”

“Two…” She started to moan loudly as she slipped her hand underneath her panties and began touching herself. With her other hand, she began sucking on her finger as if it was her son’s hard cock.

“One… Cum for Mommy, now son. Stroke that dick, extra fast. Let me see you let out all your cum. I’m your Mommy and I want you to cum. Cum for Mommy. Do it, now!”

She watched with amazement as her son’s cock erupted with multiples shot of cum all over his chest.

Luke kept watching his Mom with lust as she put back on her jeans, bra and blouse. She walked over to the side of his bed and standing over him, she crossed her arms, which amplified her cleavage.

“Is that all out of your system now, Sweetie?”

Luke looked at his Mom, still red-faced and flustered. “Yes, Mom.”

“Good. So, no more jerking off to incest mommy porn. That kinda stuff just doesn’t happen in real life.” She winked at him, knowing full well what she just told him was a complete lie, then walked out of his room.

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