Mom Gets Naughty

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This is the letter written to me by my best friend who works in a 5 star hotel in Bombay.

Dear Ravi

It has been a long time since I heard from you. Things are fine at my end.

Actually I am writing to you to let you know of something. I trust it will stay between the two of us only.

It is about aunty, your mom. She was here in the hotel and with her was uncle Puri. Uncle had reserved the room under his name and your mother joined him later. I was at the counter when aunty came in and met him; I thought it must be a dinner meeting but the way he hugged your mother made me feel something fishy was going on. He had fully crushed her tits and she held on to him just as tightly.

They walked towards our restaurant hand in hand and got the dimly lit last table. I got into the restaurant and waited near the restroom from where I could see what was going on. Your mom was giggling away at uncle’s jokes as both sat on the same side of the table. Uncle Puri had his hand on your mom’s thigh and was rubbing her up all the time. They ordered something small and while eating, your mom had her hand on his crotch.

After they had paid their bill, they left for their room. I quickly got the room no. and the key to the surveillance room; we have this to keep a tab on some guests who are on suspicion for using drugs. This room has video screens connected to the cameras in the respected rooms. We can see what each guest is doing and the tapes can be used as evidence sometimes.

I switched on the monitor just in time to see your mom and uncle Puri bahis firmaları entering the room. I sat down as I knew this would take a long time. As soon as they entered the room your mom locked the door. She turned around and uncle Puri grabbed her like a horny dog. He was kissing her face and her neck, your mom then playfully pushed him on the bed. He shifted up and sat reclined on the pillow while your mom slowly started taking off her sari.

I never told you this but I always felt your mom was a hot lady. I got a hard on every time I was near her, and now seeing her doing this forbidden act made me so horny that I had removed my cock and was lightly stroking it. Your mom had meanwhile taken off her sari and was standing in front of uncle Puri with only her blouse and petticoat on her. He got up slightly and pulled her near the edge of the bed and began lifting up her petticoat as she opened the buttons on her blouse. She removed her blouse and undid her bra releasing her big boobs; uncle Puri left what he was doing and grabbed her tits. He was on his knees now on the bed as he pinched one nipple and sucked on the other one. Your mom has very big tits as you know and uncle Puri was trying to stuff the whole nipple into his mouth.

Your mother was naked from waist up, uncle Puri unzipped his pants and removed them. He took off his shirt next and then off came his underwear. His cock was already hard. He then lay back as your mother started removing her petticoat. He sat at the edge of the bed and turned your mom around; he was now caressing her ass cheeks. kaçak iddaa He had bunched up her panty into her crack and was roaming his hands all over her big plump ass. He had her bending forwards so her ass jutted out more and he could even rub her pussy over her panty. Your mom was enjoying this immensely as he stroked her pussy.

After a while your mom turned around and sat on the floor and took uncle’s cock in her hand, softly massaging it. She started licking the underside first as uncle closed his eyes in pure ecstasy. Then she took him in her mouth, sucking him in fully till her nose was into his pubic hair. She was bobbing up and down sucking him up good. He didn’t last long as he started spurting his seed in to your mom’s mouth. She swallowed some but rest all dribbled down her chin.

She got up and went into the restroom and was back in a minute after washing her face.

She came and lay down next to uncle Puri who was laying all spent .She took his hand and put it on her mound. He started caressing her there and then shoved his fingers into her cunt. Now he had to get up, he got on top of her and sat between her legs. He spread out your moms thighs more so he could see her pink cunt lips. He bent forward and spread her cunt lips with his fingers then started licking her there.

Uncle Puri got into such fervor over licking your moms pussy that he had his whole face covered with her cunt juices. He had put his hands underneath her ass and lifted her ass up so he would have better access to her cunt and ass. He then shoved his finger up kaçak bahis her ass hole as he licked her cunt. He was tired a bit when he came up for air. He just climbed up and lay on top of your mother.

Till now his cock was hard again, while laying on top only your mother held his cock and guided him into her wet cunt. He just jerked a bit and he was balls deep into your mom’s cunt hole. Your mom put her legs up and scissored his waist as he started bucking on top of her. He was driving his cock hard into her cunt and your mom was helping him by lifting her ass to meet his thrusts. This time he went on long fucking with long hard thrusts, squeezing her tits as he banged his nuts on her ass.

After a while your mom wanted to ride him, he just rolled to the side and your mom came up without his cock leaving her fuck hole. Uncle Puri held on to her tits as she rode him with his cock deeply impaled in her cunt. Her big fleshy ass was jiggling on the impact with his thighs. I think she was Cumming on his cock at that time, she had her eyes closed and was biting her lips. Uncle Puri caught your mom’s ass cheeks and was heaving her down on his cock. His hands wouldn’t fit on her big ass which swelled up more when she sat fully on his cock. I guess your mom didn’t want his sperms inside her so as soon as he got tensed she got up and pulled his cock out , she just stroked his cock and he came right on her ass. He shot a lot of cum onto her ass. Your mom just sat for a while in the same position on top of him.

She then got up and went inside the restroom.

It was really erotic and then it was your mom so I watched the whole thing. I am sorry about that. I will not tell a soul but you need to stop this or else people will come to know sooner or later.

Your pal


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