Mom at the Cottage Ch. 03

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Annie roused her self from her sated slumber and hung up the phone that she found was still nestled between her thighs. Looking down her body she saw her legs were caked with her dried cum. Getting out of bed, she trotted to the bathroom feeling very much alive. Taking a warm wet face cloth she began to clean herself. Wiping down to her knees she marveled at how far the syrupy cum had jetted out of her pussy. Pulling the cloth upwards across smooth the skin around her pelvic region caused her to sigh, as the edge of the cloth dragged across the puffy lips of her vagina. Pulling them open with her left hand she pressed the soft cloth to her inner lips and enjoyed the warmth soaking into the spongy crimson flesh.

She finished up with a quick towel pat down and a bit of scented powder in all the right places. She was ready to get dressed and while looking her closet, she debated between the low-rise Capri pants which fitted her like a coat of paint or a front buttoning yellow sundress with thin straps and low bodice. With skin still aglow and tingling from hours in the sun “I think the sleeveless sundress.’ she said aloud to no one particular. With the house still hot from the day time sun, she opted for no panties or bra, besides she liked the way the sun-dress hung loosely on her. She did not need more stimulation right now, especially since she was up and had things to do.

Moving to the kitchen she made a fresh pot of tea as she thought about what to make for dinner, what clothes to take, and would the weekend would bring. Leaning against the counter with a hot cup of tea in hand, she stared out the window at the budding trees just beginning to leaf. A brief tingle coursed through her body and surprised, she looked down to see the large round silver knob to the lower cabinet door pressing into her. The light dress fabric provided no resistance or protection to her private areas. Would this obsession never end she thought as she reached down and undid three buttons at her crotch level. Pulling the dress open for about nine inches allowed the cold hard knob to directly tease her clit. With a trembling hand, she set the tea cup down and using both hands she pulled the lips of her demanding cunt apart and began to raise and lower herself against the cabinet. The knob took on coating of her juices as she feverishly tried to mount it. Finding herself stymied in her efforts, she turned around and raised up the back of her dress. Pushing back against the big slippery knob she felt it in the naked crevice of her bum. Raising herself a few inches on up on tip toes she was able to align it with her hole and began pushing back carefully. The ring of her ass was loosening, beginning to open and pushing steadily she could feel the commanding knob gaining entry. This new sensation was riveting, but when she heard the front door open and Jr. call out, she quickly had to pull away.

Smoothing her dress down and she welcomed him home by singing out, “I’m having tea in the kitchen. Do you want a cup?’

“No thanks, I got a few things to do before dinner” came a booming reply.

Settling into to the dinner chores, Annie distracted herself from the demanding sensations of her body. With Sr. away, a quick simple meal of reheating the delicious beef stew from the night before would be ideal. She could make it easily, it was delicious and she and Jr. could eat sitting at the kitchen bar counter café style and talk about the weekend. With preparations underway, she poured herself a glass of white wine and sat on one of the high stools near the counter so she could keep an eye on things.

Jr. came into the kitchen and slouched in one of the lower chairs to ask about her day. Looking up he saw that she had the low heels of her flats resting on the chair rails and following her lithe legs upward and past her hem, he noticed the undone buttons on her dress. ‘Mom, you missed a couple of buttons on your dress.’ he chided.

‘So I did, I must be more careful.’ Annie replied as she did bahis firmaları the top two up.

“Don’t do them up on my account, in fact why not undo the remaining ones and give your gorgeous legs a little more room to move.’ he asserted as he watched her hands move lower on her dress and begin to undo the lower buttons. Although the dress was light, with the release of the last button, the way she was sitting caused the material to fall to either side of legs providing an exposed naked V of flesh up to just above her mid thigh.

‘That’s better on a hot night isn’t it Mom?’ asked Jr.

‘Yes Jr. it is and maybe I made a mistake by making a hot dinner tonight since the stove is making it even hotter.’ Annie responded.

‘No, mom, you are the one that is making it hotter, with that smokin’ body of yours.’ rejoined Jr.

‘Jr., enough of that kind of talk. What plans did you make with Jake and his Dad?’ she asked trying to change the focus of the conversation while taking a sip from her drink.

The thinking is that they would likely be there when we arrive. Oh by the way, we will need to bring sleeping bags as they don’t have the bedding sorted out. We can take some ready cooked food for the first night, then we’ll be up early on Saturday. Stop for lunch and see if we have everything we need for work. If not, someone can run into town and pick whatever, then back to work. There is a restaurant bar at the head of the lake, and if we are not too tired we want to go there for dinner on Saturday night. Up early Sunday to finish the work and with luck you and I come back mid afternoon. Jake and his dad will stay, finish up, close up and return to town after the weekend traffic rush.

“That’s quite an itinerary, what will I be doing while you three are doing the work?’ she asked as she twisted around to look at the stove, providing an unintentional profile view of satiny toned legs and thighs to Jr. as her one leg swung away from the other. Returning her gaze to Jr. expecting an answer she caught his eyes locked onto the view up her dress.

A bit embarrassed, he hesitated before telling her what she already knew. “Looking good, getting some sun, keeping us in drinks and in good spirits.”

“I think I can do that, but what will I wear? I’ll need a whole wardrobe for the different possibilities and it will be cooler up there after the sun goes down. How about you go and get me the large blue suitcase from the garage and take it to my room, while I finish up getting dinner ready. I think we’ll eat here at the bar if that’s OK with you? After dinner, I know you will want to help me choose what to take?’ she gushed as she went to get up. Extending her right foot to slide off the stool, she moved forward but her dress did not, the open V of the dress that was to mid thigh was now open to her naked crotch. Stepping out and down caused her thighs to open even more and her pink gash to be brazenly presented to Jr. who did not miss a second of the sensational sight. Striding into the kitchen, she did not notice Jr. adjusting himself, as her mind was mulling over clothing combinations.

“OK, I’ll get the bag but I don’t think you need to take much, I’m only taking my shoulder bag.” offered Jr. as he opened the patio door to get to the back of the garage.

Over dinner, Annie and Jr. talked about his day. With their laps covered with large serviettes, his eyes continually strayed to the large obviously unbound breasts moving about inside her dress. Every time she raised her wineglass or her fork, her arms caused her breasts it to express themselves above her bodice and then fall as she set her glass down. It was like watching a tennis match, back and forth, up and down both mesmerizing. “Maybe you could wear that dress on the weekend. Jake has never seen you in it and I know that he would get hard watching you undo the buttons for him. Lets see what happens if you undo the top three or four? Jr. requested, his eye never leaving hers.

The scooped bodice kaçak iddaa held its shape until the fourth button was undone. At which point it fell to the sides exposing her massive breasts and deep cleavage. Annie’s eyes watched as her breasts broke out in goose bumps, delighted with the cooling breeze. The gaping bodice revealed the tan lines close to her nipples but stopped short of exposing anything beyond that. “I’m sure Jake will want to see more, but Jake’s dad Bill will like this look.” Jr. opined. All this talk and exposure with Jake and his dad was making Annie flush but, wanting to go and get her wardrobe together, gave her courage and focus.

“OK, enough, let’s finish dinner then you clean up the kitchen while I begin to layout some clothes. When I have them laid out I will call you and you can make sure they are appropriate.” stated Annie as firmly as she could. Standing up she leaned over to pick up Jr.’s plate. In doing so, her breasts surged forward, threatening to fall out, testing the limits of the one button holding the dress from showing her nipples. The seven buttons below her falling breasts, held the dress closed around her waist. The result displayed her body like a giant ‘X’. With a plate in each hand, she could not stop Jr. from slipping one dress strap to the outer edge of her shoulder.

‘Perfect’ murmured Jr. when as she turned away the loosened strap fell away, the bodice billowed out and he saw one hardening nipple peek out.

“I’m going to sort out my clothes now. I’ll see you in about an hour or so.” Annie called out as she set the plates down, pulled her dress strap up, left the buttons undone and strode down the hall.

Rummaging through her walk-in closet, Annie had a lot of choices. Making mental lists she began collecting and laying outfits on the bed she shared with Sr. By the time she was finished she had 8 variations. ‘Jr. time to help me choose.” she called out. A few minutes later Jr., who had changed into some comfortable shorts and t-shirt, strode into the room and came to a sudden stop.

“Mom, are your going for a week? Why all the clothes?’ he asked with incredulity.

Settling into the side chair across from the bed he waited for an answer. “Well the drive up, Friday night, Saturday, maybe into town on Saturday, likely dinner out Saturday, Sunday and the drive back. A couple of warm layers to throw on if it’s cold.” Annie replied with no guilt.

“Boy, are all women as concerned about their looks, I’m only taking jeans, shorts and a couple of tops? OK, show what you have. I was thinking though that when you pick me up at the pool, we can spend a few minutes with the swim team and I know they like you in your red shorts and white blouse – you know team colors.” Jr. elaborated. Throwing his leg over the arm of the chair the legs of the shorts pulled the material up his muscular thighs and tight across the prominent bulge in the front.

“Now, you are adding to my list not shortening it young man.” complained Annie in a half hearted way as she saw him cup this cock with his left hand.

“Ok Ok, show me what you have.” Jr. asked. Bending over the bed to pick up the various pieces of clothing she was to propose, allowed the still undone top of her dress to fall away. Her full braless tits cascaded forward only to be stopped from spilling out by that same last button. “Ok here are my ideas. I pick you up in the red and white shorts and blouse but the shorts are too tight to wear for a long drive. At the picnic or if we stop for gas I will change into the sundress I have on. If it gets cool on the way up, I throw this sweater on and maybe these leggings. I have the Capri pants or these blue shorts for Saturday along with a pair of jeans if I need to help you guys. I have a long sleeved top that I can tie up above my waist and wear with the shorts, pants or jeans. I have this short black leather skirt and stretchy top along with a leather vest to wear to dinner. I can reuse most of that on Sunday. I have three swim suits. kaçak bahis

Coming around to Jr.’s side of the king sized bed, she bent over to pick up one of the suits. In doing so, Jr. was sure that her breasts had spilled out of her dress. Because she was reaching away, he could not really see, but the outline of her hanging breasts convinced him he was correct. Also, in reaching over the bed, the rear of her dress rode up giving Jr. a hint of her upper thighs and her ass cheeks. Having to reach further she put a knee on the bed and spread her legs to keep her balance. This let Jr. see the lips of her cunt begin to quiver and start to open like the petals on a flower. She put her other knee on the bed and when on all fours she looked back to see Jr. stroking his cock through the outside of his shorts. Although covered by his T-shirt, she could see that the head of his long hard cock had extend out beyond the top of his shorts and nestle up by his belly button. By now she was getting really wet. Then somewhere between a downward dog and child’s yoga pose in you she lowered her elbows to the mattress to fold the one piece suit, her dress came up to her waist completely exposing herself to Jr.

“Since I don’t know Jake’s dad, did you say his name was Bill, I thought I could start with the one piece and if he was OK with it, you could tell me to put on the one I had on yesterday. I could also use that in the hot tub, although it is white and transparent when wet, its OK if it gets a lot of chlorine on it. If you and the others like, I can bring and wear the yellow bikini on Sunday if the weather stays good. I have a very light see thru cover-up to keep the sun off and a tank top if it gets really hot. I’ll bring some different bras, thongs and the like so you and Jake can pick and chose my look at that time.” rattled off Annie as she fiddled with the clothes on the bed.

“Wow, you really have thought this out and chosen things that Jake and I would like. Also, there is a girl in one of my classes who had a super sexy tube top on the other day. She said she got it in Clarksville, an outlet town on the way. It’s in a store call ‘Monkeys.’ I thought we could stop and get one for your boobs and another to use as a skirt. We can also pick up gas, some food for a picnic there.” suggested Jr. as he stood up and approached the bed.

Reaching between her legs, he was nose deep between her cheeks, seeing the juices begin down her legs, he took a small green thong and passed it up to his mom. “What about this one?” he asked as he stood up and pressed his swollen monster of a cock into the valley of her ass. Grabbing her hips, he held her tight as he lifted his T-shirt and let the sensitive cock head feel her naked soft skin.

“I know it’s your favorite, I was hoping you would tell me to take it.” she panted as she pressed back into him. She could feel as he reached down and pulled the elastic waist of his shorts below his full balls. Leaning in, he was fully stretched out along the crevasse in her ass, when they heard the bedside phone ring and voice message say robotically. “Call from Sr., Call from Sr.’.

Rolling over on her side to grab the phone, “I’d better get that Sr. does not like to be kept waiting.” she said. Jr. gave a silent thrust and caught only air, then fell back into the chair. His mother lying on her back with her legs hanging over the bed displayed her perfect gaping sex to Jr. who was flaunting his steel hard cock. “Hi Sr., I am just laying out clothes for tomorrow. Things aren’t going well and you want to talk. Sure, I’ve got time to listen.’ Annie said as she sat up and moved to stand up. “Just a sec, Jr. could you put the bag up on the bed so I can pack , while I talk to your dad?” she asked.

“Sure, mom, then I’ll go and finish my work. I’ll be up early in the morning and will see you at the pool at noon, ready to drive up to Jake’s.” Jr. said with disappointment as Annie saw his wonderful hard on began to deflate. “Say good night to dad for me.” he mumbled as he walked out with a dwindling tent in his shorts.

Poking his head back in the door, he heard is mother whispering to his father. “Don’t forget to dress up for the team tomorrow” he called out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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