Mom and Sisters Humiliated Ch. 02

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If you don’t like the title or description, don’t go any further! This story is not meant for you. This story is not being edited by english professors. There are grammar errors, but no spelling errors. This is a sequel to the first: “Mom and Sisters Humiliated”.

That next morning:

I woke up in bed with a hard on and my boxers were completely wet. I looked at my clock next to my bed and it read 6:24am. I didn’t have to wake up early because it was our holiday break for Christmas. Had I dreamt that whole ordeal with my family? It couldn’t have been a dream. It felt so real. Touching my sisters’ pussies, sucking my mom’s nipples and making love to all three of them. It had to have happened. Had I had a wet dream?

I got out of bed and pulled my boxers down. They fell to the floor with a splat. I figured everyone was still sleeping, so I opened my bedroom door and walked the three feet to the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door to see Melissa standing in front of the mirror with only her panties on. I could see the side of her pure white tits just hanging over the sink. She was bent forward, looking in the mirror at something in her eye. Her aerolas were a light-colored pink, while taking up about a third of her boob and her nipples were quite small.

She turned, “What are you looking at you fucking pervert. Get the hell out!”

I quickly turned and acted as if I had just opened the door and told her I was sorry, as she slammed the door in my side. It must have been a dream. Everything that had happened was unbelievable and it was just a dream. I went slouching back to my room and fell on my bed. I realized I wasn’t wearing any boxers when I was standing at the bathroom doorway looking at Melissa. I wondered if she saw my hard cock sticking out in front of her or if it was too dark in the hallway for her to see it. I had to grab my cock and masturbate now. I stroked my cock, thinking about Melissa’s tits and how big they were and how much they hung over the sink. Her 36D bust was just too much for my cock. I came with a big moan and by whole body shivered.

“What the hell are you doing you pervert?” Melissa was standing at my doorway, but for how long? I had to think quickly.

“I have pains in my stomach. That’s why I was making noises.”

“Your a fucking liar. You were playing with your dingy and right after seeing me in the bathroom. I’m just going to have tell mom about this when she gets home from the craft show.”

“No! I wasn’t doing that. I…..I….”

“You were to playing with yourself. You should be happy that dad is gone for the week on business, but I’m sure mom will call him and tell him what a pervert they have for a son. I saw that hard-on you had, looking at me in the bathroom”

“Please, Melissa. I am begging you not to tell them. It wasn’t over you. I had to pee really badly and it got bigger.”

“Yea, bahis firmaları I’ll believe that one.”

She closed my door with a slam. What was I going to do? I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I took a long shower, thinking about what I was going to do to get out of this. I had to do something. Dad would surely spank me, even if I was 18. He didn’t care. And it wouldn’t be an easy spanking. This would last a long time and hurt badly. He hadn’t spanked any of us for years, but this would surely deserve one. I got out of the shower and went to my room to dress. I decided there was only one thing to do. Frighten the living crap out of Melissa, so she didn’t tell our parents about this.

I watched tv for a couple of hours, thinking about how I was going to do this. When I walked out of my room to get breakfast, I heard talking going on in the kitchen.

“….the bathroom door and was staring at my boobs. When I turned to shut the door, I saw he had a hard-on. My own brother got a hard-on staring at me.”

“That’s disgusting. Are you going to tell your parents?”

“Of course I am.”

Melissa’s friend, Erin, must have come over while I was watching tv. Erin had a great body and a beautiful face as well. Erin was also 18 and a senior. She was about 5’6″ tall and had nice athletic features to her. She was physically fit and I always thought she could beat the shit out of me. Her boobs were probably a C-cup size and her ass was athletically firm. She was on the track and field team, so she was always running. She had a nice tan, due to being outside a lot. No one knows her original hair color becase she always was dying it and putting highlights in it. Right now, she was more of a blond, with strawberry highlights.

Just then, Kate came down the stairs and joined in the conversation.

“He had what?”

“A hard-on, staring at my boobs.”

I knew I had to do something. This would be known to the whole school before the holiday break ended. I wouldn’t be able to go back under any circumstances.

I walked back into my room and gathered some things together and put them in my pockets. I then walked into the kitchen and said hello to everybody. They just laughed at me. I knew that would happen. I opened the refrigerator and found what I was looking for. The butter spray. They were all standing next to each other, so this should be easy. I hoped! I quickly turned around and sprayed their eyes with the butter.

“Fuck!” “What th…” “Ahhh!”

I had to move quickly. I grabbed Melissa’s hands and tied them behind her back with rubber bands. I did the same to Erin. I put Kate’s hands in my hand cuffs. Lucky enough, I had been a boy scout and learned how to do some weird things. I dragged them all into the living room and set them up on the couch. They were screaming at me, but couldn’t open their eyes just yet. I got a kaçak iddaa rag and washed their eyes off. They were all trying to kick me, so I had to tie their legs together as well.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Kate asked first.

“I don’t want any of you to tell anyone what I did this morning.”

Melissa responded, “I’m telling everyone what you were doing and about this. You might go to jail.”

“I wanted this to go easy, but you girls are just going to make it hard on yourselves. I am going to strip all of you and give you three some spankings you will never forget.”

I then bent Melissa over the couch. Her knees were on the couch and her face was hanging over the back. I started spanking her ass. With every slap, Melissa let out a groan which turned into screams. She was wearing very short shorts, so I pulled them up so I could see her ass. I also pulled her panties up. As I was pulling these up, I knew Melissa’s pussy had to be hurting. I was stretching these shorts and panties into her pussy.

“Please, Zach! Stop! Your hurting me.”

“What am I hurting?”

“My…my pussy.”

Just then, I slapped her bare ass as hard as I could. She let out a scream. With me pulling her shorts and panties up, I could see part of her pussy lip between her ass cheeks. I moved the thin line of her panties and shorts to the side, so I could see her full pussy. It was bald, with a line of hair at the top. Her asshole was completely bald. I could see she shaved almost every day and definitely did this morning. I stuck my finger in her pussy. It was quite dry and I knew I had to lubricate it.

“Take your hand out of my sister’s pussy! This is incest and rape.”

I looked at Kate and slapped her across her mouth. I pulled my pants and boxers down and pryed Kate’s mouth open. I stuck my cock in her mouth and made her suck it. I knew she wouldn’t bite down because she was afraid of blood.

“This is what a bad mouth gets. It gets washed out with my cock.”

After she had sucked it awhile, I took my cock out and slapped her face with it. Right now, she must be completely humiliated. I moved over to Erin and slapped her face with my cock as well. I then went back to Melissa. I pulled scissors out of my pocket and cut the sides and the crotch of her panties and shorts. They fell to the ground. She was still bent over and her ass was sticking out at me. I felt her ass up, then stuck my finger in her asshole. Her hole body jumped at that moment. I grabbed my cock and shoved it in her ass. I abused her ass for the next 10 minutes, while Erin and Kate just watched on. I pumped my cock in and out of her asshole. She was crying the entire time. I decided to pull out because I could smell her pussy. I bent over and shoved my tongue in between her puffy pussy lips. Her cunt was so sweet and the fumes coming from her pussy were overwhelming. She kaçak bahis was now getting wet. Even though she was being humiliated, she couldn’t help what her body was doing. She began going into an orgasm and her whole body was shaking. Her hot cum began to flow into mouth. It tasted so good. Her whole body went limp. I untied her feet and hands and turned her around.

I knew she was humiliated and now feared me. “You’re going to listen to me from now on. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

I could now see the front of her pussy. She did have a line of hair above her pussy, so my dream was right. I told her to stand up and take her shirt and bra off. She did as I ordered. As she took her bra off, her tits came bouncing out. Melissa was now naked, in front of me. I had her bend over just slightly, so her tits were hanging a little in the air and not against her body. I then slapped her boobs from underneath. Her boobs bounced up and down and side to side. I slapped them harder and harder until she was crying again.

“Please, stop spanking my boobs! Zach, please!”

“Okay. Sit on the couch and spread your legs apart.”

As she spread her legs apart, her pussy spread as well. I could see everything. I pinched her clit with my finger and she screamed. I got down on my knees, betweeen her legs and began to spank her pussy.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! My pussy! My pussy hurts!”

So far, this was the most erotic time of the whole day. She was screaming about her pussy hurting, while I was spanking it. I began to lick my hand in between spanks. Her pussy juice was all over my hand. The whole room probably smelt like her pussy. Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Ouch! My pussy hurts! You’re hurting my pussy!”

I stood up, grabbed Erin by the hair and dragged her down, between Melissa’s legs. From behind Erin, I shoved her face in Melissa’s cunt. I pushed her face into her pussy over and over. She needed a breath once in a while.

“That’s it. Suck her clit. Keep eating her pussy out. Swallow all of Melissa’s pussy juices.”

While Erin was on her knees eating Melissa’s pussy, I untied her legs. I pulled her pants and panties down. She had a hairy pussy. It seemed to be trimmed because it was all very short. Her pussy hair was a brown color. I stuck my finger in her pussy. Just then, she tryed to kick me, but I caught her leg and began spanking her ass.

“You want to kick me, you bitch! You are gonna get an ass spanking you’ll never forget.”

I told Melissa to wrap her legs around Erin’s face, so her face was stuck in her pussy. I spanked Erin’s ass harder and harder until it was beat red.

I grabbed Erin by her hair and turned her around and threw her on the ground.

“Melissa, you finger your pussy and lick your fingers while I deal with Erin.”

Kate was now fearful for herself and I could tell it in her eyes. I went over to her and untied her. I went back to Erin, who was laying on her back on the ground. I spread her legs apart and spanked her pussy over and over. While I was doing that I told Kate to strip.

(continued in part 3)

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