Mom and Me

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Todger65 deserves a ton of credit for his editing work on this story.

This is a story of love and sexual discovery between a mother and son. It is also a story about friendship and the joy of sex.


My mom is not old enough to be a MILF. She is fifteen years older than me and that makes her thirty-four. Yes, it is just what you were thinking. She got pregnant in school and the father was too young to take responsibility. Mom would not tell her parents, or anyone else for that matter, who the father was.

She has always been smart and pragmatic. She raised me with some help from grandma and papaw while not only graduating from high school, but also managing to get an MBA. She did all that and never once made me feel less than her number one priority.

My view of mom started changing when I turned eighteen. I noticed that she had protuberances that were much shapelier than the girls I dated. It was not long before I started noticing her other physical attributes. Attributes that drove my wet dreams.

I may have felt a little guilt in the beginning about masturbating with my mom in mind, but I do not remember it. I remember feeling excitement, lust, and love. Feelings I have to this day. I am certain mom knew how I felt. It was impossible to hide the erection that occurred every time I was near her. Eventually she decided to talk to me about it.

It was Saturday and I wandered into the kitchen intent on breakfast. Mom was on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. I froze before I entered the room and stood watching. She was wearing shorts and a half shirt. Her ass wiggled side to side hypnotically in front of me. When she turned to the side, I could see her braless breasts swaying in time. I was wearing boxer briefs and a robe. I had to be the one that untied the robe, but I do not remember doing it. I did not realize until she looked up at me that my hand was rubbing up and down my erection through my underwear.

She dropped the sponge in the bucket and stood, “Ben, come here and sit down. I think we need to talk.”

My face was almost as red as the raging hardon bulging against my underwear. She pulled out and turned a chair, so it faced the one she was preparing to sit on. She patted the seat intended for me, “Have a seat.”

I did and she looked at my obvious erection. She looked up and into my eyes, “Ben, first I want to be clear that I am not angry with you. I am concerned about your fascination with me. I know you have an active dating life. I also know about you, your friend Lisa, and her mother. Also, Mrs. Johnson next door. I would not normally bring those things up, however it is obvious you are getting a lot more sex than anyone I have ever heard of.

“I would think that your sexual urges are being satisfied. So, I am having difficulty understanding why every time you are near me, you have an erection.”

I looked at her in shock, “Mom, you are the hottest woman I have ever seen. I cannot help how my body responds to you. I try awfully hard not to touch you.”

“Son, I understand, but you have to know that nothing can happen between us. I am your mother. These erections of yours, while flattering, have created a barrier between us. I miss being able to hug you or lay in front of the TV with you. I feel like you are afraid of me, or afraid of what you might do. I assure you that I am perfectly capable of fending you off if you get handsy.”

“Mom, I love you and I would never touch you in any way you did not want me to. It is just that I know I will get hard and I try to hide it. I cannot hide it if it is rubbing against you.”

“OK, I get it. You know nothing is going to happen between us. How about this; We can hug and hang out and I will pretend I do not notice your erection. Maybe if you know nothing is going to happen, it will eventually go down. Over time you will get used to nothing happening and you will not get hard. I do not know if that will work, but I would like to try. I miss being close to you.”

“I miss you too mom. I am willing to give it a try.”

She stood, pulled me to my feet, and hugged me tight. Her braless breasts squeezed between us, her nipples rubbed against my bare chest and her stomach pressed up against my erection. She squeezed me tight. I am sure she felt my erection pulsing as I came in my underwear.

She pretended that it had not happened. When I stepped away from her, I could see a string of cum on her stomach. My cockhead was near the waistband of my underwear and when I came some cum had shot out and onto her.

My face was beat red as I hurriedly walked out of the room. I stopped and turned around to apologize. I looked around the door frame as she scraped up the cum with her finger. She looked at it in fascination, then put the finger in her mouth. She smiled to herself, went back down on the floor, and returned to scrubbing.



My son is apparently the local sex machine. He came into the kitchen bahis firmaları for breakfast and he had his usual erection. Usual for him. I must admit a certain fascination with it. He has a large cock without a doubt. If he were any other man, I would be thinking about jumping him right there. The fact is that he is my son, and it is wrong to think that way. I work hard to tamp down my attraction to my own son.

When I sat down in the kitchen to talk to him, I only mentioned a few of the rumors about his sexual adventures. My son has been busy, and I am glad we talk frequently about sexual responsibility. I miss being close to him. I know he is busy with life, but in those few moments we have together I want to reconnect with him. His constant erections around me have interfered with that.

After our talk I wanted to hug him and never thought about my state of dress. When we hugged, I felt a rush that I had not felt in years. I am embarrassed to say my nipples were hard. I must admit it was arousing to feel of them rubbing his chest through my t-shirt. I felt his cock pulsing against me and his warm cum on my stomach. Motherhood aside, it was extremely erotic. I pretended I did not notice, and I understood when he left the kitchen in a rush.

I scraped his cum off my stomach. I did not consciously bring my finger to my mouth. Realization hit me when the taste hit my tongue. It had been a lot of years since I last tasted cum and I had forgotten how much I liked it. Ben’s cum tasted better than I remembered, and it made me smile. I could not help but think that I would like to live in a world where consenting adults can have sex, whether they are related or not.

Thinking that way leads nowhere good though. We live in this world, not a fantasy one. The consequences are too serious for me to go down a path that leads to sex with my son. A son with a huge cock, that is always hard for me, attached to the hot body of someone I love with all my heart. Oh god, this is more difficult than I thought!



I hid from mom until dinner time. We decided to have pizza in front of the TV. Mom was wearing her pajama top and matching shorts. I knew I was going to be hard all evening, so I wore loose shorts without underwear that would bind me and a t-shirt. After we ate, I stretched out on the couch. Mom snuggled up with her back against me and I started the movie.

We were more or less spooning and her cute butt rubbing against me had me harder than granite. She kept moving to avoid it, but that only made things worse. Finally, I could not take it anymore. I decided to go beat off. I thought that maybe if I relieved the pressure, I could relax with her.

“Mom, I need to get up.”

“What for honey? The movie is just getting good.”

“I need to get rid of this hardon. I will just go to my room for a while”

Mom sat up and moved to the floor by the couch, “I do not want you hiding and feeling like you did something wrong. Just pull it out and relieve yourself.” She turned back toward the TV. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I knew it would not take me long to cum with her sitting there, her face just inches away.

I pulled my shorts down just enough for my cock to appear. Mom turned toward me, “That does not look comfortable at all. Just take you clothes off. You will be much more comfortable, and it will be easier to clean up the mess.”

I try to do what mom says so I stood up and took off my shirt and shorts. I nearly hit mom in the head with my cock when I got back onto the couch. I knew I should get it over with as soon as possible. Having mom right next to me was so hot that I wanted to stretch it out if possible. I knew when I came it would be epic, even more so with the slow build.

I began to slowly stroke while sneaking peaks at Mom. The way she was sitting I knew she could see me out of the corner of her eye. My eyes were lidded, and I didn’t think she realized I was watching her. She was sitting on the floor with her knee bent and her foot under her other leg. Her hand was resting just above her knee when I started. When I saw her hand begin to creep up her leg my excitement grew.

When her hand began to rub her crotch, I started thinking about multiplication tables, ditch digging, anything to hold off. Then I had a genius idea, “Mom, would you mind helping me with this?”

She looked directly at my cock, “That is probably a bad idea.”

“We both get horny. I can help you while you help me.”

“That sounds like a really bad idea.”

During our conversation she never once took her eyes off my cock. She seemed a bit mesmerized by it. I pled my case, “It will help us both relax, and I will not do anything you do not want me to.”

Her hand wrapped around me, “No, we probably should not do this.”

“Mom, sit on the couch next to me.”

Her eyes were huge as she slid up onto the couch. I pulled her leg over mine, effectively spreading kaçak iddaa her legs and she grasped my cock again. I slid my arm under hers and rested my hand on her inner thigh. She started to slowly pump my cock and I rubbed her thigh. She was totally focused on my cock and I don’t think she realized for a while that my hand had made its way into her shorts. I was beyond excited when my fingers began to slide up and down her slit. Her wetness reassured me that she was horny too.

I was having a bit of trouble with access, “Mom, I can’t touch you very well. why don’t you take off your shorts?”

Her eyes were glued to my cock, “Uhmm, OK I guess.”

I did not complain when she took off her top as well. Her tits are amazing. Seconds later she was back on the couch. As our mutual masturbation progressed it was like gravity got the best of her. Her head slid down my shoulder and onto my chest. I moved my arm to give her room. She left one foot on the floor and put her other leg on the couch. Her legs were spread nicely, and her shaved mons felt smooth under my hand.

She was watching her hand jack my cock when I slowly inserted my finger into her vagina. The palm of my hand rubbed up and down her slit while my finger worked in and out. I managed to get my thumb on her clit. She moaned when I began to rub it and jacked me harder.

No amount of multiplication digging, or ditch tables was going to save me now. I was getting very close and I could tell that she was as well. My thumb was pressing hard on her clit, “Mom, I’m close. I’m gonna cum!”

I felt her mouth envelope my cock just as the first shot of cum jetted out. My cock vibrated wonderfully as she screamed out her orgasm. I was extremely impressed with her ability to cum, swallow, and pump my cock at the same time. I don’t think she planned things this way. I sure didn’t.

Mom eventually pulled my limp cock from her mouth. Her hot cheek was resting on my stomach. She laid on me for a good five minutes while her breathing finally slowed to normal. She shivered when I slipped my fingers out of her, brushing her clit along the way.

She was still holding my cock when she almost whispered, “Oh god, we should not have done that.”

“Mom, you are beautiful. What we just did was wonderful, amazing, and beyond my wildest dreams. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“You are my son. I am a pervert. A sick pervert.”

“You are not a pervert. We are both adults that love each other. You deserve to feel good and I am not sorry we helped each other. I have fantasized about making you cum and I am ecstatic that my fantasy has come true.”

She turned her head and looked up at me, “I love you son, but this is as far as we can go. I would never forgive myself if we went any further.”

I noticed that she did not rule out going that far again, just not past it. I had high hopes of changing her mind, but I would be happy if we continued to help each other in the way we just did.

My cock had been swelling in her hand while we talked. The harder it got the more she focused on it. Her hand had started sliding up and down it again when she realized what she was doing. She let go and sat up. She got off the couch and bent over to get her clothes. My groan reminded her that she was bent over in front of me with her pussy on full display. She hesitated, then slowly picked up her clothes. She put her top back on, then bent over again and slowly slid her shorts up her legs.

Mom noticed the wet spot on the couch and blushed,” I had better clean that up.”

I stood and pulled her to me. My erection pressed against her stomach as I kissed her neck. I nibbled her ear, “You are amazing, and I love you.”

I kissed my way down her neck. When my lips touched hers and she did not shy away from me. I kissed her with as much skill as I could muster. At first, she was hesitant, but it was not long before she kissed me back. I released her and stepped back.

Her face was flushed, and she was breathing hard. She looked up at me, “Please don’t tempt me anymore tonight. I am having a hard time with this and I need to think.”

I brushed her cheek with my fingertips, “Of course Mom. I don’t want to pressure you. I do want you. If you decide you want to give yourself to me, it would be the best gift you could ever give me. I will be here for you no matter what you decide.”

Mom went to her bedroom and I went to the kitchen to get something for the wet spot. When I came out of the kitchen, I bypassed the living room and walked to her bedroom. The door was closed, but I could hear her moaning through the door. She must have been masturbating hard because only a few minutes passed before I could hear her orgasmic moans through the door.

I did not see her again until the following morning. I walked into the kitchen to find that Mom was dressed and sitting at the table. I grabbed some coffee, kissed her cheek, and sat down, “Good morning Mom. Did you sleep well?”

“Good kaçak bahis morning son. I slept OK, I guess. I had a lot to think about and it took me a while to get settled.”

“Mom, whatever you decide makes you happy is good enough for me. The only thing I ask is that anything you decide is intended to make you happy. Your happiness is important to me.”

She smiled at me, “Hey, I forgot to tell you last night. I have booked us a beach vacation in France!”

I jumped up and pulled her into a hug, “Awesome Mom! I cannot wait to hang out with you on vacation. We are going to have a blast!”

We stood there and hugged way longer than moms and sons normally would. Especially when one considers that the son has a raging hardon. I did not plan to, but I kissed her lips and she let me. I kept it short. I hugged her a bit longer just to remind her of what she could have and let her sit back down. I did not want to drive her away by pressuring her.

“Where are we staying? Is it on the beach?”

“I am glad you asked. I got an incredible deal on an all-inclusive resort. we can walk out of our villa right onto the private beach.”

“What is a villa?”

“It is like our own little house separate from the hotel proper. We even have our own private swimming pool and hot tub.”

“Wow, that sounds awesome!”

“I thought so too.”

Mom was hesitating. I could tell she had a “but” to throw at me and was working up the nerve. I decided to wait her out.

“Ben, this place is couples only. When I gave them our names, I let them assume we are husband and wife. It was the only way I could get the deal.”

I smiled, “Mom, it’s not a big deal. You certainly look young enough to be married to me and I feel honored to be called Mr. Johnson. You are going to have to get used to being called Lora though.”

“Oh hell, I never thought about that. We will have to be careful.”

I pulled up Wikipedia on my laptop, “I suppose, but I don’t see that it matters. Even if the entire hotel finds out. France does not have laws against us being together.”


“Yep, according to this there are no laws regarding incest.”

Mom blushed beet red, “We will not be doing incest!”

“It’s OK Mom. It doesn’t really matter what your intentions are. If we are staying in a couples only hotel together people are going to assume that we are bumping bellies. France does not have a law against it, which makes it not a big deal. Still, there is no reason to raise eyebrows if we do not have to.

“You just have to remember to call me Ben, or sir, or your highness. You know, whatever works best for you.”

Mom laughed, “How about asshole? It seems to me that married women often refer to their husbands by that name! Or, maybe, my personal slave. That has a certain ring to it. Although it does take longer to say.”

I took on a look as if I were pondering, “I see you point, but we should probably keep it simple. Lora and Ben. Or hot lady and her shadow.”

She laughed, “A long shadow for sure. Uh, oh shit, I meant tall!”

I could see her face turn red and I smiled at her, “You know I am only an inch taller than you. I am considered average, not tall.”

She smirked, “Oh you are anything but average.” Then she realized what she had just said and turned a deeper shade of red, “I am going to stop talking now.”

I leaned over and kissed her lips, and we went about our day.



Oh my god! I sucked my son’s cock! And I loved it! I am a horrible human being. I could not help myself when I lost control. Ben is a gorgeous man, and his scent makes me shiver. When I saw his beautiful cock, I had to touch it. I didn’t decide to touch it. It happened without thought. I was surprised to see his cock in my hand even though I put it there. It felt right to be in my hand and in my mouth. I loved having his rock hard satiny smooth cock it in my mouth.

His hand was amazing. He played with my pussy better than I ever have! I was so turned on by him, by his cock, by his hand on my pussy. When he started cumming in my mouth my orgasm hit me like a runaway train. It was the best sexual experience I had ever had, and I wanted more desperately.

Then I realized what I had done. Ben tried to reassure me, and I knew he was sincere. I also knew that if I did not leave the room, I was going to fuck him and destroy our relationship. I have never rubbed my pussy as hard as I did that night. I thought about staying on the couch, watching him stick his cock in me, and watching his cock slide in and out of me. The second-best orgasm I have ever had rolled over me. I woke up an hour later, cleaned up, and went to bed.

In the morning I realized two things. First, I got to mention vacation. Second, I did not feel as much guilt as I thought I would. Especially after I mentioned vacation. It felt so good when he held me. His erection pressed against me and he kissed me, and it turned me on so much.

I must be careful. I must slow this down before it gets out of hand. It is selfish of me to want my son that way. If anyone found out it could ruin his reputation.

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