Mom and Dad break the seal on taboo Pt. 03

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Rob had just stepped into the walk-in shower when he heard the door slide open. Julie stepped in, closing the door behind her. His cock had already been fully erect after catching the final minutes of the lesbian show, but it twitched at seeing his daughter.

Without saying a word, she stepped forward and under the spray, hugging him, pressing her breasts against his chest. She was positioned so her legs straddled his right thigh. Julie reached down and grabbed his rigid rod.

He groaned. “Careful,” he whispered. “After seeing you and your mother, I think I’m just a few strokes from cumming.”

“So?” Julie laid her head against his father’s chest and her hand grasped and stroked his cock, her fingers rubbing over the swollen head as she moved from the tip to the base. His hips rocked and he brought a hand up to her side to push against her breast. She shifted slightly so he could gain access to that mound, his palm scraping over her erect nipple. This brought a groan from his daughter.

“You enjoyed watching me and mom?” It was a question that needed no answering. Her hand had gripped his dick with a strong squeeze, and it pulsed when she said those words. “That was my first time being with a woman. I’m glad it was with mom. She knows what she’s doing.”

Rob closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he felt the cum stirring in his balls. “Yeah, she does,” he said as the shower spray pelted them both. He thought that he wasn’t exactly getting clean, but he didn’t really give a damn. “You know when we were younger, we were pretty wild sexually and we had encounters with couples and single ladies. Your mother was always a star attraction.”

“Do you like how I’m stroking your cock? Is that how you like a hand job?”

He only nodded his head as his daughter’s hand slipped up and down is shaft. On an upstroke, her soft palm rubbed over his pulsing knob.


Julie squeezed his phallus and felt it spasming. She looked down to see the first spurts that were so powerful they splattered against the shower wall. There were about a half dozen squirts of semen before he finished. Rob grabbed Julie’s wet hair, pulled her head back and leaned down to kiss her hard and deep. She ground her crotch into his hip.

Rob reached for the faucets to shut off the water and they both stepped out of the shower and grabbed towels to dry off. Rob wrapped his around his waist, but Julie walked back to her parents’ bedroom naked.

Lori was also naked, lying on the bed propped up by several pillows.

“Well, what were you two doing in the bathroom?”

“I jacked off dad and he came,” Julie answered in a matter-of-fact tone. She crawled on the bed and sat with her back against the headboard. Being naked with her parents in their bedroom was arousing her sexual urges.

Rob stood at the foot of the bed, unsure of exactly what would bahis firmaları – or should – happen next. Lori resolved that issue by crawling to the end of the bed and grabbing the towel around his waist. “Why so shy?” With a tug, the knot came free and the towel fell to the floor. Despite his recent orgasm, his cock was nearly fully erect.

Her hand wrapped around his rod and the other hand fondled his ball sack. “Did our daughter drain you or do you still have bullets left in your gun,” Lori playfully teased.

Rob felt his ardor rise. “You’ll find out, woman.” He grabbed her around the waist and spun her around so her knees were on the edge of the bed. He quickly dropped to his knees and had a lovely view of her pussy. His mouth clamped on her mound and he began tonguing her moist slit. Lori let out her breath in a long hiss and pushed her hips back against her husband’s mouth. Having her pussy licked in doggy was one of her favorites.

Julie scooted down and moved her mouth to her mom’s, engaging in a deep soul kiss as Rob’s tongue expertly twirled up and down Lori’s pussy mound. Julie’s hand was on her own cunt, which was already juicing up.

She broke away from the kiss. “I know dad is getting you all warmed up but you two get to fuck whenever you want. I haven’t had that wonderful cock since our trip. I want him to fuck me when he’s ready.”

Rob shivered when he heard those words and Lori felt a tingle travel down her spine. The opportunity to be a voyeur – and perhaps a participant – as her husband and daughter fucked was revving her engine.

He quickly decided on a strategy. He didn’t want to stop eating his wife’s pussy and his cock was already hard and throbbing at the idea of coupling with is daughter. Rob stood up and then laid down on the bed, his cock bobbing but at full attention.

“Julie, climb on and straddle me, Lori, sit on my face so I can keep eating you.”

Julie felt a tingle deep inside her pussy at her father’s commands that meant her first threesome would be with her parents. With her knees on each side of his hips, Julie held his cock and positioned the purple knob so that it was slipping between her labia. Her eyes closed and she moaned at the erotic contact.

Lori was astride her husband’s face and lowered herself on to his mouth, his tongue immediately lapping up and down her moist slit. “Yeah, lover, we haven’t done this in a while.” Her eyes made contact with Julie, who was still holding herself above her father’s cock. Lori leaned forward placed her hands on her daughter’s hips. “Go ahead, babe, take that hard cock inside you.”

Julie shifted her hips and her pussy started to slide down her father’s hard rod. He groaned, the sound stifled by his wife’s mound. Julie closed her eyes. “AHH UNNNHHHH MMMMMMMM.” She slowly lowered herself, feeling his cock sliding inside her tight channel until he was fully inside her and she was sitting on his crotch.

Lori kaçak iddaa moved her hands up to fondle her daughter’s heaving breasts, flicking her fingers over the hard, sensitive nipples. “How’s it feel, sweetie?”

“GAAAAWWWDDDD, mom, he’s so deeeep.”

“And you’re in control. Riding a man, you get to decide how his cock fucks you.”

Julie nodded and pushed herself up from her knees, sliding her pussy up her father’s cock, then dropping herself down. She started rocking up and down, the room filled with the slapping sound of her crotch making contact with her father.

Rob’s tongue was lapping his wife’s slit like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. It moved deep into her pussy, then slipped to the top of her mound to tease and twirl at the hard button of her clit. Lori’s hips rocked and her spine tingled as her husband expertly ate her pussy while she watched their daughter riding his cock.

Her father’s hard cock was filling her pussy as Julie continued to hump and grind. She realized that her mother was right about riding a man’s cock – she was able to change the angle of entry by leaning back or forward. After jacking off her dad’s cock and now being part of her first threesome, she could feel the tingles deep in her vagina.

“NNNGH! UNNGHHH! Ahhrrrgggahhhh! Dad, your cock feels so good! You’re making me shake all over! OHHHHHH!”

Her father’s hips bucked as he countered his daughter’s rocking thrusts. Rob’s tongue and lips were busy pleasuring his wife’s pussy as it grinded on his mouth. His hands were busy on her ass cheeks, kneading those pillowy mounds and pulling her against his mouth as she groaned in pleasure.

Lori had a great view of her daughter riding her husband’s cock and was getting close to her second oral orgasm of the day. Rob knew the right spots to reach and his tongue and lips were paying close attention to her throbbing clit.

She watched her daughter riding her husband’s cock and she felt her pussy tingling, Lori flashed back to the night with her son that had started her family on this taboo path. Any guilt or regret she had felt had been put away and she had done that by believing that her son and oldest daughter were maturing because of the family’s sexual awakening.

Lori close her eyes and her thighs clasped around Rob’s head. His tongue tip speared her clit, flicking over that bud, pushing the button to start her orgasm.


Rob could feel his wife’s pulsing slit throbbing and gushing around his mouth as her hips bucked and writhed. Lori stiffened and then rolled off on to the bed. Rob then reached for his daughter’s breasts as she was leaning forward on her hands as she continued to rock on his cock.

Still breathing hard from reaching her climax, Lori then moved to the end of the bed. “Julie, get off and turn around to face me,” she said. Her daughter somewhat reluctantly complied but kaçak bahis then sighed with contentment as the feel of her father’s cock slipping inside her from a different angle.

“Mmmmm, wow, mom … that’s different.” She returned to pumping her crotch up and down, regaining her rhythm to ride Rob’s cock.

Lori, whose orgasm had stirred her carnal desires, then crawled between her husband’s legs with her eyes focused on her daughter’s pussy as it moved up and down Rob’s rod. Her mouth clamped on the top of her daughter’s mound, her tongue and lips connecting to the prominent clit that was glistening with juices.

“MOOOOMMMMMM. Gaaaaddd. Your mouth. SOOOO GOOODDDD.”

Julie’s orgasm was soon to follow, her loud squeals of pleasure filling the room as her father’s cock and her mother’s mouth combined to ignite her nerve endings for a body rocking climax, her second of the day.

Like her mother, Julie’s orgasm led to her collapsing and rolling off her dad’s cock. Rob groaned as his slick rod bobbed free and twitched. Lori reached for his prick, squeezing it and his swollen balls. That was enough to entice his ejaculation, the creamy liquid spurting into the air and landing on his stomach and torso. His wife quickly scrambled to start licking and slurping the creamy jizz from her husband’s skin.

“FUUUCCCCKKK. That was amaaaazzzing,” Rob hissed. With two orgasms in such a short period of time, he was exhausted and limp – as was his cock, which flopped against his upper thigh.

Julie sat up and slid off the bed. “I’m parched.” She went down to the kitchen and soon returned with three bottles of water. Her parents had moved up to sit against the headboard. She slipped in between them, handing each of them a water. They drank and sat in silence.

Julie finally spoke.

“So that’s a threesome,” she said, causing her parents to chuckle. She paused before adding, “Guys, when are you gonna talk to Janelle about what’s been happening? Jacob and I have talked quite a bit and while it’s not something that happens in most families, we’ve enjoyed being treated like adults.

“When are you going to let Janelle join the party?”

Rob and Lori didn’t answer the question, so Julie continued.

“You know Janelle is smart and mature,” she said. “We’ve had a couple of late-night talks, sister to sister. She’s been asking a lot of questions and she’s suspicious about what’s going on with Jacob and me and you two. She can tell we seem more confident and self-assured, especially after we got back from our college trips with you two. And, don’t be angry with her but you might as well know … she’s not a virgin.”

Lori snapped upright. “WHAT? When? Who?”

“That’s not for me to say,” Julie said. “Mom, chill. She’s fine with it. You know she’s had a couple of boy friends and she told me she was more the aggressor. She’s been researching on-line and … well … she’s been watching porn. She’s just a horny young girl.”

Lori, still sitting up, looked at Rod.

“Don’t expect me to say anything …at least right now,” he said. “I guess this is something we’ll have to talk about.”


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