Modern Indian Family

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Hello friends, I am Shivani from a small town in India.

This is the true story of my life, everything that happened in the story is real.

When I was about 19 and my brother was 22 we were wrestling which we did all the time. It was summer and our parents were at work.

My body had changed a lot that year and when my arms pinned above my head he began to stare at me in a way I had never seen him look at me before. I had a little sundress on and I was braless because I didn’t need to wear one yet although in retrospect I probably should’ve been.

He pulled my dress up and my bare tits popped out. The next thing I know he’s sucking on one of them.

I wanted to yell at him but it felt really good. Then he kissed me. I had never been kissed before so it was kind of gross when he stuck his tongue down my throat.

He was breathing really fast. He went back and forth from my tits to my mouth. There was a feeling between my legs as I’d never felt before.

We were both really flushed. He told me he and his friend had watched a movie where the man licked the woman’s genitals and he wanted to do that to me.

I thought it was gross but he’d been sucking on my nipples and that feeling between my legs was almost unbearable. So I said “okay”. He pulled my panties down and started licking me.

All of a sudden I thought I was going to pee. I told him to stop but he didn’t. He was a lot stronger than me and still pinning me pretty much. Before I knew it a gush of hot liquid came out of me.

I had never felt so good in my entire life. I heard him unbuckling his jeans. I asked him “what he was doing?”

He said “I needed relief.”

I asked him “what are you going to do?” He said he wanted to put his cock where all the liquid came out. When he pulled it out I was shocked. I’d only seen my dads and it wasn’t hard.

I told him I was afraid and he said “it would be okay.”

He proceeded to put the head in me. Then without warning he shoved his cock in me. I screamed. But he was in his own world.

After the first few thrusts though I was alright. Then before I knew it we were full-on fucking. My hips rising up to meet his thrusts. I could not believe anything felt this good. bahis firmaları I guess that’s what my parents had been doing when I could hear my dad grunting and my mom moaning.

That summer was my coming of age I guess. My brother and I fucked each other all the time. It wasn’t easy keeping it from our parents.

Something happens to a girl when she starts having sex regularly. My breasts grew a lot that year. My waist became very small and my butt poked out in a way that I saw men looking at me. I was a pretty girl anyway. Long blonde hair, blue eyes. But you carry yourself differently. I can’t describe it. Even my father looked at me hungrily.

I hoped my mother wouldn’t notice. As far as I know she never did but I swear I heard my father fucking her all the time after my body changed. My friends and I went to the local health dept for birth control.

Both my brother and I had relationships that came and went and were both married till now but we still fuck regularly. He can make me cum like no other. His wife almost caught him one time when he was supposed to be out picking apples and he was lying in the grass while I straddled him.

One day, we got the good news. I was pregnant by my brother but my husband thinks that it’s his child but the reality is that I always used protection with my husband. He thinks I am pregnant with a mistake.

Even while I was pregnant my brother would come over and fuck me. While I was breastfeeding my son once my brother said it turned him on so much that I let him fuck me while I fed my baby. He says I’m the only one that can truly give him relief when he’s horny.

I always wonder if it’s because we were each other’s first fuck.

My mother died last year of cancer. My dad has been really lonely and he still has that look in his eye when I’m around. I guess if he asks me I won’t turn him down.

One day, while I was breastfeeding my son, he came to me on the bed and started talking.

I was looking in his eyes. He was full of lust and me too full of lust after seeing his erect cock.

Then non wantingly I touched his penis by mistake.

I said sorry and told him that it’s too hard and asked him “since how much time you didn’t fuck anyone?”

He kaçak iddaa told me that before 3years he fucked my mother after that she suffered from long sickness and died last year.

For 3 years he never touched anyone.

And he told me that I started his feeling by touching his cock.

I was trying to act like that. But I was trying to fuck from him.

Then his hand was on my waist. I was enjoying my expressions and showed him then he started to press my boobs. In a stroke, my father was shocked.

I went to the bathroom and I was peeping at this act. My father’s bend was on his penis.

I was so happy seeing them. I went fully naked in the bathroom and went out. My father’s eyes were bursting after seeing me like this.

I asked him “why did you stop talking to me?”

He didn’t answer me. I was standing near him and his eyes were on my pussy. He said “what a nice and juicy pussy you have, my son in law is lucky who got this pussy, it’s same as your mother when I saw this I remembered your mother she never liked hairs on pussy like you.”

Then I said “really my pussy is like my mother?”

He said “yes my dear, can I touch and feel this so that I can remember you mother?”

I said “of course you can touch.”

Before I completed his hands on my pussy we both were enjoying my eyes closing due to the pleasure.

Now he started to lick my pussy I was dying to fuck.

I said “please fuck, please.”

He said “really you have no objection, the work we are doing is not good in front of society what people say?”

I was out of my mind at that time when he stopped. I said “you know what was happening in our house since I was 19?” He asked what happened. I told him all that happened in past years his eyes were going to burst, I could see anger also in his face.

He said “You agonized me from years you don’t have an idea from how much time I was trying to fuck you, your mother also said to fuck you, I think she had seen you fucking, that’s why she was saying me to fuck you when she was sick.”

I started to suck his cock while eating. After that he came on my pussy, I told him to get naked in no time he was nude His cock was bigger than my brother and kaçak bahis husband. I never saw that much longer cock, in reality, I saw cocks like that in porn movies only.”

I was in shock, I was cursing myself in mind that why I didn’t yet fuck from him.

In one stroke the cock was inside my pussy because of delivery I can only feel pleasure, not pain.

I was enjoying them then we vanished.

I went to my brother’s room fully naked he was shocked seeing me this, he said “Father is at home”.

I told him that ”I have a surprise for you in my room, so get up and come with me.” He followed me to the room. He was shocked after seeing our father in my room and a lot of cum on the bedsheet.

I removed his clothes and started to suck his cock then both fucked me like a whore.

The next day both fucked me from both sides that were my first anal experience, it was painful for me, in front of my father and brother’s desires pain is too small.

Every time they fuck double round and clothes we’re banned for me inside the house. I was always naked in the house. Once a servant saw me naked I gave my pussy to him and fired him from the job after one fuck. Whenever who saw me naked I fucked from him once and remove from the job.

Whenever I come to my father and brother’s home they both fuck me like a bitch from both sides.

After some months my brother’s wife came from maternal after her delivery to give us a surprise but she got surprised she saw my brother was fucking my pussy and father was doing anal.

She was shocked to see this and we were too.

We tried to agree on her to join the fuck party but she refused every time. So, we started to seduce her every time, we try to show her our pleasure and fun we told my brother to stop fucking her.

And she agreed to fuck but she had a bet in front of us that no one of them fucks her ass we agreed.

She went naked my father fucked her and my brother was on me.

The next day my father and brother raped her and did anal she was screaming in the kitchen, I was laughing on her, she gave a lot of problems in seducing her so they fuck her from ass.

After that, I went to my in-law’s house where can fuck once a day from my husband only.

I always try to go to the maternal house and I go too.

I love my brother and father.

The end of the story.

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