Misty Ch. 4

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She walked out of the club with her chin held high. People cleared a path for her as she sauntered, full of herself, through the crowds and out the door. She managed to keep herself together until the door of her car closed. The second that thing latched shut she started to breathe again and screamed. The adrenaline was pumping through her veins with the speed of a train, making her heart beat so hard that she felt if she looked down she would see it swelling two feet from her chest like some lovesick cartoon character. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the steering wheel, waiting for her body to stop shaking. Eventually it did, and she began to softly laugh to herself and she took a deep breath and leaned back in her seat.

She turned the key in the ignition and her beast of a car rumbled into life. She began to laugh softly, shaking her head and trying to sort out the mix of emotions flowing through her. She began to replay the events in her mind, but her brow furrowed as she realized what she had just thought about herself. Love sick? She wasn’t love sick. Why did those words cross her mind. She didn’t even know this man or anything about him. For all she knew he could have been a convicted murderer. No, she thought to herself, I’m not love sick. Love sick my ass.

Yet again, the torrent of emotions began to wash over her, just like it did the first time she was with him. She suddenly found that she was disgusted with herself, and what she had done. Then she thought about it a little more, probed a little deeper. It was true she didn’t know this stranger, but did she know what he represented in her world? She had been going through the motions of her life for so long, like some kind of zombie. Her days came and went and were barely distinguishable from one another.

Now she was feeling guilty, but not because of what she had done with her stranger. She realized she had been cheating herself, and her children. She hadn’t been living for years now, just sitting back and being content surviving. Then this man came into her life, and in the course of one silly little afternoon at work, one taboo moment of sexual misconduct, he had changed that.

She realized that she was alive again, that she was full of hope and thoughts of the future. She was filled with an inner fire that had not only been missing from her life for some time, but may not have ever been there in the first place. If it was, it had never been this intense, and she didn’t want it to end. She smiled to herself and realized that she was hooked. Addicted. She laughed again, and honestly wondered if there was a 12 step program for this kind of hang up. Still smiling, she realized that if she was addicted that it was at least a good feeling, and resolved herself to being a junkie for the time being.

When she got home she walked in the house to find her friend Julie dozing quietly on her couch, a paperback novel on the floor by her feet where she had obviously dropped it while dozing off. Misty smiled as she looked down at Julie, grateful again to have such a wonderful friend in her. Julie had four children of her own, and every once in while they would take turns kicking the other out of the house and making them go out for an evening. Misty hadn’t let Julie do that to her in a long time, and when she had called her up to ask if she would watch her girls Julie had practically jumped at the opportunity. Misty bent over and picked up the white paperback book, turning it over to read the cover. She wasn’t surprised at the scantily clad woman or the muscular warrior man on the front, but she had never heard of a place called “Gor” before. Julie had some bizarre interests, and a fantasy novel about muscular men and big chested slave looking girls was right up her alley.

Misty set the book down on the coffee table and leaned over to shake Julie awake. Julie started, her breath catching in her chest as she looked around quickly and bahis firmaları tried to figure out where she was. She relaxed as she looked up at Misty, and smiled at her as she stretched.

“Mmmmm, hey!” Julie yawned, “I must have dozed off.”

“No shit,” Misty laughed. “I could hear you snoring two blocks away.”

“Bitch! I did not! Besides, if you had some decent coffee in this place I wouldn’t have fallen asleep in the first place.”

“Sure, sure. Blame it on me. Get your ass out of here so I can go to bed!”

Julie laughed again, and got up from the couch. After picking up her book, she began to walk towards the door. She was watching Misty closely, and after a few steps she stopped and cocked her head to the side. “You look different, Misty.” She finally said, “what’s his name?”

Misty’s head whipped around, and her mouth dropped open into a gasp that erupted in a fit of laughter. “And what makes you think that my mood has anything to do with a MAN?” she asked, emphasizing the word man with a playful yet mocking tone as she crinkled up her nose. “I’ve known you for years, Misty.” Julie lectured, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “I’ve watched you come home from many evenings out. The only time I’ve ever seen you come home with that kind of saunter and twinkle in your eye is when you’ve had a fire unsuspectingly lit under your ass by a man. You had it the after the first time you went out with Jo, and you have it now. Tell me I’m wrong!” Misty blushed slightly, and Julie laughed at her. “Busted!”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever!” Misty scoffed, grabbing Julie by the shoulders and pushing her towards the door. “Thanks for bringing up the asshole. Always nice to have your friends to cheer you up!”

Julie continued to laugh as she opened the door. “Uh huh, sure. Try to change the subject. You can’t fool me! I’ll lay off until you come down off your little high there, young lady. I will badger you about this new man in your life, and I want all the sticky details!”

“Yes Ma’am! But don’t get all pouty when you realize I don’t even know the guys name yet. Good night, Julie!” Misty said, as she saluted with her right hand and slammed the door in Julies face with her left, cutting off the series of questions that were about to explode from her wide eyed and shocked face.

She kicked off her shoes and smiled to herself, still reveling in the new feelings she had inside. She felt a sudden need to be close to her children, so she went to their room to check on them. The urge to be close to her children, to be reminded of who she was and what her role in life was, was almost overwhelming. These new feelings were wonderful, and she wasn’t trying to get away from them, but the felt the urge to be grounded again. To have a little bit of reality back so that she could get come down from the clouds. She needed to reach out to the sweet angels that had kept her going for so long. They had reminded her in the past that she had to continue, but now she needed them to remind her that she had to live. She sat on the edge of her youngest daughters bed and stroked her cheek, a tear forming in her eye. An all encompassing sense of contentment settled over her that had been a long time in the coming.

She felt like she could breathe again. As if her life suddenly started to move again. She realized she had been asleep, just coasting through her days. Not living. Simply feeding the machine that was her body and not paying attention to world around her. Even though he would probably never know the gift he had given her, she would be grateful to this odd man for some time to come.

After sitting with her girls for a few minutes, she went to the bathroom and started to undress. As good as she was feeling, the stench of cigarettes and sweat that seemed to be following her like a cloud needed to be gone, and fast. It had been so long since she spent all night in a club, and she was remembering one of kaçak iddaa the reasons why it wasn’t always wonderful. She couldn’t count the number of times her mother had accused her of smoking (or worse) after smelling her clothes from a night of dancing at DNA.

She pulled off her t-shirt, damp and practically sticking to her from the nights activities. The frosty air conditioned breeze from her apartment washed lovingly over her, caressing her soft flesh with it’s seductively cool touch. She closed her eyes and turned to face the vent, letting the wind blow into her face like the almost imperceptible touch of a sensitive lover. She thought of the man again (cursing inwardly as she realized she still didn’t know his name), and of his quiet gentility. How fluidly he moved, how he seemed to have a softer side that he tried to hide away. She wondered if his touch could be as light, as gently refreshing, as this. After all, she had already felt the animal side of him. In abundance! She shivered gently, and she wondered if it was from the air conditioning or from the memory of him taking control of her in the library, infecting her mind and moving in (seemingly for good).

She reached up and hooked her fingers under the edges of her moistened sports bra, quickly lifting it up and over her head. Her chest heaved in a sigh of relief as her breasts sprang free from the restrictive garment. Her nipples hardened instantly from the chill in the room. She turned and looked into the mirror, smiling in admiration at her figure. She had never been a chesty woman, and after breast feeding two children she was glad of it. She ran her hands over the small but well rounded tits, pleased that there were still no signs of sagging or stretch marks visible on them. She frowned slightly as her fingernails traced the outline of her nipples, remembering how sensitive the used to be. The suckling of her daughters had hardened them and made them almost immune to touch. When she was younger a skillful tongue could bring her to orgasm by teasing her nipple alone, but that wasn’t the case anymore. When they hardened now, it was autonomic. She could hardly feel them now. Then her mind flashed for a moment and she wondered what he would do if he could play with them?

She screamed quietly to herself, trying hard not to wake the children. She shook her head from side to side, letting her hair fly about. She needed to shake this stranger. He was nothing to her, he had no place in her life. He played a game, she made her counter move, and now the game was over, damn it. Constantly thinking about him wasn’t going to do anything but frustrate her, and chances are he could never live up to the fantasy that she had in her mind.

She pulled off her socks, unbuttoned her jeans, and dropped them and her panties to the floor in one swift movement. As she straightened back up, she slid her hands up her legs, rubbing them lovingly along her calves, up over her knees, along her inner thighs and then back around to her ass. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror again, pleased once more with what she saw there. She had always been happiest with her ass, and she loved the way it looked. Very round and firm, with just enough bounce to make it exciting. Her hands circled those cheeks a few more times as she looked over her shoulder and nodded approvingly. “Well I can see why he wanted me so badly” she said to her counterpart in the mirror, who seemed to agree with her completely. “Reading a book like that and then having to look at such a scrumptious ass like this, how could he resist?” Giving her buttocks a quick little slap, she twirled around to make sure there was a clean towel hanging up before she stepped into the shower. The hot cascade of water that ran over her was a sharp contrast to the cool air of her apartment. She closed her eyes and let her head rest under the torrent for a moment, the tension of the evening melting away. She stood that way for kaçak bahis several minutes, simply letting the stream soak her head, breathing in the steamy air. Finally she shook herself from the trance that the water created and reached forward for the soap.

As she began to lather her body, she again thought of her mysterious lover. She wondered what it would be like to have him behind her in the shower, his body pressed up against hers, as he ran the bar of soap across her belly then down between her legs.

Damn it! She thought, I’m doing it again! Hell, he’s probably at home fucking that red head he was at the bar with. I’ll bet right now he’s got her spread eagled on the bed, holding her cunt open as he lowers his mouth down to it. I’ll bet she’s a natural redhead. I’ll bet she loves it when he takes his tongue and plays with her clit. When he runs his fingers up inside of her. Ha. She doesn’t know what it’s like to really be eaten. Why, I could show her a thing or to. Misty dropped the bar of soap as her hands dipped absent-mindedly between her legs. Inadvertently, she began to rub her fingers against her clit as her thoughts continued.

I’ll bet you that would get his attention all right! Seeing me down on my knees in front of her, fucking her with my tongue with my ass up in the air. I’d play with her nipples, too. Let my hand wander up there and run them between my fingers, scratching them with my fingernails.

She began to rub her clit harder as her thoughts continued, her left hand reaching out to grab the top of the shower curtain rod as she moaned softly to herself. The sound of the shower seemed to echo in her ears now, broken only by the wet sounds of her hand as she began to furiously stoke herself.

Then he’d come up behind me. He wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore. He’d get down on his knees and put his cock right into me. I’d be ready for him. Jesus, I’d be so wet. He’d start to fuck me hard, pushing my face down into her cunt as he did so. He’d be trying to fuck us both THROUGH me. I can feel him inside of me. Taste her cunt. Oh, if we could all come together! That would be, God…that would….

She cried out softly as the orgasm took over her. As it began, she slid her fingers deep up inside of herself and began to shake, her legs almost giving out from the intensity of it all. She whipped her head back and opened her eyes, trying to remain clear even as she continued to cum for all it was worth. She was afraid she was going to fall. She could hardly feel her legs. Finally it began to wind down, and she felt her strength returning.

She quickly finished her shower and stepped out, looking into the mirror again. She didn’t know where all of those thoughts had come from. First she had all of these dealings with a total stranger, and now she was thinking about him and a strange woman? Why was she suddenly so out of control?

She hardly slept at all that night. She kept thinking about them, and wondering who they were. More importantly, she wondered if she would ever see either of them again. She had thought the game was over, but what if it wasn’t? Would they come to find her again?

She got her answer a few days later. A package arrived for her in the library mail. It was addressed simply to “Misty” care of the library’s address. She actually hadn’t been thinking about her two strangers when she got the package, so she didn’t know what to expect when she found a video tape inside. Curious, she went to a VCR in the media department and put it in. She almost cried out loud when the screen was filled by the face of the stunning red head she had seen in the club with the stranger.

“Hello, Misty” the woman said, smiling. “If I were you, I wouldn’t watch this tape at work.”

Misty reached quickly forward and pressed the eject button, glancing around to make sure that nobody had seen. Taking the tape from the VCR, she rushed back to her desk with a million thoughts coursing through her brain. She looked up at the clock, and realized it was 5 more hours until she could go home and find out what was on it.

She knew that those were going to be five very long hours.

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