Missy-Sue Ch. 04

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“Ohhhhh, yes!” Jimmy grunted. “Ohhhh, my sweet Missy-Sue!”

“Ohhhhhh, more!” Missy-Sue cried out.

It was the middle of February, and the two lovers were in a tiny shed behind Missy-Sue’s mobile home. Missy-Sue was bent over a counter, her overalls down around her ankles along with her underwear. Behind her was her fiancé, Jimmy who also had his pants and underwear dropped, and was violently making love to her. Even though it was 53 degrees outside, the sex made their shared body heat enough to make the air inside the shed comfortably warm. Usually, the shed smelled of old wood and grass, but now it was reeking with the scent of hot, sweaty flesh.

“Oh, baby!” Jimmy moaned. “Let’s take these babies out!”

Jimmy leaned forward and grabbed the hem of her camouflage-print shirt. With one fluid motion, he lifted the shirt, allowing her massive breasts to flop out. He grabbed as much of each breast that he could fit in each hand, sinking his fingers into the supple, soft flesh.

A smile crept onto his face as he felt Missy-Sue’s stiff nipples. He lovingly rolled them between his fingers, and then gave them some gentle pinches. Missy-Sue squirmed as the pleasurable sensations ran up her spine and radiated throughout her body. She stamped her foot madly, trying to will herself to not cum. Having her pussy plowed and her nipples played with were driving her insane with lust.

“Ahhhh, there it is,” Jimmy said softly.

Missy-Sue’s nipples were making his fingers moist. He knew that it wasn’t sweat, but something that he’d enjoyed ever since he met her. Looking down, he could see her tits dripping milk onto the floor.

“Jimmy, I…I ain’t gonna last much longer. Fuck me more!” Missy-Sue begged.

“Okay…my wonderful Love Cow.”

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, as she felt him resuming his thrusts. “Oh, yeah, that’s what momma likes…ohhhhhhh.”

Jimmy abandoned her breasts and put his left hand on her small waist, using it to also admire her plump ass. With his right hand, he reached forward and explored the forest of black pubic hair that grew between her nethers. Running his fingers through her moist, shaggy bush really made him hot. He brought the hand back up to his nose, inhaling the rich, natural perfume of her womanhood. He sucked the feminine juices off of his fingers, savoring the taste of his soon-to-be wife.

A loud grunt accompanied each squirt of semen that Jimmy’s cock made. It took all of his willpower to pull himself out of Missy-Sue; he loved being inside of her. He was careful to pinch the end of the condom as he removed his penis and stepped away from his fiancée.

Missy-Sue straightened up and turned around, making Jimmy’s cock twitch with delight at the mere sight of her. She was only wearing work boots and a shirt. Even in the dim light of the shed, the nest of black hair between her large, pale thighs glistened with love juices.

As the two of them put their clothes back on, Jimmy couldn’t help but wonder how blessed he was that he had found her. Last summer, he’d been ordered to take a vacation from his job as a corporate attorney. He randomly decided to rent a cabin in the small town of Billingsley, Georgia, and, while on a hike, he encountered Missy-Sue Beckford.

He still remembered finding her bathing in the river, her voluptuous body enticing him to get closer. Since that day, the two of them had shared an intense relationship, addicted to each other’s bodies. Jimmy was completely enamored of her wide backside, large, milk-spewing breasts, and untrimmed body hair.

After a few months of dating, Missy-Sue gave in to his pleas to become his girlfriend, and, eventually his fiancée. They had been engaged since last September, and had spent the last few months preparing to share their lives with each other. The two of them agreed that Missy-Sue would move up to Pennsylvania, where Jimmy lived and worked.

They had recently purchased a beautiful, two-story home in a suburban community that was about an hour and a half from Philadelphia. Missy-Sue – though amazed by Jimmy’s lavish penthouse apartment – said that she wanted to live in a regular home in a nice neighborhood. Jimmy agreed on moving out of the city, especially since she had agreed to leave her home state to be with him.

The couple was in the process of moving Missy-Sue’s belongings, and had committed the day to packing what she wanted to keep and sorting what would be left behind. Missy-Sue had bequeathed and sold a number of her unwanted things to friends and neighbors in the area. The couple was also fortunate to be able to sell güvenilir bahis the property to a buyer who had been eyeing it for a long time.

“Let’s head back to the motel, baby,” Missy-Sue said as she put her overalls back on and picked up her jacket.

“Good idea,” Jimmy said, tossing the full condom into a nearby waste basket.

“The new owners are sure gonna get a kick outta seein’ that thing in the garbage.”

“Well, I’m sure we just helped increase the property value.”

The two of them laughed as they exited the shed. Jimmy’s heart fluttered as he saw his woman’s eyes light up with happiness. Even with dingy farm clothes, she looked so beautiful to him.

Today had been their final day of packing. Tomorrow, a moving crew would arrive at the house, load all the boxes into a moving van, and drive to Pennsylvania. The two of them had been in the shed, when Missy-Sue made the mistake of taking her jacket off, allowing Jimmy to see her nipples poking conspicuously through her shirt, due to the cold. He’d been trying his best to focus on work, but he couldn’t help himself. The sight of those hard nubs drove him to take her right then and there.

As wealthy young man, Jimmy had enjoyed sex with scores of women before he had met Missy-Sue, but he still made sure to use a condom with them. As a lawyer, he’d seen plenty of men driven to ruin by recklessly leaving their sperm around. However, he’d been dying to go raw inside of Missy-Sue since the day he met her.

For some reason, she insisted on having him properly sheathed whenever they made love. Early in their relationship, she admitted that she had been married before, and had given birth to a daughter who died shortly after birth. Jimmy just figured that she didn’t want a baby to complicate their relationship. Not wanting to ruin a good thing, he made sure to always have a condom handy while he was around her, should the need arise. Still, he dreamed of the day that he would paint her pubes white with his cum.

The two got back into Jimmy’s rented Dodge Ram and drove back to the hotel. Missy-Sue had donated her truck to a young man that she knew, as she didn’t want to take it up to Pennsylvania with her. Jimmy had promised to buy her a new vehicle after they got married…which would be the day after tomorrow.

The plan was simple: the two of them would go down to the courthouse, apply for their marriage license, and then be married in front of a judge. Missy-Sue had said that she wanted a simple ceremony, without any friends or family involved, since this was her second marriage. Afterwards, the two of them would fly up to Pennsylvania to begin their life as a married couple.

As Jimmy lie in bed that night, looking at his slumbering fiancée, he couldn’t believe that this was finally happening. Though their engagement had only been a mere five months, he felt wholly prepared to marry her. Still, he gone into this blindly; he had followed his instincts as an attorney to make sure that he wasn’t being conned into marrying a woman who wanted to exploit him.

Immediately after he had gotten engaged, he had hired a private investigator to look into Missy-Sue’s past. He pretty much told Jimmy what he already knew: Missy-Sue’s first husband died due to drunk driving, she had fifteen accounted half siblings, and had virtually no financial debts. There weren’t any gambling addictions, secret children, or hidden lovers. As an added precaution, two of them had also gotten blood tests to see if they were at risk for any diseases.

The biggest issue was his money. Jimmy had close to $700,000 in savings, and every fiber of his body was urging him to draw-up a pre-nuptial agreement. After much debate, Jimmy decided that, in the unlikely event that she divorced him, he wouldn’t mind giving up half of his money. If children came into the picture, then he knew that his understanding of the law would come in handy. Just as a precaution, he updated his will so that Missy-Sue got 60% percent of his money, with the remaining 40% going to various charities in Philadelphia.

Sure enough, on February 14th, Jimmy and Missy-Sue were married in a simple civil ceremony that morning. Shortly afterwards, they boarded a flight to snowy Philadelphia. The newlyweds were gushing with glee the entire flight up; even after they had arrived at their destination and retrieved their luggage, they were ecstatic.

“Oh, I still can’t believe it!” She squealed. “I’m Mrs. Jimmy Reynolds!”

“It still seems unreal to me, too,” Jimmy confessed as he loaded the bags into his car. “Well, off to our new home!”

After türkçe bahis stopping for at a restaurant for a quick lunch, the two drove to grocery store to pick up some things; Jimmy wanted to cook a special dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day, their marriage, and their recently purchased house. Once they had arrived, Jimmy handed Missy-Sue her own house key. She clasped a hand over her mouth, and tears began to fill her eyes.

“Honey, are you okay?” Jimmy asked.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice breaking. “It’s just that, I’m married, I have a new house…it’s just…overwhemlin’ is all.”

Jimmy went over and embraced her. He kissed her tear-stained face gently, trying his best to console her. Eventually, she calmed down, and the two parted.

“Listen,” Jimmy started. “This is the best day of our lives. Let’s have a great dinner…my beautiful wife.”

After getting unpacked, Jimmy prepared a delicious dinner of loaded baked potatoes, steaks, and salad. Just for the occasion, he broke out a $2000 bottle of champagne. The couple ate their dinner by candlelight. Afterwards, they cuddled on the couch and watched “Silver Linings Playbook”. Jimmy felt so contented, being snuggled up to the woman of his dreams in their brand new home.

Once the movie was over, Missy-Sue got up and turned off the television. Jimmy got up from his seat with a yawn, feeling as though he had properly digested his meal. It was already well past 10 PM.

“Okay, hubby,” Missy-Sue said. “You go on upstairs and get naked. I got something for you that’s gonna knock yer socks off.”

Jimmy found himself suddenly alert, quickly shaking off the effects of the long day and the delicious dinner and wine. He darted upstairs to the master bedroom, gave himself a quick cold shower to properly rouse himself awake, and then plopped his naked body in the bed, anxiously waiting for his bride so that they could have their wedding night. Jimmy lie on his back, gently stroking his throbbing cock as he stared at the bedroom door. His heartbeat quickened as his ears picked up the faint sound of footsteps approaching. At last, the doorknob turned and the door swung open.

“Here comes the bride,” Missy-Sue said in a low voice.

Jimmy’s eyes went wide as they drank in the sight of the beautiful woman standing in the doorway. She was clad in a strapless, black and pink babydoll that terminated above her knees. Through the filmy fabric, Jimmy could see her bare stomach and underwear. However, despite her wearing underwear, Jimmy was still able to see the enormous patch of pubic hair that crowned her loins. The cups on the outfit were barely able to contain her sizeable bust; Jimmy could still see tops of her areolas peeking out of the bustline of the garment.

“I don’t know where you bought that thing,” Jimmy said. “But, I love it.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Missy-Sue giggled. “I bought this online, but I wasn’t sure you’d like it. I almost got the naughty nurse outfit instead.”

“Baby, we both know that you could come in here only wearing a garbage bag, and I’d still want you.”

That was all that Missy-Sue needed to hear; she immediately crawled into the bed and advanced towards her new husband. Jimmy spread his legs, allowing her to occupy the space between them. After giving her husband a sultry look, she dove face-first into Jimmy’s crotch and took his penis into her mouth.

Jimmy’s body shuddered with pleasure as his hand went to the top of her head. He ran his fingers through her waist-length mane of ebony hair. His heart fluttered as he heard the moans, slurps, and gurgles she made as she sucked his dick.


Jimmy tilted his head back as Missy-Sue grabbed his rod and began to jerk him off. Her palms were rough from all of her years of doing hard work, but her handjob was amazing, nonetheless. She then planted her mouth on his, their tongues dueling and exchanging the flavors of wine, steak, and Jimmy’s genitals.

As he kissed Missy-Sue, he opened an eye so that he could more easily fulfil the desires of his flesh. Gently, he hooked his index finger into the bustline of her garment and pulled it down.

“I was wonderin’ how long it would be before this thing came off,” Missy-Sue mused. “Maybe I shouldn’t bother buyin’ any more lingerie.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” Jimmy grinned.

“Well, enough is enough, I guess.”

She got up on her knees, grabbed the hem of her gown, pulled it over her head, and tossed it to the floor. She then yanked down her panties and threw them over her shoulder. With güvenilir bahis siteleri a smile, she lie down on her back and spread her legs.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” Jimmy said, going to the nightstand and opening the drawer.

“No, Jimmy.”

Jimmy looked back at her with confusion, “What?”

“No condom; you don’t have to put one on.”

Jimmy’s eyes went wide. “Are you sure?”

“I guess…I guess that I wanted to be sure that you were the right one fer me…Yer my husband now, so…if I get pregnant, then that’s God’s will.”

As much he was delighted to hear that, he still had to ask, “Are you sure? The last thing I want is to do something in bed that you don’t want to do.”

“I’m sure,” Missy-Sue said serenely, putting a hand on his back. “I want you…all of you.”

Not wanting to appear too eager, Jimmy slowly got back into bed and knelt between her spread legs. She rested her arms behind her head, allowing Jimmy to see the huge shrubs of hair in her armpits. He relished the moment, caressing her fuzzy underarms and legs. He could already smell the heady scent of her arousal wafting from her pussy. To Missy-Sue’s surprise, he bent down and buried his face into her crotch. Missy-Sue cried out with longing and clutched at Jimmy’s head.

“Noooooo, baby! Why you gotta tease me like that? I want you…I want you…Oh, that feels good.”

Jimmy ignored her pleas, pressing his face into her shaggy crotch with reckless abandon. There was no method or rhythm to his licking; all he wanted to do was drown in her scent, savor the sweet nectar coursing out of her slit, and feel her prickly hairs against his face. There was no need to rush this.

Missy-Sue was going crazy as Jimmy went down on her. She could never understand his strange obsession with licking her hairy pussy. Her first husband, Ennis, made her shave it regularly, or else he never slept with her. Still, even when her slit was bald, he never bothered to give her the attention that Jimmy was giving her right now. Though she hated to admit it, she loved having her womanhood worshipped by her new husband.

At last, Jimmy rose from his meal, and looked at her with a jubilant expression. It was finally time. Reaching down, he spread Missy-Sue’s hairy labia and stuck himself inside of her.

“SHIT!” Jimmy crowed as he immediately began to thrust in and out of her.

“Oh, Jimmy! Oh, that’s what I want! Oh, fuck me!”

Jimmy could have wept from the feeling of the moist sugar walls that had enveloped his rod. Truthfully, he could not remember the last time he had fucked a woman raw. This feeling was unparalleled for the both of them.

He looked down at her, watching those big tits of her bouncing gently with each thrust of his cock. Her dark brown, coaster-sized areolae danced before his eyes, in an almost hypnotic fashion. He swooped down to her chest, took one of her brown nipples into his mouth, and began to suck on it.

“Jimmy, my love!” Missy-Sue gurgled as she wrapped her arms around his toned torso. “Oh, yes! Fuck me…drink my milk! I’m all yers. You can have me whenever you want.”

Jimmy gave a muffled grunt as he obliged her, ramming his cock into her prickly, damp cunt while he tasted the deluge of milk that was being expressed from her teats. He could feel Missy-Sue wrapping her legs around him; that would be a problem. The feel of her hairy legs against his skin always drove him crazy with lust. He raised his head from her chest and looked at her dead in the eye. As Missy-Sue looked at the lust-ridden expression on his milk-stained face, she knew that it was almost time for him to blow.

“Oh, you wanna cum, don’t you, baby? No, it’s okay, give me yer cum. Ohhhh, I wanna have yer babies.”

“Missy-Sue, please! Don’t say that shit!” Jimmy whimpered, fighting to contain the semen roiling within his dick.

“Oh, is that turning you on?”

“YES! You know that shit gets me going.”

“Well, how about this? CUM! Cum in yer hairy Love Cow with that big husband pecker of yers! I’m yer big tittied wife, and I want yer cum in me!”

Missy-Sue laughed as she watched her husband’s last shred of staying power burn away. Jimmy grunted as he came inside of Missy-Sue, his mind too overwhelmed to keep track of how many blasts he shot inside of her. Missy-Sue hollered loudly, having never felt so much cum being put inside of her before. Sweaty and tired, Jimmy slid out of her, firing a few parting shots onto her jet-black swath of pubic hair. He collapsed on top of her and gave her a deep kiss.

“I love you so much,” she whispered.

“I love you, too, my wife,” he answered.

“Baby, I know yer tired, but I’d love it if you’d suck my other titty dry for me; it’s feeling mighty neglected.”

“Of course, my love. Anything you want.”

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