Missing Magic

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Aiden Starr

This is a standalone story of two mothers and their son. The characters were first introduced in the story ‘Strip Club Backroom Affair’ which adds background but is not necessary to enjoy this story. It is my entry to the 2019 Holiday Story Contest so if you like it please vote. Thank-you.


This was going to be our last Thanksgiving together. We had begged Bryan’s two sons to please visit with their father one more time before he passes but they did not respond, much the way they would have nothing to do with their father after their mother passed away. That was some twenty-three years ago.

Laura and I moved in with Bryan to help fill that void left by his wife’s passing. Bryan had truly loved his wife and she loved him with amazing devotion, so much so that when her health failed and she could no longer provide him the intimacy he craved, she set him free to enjoy the pleasures with others they once had together.

Bryan’s boys, Bob and Mark, couldn’t wrap their heads around our non-traditional relationship. I was a mere twenty years old when I met Bryan and we began our affair. He was already in his sixties. Laura, who rounded out our triad, was then in her late thirties. Bob and Mark had been wrapped up in the middle class American fantasy of a wife, two cars, two kids, a house and a mortgage. Life was things for them, not living.

Bryan vowed he was going to raise our son, Joshua, different. He was going to teach his son about love, intimacy and gratitude, the things he shared with his wife Jacqui but did not pass on two their two boys. He became the most wonderful father in the world. Something maybe the world wasn’t ready to accept.

I got pregnant with Joshua shortly after finishing nursing school. Bryan’s ‘swimmers’ weren’t up to the task so we went to a doctor who implanted Bryan’s sperm in me. Nine months later I gave birth to this wonderful healthy boy. Bryan retired shortly after Joshua was born and became a stay-at-home dad while his two mothers, Laura and I, worked.

Laura and I were both erotic dancers at a club where we first met Bryan. His support enabled me to go to nursing school and launch a career. He also helped Laura to become a para-legal and then a lawyer. She rose to the top of her field as a real estate attorney making more than enough to promise Joshua that he could go to college and pursue his dreams anywhere in the world he wanted to.

Bryan insisted that Joshua learn about sex from observing us, not from the ubiquitous internet porn that was shallow and demeaning, especially to women. So, we didn’t close our bedroom door and nudity was common around the house. Joshua saw how intimately we touched and kissed.

Bryan was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. He underwent two surgeries but they were ultimately unsuccessful, the cancer spread through his body. I took a course and got certified as a hospice nurse knowing the day would come when he would pass so I wanted him to go quietly and comfortably at home with his family.

Joshua had graduated high school early with remarkable grades and decided he wanted to study mathematics at a university in Germany. He had a real passion for mathematics and felt that there were too many distractions at American universities. He was extremely handsome but he didn’t show much interest in the girls, he was alright with masturbating to relieve himself and then get back to work. I called him and told him his father didn’t have long. Joshua was on the next plane home.

“It’s ‘Thanksgiving lite’,” Laura said as we sat down to an afternoon dinner. Joshua had smoked a turkey breast outside which turned out to be the only thing on the table that resembled a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

We always ate healthy and were successful in keeping ourselves in shape. Laura looked just as gorgeous today as she did twenty-three years ago. The only difference was a slight sag and softening in her breasts.

Bryan was in good spirits despite the rebuff from his sons to spend Thanksgiving with us. After dinner we lounged in the living room drinking wine.

“Is everyone ready for my surprise?” I asked.

“What surprise?” Bryan asked in response.

I took a thumb drive and put it in the port on the side of the television. The first picture in the slide show was Laura and myself, topless at the club twenty-three years ago, a picture Bryan took of us.

“Remember taking that picture of us?” I asked Bryan.

“Like it was yesterday. You two were the hottest young women I ever saw,” Bryan replied.

“It probably seems like yesterday because they are just as hot today,” interjected Joshua. Laura leaned over and gave Joshua a kiss.

“Thank you, Josh,” she spoke softly in his ear.

The slide show kept going when I got a wonderful idea. I grabbed Laura by the hand and dragged her into our bedroom.

“I know we have some old dancing costumes in here somewhere,” I told her rummaging through the closet. I found a box in the corner. “Let’s give him the dance of his life,” bahis firmaları I said. Laura embraced me, I felt her warm mouth and soft lips on mine.

“You bet,” she said.

We did. We turned up the music and closed the drapes to dim the light. I went behind Laura, reaching around her I cupped her large tits, directing her stiff brown nipples across Bryan’s lips. He smiled in delight. I knew he couldn’t get an erection anymore with all the morphine killing the pain and any sensitivity. Still, I rubbed his crotch just like the old days in the backroom at the club.

After three songs I could see the excitement had exhausted Bryan. He needed to be comfortable in our bed and rest. Laura helped me undress Bryan and we set him in the middle of the bed as usual. We slept with Bryan every night, Laura on one side and me on the other. It was time again for another pain shot which I administered. Both of us kissed him as he drifted off to sleep.

Laura and I used the guest room which was beside Joshua’s room when we needed sexual relief or just time to enjoy the simple carnal pleasures of each other. We still left the door open, even with Joshua home.

“Jessica, Laura, I could see you made dad so happy,” Joshua said as we sat around the kitchen table drinking more wine. We had Joshua call us by our names while he grew up. We raised him as two mothers and we didn’t want to get started on the mommy one and mommy two thing. But he did call Bryan dad. They had spent so much time together. He loved his father immensely.

“I don’t want him to see how sad I feel inside,” I confessed.

“Me too,” Laura added. “These past twenty something years have been the most wonderful in my life. Your father is a beautiful man and I am so grateful I could be a part of his life.”

“Speaking of beautiful men,” I said to change the subject knowing it was going to lead to tears. ‘How are things going with you Josh?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve been working on a team that’s trying to solve some of the mysteries about black holes,” he said academically.

“I think Jess was alluding to your love life,” Laura told him.

“There’s a woman on our team, Katrina, she’s from Ukraine,” he started to tell us. “She’s a knock out beauty like the both of you. Well, we’ve dated a little. Even spent a couple of nights together.”

“That’s wonderful,” I exclaimed with glee.

“It was fun being with her,” he said but I could tell there something more coming. “I just didn’t feel the magic,” he lamented.

“The magic? What magic were you supposed to feel?” Laura asked.

“The magic that came from your bedroom I felt growing up,” he said. “The magic I felt last night when I watched both you making love to each other.”

My heart sank. Laura and I looked at each other. Had our desire for him to look at sex as a normal part of life and not as depicted in phony porn somehow tainted him and his expectations?

“Listen Joshua,” I started to explain. “When you were growing up we wanted you to see sex as a natural part of life. We didn’t want you to see it as something shameful or even objectified as in porn.”

“We were hoping you would look at sex as an expression of pleasure and love and gratitude for each other,” Laura added.

“I know that. I understand,” he replied. “I am very open about sex because of you. Katrina thinks I’m an amazing lover, she’s said so. I just don’t know what’s missing.”

We all looked at each other realizing that we were not going to solve anything that night. Joshua looked at his watch.

“Actually I have to go to my room. Katrina and I are video chatting in a few minutes,” Joshua said getting up from the table. Laura and I sat there a minute not saying anything while Joshua made it to his room.

“I wasn’t aware he actually watched us,” I said to Laura.

“When we’re going at it I’m all in oblivious to the world,” Laura said.

“Me too,” I responded.

“Do you think we should let him be in the room with us? That way he can masturbate while we’re there and not just an image in his mind that becomes part of a fantasy,” Laura suggested.

“That’s a good idea but maybe we should let him participate if he wants to. He should feel our intimacy not just observe it close up,” I told her thinking she might have come up with a solution. “Let’s check on Bryan, make sure he’s comfortable and get Joshua to join us in the guest room.”

I nudged Bryan to wake him up so he could drink a glass of water. If he was well I would have shared the situation with Joshua with him but I didn’t want him to be concerned with anything the last days of his life. Laura fluffed his pillows and he laid back down.

“We’ll be back to go to bed in a little bit,” I reassured Bryan.

Laura and I waited outside Joshua’s room until he finished his chat with Katrina. Then we knocked and entered. Laura took the lead.

“Josh, we want you to be with us while we make love,” Laura told our son. He looked a little perplexed so I leaned into him to give him a kaçak iddaa kiss.

“Please,” I begged him. “Let me help you get undressed,” I offered to let him know we were serious. I pulled his T-shirt over his head and stood him up. Laura took hold of his shorts and pulled them down.

“Let’s go into the other room,” I said taking my son by the hand. I led him to the bed and sat him down. “You have a very nice penis,” I whispered in his ear. He did, very much like his father’s only a bit longer and thicker.

Laura and I kissed and helped each other out of our clothes like we normally did, only we were a foot away from our son. Joshua had seen us naked many times in his life so he shouldn’t have felt any embarrassment when we stood there stark naked in front of him. I noticed his cock was growing.

Laura and I got in the bed and started fondling each other. Then I got on top of her and kissed her brown skin on the way down to her boobs.

“Doesn’t she have nice tits?” I asked Joshua rhetorically. I reached over and grabbed Joshua’s hand and placed it on Laura’s nipple. “See how hard they get,” I said to our son.

“It’s alright Josh,” Laura said to him. “You can play, suck on them if you want. It makes me feel good.”

I went down on Laura going after her pussy. Once she started moaning I glanced up to see what Joshua was doing. I saw his mouth firmly planted on Laura’s tit. “She likes it if you bite then gently,” I told him. I put two fingers into Laura’s sopping wet pussy while my tongue flicked her clit.

“Oh Yes!” Laura cried out as she came to a climax, my fingers soaked with her cum.

“Here, taste,” I said offering my cum laden fingers to Joshua. He took them in his mouth and savored the juice of one of his mothers. “Isn’t that nice,” I commented. Joshua nodded in agreement.

“Let’s scissor,” Laura suggested. I turned around and spread my legs so we could rub our pussies together. I noticed Joshua was stroking his cock.

“Come over here,” I said to him. “Let me have a taste of your cock,” I told him. I was all worked up and had an orgasm when Joshua positioned himself so I could reach his cock. I sucked on his head a few times and then decided to take him all the way down to my throat. Unexpectedly he erupted shooting his hot sticky cum down my throat. I gagged slightly but quickly recovered pulling back slightly so the rest I could capture in my mouth.

“I’m sorry,” Joshua apologized. “I couldn’t control myself.” I didn’t respond right away with a mouthful of his cum which I went to share with Laura. I positioned myself on top of her. She opened her mouth. I let half our son’s load pour down into her waiting mouth.

“That was quite a load,” I told him after I swallowed the rest. I met his father when he was in his sixties so I never really experienced how much cum a young man could unload.

“Very tasty and a lot thicker,” Laura commented.

“This is alright with both of you?” Joshua asked timidly.

“Of course it is baby,” I told him consolingly. “We are family,” I said with an increasing desire for him.


“I’m scaring myself,” I confessed to Laura one night after a particularly rough day taking care of Bryan. He has been descending rapidly and was conscious very little anymore. Mostly I was exhausted.

“What is so scary?” Laura asked sincerely.

“Since that night three weeks ago with Joshua, all I think about is him,” I told her. “I mean, at the end of these exhausting days I think about crawling into bed with our son instead of staying here with Bryan.”

“That’s not so crazy,” she assured me. “You are doing a loving hard job taking care of Bryan. I can understand why you would crave comfort from Josh.”

“It’s not comfort I want from him. It’s lust,” I told her.


Bryan finally passed a week before Christmas. We had a small memorial service at the house where we spread some of his ashes in the desert just as he had done for his first wife Jacqui. Bryan’s two sons came to pay their respects but they didn’t bring their families, nor would they talk with Laura and myself.

Laura insisted that we decorate the house for Christmas to cheer things up. Losing Bryan had taken its toll on all of us. Joshua agreed so we got a tree and decorations. The house felt warm but still there was a sense of loss that could not be shaken with holiday cheer.

“Listen. We need to do something fun,” Laura insisted. “That’s what Bryan would have wanted.”

“I have an idea,” I began to conjure up thoughts of the past. “Why don’t we take Joshua to the club where we used to dance?” I suggested.

“Great idea,” Laura shouted out. “Let’s go tomorrow, Christmas Eve. The girls are always lively then cheering up the lonely men who suffer over the holidays.”

“Sounds intriguing,” Joshua added. “I always wondered what it was like in a strip club.”

“You’ll find out,” Laura told him. “I’ll make sure we have plenty of cash so you experience the whole thing,” she laughed.

The kaçak bahis parking lot of the club was almost full when we pulled in around seven on Christmas Eve. It had been more than twenty years since either Laura or myself set foot inside the place where we met Bryan and each other. It was dark and somewhat loud when the three of entered the main floor.

“Now there’s a sight for an old man’s eyes,” came a voice from behind and a hand on my shoulder. Both Laura and I turned around to see Jimmy the club manager who now owns it.

“Jimmy!” Laura and I shouted out in unison.

“My god. Both of you are just as fucking hot as you were, what it’s been more than twenty years,” he commented to both of our delight.

“Why, thank you,” I said. “This is our son Joshua,” I said introducing him to Jimmy.

“You’re damn lucky son to have two of the hottest ladies in town,” he said to Joshua. “You must be in your late fifties now,” he said to Laura. “How on earth do you keep those big tits of yours looking so great?” he asked jokingly. “And such a firm round ass.”

“For fifty bucks I’ll let you feel them,” Laura joked. “Tits and ass.

“Come on. Let’s find you a table and the drinks are on the house,” Jimmy said.

“That’s really generous of you,” I told the old club manager.

“Yea, that’s nice of you,” Laura chuckled. “Hey, twenty-five bucks and I’ll let you suck on them,” she said cupping her boobs with both hands.

We sat down and immediately there was a tall young woman wearing nothing more than red shorts and a Santa hat to take our drink orders. Most of the girls there were scantily dressed the same. I felt myself starting to get a little wet at the arousing scene.

Joshua seemed to really be enjoying the attention he was getting from the girls. Laura gave him plenty of money to enjoy himself in the Champagne room with a busty young black woman who came on seductively to him. A while later Jimmy came by to check on us.

“So what brings you ladies here tonight?” he asked.

“We needed to lighten things up,” I replied. “Our Bryan passed away a week ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” he said.

“Hey Jimmy,” Laura perked up. “Take me back to the backroom and I’ll let you play with my titties,” she teased. “They haven’t had much attention lately.” That was true. Laura and I hadn’t really had a chance or be in the mood to play with each other since that night with Joshua.

“I have a really nice couch in my office if you want to check it out,” Jimmy offered. Laura didn’t hesitate to get up and go with him. I was sitting there alone at the table when an older man approached me.

“Is that you Jessica?” the man asked. He sort of looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. He obviously recognized me.

“Yes. I’m Jessica,” I answered.

“It’s been so long you probably don’t remember me,” he said. “Bill Jackson, I was one of your regulars back in the day.”

“Oh yes, now I remember you,” I said although I didn’t. I just wanted to be polite.

“You’re looking better now than back then,” he complimented.

“Have a seat,” I offered.

“I would love to but,” he was interrupted by a young Latina. “You ready?” she asked him. He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Things have loosened up around here. For a hundred bucks some of the girls will give blow jobs,” he informed me. I smiled.

A few minutes later Joshua came back to the table. “Well, did you enjoy yourself,” I asked.

“Oh yea,” he replied. “Angel is a lot of fun.”

“Did you spend the hundred dollars Laura gave you?” I asked teasingly thinking about what Bill Jackson had told me a bit earlier.

“Uh, yea,” he answered.

“Did she give you a blow job?” I teased.

“She offered,” he responded candidly. “But I declined. I was content just rubbing her butt and playing with her tits.” That was good to know. I could imagine how many cocks she must have had in her mouth and the chance of catching some sexually transmitted disease.

Laura came back after a while with a big grin on her face. “That was fun,” she said. She relayed to Joshua and me that she and Jimmy started making out and wound up in a heavy petting situation like teenagers. She laughed when she told us it wasn’t going to get any further than that because he had a problem getting it hard.

We stayed until eleven having a fun time. I got a few lap dances at the table from some of the girls. So did Laura and Joshua. Driving home we joked and laughed a lot.

“Did you give blow jobs when you were dancing?” Joshua asked Laura and me.

“Not us,” Laura responded. “Things were a lot stricter then. No exposing or touching genitals was the rule,” she explained. A memory flashed in my head.

“We couldn’t do anything like that in the club,” I told our son. “The first time I gave your father a BJ I had him park in a remote part of the mall parking garage early in the morning and sucked him off in the car.”

“Those two were a little crazy back then,” Laura added. “Your father had this weird fetish for Jess’s panties,” she told him.

“Oh he loved my wet panties,” I chuckled picturing him in the car that day with my panties in his mouth while I was stroking and sucking his cock.

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