Missed You

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I swallowed, feeling just a little nervous as I knocked on the door. It opened straight away, and as always I felt the lift in my heart at the expression on Ria’s face. “Hi, Tim,” she grinned. “Come in.”

I stepped into the hall, and as the door closed behind me, Ria stretched onto tiptoe to kiss me. “Darling…” she whispered.

I wrapped my arms around her. “Missed you.”

She nodded. “Me too. Do you want something to eat?”

“I’m OK, thanks, I had something on the way. You?”

“Later,” she shrugged. “Something I need you to help me with first, if you don’t mind.”

“Anything,” I promised.

She raised her eyebrows. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“So what do I have to do?”

She held out her hand, and as I took it in mine, she drew me towards the stairs. “Bedroom first.”

“Really?” I said, smiling.

She caught my glance, her eyes dancing. “Not what you think — well, not straight away, anyway.”

“OK,” I chuckled. “Nothing wrong with a bit of anticipation.”

We reached the bedroom, and she draped her arms around my neck. “Undress me?”

I gave her a puzzled smile. “Thought you said…”

She chuckled. “I did — but we still both need to undress.”

I reached for the hem of her t-shirt. “You’ll not hear any argument from me — just looking at you is a real treat.”

Ria smiled softly. “Love you.”

She lifted her arms above her head to let me slip her t-shirt off, then reached behind her to unhook her bra. I paused for a moment to drink in the sight of her breasts, not over-generous but perfectly shaped, and crowned with neat pink nipples.

“Earth to Tim,” she teased. “Carry on?”

I complied, unzipping her skirt so that it slipped to the floor. She turned her back, looking over her shoulder with a mischievous smile as she slid her panties off, then turned again to face me, standing with one knee slightly bent. “Right — can you open the drawer by the bed?”

I pulled open the drawer, and glanced across at her. “Hmm — couple of things in here that might be useful.”

She smiled. “Why would I need those, when I’ve got you.”

For a moment her eyes took on a dreamy, faraway look. “Though they were very helpful last night when I had to go to bed without you…”

She pulled herself back to the present. “Look a little further back — the nail clippers.”

I retrieved the clippers, and Ria sat down on the bed. “OK — toenails first.” She lifted one foot, parting her legs a little, and I couldn’t help glancing at her dark triangle and the cleft below it.

“Concentrate,” she reminded me with a soft smile.

“You’re very distracting,” I pointed out, turning my attention to her nails. Gently, I clipped each one, starting with her little toe, and as my fingers brushed the sole of her foot she squealed. “Hey — not fair.”

“Sorry,” I chuckled. “Other foot?”

She shifted position, and again I trimmed her toenails neatly. “There — all done.”

I moved bahis firmaları to sit on the bed, and she tilted her face up to accept a kiss. “Thanks, darling. Fingernails now?”

I used the clippers carefully on each finger in turn. “Want me to file them?”


When her nails were neatly clipped, I kissed her palms, and said, “OK — what’s next?”

“Could you cope with cutting my hair?” she asked. “It’s a little long at the back.”

“Sure. How do we not get hair everywhere, though?”

Ria smiled. “Easy.”

She got to her feet, picking up the scissors and walking towards the en-suite, looking back to make sure I was following. “Hmm,” she said. “We forgot to take your clothes off.”

I quickly slipped off my shirt and trousers. “OK?”

She shook her head, and moved towards me, sliding one arm around my shoulders and putting her other hand on the front of my boxers. “Everything.”

I pulled off my boxers, and she chuckled. “Seems you’re pleased to see me.” She gently wrapped her hand round my erection, then turned again. “Come on.”

She stepped into the bath, and handed me the scissors. “So trim it as straight as you can, and put the hair in the wastebasket — if you drop any, it’ll just get washed down the plughole in a minute.”

I started to cut her hair, running my fingers through it to straighten it as I went. “Hmm — I took a little more off than I meant, is that OK?”

“Sure. I know you like my hair a little shorter sometimes, don’t you.”

I nodded. “You can put it in a ponytail — I can’t resist pulling it a little.”

A brief frisson of pleasure ran through her. “Especially just when I’m…”

“Mm,” I said, remembering. “Can’t wait.”

I snipped a couple more strands. “There.”

Ria shook her head experimentally. “Feels good.”

She reached for the shower head, turning on the water. “Now, I know you’ll enjoy the next part.”

Instead of pulling the shower curtain across as I’d expected, she sat on the edge of the bath and directed the spray across her stomach, then downwards, wetting her mound. As the jet moved lower, she made a low sound of pleasure, parting her legs a little more and tilting the shower head. “Mm,” she managed, “I like that. But something we have to do first. Get your shaving foam?”

I reached across to pick up the can. “Going to do under your arms?”

She shook her head. “I did that yesterday. Spray some foam into your hand…”

I filled my palm with foam, and she reached for my fingers, guiding my hand downwards so that it rested on her mound. “Spread it around.”

I complied, covering the soft fur with the white foam. “You really going to do this?”

She shook her head. “You are.”

“OK,” I said, hesitation obvious in my voice.

“It’ll be fine,” she reassured. “Now pick up the razor.”

I reached for my disposable razor, and drew it with utmost care over an inch or so of skin at the top of her mound. To my surprise, the blade kaçak iddaa cut through the foam cleanly, leaving a patch of smooth skin. “There,” Ria said softly, “that wasn’t so bad, was it.”

I rinsed the blade under the still-running shower, then essayed another stroke. “OK.”

As I moved downwards, Ria parted her legs completely, the foam washing downwards a little and obscuring my view. I used the razor more and more carefully, using touch to sense where the blade still needed to move. Finally I put the razor down. “Think that’s it.”

She nodded, passing me the shower head, and I directed the spray over the area I’d shaved, the foam sliding in white streaks down her legs and away.

“Wow,” I said, my eyes following the smoothness all the way from her navel downwards.

“Mm,” she said. “I like it.”

She got to her feet. “So, let’s have a proper wash — I think there are a few strands of hair on my back still.”

I stepped into the bath beside her, pulling the curtain round us and fixing the shower head into its holder. Ria stepped under the stream of water, her hair darkening as it became wet, then reached for the shower gel, squirting it into her palm. She rubbed it into her hair, then let the water wash foam down over her body, her hands sliding over her skin. “Wash my back?”

I took the gel, starting to wash her, then slid my fingers down the cleft of her bottom, now slippery with soap. She moved her feet a little apart, and I moved lower, one finger sliding across her pink rosebud. “Ahh,” she whispered. “I think that can be part of later…”

I wrapped my arms around her, resting one hand on her stomach. “You clean yet?”

She nodded, turning in my arms. “Hmm — still pleased to see me…”

I reached to turn off the water, then pulled the shower curtain aside. I stepped out of the bath, and picked up a towel to receive Ria as she followed, wrapping her in its folds.

She walked back into the bedroom, towelling her hair, then brushing it. “Pass me that hair bobble?”

I passed it across, and she deftly caught her hair into a ponytail. “Just like I promised.”

She sprawled on her back on the bed. “Look on the dressing table — the small bottle.”

I picked up the unlabelled bottle. “What is it?”

“Open it, pour some into your palm.”

I unscrewed the top, and poured out the clear liquid. “Mm — it smells amazing.”

She nodded. “Come over here?”

I knelt beside her, and again she took my fingers, now slippery with the aromatic oil, guiding them to the place where I’d so recently plied the razor. I began to spread the liquid over her mound, and she moved her legs further apart. “Everywhere,” she breathed.

I slid my fingers down her mound and round her entrance, then a little further back, smoothing oil over the tender area leading to her other opening. “Hmm,” I said as I trailed my fingers forward again, “did I use too much oil? Seems slippier here than I thought…”

“Keep exploring,” kaçak bahis she managed, her voice full of desire.

I moved my fingers around seemingly at random, then slipped one fingertip a little way inside her, the scented oil mingling with her own wetness. “Ahh,” she breathed again. I used the pad of my thumb softly on her clitoris, and she shifted her hips to part her legs fully. “Taste me?” she begged.

I chuckled, lowering my head and running the tip of my tongue over her opening. “Mm — you’re delicious.”

“Drink,” her voice was insistent, and I began to gently lap at her, my finger sliding deeper in, the tip curling to seek her other sensitive spot. She gasped, and I felt her hand on the back of my head, pressing me against her more firmly. My tongue moved more urgently, and she must have pressed her fist against her mouth as her next words were muffled. “Ah — yes — Tim — now…”

The muscles of her stomach tensed visibly under her smooth skin, and she cried out as she moved against my mouth, her legs curling round my back to press me almost painfully into her. “Ohhhhhh….”

Finally she was spent, and she sprawled back on the bed, her arms above her head, her legs still apart, panting. I moved up to hold her tenderly in my arms. “My love…”

Her breathing gradually slowed, and she wrapped her arms around me. “Thank you…”

Ria tilted her head to look into my face. “Now, your turn. And I think I know what you want…”

She sat up, then turned gracefully so she was on her knees facing away from me. “Need some more of that oil?”


I took the bottle and tipped a little of the oil into the dip at the small of her back. “Brrr,” she said, “it’s a little chilly.”

I grinned. “Let me warm you up.”

I moved closer so that her soft bottom was pressing against me, and dabbled my fingers in the pool of oil, starting to spread it across her bottom and down again into her cleft. My fingers followed, and once more I carefully touched her rear opening. “Ahh…” she breathed, “that really gets me going again.”

I moved back for a moment, and positioned myself against her still-slippery entrance. “Ready?”

“Never more ready,” she said, her voice full of hunger.

I moved into her, until her bottom was again pressing against me, and wrapped my arms around her body for a few moments. “My love — thank you.”

I saw her nod. “Now, darling, take what you’ve been wanting.”

I started to move in her, and she tilted her head back. “Don’t forget.”

I reached for her ponytail, wrapping my hand around it and pulling gently but insistently, my other hand roaming over her shoulders, her back, her bottom, sometimes sliding between her legs to touch her clitoris. “Ahh –” she gasped. “If you can hold back just for a little while longer, I’ll go again.”

I slowed, my fingers giving more urgent attention to her clitoris, and I was rewarded with a drawn-out moan of pleasure, feeling her muscles tensing around me. “Now, darling,” she managed through her pleasure. I thrust into her more urgently, my hand still grasping her hair, and felt myself finally losing control, filling her with warmth. “Oh, Ria, my love…”

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