Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Ch. 03

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This story is dedicated to my friend, Joe, in Ireland. May his mother, Beatrice, rest in peace.


Finally his dream come true, Joey makes out with his mother while feeling her through her clothes.

Review from chapter two

As if she was purposely teasing him and sexually enticing him, she walked up to him again to press her bra clad breasts against her son’s muscular chest. Perhaps on the flipside of the incestuous coin, as if trying to hug some sense in him, she hugged her son tighter and longer than usual. Not making him feel as perverted or that his secret, love affair was all one-sided, instead with her making him feel special, he loved it when his mother hugged him just as hard and just as long as he hugged her. With her touch so comforting, her hug was so loving. No woman touched him, held him, and hugged him in the way his mother touched, held, and hugged him.

The scent of her Shalimar perfume was intoxicating. The feel of her soft, black hair teasing his cheek made him think of her fingertips teasing his pubic hair. If judging the feel of her soft but firm body by hugging her while feeling her waist, her back, and her shoulders, he could only imagine how the rest of her body must feel. He’d love nothing more than to feel her shapely ass through her short skirt and panty before feeling her big breasts through her blouse while fingering her nipples through her bra. He could only imagined what it must be like to feel her pussy through her panty before pushing her panty aside to finger her warm wetness.

“Rest assured Joey. Forget about seeing me naked, you’ll never see me topless or even in my panty and bra,” she said with a naughty laugh.

Yet, in the way she held him and hugged him, her body language said otherwise. Moreover, as soon as she uttered the word naked, he couldn’t help but think of his mother naked. He could only imagine what his mother looked like naked. He could only imagined what his mother felt like naked. Naked, naked, naked, he’d give anything to hold his mother’s naked body in his arms. Naked, naked, naked, he’d give anything for his mother to hold his naked body in her arms.

As soon as she uttered the words panty and bra, he imagined watching his mother parade around her bedroom in her low cut, white bra and white, bikini panty. If only she’d say yes to attend a nude beach with him in celebration of Nude Day and her birthday, he’d be the happiest son in the world. If only she knew that later tonight, he’ll be seeing her in her bra and panty, topless, and maybe even naked anyway, perhaps she’d change her mind about going to a nude beach with him. Believing that she did sexually want him in the way she walks around him in her sexy, sheer, and revealing nightgowns, he only wished that she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her.

* * * * *

Chapter Three

In the way that he loved his mother, she loved her son, truly loved him but not in the sexual way that he loved her. She’d literally do anything for him, except for the one thing that he really wanted her to do, to celebrate her birthday and Nude Day naked with him at a nude beach. Unbelievable but true, she’d even give her life for her son but she’d never allow him to see her naked.

‘Not fair. Not right,’ he thought. ‘What’s the big deal for her to strip off her nightgown and allow him to see her naked body when she when she parades around him nearly naked in her sexy, sheer, short nightgowns?’

With him seeing so much of her breasts and her ass through her sexy nightgown already, why is she so modestly shy about showing him her naked body. If she didn’t want her to see as much of her naked body as he was already seeing and lusting over, she’d wear a bathrobe over her nightgown. ‘

If only she’d strip off her clothes in celebration of the Nude Day holiday, he’d strip off his clothes too. If only she’d allow him to see her naked, he’d love for her to see him naked too. In the way that he’d love to see her naked tits, ass, and pussy, he’d love to show her his erect cock. Yet, even if she agreed to strip naked, something he’s only imagined in his dreams, stopping right there, she’d never allow him to have sex with her naked body.

Stripping herself naked is one thing but she’d never have sex with him, her own son and her only child. If only she’d agree to have sex with him, he’d have sex with her. Yet, with many more sons willing to have sex with their mothers than there are mothers willingly have sex with their sons, the chances of him having sex with his mother were much less than him seeing her naked. Having her go to a nude beach with him was his way to break the ice. Once they were comfortable with one another naked, he’d have a better chance of having sex with her naked body.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is about celebrating Nude Day by going to a nude beach Mom,” he said while thinking that she could use the same argument against him. “Nude beaches are perfectly acceptable. ankara escort Thousands of people, men, women, fathers, daughters, mothers, and sons go to a nude beach every day. It’s just nudity. It’s not sex,” he said shaking his head while making a face. Willing to say anything to see his mother naked and get her in the sack, he was such a phony. He was such liar. “Sex has nothing to do with me seeing you without your clothes and me seeing you naked,” he said trying to hide his sexual excitement by the thought of seeing his mother without her clothes.

Only, with him already making a fool of himself by hinting, insisting, and in preserving in trying to convince her to not only strip off her clothes but also to have sex with him, it was up to her now to make the next sexual move. What more could he possibly say to convince her to strip off her clothes and have sex with him? He practically begged to see her naked and to have sex with her naked body.

With nothing more that he could do or say, he knew she’d never make the next sexual, incestuous move or any sexual, incestuous move. According to her, allowing him to see her naked is incestuous and admittedly, with him already filled with guilt and shame for wanting to see his mother naked and have sex with her naked body, he agreed with her. According to her, the next progressive step after seeing one another naked, is having sex and, of course, that was incestuous and, of course, she was right about the next step being them having sex too.

If ever he saw his mother naked, he’d want to touch her, feel her, fondle her, and have sex with her. He’d want to make out with her while touching and feeling her everywhere a son should never touch and feel his mother. If ever he saw his mother naked, he’d want to make love to her before fucking her. If ever he saw his mother naked, he’d want to finger her pussy while licking her pussy. He’d want to make her cum. If ever he saw his mother naked and she saw him naked too, he’d want her to suck him. He’d want her to make him cum too by sucking his cock. If ever he saw his mother naked and she dropped to her knees to suck his cock, he’d want to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow.

Just as a mother naked with her naked son is incestuous, a mother having sex with her son is incest. No denying that, there’s no question about that. Only, with him believing that there were extenuating circumstances that justified them being okay with him having an incestuous relationship with his mother, he needed her to get beyond those mere words and defining and confining definitions of incest and what’s deemed incestuous. With them both mature adults of legal age, he needed her to think of them as a sexual man with needs and as a sexual woman with needs instead of just a typical mother and her son.

Yet, perhaps a stretch of the definition of incest but what they had may be incestuous but it was incest with extenuating circumstances. Certainly and without a doubt, they weren’t the typical mother and son or brother and sister trailer trash who routinely appeared on Jerry Springer to air their dirty laundry in public. Except for him wanting her to go to a nude beach with him on Nude Day, everything they did and will do will be behind closed, bedroom door.

They were a mother and son who truly loved one another and who rejected everyone else to be together. He loved his mother in the way that a man loves a woman instead of in the way that a son loves his mother. He only wished and hoped that his mother loved him in the way that a woman loves a man instead of a mother loving her son. How perfect would that be if they were one another’s soulmate?

Besides, one step at a time. First things first. He needed to see his mother naked and have whatever happens evolve from there. Yet, sensing that she didn’t feel the same sexual way about him as he felt about her, he’d settle for seeing his mother naked. Then, perhaps, after they were comfortable naked together, maybe the sex would happen naturally and normally without the pressure, the coercion, the persuasion, and the begging. Perhaps if sex happened naturally and normally, there’d be no guilt and no shame, just love.

Other than what he’s already done with the birthday gift he was going to give her later today, he didn’t know what else to do to see his mother without her clothes. If she refused to go with him to a nude beach, other than to peep on her, he didn’t know how else to see her in her panty and bra, topless, and/or naked. Other than forcing himself upon her, which he’d never do, he’s done all that he could do to show his mother his sexual, incestuous interest in her without blatantly, embarrassingly, and shamelessly telling her that he wants to have sex with her naked body. Knowing his mother in the way he did, with her so morally modest, too morally modest, she’d never allow him to even see her in her bra and panty, forget about seeing her topless and/or naked, and forget about him ever having sex with her naked body.

“Just because my birthday happens to fall escort ankara on Nude Day, Joey,” she said making eye contact with him. “My nude body, my personal, private birthday suit, is something that I’ll never show my son. Sorry Kiddo, but nudity is off-limits between a mother and her son,” she said laughing and breaking off her hug.

She smiled at him seemingly flattered that he’d want to see her without her clothes.

“Okay,” he said dejectedly while knowing that he’ll be seeing her in her bra and panty, topless, and maybe even naked later tonight.

He looked at her to give her a sad albeit understanding smile.

“Besides, even though I’m half Irish and half Italian, I’m not the type of European woman who’d go naked to a nude beach with her nude son. I’m an American woman and a good, morally modest mother who’d never allow her son to see her naked,” she said.

Reading her body language, even though she said one thing, with her looking disappointed by her own words, he suspected that she meant something else.

“Okay,” he said seemingly giving up the fight to convince her to accompany him to a nude beach.

Playing it cool, he didn’t want to belabor the point when he’d be getting all that he wants to see of her later tonight anyway.

“Sorry, but you need to find a woman your own age, Joey. You need to stop focusing your sexual energy on me. I’m your mother and not some drunken whore you picked up at a bar and brought home for the night. Just as I’d never allow you to see me naked, I’d never have sex with you,” she said suddenly looking sad by her own admission and her own confession.

Sometimes, especially when he when lusting over her and feeling so very horny, he wished she was a whore that he picked up in a bar.

* * * * *

She was so pretty. She was so shapely. She was so sexy. She was everything that he wanted in a woman. Only with her forbidden fruit, she was his mother and he was her son. If only she was some cougar of a woman that he met at a dance, in the mall, or in the street, he’d be so happy. Only, if she was just another woman, he wouldn’t have the obvious chemistry and sexual connection that he obviously has with his mother now.

A game that he enjoyed playing, albeit a sexually frustrating one, the more she said no, the more he tried to convince her to say yes to going to a nude beach with him and to get naked. Of all the women he knows, celebrities included, he’d love to see his mother naked. Only, not stopping there, he knew that once, if ever, he saw her naked, he’d want to have sex with her. With him sexually and incestuously lusting over her for years, how could he not want to have sex with her naked body? What son who had a mother who looked like her wouldn’t want to make love to her?

Hoping beyond hope that this is the year that she’d change her mind and celebrate Nude Day with him naked, he asked her the same question he’s been asking her every year since he turned 18-years-old and she turned 41-years-old. Now six years later, with them both another year older, with her 47-years-old and him 24-years-old, and with his mother still looking hot, he was no closer to seeing her naked and having sex with her. Yet, not giving up on her, he still persevered in trying to see her naked and have sex with her naked body. Not giving up hope, never giving up hope on the woman he loved, he still tried to persuade her to strip off her clothes. Not even bothering to fruitlessly ask her for sex, the first step is to get her naked.

Alas, with her adamant in not stripping off her clothes, something that will never happen until he took matters in his own hands, tonight is the night that he’ll hopefully see his mother in her underwear, topless, and/or naked. Still, he’d much rather have a willing partner in incestuous, sexual crime than an unwilling victim. He’d much rather be her lover than to be deemed her perversely perverted peeper. He’d rather she’d strip off her clothes on her own volition and from her own lustful desire of her sexually and incestuously wanting him in the way that he sexually and incestuously wants her.

Rather than peeping on her and watching her undress without her knowing that he’s there watching, he’d much rather she’d accompany him to a nude beach to celebrate Nude Day with him on her birthday. After six years of trying and failing, he realized that it was nothing more than a sexual fantasy to see her naked. Yet, he’d like thinking that once she stripped off her clothes, she’d have sex with him. His sexual fantasy come true, how hot would that be to have sex with his mother on Nude Day on a nude beach? Or, in celebration of Nude Day, if she won’t strip naked on a nude beach and have sex with him there, perhaps she’d strip naked at home and give him hot sex in her bedroom.

Forgetting about the sex, first things first, more than anything, he’d much rather just see her naked. Hoping to see her in her panty and bra, he hoped to God to see her topless later tonight. Tonight, tonight, he couldn’t wait for tonight. ankara escort bayan He couldn’t wait for her to strip off her clothes while standing in front of her special mirror. He couldn’t wait to see all that he imagined seeing of her.

“How about for just one day in the year, we pretend we’re not mother and son. Once at the nude beach, we pretend we don’t even know one another,” he said. “With you looking so very young and me looking older than my age, no one would ever know or even suspect that we’re mother and son. There like everyone else, they’d think we’re just a couple of nudist celebrating Nude Day. They’d think we’re an adventurous boyfriend and girlfriend, over sexed lovers, and/or a swinging husband and wife,” he said. “They’d have no reason to think we’re mother and son, if that’s what stopping you from getting naked on a nude beach.”

As soon as he said that people would think them a couple, he imagined them being boyfriend and girlfriend. He imagined them being lovers. He imagined moving out of state, someplace far away where no one knows them. He imagined setting up house and marrying his mother. Something he’s always thought about and wondered about, he’d like for his mother to be his wife. He’d like to sleep in the same room and in the same bed with her. He’d like to have sex with her whenever they were both in the mood. How hot would that be?

“Joey, you’re talking crazy. I’m not going to strip off my clothes in front of you. If it wasn’t so early in the morning, I’d think you were drinking,” she said with a laugh. “I’d think you were drunk or crazy.”

He wished he was drunk. If he was drunk, he’d take her in his arms and kiss her, really kiss her, French kiss her. If he was drunk he’d feel her ass, her tits, and her pussy through her clothes.

Frustratingly, he knew that if she waited any longer, even one more year, she’d never strip off her clothes in front of him, never mind stripping off her clothes in public. Something he’d never tell his mother, something he’d rather she’d find out for herself, not many women attend a nude beach. The ratio of naked men to naked women at a nude beach are greatly in favor of naked men prowling around ogling naked women. Where naked men freely roam the beach while sexually and excitedly exposing themselves to any woman who wants to see them, naked women cower and cover their naked selves from the leering eyes of perverts. Seemingly even at a nude beach there still remained puritanical conformities and a moral code of sexual standards that leave perverted men out in the cold.

Unless they’re living in California or in Vermont, not many hot, young women attend a nude beach. The people who attend a nude beach are gay men and lesbian women, along with a multitude of Caucasian, middle aged, fat, bald, and perverted men with libidos much bigger than their tiny cocks. Nude beaches are for the young. Unfortunately, the older his mother gets, probably even too late now, the more she’d never strip herself naked at a nude beach.

With the young filled with overactive hormones, young men and woman are more apt to strip off their clothes than would a 47-year-old woman. He understood that. With that in mind, seemingly there was nothing that he could say or do to convince his mother to strip off her clothes and attend a nude beach with him. Yet, worth seeing her naked, he still persevered in trying to persuade her to give him his sexual fantasy of seeing her naked. Worth seeing her naked, maybe she’ll agree to strip herself naked in front of him in the privacy of her bedroom or living room.

“A memory we’d have for the rest of our lives, how about we finally go to a nude beach today on your birthday? C’mon Mother. Please? It will be fun. I promise not to ogle you too much while you’re sitting on the beach blanket naked or while you’re wading in the water,” he said with a dirty laugh while imagining his mother naked and with him eager to ogle her naked body.

She made a sour face as if she had just bitten a lemon and looked at him as if had just lost his mind.

“A nude beach? You actually want and expect me, your mother, to go to a nude beach with you, my Son? Are you crazy? Joey, seriously. Have you lost your mind? What’s wrong with you? Are you perverted? Have I raised a perverted son?”

She looked at him with a pained expression while he looked at her with desire, incestuous and sexual lust. He stared at her as if he was already undressing her with his leering look. As if he was a man dying of thirst, he stared at her as if she was already naked and she was a gallon jug of ice, cold water. Even though she was fully dressed and standing in her living room, he ogled her as if she was standing before him naked on a nude beach.

“C’mon Mother, please? It will be fun. I promise you’ll have a good time,” he said willing to say anything to see his mother naked.

“Stripping off my clothes and walking around naked in front of everyone is the last place I’d go with any man, never mind with my own son,” she said with a little laugh. “I’d be so embarrassed to walk around in front of you and in front of everyone with you walking naked beside me. Besides the only people who frequent a nude beach are gay men, lesbian women, and perverted, old men,” she said.

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