Mind Swapping Fun Ch. 02

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Six months passed, and Zach and Anna almost exclusively switched bodies when they had sex. The only times they wouldn’t was when Anna was feeling submissive, and wanted to be flogged, throat-fucked, and manhandled, then she wanted to be in her own smaller body, and to be tossed around by Zach’s muscular frame.

One Friday morning, when Zach was set to come to Anna’s dorm for the weekend, Anna hopped into the shower to get herself ready for the day. Within five minutes of starting Anna heard a very loud, and frustrated shout of “oh shit.” Anna recognized the voice, it belonged to Tasha, a girl who Anna had become very close with, and who lived two doors down from her. The frustration was clearly based on the fact that for floors of roughly twenty people, the dorm was only equipped with two showers per floor. This meant that everyone was constantly scrambling to get into them, and if someone woke up late, or got in too late, it was damn near impossible to shower.

Tasha, Anna knew, had a big job interview that day, and would want to have showered before it. Anna stood for a moment before making a decision as to what the right thing to do was, she had already thrown shampoo into her own hair, and couldn’t just jump out, but she could let Tasha in…As Anna and Zach had rapidly learned, the showers were big enough for at least two people.

“Tash, I can’t get out yet, but you can join me…fuck, I didn’t mean that to sound creepy, but I know you’re in a hurry this morning and I just wanted to try and help.” Anna said, while blushing.

Without hesitation Tasha snuck into the shower and joined her. Anna stepped aside so Tasha could run herself under the water, and the girls took part in a synchronized routine of shampooing, conditioning, soaping, and shaving. Anna finished before Tasha, and as she was getting out of the shower realized just how sexy Tasha was. Anna had always thought the girl was pretty, but Tasha had always dressed conservatively, never in short skirts, or tight fitting clothes, and Anna had never realized just how incredible her body was. Tasha was the same height as Anna, but her breasts were easily G cups, and she had the most divine hour glass figure, with thick hips, and a skinny waist, building up to her gorgeous breasts.

Anna hurried out of the shower so she didn’t get caught staring and went to change. While she was changing her phone started buzzing, it was Zach. Anna answered, and quickly switched the phone over to Facetime so that he could see her naked chest. They chatted for a few minutes, and Zach let her know he was on his way and would be there in two hours.

Anna had twenty minutes before her only Friday class. She did was she usually did with spare time, the room to herself, and the impending visit of her boyfriend: masturbated. Usually Anna thought about either being dominated by Zach, or about switching bodies and fucking herself. This time however, she thought about Tasha. She thought about how great Tasha’s ass would look if she fucked it doggy-style. She thought about how gorgeous Tasha’s tits would look bouncing up and down while Tasha bounced on Anna’s cock, and she thought about how hot it would be to fuck Tasha, while Tasha ate out Zach, in Anna’s body. Within minutes she had a strong orgasm. She finished getting dressed, and headed to class.

After class Anna bumped into Tasha and the two talked for a bit. Tasha’s interview had gone well, and she was really excited about the job prospect.

“Anna, thank you so much, I know that could’ve been kinda awkward, but I really don’t know what I would’ve done if not for you.” Tasha said, before wrapping her friend up in a huge hug.

Anna pulled Tasha in tight, and fought off the urge to kiss her on the neck, in the same places that Zach would occasionally kiss her that would maker her melt.

“If I can ever return the favor I’m happy to do it!” Tasha exclaimed as she released Anna, and headed to her own dorm room.

Anna wanted to masturbate again…but she knew Zach was close, and she figured she should wait so that he would get as much pleasure as possible. She did keep teasing herself. Within minutes of Zach’s arrival she had taken off his pants, and dropped to her knees to get his cock nice and hard. Anna needed no such treatment; she was practically dripping, and wanted nothing more than to fuck her own pussy. After a few minutes she looked up at Zach, turned around, and got on all fours, with her head facing down, and her ass facing up. This was Zach’s sign to switch places.

As soon as the changed places Zach noticed how wet Anna was. “Wow, someone wants it bad huh babe?” Zach asked.

Anna gave him a light slap on the ass, and the drove antalya escort her cock into his pussy, forcing all of it in with just one push. Zach moaned loudly as his pussy was filled all of the way with her cock, and lowered his head farther to the floor, knowing that when Anna was in this kind of mood she wanted to be rough, and thorough.

Anna fucked Zach roughly for twenty minutes. During that time Zach came twice in rapid succession, feeling just how sensitive Anna’s body had been. It was the first time he understood clitoral ache, and between his second and third orgasms he had no choice but to reach for his clit, and start rubbing it. This drove Anna crazy to watch and she started fucking harder. After a few minutes Zach was about to orgasm for a third time, and as he was about to Anna blew her load into him, and filled him with cum. The explosion inside of him sent Zach over the edge and he had his own powerful orgasm that eventually made him fall over onto the floor. Anna collapsed beside him, and they changed places back. Anna immediately moved to suck Zach’s cock, and clean their cum off of him, she loved the taste of the two of them mixed together, and at that time was wondering what Tasha and her would taste like mixed together.

Anna and Zach then went to lunch, and a double feature movie. After the movie they went to their favorite little Italian restaurant for dinner. While there Zach asked Anna what had her so turned on earlier, and Anna blushed, but did not respond. It was okay, he’d get it out of her later.

After dinner, while the two walked back to Anna’s dorm Zach again broached the subject. “Seriously, I’ve never been that wet when I swap with you before, what made you so horny?” Zach asked.

“Oh it was nothing really” Anna replied.

Zach put his hand on the back of Anna’s neck, something he only did when he was gearing up to be really dominant. His hand tightened slightly, and he made sure some of her hair was in it as he did so, to the casual observer it looked like a sweet moment of him embracing her, to Anna it felt like a vice was slowly clamping on her neck. “That’s not true is it?” He asked.

Anna winced at the pain, and felt her panties get wet again. “No.” She said.

Zach tightened slightly more and then brought his other hand hard and firm up to Anna’s ass.

“ow shit, sorry, no sir it wasn’t the truth earlier. Ow.” Anna exclaimed, knowing that she should have called him sir the first time.

“Tell me.” Zach said coldly.

“Can’t we wait till we’re in private? Please Sir” Anna begged.

This drove Zach wild, and instead of waiting ten minutes to get back to her dorm, he tugged her into an alley behind the bookstore on campus. Zach shoved Anna face first into a wall, and with one hand held her there. With the other Zach slid Anna’s panties halfway down her legs, and began to spank her. After ten swats Anna blurted out “I want to fuck Tasha.”

As she exclaimed it Zach stopped spanking her. But he then unzipped his own pants and slid his cock into Anna’s expectant pussy.

“Tell me about it” Zach said as he began to fuck Anna against the wall.

Anna grinned, knowing that her Master would make it happen, and loving the exposure she currently was being subjected to. “I showered with her today, she was in a hurry, and all the stalls were full so I invited her in. Her tits are so huge, and her ass so perfect and round. I want to fuck her like I fuck you. Like you’re fucking me right now.” Anna said between moans.

For ten minutes Anna and Zach fucked in the alleyway. A few minutes into it Zach turned Anna around, removed her panties all of the way, and she hooked her legs around his waist and he fucked her against the wall.


“Oh baby” Anna moaned “I want her to eat your cunt while I fuck her, and I want you to do the same sometime.”

Finally, Zach and Anna both came. Zach let her down, and held her for a moment while she got used to standing again. Her panties had been tossed in mud, and she decided to just lose the pair.

They walked back to her dorm, and Anna and Zach discussed how to broach the topic with Tasha. Anna finally decided she had to tell Tasha about what Zach could do, that it was the only way that made any sense. Anna and Zach agreed to forgo their normal schedule, and that if Anna could work up the courage to talk to Tasha this week, and if Tasha was open to the idea, then Zach would come to her dorm again the following weekend.

By the following Thursday Anna had worked up the courage to talk to Tasha. Anna’s roommate had a night class from 6-9 Thursday nights, and it was the perfect time to talk to Tasha alone. Anna sent Tasha lara escort a text asking her to come down to her room. When Tasha opened the door into Anna’s room the words that Anna had perfectly rehearsed a hundred times just exploded in a mess out of Anna’s mouth all at once, and in the aftermath Tasha just stared at Anna confused.

“Anna, I didn’t understand half of what you said, are you okay?” Tasha asked.

Anna sat Tasha down on the futon in her room, blushed, took a deep breath and started over “ever since we showered together the other day I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your body.” Anna started “you are by far the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I always knew that I was somewhat bisexual, but I hadn’t realized just how much so until I saw your naked body in the shower.” Anna was blushing, and trying to be as cautious as possible in her choice of words. “I guess the real question I have for you is would you consider having a three-some with Zach and I?”

“Anna, I really don’t know what to say” Tasha started to say “I’m not bisexual, I think you’re pretty, but I’m not sexually attracted to you.”

Anna was crushed, but instead of letting it be she took one more step. She leaned in close to Tasha, put one hand on either side of Tasha’s neck, and kissed her. Anna’s kiss was deep, slow, and passionate. She let her tongue gently tease Tasha’s lips, and tongue. Anna felt Tasha tighten, and then relax as the kiss went on. Anna started to pull back, and this time Tasha put her hands onto Anna’s and kept Anna close to keep the kiss going.

“Wow” Tasha said when the two finally broke apart. “That was really good. Really good.”

Anna giggled and said “are you still not open to a three-some?”

“I could probably be persuaded.” Tasha replied with a grin, and as she did so she lunged at Anna pushing her onto her back and forcing her tongue inside of Anna’s mouth. For fifteen minutes the two slowly kissed one another, and stripped each other of their clothing. When they were both naked Anna and Tasha continued to make out, and fondle each other’s breasts for several minutes. Tasha was stronger than Anna, and really enjoyed the fact that Tasha, like Zach, could control her a little bit.

After another five minutes Anna took one of Tasha’s breasts into her mouth, and Tasha began to finger herself. Anna moved down Tasha’s perfect runner’s stomach with kisses, and worked her way to Tasha’s pussy. Without another word Tasha grabbed a fistful of Anna’s red hair, and watched as Anna artfully sucked at Tasha’s clit. It took almost no time at all for Tasha to cum. Anna had gotten pretty good at licking her own pussy when she and Zach switched places, and had a good idea what would trigger an orgasm.

After Tasha came, she returned the favor, and the two girls laid on the floor for fifteen minutes, before getting dressed before Anna’s roommate came back.

“Just come by tomorrow, I’ll text you when Zach gets here.” Anna said.

Tasha didn’t reply, and only deeply kissed Anna again before leaving the room.

After Zach arrived the next day Anna texted Tasha, and Tasha came to Anna’s room. Anna was shocked by what she saw, Tasha was in a skirt that barely covered her ass. Tasha had clearly made a decision, and Anna was elated.

Anna walked over and kissed Tasha while grabbing her ass, as the kiss broke Anna told Tasha “so there is one other thing I have to tell you, but it’s the type of thing that is just better if you experience and hear, not just hear. Zach can switch bodies with people. Part of what I want out of this is to fuck you, as him.”

Tasha expressed disbelief, and as she did Zach switched bodies with her, and as she looked down and saw her muscles, and lack of breasts, Tasha realized Anna was telling the truth.

Anna had planned on something like this happening, and immediately dropped to her knees to start sucking Tasha’s cock. First Anna unzipped the jeans, and slid them down to Tasha’s ankles, as she did so Zach encouraged Tasha to sit down on the futon, it would be better. Tasha followed his advice, and within seconds understood why he gave it. Anna swallowed Tasha’s whole cock in one motion. As she did so, and as Anna’s tongue swirled around the base of Tasha’s cock Tasha moaned, and her eyes rolled back into her head. She had never felt something so amazing before.

Zach sat on the futon next to Tasha and the two started kissing. Tasha unbuttoned the shirt that Zach, now occupying her body, was wearing, and then unhooked the bra. She wanted to see her tits how others saw them, and she suddenly understood why guys stared even though she never dressed slutty, manavgat escort and why Anna had wanted to suck them so bad the night before.

Tasha started to suck on Zach’s tits, and as she did so she moved one hand onto the back of Anna’s head, and the other up Zach’s skirt. Tasha played with Anna’s hair, and teased Zach at the same time. Both of them made little moans of pleasure as they did it.

Finally, Tasha felt the orgasm about to come. As she got closer to cumming Tasha started bucking her hips slightly and her hand on Anna’s head became more forceful, as she gently throat-fucked Anna. When she finally came Tasha released Zach’s tit from her mouth and clawed at the inside of Zach’s thigh as her whole body trembled, and then relaxed.

Immediately after she came Tasha pushed Anna down and started kissing her while rubbing her softening dick against Anna’s wet pussy. “That was incredible, this is incredible.” Tasha said as she broke apart from Anna. “I can’t believe I got to experience that, and that you guys can do this all the time.”

Zach and Tasha switched places again, and Tasha felt how wet Zach had gotten her. She again moved in to kiss Anna, and then Zach, and then Anna again. After breaking apart from Anna, Tasha started to stroke Zach’s cock as it began to stiffen again, she looked at Anna and said “fuck me, now.”

As the words left Tasha’s mouth Zach switched places with Anna, and Anna kissed Tasha. As the kiss ended Anna moved Tasha onto all fours and Zach, in Anna’s body, laid down in front of Tasha. Tasha started to tease the inside of Zach’s thighs, and kissed all around his pussy. Anna meanwhile grabbed Tasha’s hips and began to fuck her heavy chested friend. Tasha’s perfect figure made her a dream to fuck. After a few minutes Anna and Tasha had built a steady rhythm up and Tasha latched onto Zach’s clit and began sucking on it. Tasha and Zach both came twice as Anna pounded away at Tasha’s pussy.

After Tasha’s third orgasm she couldn’t keep her head up enough to lick Zach’s pussy any more, and so Zach moved down to suck on Tasha’s clit while Anna increased the speed at which she fucked her friend. Finally, Anna started to cum, and Zach could see his girlfriend’s balls tighten. Anna let loose a full load inside of Tasha, and knowing what Zach wanted immediately pulled out of her and let Zach first lick Anna’s cock clean and then switch spots with her so that Anna, now in her own body, could eat all of the remaining cum out of Tasha’s pussy.

After another hour or so Tasha left, after securing a promise that this was going to happen again. Zach switched places with Anna again without any warning, and sat her down on her desk chair, and straddled her cock.

Zach started to rock up and down on Anna’s cock “was that what you wanted baby?” He asked.

“Oh my god yes it was” Anna replied between rounds of sucking on Zach’s tits.

“I want to try a different kind of group sex sometime” Zach said, as he leaned forward and hooked his arms around Anna’s neck to give himself more leverage “I want to be fucked by multiple men.”

Anna was somewhat shocked by this, but also turned on. She started to buck her hips harder into her boyfriend slamming her whole cock into him at the thought of her body being subjected to several men at a time. “Tell me about it.” She said to Zach.

“I want each of my holes filled, and I want to be stroking guys dicks at the same time. I want to feel multiple men cumming inside of me over the course of several hours. I want to be leaking cum when we switch back.” Zach moaned into Anna’s neck as the orgasm started to build inside of him.

Anna had few moments where she wanted to be dominant. Usually she fucked Zach somewhat roughly, but not like he fucked her when he was in control. She never tied him up. She never forced herself inside of him. But in this moment hearing her boyfriend describe what he wanted to have done to him by multiple men Anna’s dominant switch flipped on.

Anna pulled out of Zach and shoved him onto the floor. While there she put him on all fours and raised his pale ass into the hair, and shoved his long redhair into the carpet. Then Zach felt the lube drip onto his ass. Anna buried her cock into Zach’s asshole in one movement and Zach cried out in pleasure as the orgasm that had been building, and then waning crashed through him.

Anna fucked Zach hard, like he had done to her in the alley before, like she usually wanted from him, and finally came inside of his asshole. Slowly Anna removed her cock and pulled Zach up by the hair to clean her off. Zach complied, and then kissed his girlfriend; mid kiss the two switched back again.

“I’m gonna get you back for that later.” Zach said to Anna while still keeping the fistful of hair she had previously had on him. “But thank you, because it just reinforced what I want.”

Anna kissed Zach, and in her head started scheming how to give him exactly what he wanted.

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