Mimi, At Jia’s

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This was my first trip alone to Jia’s house, after I left the town. I always admired Jia, but it was difficult to eye a friend. Even if I fantasized about her, I had no way to make any progress, especially with her husband around. But she always made me horny and I could enter the nearest hole uninvited. And I literally did that…

When I called up to fix a meeting, Jia told me that they would be away from home till late. She added, if I was early I could always make myself comfortable at home since the housemaid would be there. I was turning horny just with her voice, and I was eager to see this sex-goddess, who was not even aware about my lust for her. Anyway, I had the housemaid to greet me at their place.

I reached Jia’s place earlier than I had planned. I rang the bell. A head popped in between a half-shut door, asking me the purpose of my visit. The voice was cold and her looks were average. To gain an entry, I introduced myself adding that I was Jia’s friend. Suddenly the demeanour of the peeping head changed. She opened the door and smiled warmly at me. So she was not all that cold as I suspected. She motioned me to make myself comfortable on the couch.

Next she was making me at home. She told me her name was Mimi (I miss-spelt it incorrectly as Seemi, in the earlier story ‘Jia’s Housemaid’). She had been with Jia’s for a couple of weeks. She enquired about my place of residence and some other personal details. Then she told me about this being her first place as a housemaid, and she was singing aeons of her mistress. I found her chirpy.

Then she turned around and left the living room, swaying her small hips seductively. She fetched me a drink, and while offering bent down a little low. I saw her small, taut breast. Ah! She had the right plump flesh at the right places. I thought, she was small built and good for a lay. My thoughts were entangled about my rising passions for this bitch and if I could lay her at night. I had to make my moves fast before Jia and her husband were back.

I got up from my place and asked her to show me the toilet. She asked me to follow her and showed me. I fumbled to bahis firmaları switch the light on standing at the threshold, when she rubbed past me and did that for me. Did she brush past deliberately or was it an innocent act of help? I felt she was brash and playful. After relieving myself, I came out to see her standing right outside. She asked if I needed anything else. When I politely said no, she told me to watch the tube while she got down with her chores in the kitchen. I fumbled for words, something that happens whenever I am horny but know that I have no control over the events. She could not have imagined my thoughts and glided out to continue with her work.

I sat watching the tube, but my mind was in the kitchen where Mimi was. I finally decided to play the seduction game. I stepped into the kitchen casually. She looked up to enquire if I required something. I told I was lonely out there. She smiled and continued her work. I inched closer to her, and she grew suspicious. She moved away and told me to relax in the living room in a cold tone. I smiled helplessly. And before she knew, I hugged her. She struggled out of the hug and said that she was not interested in my games. So she knew what my intentions were. I persisted and hugged her tighter and before she could struggle out again, had implanted a kiss on her lips. She again broke free, rebuked me harshly to stay away. I was not deterred by her cold behaviour. I moved around as if leaving and suddenly turned around to grab her tight and kissed her again, this time thrusting my tongue deep in her mouth. She writhed in my embrace initially and slowly started relaxing. I did not want to give up now and wanted to have a quickie if she would. I held face in both my hands and continued to French kiss her. She was now moaning and holding me with her arms around me. So she did enjoy such attentions, but was a slow warmer to sex.

Before I could take the next step, the bell rang. Mimi ran out of my arms and adjusting her hair went to answer the bell. I had to quickly take my place on the couch. Lo! Jia and her spouse walked in. We exchanged greetings, and settled down. My blood kaçak iddaa was rushing thru the veins due to not-spent passions. I could hardly concentrate on the on-going conversation, when Jia asked if everything was all right. I nodded and we continued the tête-à-tête. A little while later, Mimi announced that the dinner was served. After finishing the dinner, Jia asked me to stay over and I agreed. After all I had to take Mimi somehow.

Mimi arranged my bed on the couch. She left for her room without even acknowledging my presence. I looked out and realised that she had a small room to herself. After the house fell silent, and I hoped that every one would have slept, I crept out of my bed. I silently went towards Mimi’s room. Her door was closed, I moved the knob and slowly opened the door. I was probably in luck, she did not lock the door. My eyes were taking time to adjust to the darkness. I looked for her. She was sleeping on a bed made on the floor, away from me. I locked the door from inside and stepped to devour my prey…Mimi.

She turned in her sleep, and I stepped back afraid that she was awake and might shout seeing another person. She was in deep slumber and was breathing peacefully. I crept close and reclined on her bed. Her bare feet were near me. I touched her toes she did not stir. I caressed her over her robe but she remained unaware of the predator on her. I touched around her pussy, and felt her breasts. I dared further and slowly lifted her dress to touch her softness. Her thighs were fleshy and she did not wear any panties. I went high and her unshaven pussy felt warm. My fingers lingered around her soft cunt, and I tired probing her deeper. She tired to jerk my hand away and I withdrew it instantly afraid that my groping might wake her up. After a while I looked close to her face and saw her fast asleep.

I was emboldened by my groping and my passions were rising. I again pushed my hands to feel her pussy. I parted the cunt lips and felt her clit. I rubbed the bud of joy and felt that she was responding with wiggling of her bums. I went down to touch her cunt hole and found the precious juices wetting the outside. kaçak bahis This was the final thing, I removed all my clothes and she was bare below the waist. I knew I had to take her but before that I wanted to eat that juicy pussy.

I slowly crept down to eat her pussy. I slurped my tongue all over her inner parts, after parting her legs wide apart. She still remained asleep, which amazed me since here I was feasting on her most intimate parts with my tongue and she remained blissfully unaware. While discovering her inner secrets, I probed deeper into her honey hole. I found her wet and warm. I licked her joyfully and continued jabs to reach her inner recess. After a while, when my tongue started aching with the efforts, and I was about to lift myself away, she grabbed my head and pushed it into her honey secreting cunt. I felt trapped and continued my duties to give her pleasures. I felt she was awake and enjoying the game, so with a jerk I moved away and swung my hard cock to enter her.

She yelled! What are you doing? I was loosing my erection at such rude reaction of Mimi when someone knocked on the door. I knew I was caught in the act. But she was a smart slut. She turned the lights on and pushed me into a cupboard, put some blanket over me and went to answer the door. I heard Jia’s voice enquiring about the noise. Mimi sent her off telling that she had got up to relieve herself and in the process banged against the door, so she cried out in pain. Jia turned back and left. Mimi came to the cupboard, with the lights in the room, I could see her expressions. She was like a victor and I was enslaved to her for saving me the humiliation of being caught in her bed.

She motioned me to come out. I followed her like a dog chasing the bitch in heat. She reclined on her bed, lifted her dress up and invited me to give her carnal pleasures. I too had come to her room with the same motive. I started the love game afresh, with her cooperating with all my moves. We licked each other’s genitals, she sucking my cock hard and I licking her pussy well. I feasted on her tits. Till we were both ready for the intercourse. I fucked her and she took me, as if we were two lovelorn ones. We played the game of love till the exhaustion took over our desires for more pleasures. And slept off, till it was time for me to get inside my bed before Jia got up…

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