Mike , Karen Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: All characters are 18 years of age or older while actively engaging in sexual activity. This story is a prequel/sequel (sprequel?) to my other work, Alex flames will be snickered at and deleted with extreme prejudice. Enjoy!

Please Note: There are some incest themes with a secondary couple in this story. Just a forewarning.

Chapter 5 — What Inspires You

1986. A dark, quiet computer lab …

Mike sat staring at the screen, his fingers rubbing against his temple wearily. He’d been looking at the problem for hours now, and the numbers were just not coalescing. He squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed them. The schedule he was on was tight. The damn sequence kept coming up Hodge, and he was decidedly not working on a Kahler Manifold.

This was Calabi-Yao. Get your fundamental numbers right, universe!

He pinched the skin between his eyes and sighed, muttering to himself as formulas stumbled through his head.

“The Ricci Metric on a torus is a flat metric … the supersymmetry is unbroken if the holonomy is full SU-Three … supercharges need to remain Type One through the 26-N …”

He put his forearms on the desk and rested his face on them, trying to not sink into the depths of despair-sleep. He’d been given this assignment, because even the professors were unable to crack the math. Explaining superstrings on a flat plane was entirely predicated on this formula.

When he came up again, the wayward numbers were still staring back at him, as if laughing defiantly. He clenched his hands, trying to get the feeling back in his fingers. His eyes were raw.

“It’s the line bundle … I can’t match up the line bundle with the Ricci Metric …”

He groaned loudly and put his head on his forearms again, just as a silhouette floated by outside the dark lab. The comely shape paused upon hearing the noise, and the head turned to look into the lab. Mike lifted his head and stared wearily at the screen, completely flummoxed. Without a sound, the shadow walked up behind him, still observing intently, holding several textbooks to its chest.

Karen leaned over him, pondering the endless lines of equations. And the oversized nerd was right; the numbers were decidedly not coalescing as required. Mike blinked and looked sideways for a moment, finally sensing her presence. He drew in a breath, hoping she wouldn’t notice that he was inhaling her scent in that stuffy lab.

Karen leaned down some more, over his shoulder, her books pressing into the massive deltoid. Neither of them said anything, just looking at the screen, with its endless green numbers glinting insufferably in the dark.

Her dainty hand reached out and began tapping rapidly on the keyboard. Within thirty seconds, the screen shifted its dynamic, displaying a new, much more attractive numeric cosmology. Mike’s eyes widened as Karen stood back up and nodded to herself in satisfaction. She patted him on the shoulder, turned on her heel, and exited the lab silently.

Mike stared at the screen silently for several more seconds, before a wide grin spread across his face. There it was, plain as day.

Superstring lived on.


“Well, here we go,” Alexa said as she walked along with her sister, her brother-in-law, and her husband and nephew, Alex. “The school season is finally upon us. Gonna be weird to be taking classes instead of just dinking around in some stuffy old offices, sorting endless language files.”

“I’m kinda looking forward to it,” Alex replied, looking around. “I wanna see and hear if all that work we did made any difference to how the courses run.”

“Your professors are ecstatic,” Karen remarked, smiling and giving her son’s shoulder a gentle pat. “Apparently the files haven’t been this organized in a decade. They’ll give you all the one-on-one time you could possibly need, and I suggest you take it. You’ll both jump ahead rapidly, so apply yourselves, and you could have you at least your BA’s a full year early, or begin working on your Master’s.”

Alexa sighed happily. “I love languages. There’s a flowing art to them like nothing else, you know? So malleable, so organic, and always endless exceptions to the rules they set up for themselves.”

“Just about the most millennial thing I’ve ever heard,” Mike mused, making his wife snicker and Alexa stick her tongue out at him. Seconds later, someone called to the little group, and they were joined by Freja and Jeanie, who trotted up and greeted them cheerfully.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Laverne and Shirley,” Karen mused as the couple approached, holding hands. “And how are you two?”

“I am loving this campus,” the honey-blonde Danish girl said, gesturing wide with her arms. “There is space, and trees, and so many interesting buildings! Some old, some new …”

“I’m glad you like it, darling,” Karen said agreeably. “But being a foreign student is one thing; how are you doing with your resident status izmir escort bayan and learning to be Canadian?”

“She’s getting there,” Jeanie answered, putting her arm around her Danish wife’s shoulder. “Slowly but surely.”

“Hey! I am becoming Canadian quicksome!” Freja protested, looking slightly offended. “I put the tree sauce on my breakfast foods, I watch the skatey-punchy with you and your father, and my new favourite animal is the … the antler-cow!”

“She means a moose,” Jeanie whispered to the others.

“I’m just surprised she didn’t say the beaver,” Alex quipped, making his wife snicker.

“Alex,” his mother said, wrinkling her nose, “Try not to talk if you can’t be helpful. Go on, Freja.”

“And I am being told that because my engineering fields are highly desirable –”

“Just like you,” Jeanie cooed, stroking her wife’s cheek.

“– that I should have no problem with accelerating my residency and even my citizenship. The test will be easy.”

“Once she can identify an antler-cow,” Alexa mentioned, earning her a look from her best friend and then blowing her a kiss.

“Well, we’d best be off,” Karen said finally. “Would hate to have people see us and accuse us of fraternizing with our students.”

“Just stick to the fucking of them, ja?” Freja quipped as Mike and Karen hugged Alex and Alexa and then headed toward the Sciences block. The four friends then began walking through the campus, chatting cheerfully. The central area was swarming with students, busily making their way around, looking for their classes. Fortunately, the four knew where they were already headed.

“Health sciences for me!” Jeanie said brightly, giving her friends a squishy hug and her wife a loving kiss before loping off toward her destination. Freja watched her leave and sighed happily.

“I am very lucky, am I not?” she mused. Alexa put her shoulder around her friend and kissed her cheek, whispering that she was indeed. Alex smiled as he looked on, knowing how close the two were. They’d been best friends forever, and they knew everything about one another. Chances were that Freja knew Alexa better than he did, and Alexa knew Freja better than Jeanie. They were soulmates, seemingly, although this was not a problem for either of their spouses, to be sure. They walked Freja to the building where her engineering courses were held and then departed for Languages.

“Looks like we’re both stuck going to Intro Linguistics,” she sighed, wishing she could be more affectionate with her nephew, her husband. But she couldn’t, not yet. “Then I’m off to Advanced Russian.”

“Mesopotamian Intro for me, after that,” Alex replied, shrugging as they walked down one of the halls. “They know already I’m gonna rip through it, since I arranged their papers for them, but I gotta put in the appearance, out of principle.”

“How terrible for you, being surrounded by Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian language nerks,” she giggled. I’m going to miss you, Alex.”

“I’ll be right down the hall,” he laughed. “But truth be told, you know I’ll miss you too, Alexa.”

She took his hand and pulled him down a side corridor, with no one around. They rounded a corner and she leaned back against the wall, her eyes glinting with desire and her skin suddenly warm and pink.

“Kiss me goodbye, my love,” she breathed. “I don’t care if people see us; just kiss me, please.”

There was no chance Alex could deny her, not ever. They could have been in the main hallways, surrounded by hundreds of students who knew they were related, and he would have kissed her anyway. He pressed himself against his aunt and kissed her deeply, lovingly. She sighed into his mouth and put her arms around his shoulders, lost in him. The world did not extend around that corner.

There was only each other.


“Gnnnn, you incorrigible man,” Karen grunted as she leaned over the huge, mahogany desk in her office, her shirt pulled up and her magnificent breasts swaying under her while her husband pushed his cock in and out of her wet pussy from behind, her pants pooled around her ankles. “What if someone walks into my office? I didn’t lock my door. Are you trying to disgrace me?”

“You are no disgrace, Karen DeBourne,” he answered, pumping against her rhythmically, his titan cock pulsing as it filled her, making her bite her knuckle to keep from moaning loudly. “Let them walk in. Let them see why I’m the luckiest man to ever live.”

“Oh God …” she gasped, her arms trembling with the effort of holding her up, unreal pleasure coursing through her. “Michael, I love you so much!”

His hips slapped against her toned cheeks loudly, the lovers squirming and thrusting lustily, seeking only to make one another cum. Karen, brilliant, imperious and aristocratic, was so devoted and reverent of her husband, that she could no longer conceive of life without him. Michael, the mythic and imposing force of nature, who was so enslaved to this glorious woman, escort izmir who had made him the happiest man alive by saying “yes” to him …

His powerful hands reached and took hold of her breasts, squeezing and making her gasp and shudder. She thumped back against him, any and all thoughts of propriety long since gone. To be honest, she’d been hoping he’d take her here in their office before their classes began, and it didn’t much matter if someone had in fact come in – everyone knew they were married, the greatest power couple anywhere in the university. She just wanted him inside her and to make the man she worshipped cum in her.

Despite her age, they were trying for another baby, since her doctor had told her that she was more than healthy enough to have another one, and wasn’t close to beginning menopause, seemingly. She couldn’t wait to give him another child, a little brother or sister for her beloved son, Alex, and a niece or nephew for her baby sister, Alexa.

Her lustrous bronze hair fell around her patrician face as she panted, feeling his massive cock sawing back and forth inside her, throbbing maddeningly, so close to making her lose control and cum. Her fingers flexed against the rich wood of the desk, the scene of so many of their lovemaking sessions over the years. This university meant everything to them — they’d met here, fallen in love here, and built their careers and lives together around it, becoming renowned physicists in every corner of the world.

She arched her back, craning her neck and groaning as he touched a spot inside her and her defences crumbled, the orgasm washing over her as she felt his thick, warm cum pumping deep inside her. Ecstasy she could never put into words blossomed through her from her core to the very tips of her hair. His powerful hands gripped her to him, holding her tight, never to let go.

The lovers finally relaxed, both sighing, his cock still deep inside her. She slowly pushed herself up from the desk, leaning back into him, her hand sliding slowly up his huge frame to caress his cheek. His hands remained on her breasts, caressing them gently. Her head tilted up and her bewitching amber eyes gazed into his ice-blue ones. Her beautiful face radiated love.

“Wouldn’t it be appropriate, my heart, if our child was conceived on this desk?” she purred.

“Pretty sure this is where we invented Alex,” he replied, smiling down at her. He was still lost in her, even after nearly three decades of being in love. How lucky had he been, that she’d chosen him? His quip made her giggle, a sound that he never tired of.

“Invented Alex,” she tittered. “He’s not a canonical bundle.”

“No, that’s true,” Mike agreed, nodding. “He’s so much more than that.”

She smiled, her fingertips on his cheek. “That he is, my love. When he finally stops living in awe of his oh-so-mighty parents, he’ll come into his own, and then there will be no stopping him, will there?”

“Thank God he’ll have Alexa, then,” Mike mused, letting his wife slowly slide her pussy off his cock, and then turn around and kneel in front of him, taking hold of the massive shaft and kissing it lovingly before using her wicked mouth and tongue to clean him of their mingled cum. “She’ll be a moderating influence on him, and a driving force for him all at once.”

“Mmmmm, like I was for you?” she asked, her mouth around his member while she looked up at him and winked.

“Exactly like that,” he agreed, his fingers in her silken hair. “I might have still achieved everything I’ve done up to this point in my life if you weren’t in it, but I’d still be so much less than I am, and so incomplete, if you weren’t mine, Karen.”

She shivered at his words and a single tear glistened in the corner of his eye, knowing that he meant what he said, wholly and completely. They did indeed complete one another and make each other greater than they ever could have been individually. Their gestalt was undeniable. She often thought about how much less her life had been before she’d given in to her feelings for this man, even if she hadn’t realized it at the time …


1986 …

He’d never considered himself a great artist, by any means, but he was convinced that he had a decent sense of form and composition, especially when working with pens and charcoals. Paints, he didn’t mind, but he loved the challenge of bringing out dimensions and expressions with shades of black and white.

This wasn’t a throwaway course in any way, although it had nothing to do whatsoever with his current major in Manifold Physics. There was an aspect to this art course he wanted, a means of expression outside of numbers, theorems and what often amounted to guesswork. This was all about seeing a presented subject and drawing out from it what he could sense, what it meant to him, how it felt. Numbers were impersonal; they didn’t care about how he wanted them to look. There was beauty in solving the puzzle of them, but no room for interpretation.

He’d izmir escort sat in this room, around this circle, several times before, using inks and charcoals to bring to life on paper or canvas whatever he was presented with, from the prosaic, such as a fruit bowl, to the exotic, such as a naked man last week. Rumour had it that they were doing another body sketch this week; he looked forward to trying his hand at the human form with his inks this time around.

Fifteen other students were sitting around the space, and the professor had covered the small window in the door, for the model’s privacy. They were on the second floor of the building, so peeping Toms from outside were unlikely. The windows allowed in natural light in any event. The professor waited patiently while the subject got ready in a small side room. There was a padded stool in the middle of the circle of students, who had arranged themselves at various distances, according to their desired perspective of the model.

There was a knock at the side room door, and the professor went and opened it, escorting the model in.

Mike felt his cheeks grow warm and he looked down at his lap as Karen was led into the room, wrapped in a linen and clearly naked beneath. He could feel her looking at him as she walked by, and he could sense her blushing as well, his presence a factor not counted upon.

He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, listening as she padded into the middle of the circle and rustled onto the seat. He wondered if anyone else could hear his heart thundering.

“All right, class, Miss Gordon has graciously agreed to model for us on this occasion,” the professor announced as he stood next to her. She still had the linen wrapped around her and was looking around the room, a cool aloofness in her gaze. But she avoided looking at the giant blond man sitting so nearby. “We have a full three hours to work with, so there’s no rush. And now we -”

“Excuse me.” Mike said as he put down his inks and rose, turning and striding out of the room through the door. Everyone stared as it clicked shut. The professor blinked and looked around the room and then at Karen. Her cheeks flushed and she bit her inner lip, strangely upset by this turn of events.

“That was … unexpected,” the professor muttered. “I wonder what –”

“Hang on just a moment, sir,” Karen said, standing up and heading to the door, still wrapped in her linen. Everyone watched as she went through the door and out into the hallway, the door shutting behind her.

She may have been standing in a university hallway in a white sheet, but her self-composure meant that she didn’t look awkward at all, her hand gently holding the wrap closed at the front while she looked up and down the hallway. She spied him quite some distance away. Damn, he could travel on those mile-long legs of his.

“DeBourne!” she called out, her lilting voice carrying down the hallway. “Michael DeBourne, why are you running?”

At the sound of her voice, he stopped. He wasn’t discourteous enough to just keep walking, even if he wanted to. He slowly turned and looked down the hall at her, but did not budge, making no show of returning. Karen fretted inwardly, willing him to come back, but he remained still, towering and immovable.

“Well, if mountain no come to Muhammad …” she sighed to herself. She walked toward him slowly, her regal stride far more noticeable than her absurd garb. He watched her approach, his expression unreadable. Karen could feel her heart pounding in her chest, with every step getting closer and closer to the one man on the face of the planet who intimidated her.

Not because he was threatening, no, and not just for his sheer size. It was … everything about him. She almost didn’t want to explain it, not even to herself. And she had, her whole life, always been completely honest with herself, the one person she could always rely on.

And yet she couldn’t help but have a tiny, niggling suspicion deep inside that she might intimidate him as well.

How did she feel about that?

Before she knew it, she was in front of him. She looked up at him as he towered over her, his expression unchanged. Her mouth moved slightly to one side, as if she were analyzing him. Maybe she was buying herself time, she didn’t rightly know, since she wasn’t quite sure why she was out here to begin with.

“Okay, I’ll bite. What was that all about?” she asked somewhat casually, still holding her sheet closed. “I know for a fact that you’ve seen naked girls before. Kapuskasing isn’t that Podunk, after all.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” he said dryly. “And you’re right, I’ve seen more than my share of naked girls.”

“Back to my question, then,” she continued. “Why did you confuse the mortals by just upping and leaving?”

He didn’t answer for several moments, as if struggling with whether he should try to answer at all. Clearly this was a dilemma for him. She wasn’t used to him not having an instant and blithe answer about everything, knowing what to say. And to be honest, it bothered her. In a way, she didn’t like seeing him unsettled. If he was unsettled, then who could possibly be in control of themselves in crisis moments?

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