Mike , Jean Ch. 01

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Mike Thomas was your normal business junior executive. His life was what one would expect of a thirty year old married man. He and his thirty-year-old wife, Jean, a freelance writer, were the proud parents of a three-year-old girl, Macy. Everything in Mike’s life was moving the way it should have except one thing. Their love life had slacked off in the recent months, amounting to maybe once every week or two. Before Macy was born, Mike and Jean’s love life was quite fulfilling. But lately something was missing. Both were very attractive people, Mike being 6’1 and 190 pounds. He had a strong physique with well toned muscles to go with his close-cropped brown hair. He was also quite fine in the endowment department, possessing a strong 7-inch cock when erect. As for Jean, She was a pale skinned, shorthaired strawberry blond with a well-kept body that showed no signs of having given birth. She possessed a womanly body that while wasn’t toned to the ‘nth degree, but was very womanly and sensual in its smoothness. She stood at 5’9 and weighed 130 pounds, with 34C breasts with puffy nipples. The cleft between her legs was covered in a soft, thin fur of strawberry blond pubic hair. Underneath was a nice tight pussy with very meaty and soft vulva that gave her a very pronounced hump for a cunt.

Their lovemaking was always soft and passionate, never extending beyond heavy petting and kissing before heading to sensual and soft lovemaking in the most conventional positions. Oral sex was a rarity in their love life, but this little fact only occasionally caused a problem. Neither had any complaints really, as both were satisfied with what they did. But recently, neither had had any time and their love life was starting to lag. Neither of them had ever harbored any thoughts of stepping outside of their marriage. But, that was about to change….


“It’ll only be four days sweetheart. I’ll be home on Tuesday,” Mike told his wife over the phone.

He was in his office and was busy stuffing his files for the trip into his briefcase. He and another of his coworkers, Ellise Smart, had been ordered by their company to go to L.A. and brief their company’s top executives on their latest strategies. Ellise, 28, had just recently gotten engaged to her boyfriend of two years.

“Okay honey,” Jean said,” I’ll pack your bags and you can swing by and pick them up.”

“Thank you Jean. I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” Mike answered and hung up.

Jean was a little upset by this development because she had planned to make love to Mike tonight. Macy would be gone to her grandmothers for the next three days and they would have had the weekend to themselves. Oh well, she thought, she could always call Kate and go see a movie or get a drink.

Mike and Ellise showed up 10 minutes later. Mike grabbed his bags and kissed his wife goodbye. He hated to go, because he too had wanted to make love tonight. He guessed he could manage another few days. Mike and Ellise boarded their plane 45 minutes later and within 2 hours were in their hotel. For almost the entire flight, Mike couldn’t get the thought of fucking his wife out of his mind. His cock had been rigid the entire flight and he had to hide it under his laptop to keep Ellise from seeing his bulge.

He dropped his bags on the bed and looked around the room. It was a nice room with a small bar in one corner. Mike walked over and fixed himself a drink. It was 7 p.m. and he called Jean to tell her he was in L.A. safely. He asked her her plans and she said she was meeting Kate for dinner and drinks. He told her his meeting wasn’t until 5:00 the next day. They said their goodbyes and hung up. Mike decided he was hungry and called Ellise to ask her to join him down in the hotels bar and grill. She said sure and 15 minutes later they were sipping wine and eating a nice dinner. Both were dressed rather casually but tasteful. Ellise was wearing a white button up and a gray skirt. The white shirt accentuated her chocolate brown skin. She had a very striking face and a smile that lit up the room. Her body was as tight as cord due to a strict workout regiment. A former coworker that had been transferred, Tim Harris, was also staying at the hotel to attend the meeting tomorrow. He knew Mike but not Ellise. Tim was much like Mike in his build and looks but with blond hair.

Mike always remembered Tim as being a womanizer and it seemed he hadn’t lost his touch. They all enjoyed each other’s company. Their conversations covered the gamut of topics. As they drank more wine, Tim began to steer the conversation towards sex. As the conversation progressed, Mike found out that Ellise wasn’t as old fashioned as most thought she was. She and her fiancé had sex all the time. As for Tim, he recounted a number of sexual escapades. All of this sex talk was worsening Mike’s condition, but so was the alcohol. By 10 pm, all three were feeling quite well and Tim invited them to his room for some more drinks. Mike and Ellise antalya escort agreed and followed Tim upstairs. When they got inside Tim’s room they sat down on the couches and Tim disappeared into the bedroom. When he returned, he was carrying two joints.

“Do you two smoke?” Tim asked.

“I did in college a little,” Ellise said.

“Once, but it never did anything for me,” Mike answered.

Tim lit one of the joints and passed it around. Ellise took it first and inhaled deeply. She passed it to Mike who took it warily. Normally, he wouldn’t do this, but he was feeling the effects of the wine. He took a drag from the joint and passed it back to Ellise. While they passed the joint back and forth, Tim made another round of drinks for the three.

“Let’s see what’s on the TV,” he said as he flipped it on.

He scanned through the channels until he landed on the adult channel. On screen, two hot blondes were in action with a well-hung stud. The guy was fucking one blonde from behind with his big dick while she ate the others pussy. They watched and laughed at the porno. Tim turned out to be a real critic and began dissecting what he liked and didn’t like about the movie. Soon, they finished the first joint and all were happily stoned. Mike and Ellise seemed to be feeling it more than Tim. Tim blazed up the second joint and began passing it around. This left all three in a haze. Ellise gradually passed out, leaving Tim and Mike watching the porno.

“I think she is out for awhile,” Tim said from beside Ellise.

Mike nodded in response as he looked at Ellise’s body. Her skirt had ridden up a ways up her thigh and her blouse was lightly open. The porno and the sight of Ellise had inflamed Mike’s cock. It was straining against his pants. Without thinking, he reached down and rubbed his bulge. His eyes drifted from Ellise to Tim, who was staring down at Ellises’ body admiringly. He could see a substantial bulge in Tim’s pants and when he looked up, he noticed that Tim had caught him looking and Mike looked away quickly, embarrassed. Tim smiled then looked back at Ellise.

“Hey, let’s do some coke,” Tim said, “I got a bag. Have you ever done it before?”

“No, I haven’t,” Mike replied.

“You should try it,” Tim said as he prepared about five lines on a tray, “Here.”

Mike grabbed the rolled up dollar bill from Tim, and snorted up a line, and then Tim did the same. They passed the tray back and forth until all five lines were gone. Mike was now on another planet, his mind distorted and his cock seemingly steel hard due to the alcohol and drugs. Jesus, Mike thought, I want to fuck sooo bad. Jean’s pussy would feel so good on my cock right now, he thought, anything would feel good.

“Man she’s hot,” Tim muttered, and then looked at Mike, “Hey, you want to feel her up. She’s out cold and won’t know a thing.”

“I don’t know Tim, she could wake up,” Mike said,” and I’m married.”

“No one will ever know,” Tim replied, ” Besides, have you ever seen a black pussy before?”

“No,” Mike replied,” Why is there any difference?”

“Come see,” Tim said and began sliding his hand up Ellises’ thigh. Tim’s hand disappeared up Ellises’ skirt.

“Oh man, she is wet,” Tim whispered as his hand caressed Ellise‘s mound,” Her panties are soaked. Man her cunts’ soft.”

Mike could see as Tim pulled his hand back and slowly slid up Ellises’ skirt. The skirt slid up revealing a pair of white panties. The crotch part covering her pussy was soaked and her lips protruded outward. Tim smiled at Mike as he pulled aside the panties revealing the glistening lips of Ellises’ shaved black pussy. Tim licked his middle finger and teased the outer lips for a few moments then pushed his finger slowly inside. Slowly, he began to finger the woman’s pussy.

“Man, that porn got her so wet. Her pussy feels great,” Tim breathed.

Mike knew this was wrong. He was married and he was watching Tim take advantage of Ellise. But the alcohol, the pot and cocaine, and his lack of sexual release were wearing down his resolve slowly. He slowly squeezed his hard cock through his pants. A small stain of precum was starting to show on his pants.

“Come on Mike, just try it,” Tim said, noticing that Mike was rubbing his hard cock through his pants.

Without even thinking of the consequences, Mike rose and walked over to the couch. His cock created a massive bulge in his pants. Tim couldn’t help but look at the bulge as Mike sat down beside Ellise. Tim pulled back his hand as Mike slowly reached out with his left hand and ran fingers over Ellises’ mound. The pussy cream lubricated his fingers as he slowly pushed in one and began fingering Ellise. He thought of Jean’s pussy and how it felt and a distant pain of guilt hit him. The sound of a zipper pulled his attention back…..the sound that would change everything……Mike turned and watched as Tim pulled down his pants and pulled out his rigid, completely shaven 8-inch kemer escort cock from his briefs. Mike couldn’t help but stare as Tim began to slowly stroke his big cock. He’d never seen another man jerk off before. The sight of this man’s cock enraptured him, it’s hardness, it’s smooth, hairless shaft and ball sac, it’s bulbous head, the many veins running the length of its shaft, and its sheer size. Mike didn’t know why, but the only word that came to his mind when looking at Tim’s cock was, perfection. It’s so beautiful, like a sculpture, Mike thought, his cock is perfect….what am I thinking????

“Do you like it?” Tim whispered as Mike stared at Tim’s hand moving up and down his shaved rod.

Mike looked up at Tim and stammered,” I uuhh…”

“My cock…do you like it?” Tim asked quietly as he stroked his cock slowly, the sounds of the porno on the TV drifting through the room.

Mike was at a loss for words. Things were feeling really weird now.

“I uuhh…I’ve never seen another before…besides mine….you know, this close,” Mike answered slowly,” Especially shaved.”

“How big is your cock?” Tim asked quietly as he stopped jacking off and leaned back into the couch, presenting Mike with a full view of his long, hard meat,”…..Is it as big as mine?”

Tim’s question hung in the air for a moment, the feeling of the situation for both men was beginning to go in an unknown direction.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really….” Mike stammered.

There was a pause between the two men as they looked at each other, a moment that passed between them that neither had ever felt before with another man. Tim broke the silence with a shattering statement….

“You‘ve seen my cock,……let me see yours,” Tim said quietly and stood up. His pants fell to the floor and his rigid cock stood out proudly.

“Take off your clothes….,” Tim whispered in a trembling voice, the tenseness and nervousness in his command evident.

Mike looked up at the half-naked man standing in front of him, unable to stop staring at Tim’s slowly pulsing, hairless, hard cock. The sight fascinated and, strangely, turned him on. For some unknown reason, Mike felt himself begin undoing his pants as he stood up. The curiosity of the unknown took hold of the two men. A distant voice screamed inside of Mike’s head that he was married and not interested in this. But his cock and sexual desire betrayed him. Both men began to undress completely. After a few moments, Tim stood completely naked in front of the other man, watching intently as Mike pulled his briefs to the floor, finally revealing his naked body and pulsating shaft to the other man. Mike looked up at Tim, not knowing what to do. Both men stared at the others naked body, their blood red, pulsating cocks as hard as possible, jutting out from their bodies, the heads of their manhood’s shiny and wet with precum from their immense arousal. Then, without warning, Tim slowly stepped over to Mike. Both men were trembling as Tim placed his hands on Mike’s sides and pulled him closer. They slowly inched towards each other, breathing rapidly, almost panting with arousal and anxiety at their actions. Both men slightly flinched as their cocks touched, the first homosexual contact either had ever had. Mike’s mind was a storm of sexual arousal, confusion, and guilt. The feel of another man’s cock rubbing against his own manhood inflamed his senses and sexual arousal. Why am I doing this? Mike asked himself. Mike could feel Tim’s hot, pulsating cock burning against his own. The guilt and arousal and confusion he was feeling warred within his mind. His mind raced, I’ve never had any desire to be with a man….Then he felt Tim begin to slowly grind his cock into his own. Mike’s breath caught in his throat at the feeling and he gasped, his eyes locking onto Tim’s.

“You have a big cock…” Tim whispered as he looked at Mike, rubbing his cock against the other man’s hardened penis.

“Tim…I’ve never done this before,” Mike breathed, almost as if what he thought was going to happen next was a foregone conclusion, “…not with another man….”

“Neither have I,” Tim responded quietly,”……but it feels good…doesn’t it.”

“…yes,” Mike whispered, his voice trembling.

“…Do you want me to stop?” Tim asked quietly as he hunched his hips slowly, grinding his engorged manhood against Mike’s fattened cock.

“.……no,” Mike whispered jaggedly and looked into Tim’s eyes, his resolve nearly crumbled. Both men were about to cross a line neither had never imagined crossing.

“…How far do you want to go with this?” Tim asked as he moved against Mike. “Ellise is out….It’s just me and you….no one will ever know about this…..”

“I…uh…,” Mike stammered as Tim’s cock rubbed against his own shaft. No one will ever know…, he thought. His resolve finally crumbled, and he looked at Tim, the look on his face giving his answer.

“Let’s get each other off,” Tim whispered between slow konyaaltı escort thrusts, “….make each other cum….Do you want that?….to make each other cum?”

Mike nodded jaggedly, giving his consent to what was about to happen. I can’t believe I’m going to do this, Mike thought. How far am I going to allow this to go? Am I going to….suck his cock?….Let him suck mine?…Am I going to…have gay sex with Tim? Mike wondered, the thoughts and questions racing through his clouded mind. Will we go that far? Will I fuck another man…let him fuck me? Why am I not stopping this? He breathed in sharply as Tim pulled him into a tight embrace, crushing their cocks between their bodies. Mike wrapped his arms around Tim’s shoulders as they slowly began humping each other’s cocks. They breathed raggedly and sharply into each other’s shoulders as they slowly ground their cocks into each other’s rigid flesh. Slowly, but forcefully, they ground their manhood against one another’s in a raw, slow, taboo sexual motion. The encounter continued for close to ten minutes, the two men enraptured by the pleasure and feeling of the taboo homosexual act they were committing with one another. They began to sweat profusely, the intensity of the encounter inflaming their naked masculine bodies. The two men groped and pawed at each others wet, naked flesh, their sweaty cocks burning into one another’s flesh. Then, Tim slowly slid one hand between their sweaty, grinding bodies and grasped Mike’s hard, sweaty cock, pushing them further past the line. He wrapped his fingers around the other man’s hard penis and squeezed tightly. Mike flinched and gasped quietly into Tim’s ear at the forbidden feeling of another man touching his cock. Both men were breathing jaggedly into the others ear now, shaking with arousal and anxiety and…..lust.

“AGHHH,” Mike breathed deeply as Tim began jerking slowly on his shaft.

“Do you like that?” Tim asked quietly as he slowly jerked Mike off, “…another man touching you…pulling on your hard cock?…does it feel good?”

“…yes,” Mike replied quietly as he felt the other man‘s hand slide up and down the shaft of his engorged meat.

“Have you ever been touched by another man before….jacked off by a man?” Tim whispered.

“…no,” Mike whispered back.

“Do you want to jack me off…..stroke my big cock…?” Tim breathed, then with quiet forcefulness and a hard squeeze of Mike‘s hard dick, ordered, “Put your hand on my cock…..touch me…touch my cock.”

“…yes..,” Mike replied and slid his arm between their sweat covered bodies and wrapped his fingers around another mans cock for the first time.

He began to slowly stroke Tim’s smooth, sweaty cock with his hand. Mike studied the other man’s hard cock in his hand, the thickness, the hardness, the smooth skin. Tim’s cock felt like a hot iron rod in his hand, boiling with hot blood and cum. His cock is so big and hard, Mike thought, so smooth and so hot,…I almost want to suck it…., to suck this man’s hard throbbing cock into my mouth and swallow his load of cum…. They stared at each other as they stroked one another’s manhood’s. They jacked one another off for a few moments, lost in the pleasure of mutual masturbation.

“I like your cock….,” Mike whispered, surprised by what he was saying, “…so big and hard….”

“Oh yeah….ahhh,” Tim moaned as the two men faced each other pulling on each other’s cocks, “You do?…You like my big cock? I like how you jack on my cock…it feels like you know how to make a cock feel good…I like your cock too.”

Tim leaned forward and whispered into Mike’s ear, “Do you want me to suck on that big cock?…feel my lips around your wet cock…sucking it…Do you?…I want to suck your hard, sweaty cock …Let me suck your cock….Let me make you feel good.”

Mike was overcome with sexual lust. He knew he wasn’t gay, but he was so turned on right now, he couldn’t help himself. At that moment, the thought of another man’s mouth on his cock made Mike extremely turned on. The thoughts took less than a second to pass through his mind. He loved Jean and he knew he wasn’t gay, but lusted at the thought of Tim swallowing his manhood and sucking him off.

He jerkily nodded his head yes and gasped, “Yes…yes I want to feel you suck my big cock…suck my hard cock Tim…show me what it feels like to have a man suck my dick…suck it hard.”

Tim nodded and slid down Mike’s sweaty body. Mike could feel Tim’s hot breath on his throbbing tool. Tim grabbed his cock around the base, looked up at Mike, then leaned forward and ran his tongue along the underside of Mike’s cock.

“Oh fuuuck..” Mike breathed,” …put my cock in your mouth.”

Mike watched and gasped at the sight and feeling as Tim slid his cock into his mouth. The feeling of pleasure was immense. Tim’s mouth was like a vacuum on the sides of his cock. He grunted as Tim began working his mouth up and down his slimy shaft, amazingly fitting 3/4’s of Mike’s cock in his mouth. Mike placed his hands on the back of Tim’s heads as the other man sucked on his cock. He was receiving the best cocksucking he’d ever had, and it was being done by another man, not by his beautiful wife. Mike could feel his balls swelling with cum, his cock begin to dilate. His body began to tremble.

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