Mike Finally Gets Marie

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Let me start out by telling you a bit about myself. I am twenty years old, about 6’2″ with shaggy dark hair and brown eyes. I keep a neatly trimmed goatee and very short sideburns. I am of more than average build as I frequently workout. I have several tattoos of which include a cross on my left shoulder, the Grim Reaper on my right shoulder and the head of a bald eagle over my left pectoral to symbolize the freedom in my heart.

Ever since I was about fifteen I have known my friend Marie and we’ve had what I liked to call an interesting relationship. She dated my buddy Jake a couple years ago and ever since they started dating up until where this story begins, her and Jake broke up after only a few months, we had a very touchy feely friendship.

Marie is about 5’6″ with size 34C breasts I’d say. She has been a dancer her entire life and thus has a very firm body to show for it.

The summer after Marie and Jake broke up, Jake and I would still continue to go to her house to enjoy her pool in the heat. My buddy Brad was dating Marie’s older sister Natalie so there was usually quite a few of us in the pool at the time. At this time I was eighteen and Marie had just turned eighteen as well. I had previously only had sex with one person and was still unsure whether or not Marie was still a virgin, she seemed to try and side-step the conversation everytime it was brought up.

One hot day in June I woke to Jake calling me at about 10:30 in the morning. He said he could already tell it was going to be a hot day and that he was going to call Brad to make sure it was ok for us to go to Natalie and Marie’s for some swimming. After playing phone tag between the three of us guys for about a half hour, we were all finally in Brad’s car and on our way to cool off on what was shaping up to be a very hot day. The forecast had called for a high of 88, but it already felt hotter than that and it wasn’t even noon yet!

When we arrived Brad and Jake immediately ran to the backyard leaving me to slowly ascend the steep drive to the front door.


I jumped at the sound of Natalie coming out of the garage.

“Where’s Brad and Jake?” she asked looking around as if to see them magically appear.

“Where do you think?” I replied, “already in the pool I’d say.”

“Well go on back and I’ll be out in a minute.” As Natalie started towards the front door I couldn’t help but ask about Marie.

“Is Marie up yet?” Natalie always seemed to know why I would ever ask about Marie, and today was no different.

She turned around with a smirk as she said, “As a matter of fact she just got up. I’ll be sure to tell her you didn’t come.” She was messing with me of course and I knew it.

“Well I..uh..have to use the bathroom real quick before I get in.” I was just looking for an excuse to get inside with Marie.

“Sure you do, you have to piss about as much as I do, and I just went.”

Relentless I still followed her inside. Natalie proceeded towards the kitchen and the backyard, and I want up the four short steps into what could be called the upstairs but it was really just where the bedrooms were and one of two of the bathrooms. Across the hall from the bathroom was Marie’s room which is why I had chosen this one instead of the one downstairs. I flicked on the light and just as I was closing the door I could hear Marie.

“Nat, is that you?”

I opened the bathroom door to see Marie standing in her doorway wearing short shorts and a very skimpy tanktop without a bra. For awhile I had thought about Marie in a different way than just being one of Jake’s old girlfriends. It’s not that Jake had dated many girls, it’s just the few he had dated all seemed to be a bit more attractive than average. Marie was no exception, seeing her standing there in her bed shorts and that low-cut tanktop leaving her beautiful out for the world to see was a nice little surprise.

“Oh hey Mike! I didn’t know you guys were coming over today.” She always seemed to brighten up just that much more whenever she saw me. Whenever we saw each other at school, which was everyday but only for a short amount of time, she always wore her biggest smile for me.

“Well have you felt how hot it is?” I asked, trying to concentrate on her eyes rather than her unsupported breasts.

“Yeah it seems like it might be another hot one, maybe I’ll go for a dip with you guys. You know, if you don’t mind another body out there.” She gave me a very strange smile. It wasn’t bad, just different. I always felt forced to not let anything happen between us because she had dated one of my best friends, but I was finding it increasingly harder each time I saw her.

“Well it is your pool” I said, “you should definitely come out and cool off.”

“Hey Mike! Quit hitting on my sister and get your ass out here!” Natalie yelled from the kitchen door leading outside.

Marie blushed as she closed her door to, what I guessed, get dressed into her bathing suit. I had bahis firmaları half a mind to just burst into her room and take her that very moment, but I thought better of it. I still didn’t know how Jake would feel about Marie and I, and even though Marie seemed to show interest in me, she was a natural flirt. I hated to think she was just flirting with me to flirt.

I descended the stairs and threw my extra clothes into the downstairs bathroom which is where I would usually change into my dry clothes after swimming. Once outside I saw Brad and Jake had taken no time in retrieving every last pool toy and were now having a noodle war on rafts.

“So, how was your piss?” Natalie asked with a grin.

“Shut up, Nat!” I said, looking over at Jake. He didn’t seem to be paying attention as Brad was now swinging wildly at him with his noodle.

I took a running leap and landing on the raft behind Jake and we immediately sank under. As I came up I felt a hard THWAP as Brad had decided I was now a part of the war and was now hitting me on the head with the noodle. I took a quick breath and swam under the water to the deep end. I sat in the corner and watched as Jake took back his position on his raft and resumed war with Brad. Natalie then grabbed a boogie-board and slid down the slide and whacked Brad in the back of the head.

As Brad cursed Natalie for the cheap shot, my attention was directed to the back door. Marie came out holding her towel, cell phone and a drink. She gave me a quick smile as she bent over to lay her towel on a patio chair. Whether she was doing it on purpose or not, she was giving me a great view of her nice ass. She then took a sip of her drink then ran and jumped into the pool to even the odds of her and Jake noodle fighting against Natalie and Brad.

I was aching to just be near Marie so I decided to sneak attack her from behind. I snuck up and started tickling her. She shrieked and immediately started hitting me with her noodle to get me to stop. We went back and forth for a few minutes until Brad grabbed her noodle from her giving me an even fight. Marie the jumped up into the air and crashed down on top of me causing me to go under water with her on top of me. I laid back under water to try to fend her off and she ended up in a laying position right over top of me. It was only for a few seconds but it was great. When we came up all five of us started splashing each other and Marie moved away from me to wrestle with Natalie.

Brad, Jake, and I then agreed to triple team Natalie and Marie. Brad lunged at Natalie and took her underwater with him as Jake and I moved up to corner Marie. As we got closer she threw a noodle at Jake and jumped towards me. As I had been expecting it, I side-stepped and grabbed her around the waist. With her back to my stomach I proceeded to hold her to me as I tickled her. As she laughed she fought to get out of my grip and continuously ran her ass into my crotch. This caused me to immediately start getting hard and fearing she’d feel it and get mad, I reluctantly let her go.

“Wow that was easier than I thought,” she said to me. “You wimp, can’t even keep hold of me.”

I knew she was just trying to push my buttons in a playful way so I decided to play along.

“I’m not a wimp,” I said.

“Sure you are, I got out of your grip so fast.”

“That’s it!” I said as I gave chase after her. She screamed and swam away from, laughing all the way.

Jake headed her off and blocked her going any further away from me so she jumped out of the pool and back in into the deep end.

“Nanana!” she taunted, knowing full well she could get me to come after her.

I dove underwater and swam at her and opened my eyes to see her trying to swim over me. I reacted quickly to try and stop her and threw up my head to grab her arm, only it wasn’t her arm I grabbed. I had grabbed her bikini top and yanked it off her right boob. I swam back up to the surface just as she was readjusting herself.

“I’m sor sorry!” I said to her. “I didn’t mean to grab your top!”

“Sure you didn’t” she said with a wink.

The next few hours passed without much more excitement, just everybody getting increasingly tired from the swimming and the horseplay. Finally at about three in the afternoon we got out to dry off. Marie, instead of just walk around Jake and I to get her towel, she decided to push through us. Her breasts pressed firmly up against my chest and we locked eyes for the few seconds she passed and she gave me a long, sensual look. She seemed to be trying to give me a friendly smile but it turned into a look that told me she wasn’t brushing her breasts up against me for no reason.

We all then went inside to change and sit down for a movie. Jake ran into the downstairs bathroom and shut the door before I could get my clothes so when I went to knock, he threw them out onto the ground in front of me. I grabbed my clothes and head for the other bathroom but Brad pushed past me and kaçak iddaa ran in before I could get there.

“You ass!” I yelled to the closed door. I could hear him laughing on the other side.

“You can use my room if you want,” Marie said behind me.

I turned and to look at her as she stood there with her towel wrapped around her shoulders. She was shivering from the AC in the house.

“You’re freezing!” I said. “You change first.”

“No, you’ll be quicker than I will and I’m fine.” she assured me.

I entered her room and shut the door behind me. I usually lock doors when I’m changing, but for some reason I didn’t this time and was later glad I didn’t. I dropped my dry clothes onto Marie’s bed and took off my wet swimming shorts and was just grabbing my towel to dry off more thouroughly when I heard the door open. My heart skipped a beat as my back was to the door and I was completely naked. My first thought was it might have been Marie’s parents coming home from their weekend away. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist as quickly as possible as I turned to see Marie closing the door behind her.

“Holy shit Marie!” I said. “I thought it might have been your parents! And I’m naked!”

“No it wouldn’t be my parents, they won’t be getting home until tonight.” she said. “And besides, who cares if you’re naked?”

She walked up to me and stood as close to me as possible without actually touching me. She stared longingly into my eyes and I decided to stop fighting it and I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into a deep, long kiss. Her lips were so soft considering she had just gotten out of the pool. Her long wet hair was oozing water my arms as I squeezed to me tightly and held the kiss for as long as I could. Normally, just getting out of the pool, my cock wouldn’t be anything to boast about. But, thanks to Marie’s constant flriting and playing in the pool, I at least had a semi-hard on and it was rubbing through the towel around my waist and up against her leg.

Marie pulled away from the kiss and just stared at me. I had not been expecting her to walk in on me changing, but at that moment I was thankful I had two assholes for friends who took up both bathrooms causing me to come into Marie’s room to change.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” she said. “I just could never get up the courage to kiss you. And especially at school, it would have spread so fast.”

“Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, kissing you has been on my to-do list for what seems like forever but I just never knew how Jake would react,” I admitted to her. She gave me the sweetest and most innocent smile and kissed me again.

This kiss was a lot shorter than the last, or perhaps it was my shock that made the first kiss seem so long. But she leaned into me and rubbed her right hand over the bulge in my towel.

“Is that from me?” she asked smiling.

“Of course it is, you get me hard just thinking about you. But seeing you, it happens so much faster.”

“Everytime you see me?” she asked.

“Everytime” I replied.

Her breasts were pressed up against my chest and the leftover water from her bikini top was running coldly down my abs. Her hand rubbing my dick was driving me crazy and without thinking I plunged my mouth onto her neck and started kissing wildly. She threw her left arm up around my neck and pulled me in more as her right hand continued teasing my cock through the towel.

“Oh man” she moaned into my ear, “that’s great.”

As I kissed her neck I looked to her back and found the two ties on the back of her top keeping it up. I moved her long hair over and slowly untied the top tie and then the bottom one. Without moving away from me she quickly dispensed with her top with her left hand and shoved her naked breasts into my chest as I started nibbling lightly and sucking on her neck. She continued to moan softly into my ear as I moved my right hand down to her crotch and started rubbing the outside of her bikini bottoms. They were wet but warm which told me that any attempt by her earlier to dry her bathing suit was now lost as her growing arousal was quickly soaking them.

She then grabbed my towel with both hands and pulled it open but instead of dropping it, she pulled me closer to her with the towel which made my bare cock push between her legs and across her crotch.

“Unh” is the only sound that escaped her lips when this happened and I knew immediately she loved the feel of my 8″ cock sliding over her bikini bottoms. She wrapped her hands, each with a handful of my towel, around her back and held me there as I continued kissing her neck. I finally found my way back to her mouth and she wasted no time in piercing my mouth with her tongue. The feel of her tongue against mine was amazing. I could feel my cock stiffening even more with the combined rubbing against her crotch, grabbing her ass with both hands, her breasts pushed against me and our tongues vigorously rubbing over one kaçak bahis another.

She then moved back and I finally got my first glimpse of her beautiful breasts. She moved backwards towards her bed, keeping her eyes locked on mine as she pulled me with her with my towel. I leaned around her and swept my dry clothers onto the floor and the back of her knees hit the side of her bed causing her to fall back and pull me on top of her. She readjusted and laid her head on her pillow and finally let go of my towel and dropped it to the floor.

I immediately went back to kissing her lips then moved to her neck. I nibbled just hard enough to cause her to moan with pleasure and moved my way down to her breasts. I cupped both in each hand and proceeded to suck and nibble on each nipple. I could tell she was getting increasingly aroused as I started kissing her stomach and to her legs. As I started kissing her legs, I slowly removed her bikini bottoms with my hands. When I finally got to her feet I pulled her bottoms all the way off leaving us both completely naked.

I looked into her eyes as she spread her legs and said “Lick my clit” in a very low, sexy voice. I didn’t need telling twice as I kissed back up her legs and to her wet, waiting cunt. I kissed her outer lips and finally plunged my tongue deep into her.

She let out a soft “Oh!” and lifted her cunt into my face. I licked up and down and finally found her clit and proceeded to flick her clit with my tongue. She grabbed onto my hair and pushed my face deeper into her cunt as she moaned softly. She started humping my face and her breathing was becoming heavier and heavier with each passing moment. I got the hint that she was about to orgasm and made it my personally duty to help her reach that goal. I took two fingers and inserted them into her pussy. This new attention to her cunt made her lift into me again and the breathing becoming more rapid. Not long after she grabbed my hair with all her might and shoved my face into her cunt as hard as possible as she started spilling her juices into my mouth.

After her body started to settle down, she grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me up to her and kissed me deeply. She then placed both hands on my lower back and pulled me quickly into her so my 8″ cock plunged deeply into her cunt.

“OH!” she exclaimed as the full length of my member went into her. “That’s amazing” she whispered softly into my ear.

I fell into a fluid motion of fucking her cunt and kissing her neck. I pulled my cock out and thrust into her again causing another “Oh!” to escape her lips.

Her breathing was starting to pick up again and as I wasn’t near climax yet, I started humping her as hard as I could to help her to orgasm for a second time.

“Harder, harder!” she moaned into my ear as her hands stayed firmly on my back and with each pushed forward her hands pulled with all their might to get my into her harder and deeper with each thrust. “Oh, oh! I’m cumming again!”she said and her body started convulsing again as she was brought to climax a second time.

I continued humping her through her entire orgasm and after she had finished she looked into my eyes. “I can’t have you finish inside of me” she said.

“I don’t have a condom” I admitted to her as I continued pushing into her.

She then pushed me up and out of her and pulled my shoulders down so I was on my back. She straddled me and impaled herself with my waiting throbbing cock.

This was the most amazing thing I could have asked for. I had no idea waking up that day that this was going to happen. And it was the excitement and surprise of the whole situation that was making this so much more enjoyable.

I played with Marie’s bouncing tits as she rode me good and hard. She then slowed and slowly lifted her cunt off my cock. She grabbed onto my dick with one hand and moved her body down so she was face to face with my 8″ of meat. By this time the teasing was done with so she opened her mouth and immediately started sucking on my cock.

Her head began bobbing up and down as her left hand started fondling my testicles and her other hand moved to her cunt and she started rubbing her clit. The thought of her pleasuring herself while she gave me the best blowjob ever was working better than I had expected. Withing minutes I could feel my balls readying to release and I could tell she knew it because she started going faster and faster. My balls then sent my semen exploding into her waiting mouth as she started moaning and convulsing again, she had brought herself to her third orgasm.

The added rubbing of my balls as I came into her mouth seemed to cause a never ending stream of semen. Finally she had swallowed the last of my load and laid her head on my leg and looked into my eyes. Even at that very moment, after everything that had just happened, she was still able to look more innocent than ever. And that was the biggest turn on.

She moved up and lay her head on my shoulder and we laid there for another half hour before laughter from downstairs reminded us we weren’t alone in the house.

We dressed in silence but before leaving the room, we shared one last long kiss.

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